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  1. He noted the other arrivals, obviously more of Mirumoto-sama's companions. Another Scorpion, male and dressed as some manner of courtier. A small Lion woman, swathed in a hooded robe from which her delicate features peered. Like the Scorpion woman, she bore the scroll-satchel of a shugenja. Another Crane, also a bushi like his lovely clanmate to judge from the weapons, though he did not carry himself the same way. Two Dragons, two Scorpions, Two Cranes and a single Lion he mused, keen dark eyes taking in the group before he slid down from the cart tailboard and returned the female Scorpion's bow. "Gratitude is shared, rather than simply received. Were it not for Mirumoto-sama, I would be on my way to a grisly fate at the hands of a fiend by the name of Okkio. I hesitate to repeat again my intended purpose, but suffice to say the fact I was not killed and stuffed in a crate for transport is, on the whole, not to be considered a blessing." He pondered a moment, eyes half closing. "They were taking these goods to Falling Leaf Village, a place I do not know, but where they intended to "sell them at a price so good they can't pass it up". I would assume that my point of delivery lies not far from the path to this village, though probably not past it, as explaining a bound monk in amongst the consignment may tax even the most silvered of tongues." He shrugged, adjusting the sleeves of his faded and patched green haori. "Forgive my manners. I am Togashi Kagato." he bowed again, deeper this time and angled to include the courtyard in general. "And as I told Mirumoto-sama, I would be honored to be of assistance in tracking down Okkio."
  2. Three lotus flowers, drifting over scarlet streams. One direct and forceful, one lovely and proud, one seeking ripples... It was indeed an unusual sight, at least for Kagato as he sat on the tailboard of a cart, watching the three women from under his peasant's straw hat with a politely affable expression on his face. Two swordswomen, bold and forthright as warriors should be, and this quieter one, slippered feet avoiding the splashes of blood yet showing little hesitation as she rifled through the dead's belongings. It was to Kamiko he directed his next words. "If I may be of some service, I believe these carts are laden with goods meant for the same destination I was intended. They certainly seemed in a hurry to load the crates - and me - aboard them. Perhaps some stamp or marking may prove of significance to a seeker of signs?"
  3. "I fear they had captured me for a grisly purpose." Kagato shook his head somewhat sadly as he looked at the dead 'potter'. "Though doubtless under duress, they mentioned taking me to a man named Okkio. A madman, he has something of a reputation for coveting and wearing the skins of the Ise Zumi to gain their strength." Though the young monk had a face better suited to smiles, his expression was grave indeed as he spoke of such a foul subject. Looking around, he found his travelling pack where it had been cast to one side and hefted it to his shoulder. "We have been hunting this fiend for a while now." he said, picking up a simple straw hat from where a fleeing laborer had left it in their haste. "If he is nearby, it would indeed behoove a magistrate to hunt such a monster down, and would also behoove this one to assist if at all possible." He tried on the humble, loose-woven hat and was apparently happy with it, smiling a little as he let it rest on his bald head. Turning to Rin, he