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  1. Delilah ate the cherry off the top of her strawberry milkshake, twisting the stem into a bow with her tongue, then twisted her lips in a wry grin at Skye while cocking her head towards Kyohei. "Don't you remember when we first met?" the succubus said, making a production of liking the whipped cream off her milkshake. "Kyo's sisters? Why wouldn't you think they'd know where all the monsters are in Kyoto?" She sniffed. "Poor Siren is probably under a death threat if she leaves the restaurant." ,, Delilah gave her boyfriend a soft, apologetic smile. "Sorry about ragging on your sisters, Kyo. I'm sure it's nothing like that." She didn't sound entirely sincere. She took a bite of fish. "Food is tasty enough. Betcha they have awesome karaoke here."
  2. Being honest, I've not so much lost interest in the game as just the urge to post in it. For whatever reason, I just give this game much priority, and I'm sorry for that. Maybe it has been the periods of stop and go, for various reasons that were really under people's control.
  3. "Shopping doesn't mean shopping for radishes and fish," Delilah scoffed, arching a condescending brow at the dryad. Then the red-headed succubus grinned, giving Skye a one-armed hug. "Skye has the idea! The real shopping is at the Teramachi and Shin Kyogoku Arcades and on Shiro Street. C'mon, it's this way! Mom did work in Tokyo and we've visited Kyoto before." ,, Sauntering ahead, Delilah began leading her classmates in what she claimed was the right direction and just as likely could be leading to the red-light district, chatting amiably. "And I can help with the Japanese - I have a very gifted tongue." She demonstrated, speaking Japanese fluidly, with only a trace of an accent. "Bartering will totally have you guys, y'know, put it into practice, I swear. Then we can sight-see and find something to eat, 'kay?"
  4. "He can be," Delilah said with a sly glance toward her boyfriend before turning back to Sky to petulantly protest her innocence with a hand to her breast. "But that time was totally not my fault, I swear! It was, like, our second case with the Newspaper Club, looking into missing students at a Hot Springs. Shoulda been awesome fun, was gonna help Kyra start a real wardrobe..." ,, A slight frown shadowed the tempting teen's exuberance as she recalled what happened before nodding at Yuuki, a smile fixed on her face and ignoring the uncertainty she tasted from the Dryad. "That was when we first met Skye - which was great. It was also the time when I first met Kyohei's sisters... That wasn't so great." I nearly died! Kyohei felt Delilah shiver next to him, but she shook it off with her habitual high-spirits. She stood up on the bus and proclaimed, "Kyoto will be better! By Hell and Heaven, I'll make sure we have the awesomeness time, ever!" ,, Delilah had grown up in the Human World and though she'd come to enjoy aspects of Monster Academy - like more chances to spread her wings without having to worry about Monster Hunters or Angels - she still loved the Human World, for the shopping, let alone anything else. ,, With the strict admonitions to keep their Seemings in place and not to reveal their natures and powers, Delilah had shifted her appearance to more easily blend into the mass of humanity. Her burgundy hair was now a bright red with blond highlights in a short, sassy style and her uncanny purple eyes were instead a vivid emerald green. She'd also reduced her bust nearly as much as she could, rendering her merely largely endowed instead of hugely endowed ,, And instead of her usual risque and provocative fashion sense, she was dressed simply in jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie. If the jeans were fetchingly tight and frayed, the sneakers had an integrated wedge heel and platform sole that added five or six inches to her height, and the hoodie had a wide, low neckline that was constantly in danger of slipping off her shoulder and revealed the upper slopes of her breasts, it was still a big improvement. ,, All in all, it was a much more natural look than her natural voluptuously gorgeous appearance. And she still managed to look like sex poured in a girl-shaped mold. Or made like girl poured in a sex-shaped mold. 'Blending in' was apparently a relative term. ,, After sitting down again and snuggling up to Kyohei for the bus-ride, Delilah gave Skye a playfully prim sniff. "And you should be nicer to me. I'm team captain." ,, Skye knew she had nothing to fear about that. As vain, vacuous, and self-centered as Delilah could be, she actually took her role as captain of the Cheerleaders with fierce devotion and intensity. She encouraged everyone and never abused her position except in joke. And for the most part, her teammates responded with equal fervor. Maybe it was because they were monsters pretending to be what they thought human cheerleaders were like, or that they had played the roles so long it had seeped partially into them, but Skye had been welcomed far better and witnessed far less backbiting than she ever had among cheerleaders in the Human World. ,, "See! Told you the girls weren't so bad. I should see if we can arrange to compete in the Cheerleading championships in the Human World."
  5. Either ,, 2) Forward to the Future, where Delilah is the world-renowned Queen of Pornstars, a beloved Oscar-winning actress, and pop-star adored by billions. or... ,, 3) Fieldtrip, where she can pretend at the things in two, or maybe start on her way to getting there.
  6. There was a mischievous, considering light in the succubus' purple eyes. "How do I know this isn't a ploy to take advantage of him?" Delilah mused, draped on Kyohei's side. Delilah was getting annoyed that is seemed like any female could share Kyohei's room but her, even though it made perfect sense that she'd be the one to share. "A lot of girls have eyes for Kyo." She gave Skye a frank once-over and giggled. "Which I don't mind - in theory - but I have to have some chemistry with the girl too, if I'm gonna think about sharing." ,, Skye's eyes narrowed to slits as she refrained from rubbing her head - This was just Delilah being a succubus. She was just sharing a room with him, not him and the demon-spawn. "I have a boyfriend and I have no desire for a girlfriend, I assure you." ,, "Oh, pooh!" Delilah's lips pressed in a playful moue as she crossed her arms under her breasts and crossed her legs. She could taste the truth of it - Skye's only attraction to Kyohei was due to him being human and a good looking guy, nothing more than that. "I wasn't really serious - unless you think you might reconsider sometime, then I totally was. I don't mind - though do expect I'll be... 'visiting' often." ,, Suddenly, Delilah perked up, hands on her knees as she leaned forward with an eager grin. "Hey! You wouldn't consider joining the cheerleaders, you would? Then I'd know I could totally trust you with Kyohei, since you'd be bound by the Cheerleader Code."
  7. There was a moment of silence, pregnant with meaning... which then gave birth to the loudest raspberry Skye or Kyohei had ever heard (a deft tongue and lush lips had multiple uses), echoing from the door, followed by the ostentatious clacking of heels, growing fainter as they moved down the stairs. Delilah hardly thought it was fair - Kyohei was her boyfriend after all - and considered trying to fake like she was going down the stairs, but she didn't think it would fool Skye. ,, Flopping down on a bench at the bottom of the stairs, Delilah pouted, waiting impatiently to meet up with her boyfriend, who seemed to have been occupied with women all during lunch. Which Delilah might not have minded, had she been invited too, and one of them wasn't trying to steal her boyfriend. Delilah glared up at the ceiling, musing about marching right back up there. I can help, y'know, Skye! I hooked you and Kuro up together, after all...
  8. Delilah stepped back from the window, luscious lips spreading in a wide smile. She could taste the dance and shift of Yuuki's and Kyohei's emotions and could tell she had nothing to worry about. For now at least. She wasn't fully convinced Yuuki had given up on Kyohei completely yet. Delilah spun around, giving the girls a small wave. ,, "Mallory, you take over," Delilah commanded a short, over-endowed nymph with green hair she'd gotten to 'know' during the vacation. "I'm going to meet up with Kyo. Seeya girls at training and try-outs after class. Make sure you bring your pom-poms." ,, The teenaged succubus hustled as quickly as she could in her heels towards the rooftop Kyohei habitually frequented, excessive curves bouncing and swaying in puberty-inducing ways. But as she scampered up the stairs she almost tripped, assaulted by another barrage of mangled and twisted emotions, right in proximity to Kyohei. They belonged to Skye. ,, Skye certainly had her reasons, what with Kuro being stuck a cat an all - that must make more intimate cuddling hard. But Delilah had gone through a lot of helping her hook up with Kuro and she wasn't going to give up on them yet. Delilah crept up to the top of the stairs as quietly as she could in her sky-scraper heels, but didn't step out onto the roof. Instead, she hid behind the door, trying to hear and see what she could through the crack, while she kept her tongue tuned to the fluctuating emotions wafting off the roof.
  9. Half-way across campus, Delilah was dressed in the red and black pleated skirt and sleeveless, mid-riff baring sweater of the Cheer squad, catching up with the other members of the team after the vacation and working out details for try-outs after class. But though she was as bubbly and friendly as ever, she was distracted as well. She had been all through classes too, though that wasn't as uncommon. ,, "Oh, that's so sweet for Darri!" Delilah cooed, not really hearing what the nekojins on the team were saying. She gave a deep sigh, nearly threatening to burst the deep v-neck of the sweater asunder as she stared out the window of the room adjacent to gym to Cheerleaders used in bad weather for training and club events. Her tongue had been flicking around her lips all day, constantly tasting for Kyohei's and Yuuki's emotions. It wasn't really a sense based on taste, just how it appeared. ,, Suddenly, Delilah almost choked on the taste of Yuuki's flaring emotions - she couldn't tell what she was saying just at the moment, but she could guess who she was with, and the gist of her word. The succubus-angel jumped to her feet and was standing pressed against the window in an instant, her purple eyes intense on that distant roof-top she knew well, her sharp-nailed fingers gouging scratches in the walls next to the window. ,, The other girls on the Cheerleading team all grew silent, watching their (now sole) Captain staring out the window, breathing deep, every ounce of her being focused on every iota of her Mate of Fate's emotions, so see how he would respond to Yuuki. It wasn't that she didn't trust him - she did - but so often, he'd gone off and hadn't been able to tell her anything. ,, She wanted to taste what his emotions would be without her there to influence them...
  10. Delilah sat back on Kyohei's thighs, giving him a playful pout that portrayed a pinch of pique. "Oh! Y'know, I somehow made due without my Mate of Fate." She glanced over her shoulder giving Yuuki a hard look before giggling and giving Natsuko and Siabhra a mischievous appraisal. Letting herself by calmed down, the teen temptress rolled off Kyohei, pulling a chair and desk close, so she could sit next to him and let him continue rubbing her shoulder and back. With a Red Dragon as a friend and able to wield HellFire and AngelFire both, the warmth radiating from Natsuko was hardly unwelcome. She seemed proper, maybe even prim, but was very cute. "Hi!" Delilah chirped, hardly concerned where Natsuko may have heard of them or the Newspaper Club, or even really giving any thought. "Pleased to meet you too. Maybe this evening after class and cheer practice, we can arrange to get properly 'introduced', hmm?" The Leanansidhe Delilah had heard tell of, mostly from the nymphs on the Cheerleading Team. She didn't sound as fun as the other fae-girls she was familiar with, but maybe that just because she hadn't met the right woman yet. Or man. Whatever she preferred. Delilah was more than willing to help with that! "Hey to you too... Sheeva, is it?" Purple eyes sparkled with an earnest - if still seductive - exuberance. "You ever consider joining the Cheerleading Team? I'm the Captain, I get final say if you try out. It's fun and the girls are great." She gave Darrik a coy glance, lips twisting faintly. "Most of 'em."
  11. There was the clicking-clacking of heels outside of the classroom, then the door opened to reveal a crimson silk blouse and shiny leather bodice stretched mightily over their dramatically fulsome contents. A moment later, Delilah entered, a grin on her lips that was playful, lascivious... and faintly dissatisfied as she waved at a girl - a nymph - passing by out in the hall. Her holidays hadn't been as exciting as she could have wished. Again, Kyohei was keeping secrets from her. Yes, he would probably have a good excuse for it, would even be sincere in regretting keeping it - she could taste it - but it was extremely frustrating. Sure, she had dallied with a number of girls - both here at school and in the Human World while visiting there with her mother - and yes, she had very much enjoyed herself. But she had also missed boys and since she had promised Kyohei she would lay only with him and he had been off doing whatever he had been doing, that had meant no boys. At all. It had been very hard to keep that promise. During the school break, she had been a horrible and vicious cocktease and had chased after girls with an even greater aggressive exuberance. There had been a minor scandal when she had been shopping on Rodeo Drive when she had gone out clubbing and bumped into Lindsay Lohan. Breezing into the class room, Delilah eyed the new girl's behind as she offered her abbreviated bow, then offered her a grin as she passed her. "Hi! I'm Delilah Synn, always nice to see a new girl join the class." The succubus' purple eyes twinkled, suggesting all manner of delights. "Hey! Ever consider being a cheerleader? Let me know! I'm Co-captain, I can put in a good word, but you still hafta try out. There's the code and all that, right?" Letting Natsuko ponder that, Delilah continued her swaying saunter, maybe two inches of fishnets visible between her short-shorts and spike-heeled thigh-highs, as she stalked after Kyohei. She nodded to the rest of her friends, exchanged greetings with them, yet somehow, her eyes never left Kyohei's.... Except for a very brief moment when they narrowed at Yuuki. Then she was right in front of Kyohei. She casually shoved his desk away with demonic strength, then straddled his lap in a sultry production, her fists bunching up in his shirt as she pulled his close. "Kyohei..." she purred softly with a depth and plethora of emotion - hurt, desire, anger, love, melancholy, passion, need. Kyohei could feel the sharpness of her nails through his shirt, just short of drawing blood. "... I've missed you!" Then she kissed him, long and hard, aggressively and ardently. Though Kyohei was more reserved, Delilah rarely was, even - or especially - in regards to open displays of affection. And she was clearly not going to accept a no at the moment. He owed her! One month without her Mate of Fate! A WHOLE month! She was almost itching to tear off his clothes right here in the middle of class and she didn't need the excuse of succumbing to her base desires as like when the virus had been affecting everyone.
  12. Delilah had been tearing at the Behemoth with her incandescent claws, so when Darrik's spell hit the creature, the blast hit her hard, throwing her into the wall of the cavern. Though her fiery shroud cushioned the blow, she was still dazed and knocked unconscious. She woke to the taste of Kyohei's concern and love for her as he gently picked her up in his arms, a bit awkwardly due to her tail and wings. As he carried her to the lake, her modesty barely retained by her torn dress, Kyohei felt Delilah's arms tighten around him as the flames of HellFire and AngelFire wreathing her slowly faded. "Told ya I'd get 'im!" Delilah boasted with a drowsy grin as she leaned to give Kyohei an ardent kiss, his desire and love already soothing her and aiding her to recover. "Let's make out until we feel better." Her tone was insistent as she made a suggestion that would only make sense to a succubus. Her tail ran enticingly up his leg. "Screw that! Let's screw instead." "Here, Dee, drink," Kyohei urged, trying to retain his sense of decorum as he knelt next to the lake with Delilah and held up a cupped hand full of water. "This will make you feel better and feel yourself again." "I don't wanna drink!" Delilah pouted, turning her face away, her tail moving higher and her hands arms starting to clutch him tighter with strength that was more than human. "I wanna fuck!" "Please, Delilah?" Kyohei asked softly, trying to keep the strain from his voice. Delilah was a passionate woman, but he had to remember, she was a succubus too, and usually wanted her way. "Oh, fine!" Delilah relented, giving Kyohei a seductive, narrow-eyed glance as she turned her hand and lapped the water from his hand with a long and agile tongue. As the curative waters cursed through her, Delilah gave a delicious shiver, languorously pulling on her Mask. "Oooooh! I do feel better!" Delilah twisted athletically in Kyohei's arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders, her over-abundant breasts pressing against his chest. Over his shoulder, she gave Yuuki a warning glare before smiling up at Kyohei. "But I still wanna make out. And more"
  13. Flying above the Spectral Behemoth, only spray from its big wave hit her, flashing into steam as it contacted the flames sheathing her. Her purple eyes blazed as she shrieked in fury. She didn't have a sigil or stone to worry about and she was a creature of desires. And right now, what she desired was to tear this Spectral Behemoth to pieces for harming her friends, and especially her Mate of Fate. "Holy Magic? I can do that!" Delilah crowed, note thinking what that might mean to other monsters that might have heard. Instinctively, she began to sing, a celestial cadence spilling from her lips as silver-white fire spilled from her eyes to race across her luminous, coppery skin and dance along her pearlescent horns. The AngelFire concentrated in her hands, beginning to glow with an almost painful brightness. Pure white flames licked up her fingers and forearms as her obsidian nails turned a perfect, incandescent silver that made razors seem dull. Once more, the half-angel succubus dive-bombed the Spectral Behemoth, the crackle of holy flames wreathing her hands - as bright as suns - sounding like a celestial paean. "Bring it, bitch!" Actions Action 1: Converting AngelFire into: Weapon 6, Flare 3, Incurable 1, Irritant 3, Penetrating 10, Targeted 3 (Holy attacks - Evil Creatures), added to her Claws (Weapon 7, Penetrating 2) AngelFire Flux Roll: 2d6+12 = 21 Action 2: Clawing Spectral Behemoth's face off (Weapon 13, Penetrating 12, Flare 3, Irritant 3, Incurable 1, Targeted 3 (Evil Creatures)) Attack Roll: 2d6+12 = 20 Defense Rolls (Reduce by 3 for Ranged Attacks): 2d6+12 = 17, 2d6+12 = 18
  14. Delilah tasted that sense of hunger grow closer, then gagged as the Spectral Behemoth (not that she knew what it was) breached the surface of the still lake. There was a sharp snap, her wings biting the air as she launched herself up and forward. "Ugh! What, by all the Heavens and Hells, is that groody thing?!" Delilah cried out as she dived-bombed the thing, her voluptuous figure suddenly sheathed in coruscating, crackling flames of gold and crimson. "What doesn't it like? Does is not like fire? Like, a lot?" she yelled, trying to rake its back with her obsidian nails before it had a chance to react after rising to the surface. Initiative and Actions Initiative: 2d6+11 = 20 Action 1: Changing HellFire into ForceField 10 (Offensive, Regenerating) Flux Roll: 2d6+12 = 18 Passed Action 2: Attacking the Spectral Behemoth (Dive Attack, Critical Strike), using Weapon 7 (Penetrating 2) Dive Attack: 2d6+12 = 24 CRITICAL! (I wish I had pumped up this attack!) Defense Rolls: 2d6+12 = 20, 2d6+12 = 22 (Reduce by 3 if attacked by Range)
  15. Giving the Dryad a suspicious, narrow-eyed glance, Delilah followed at Kyohei's side along the eerily still lake, the soft blue light tinting the hue of her burgundy hair, coppery skin, and sable wings. Despite the rough, natural state of the cavern floor, the succubus had no problem navigating it in her high heels, occasionally flapping her wings to maintain her balance. Despite the sensual sway of her hips and tail and her sexy strut making seem she was taking a mere walk with her lover, Kyohei could feel a poised readiness in Delilah. She was flighty and seductive temptress true, but she was far more physically adept than most succubi as well, and very passionate in all she did. So, if she didn't really know anything about these magical sigil thingies, she could still help those who did reach them. And if anyone threatened her Mate of Fate or her friends, she'd claw them, incinerate them, and/or eat their souls They are kinda tasty... Delilah mused amusingly, her tremendous and enticing presence still heightened from the souls she had sipped on earlier in the girls dorms, as she licked her lips, tasting for the emotions of anyone else down here. Tasting Emotions Using Sixth Sense (Emotions) and Heightened Senses - Sixth Sense (Emotions), looking for emotions that seem hostile or dangerous to her and her friends 2d6 + Soul + Heightened Sense = 2d6+15 Sixth Sense (Emotions) + Heightened Sense - Sixth Sense: 2d6+15 = 22
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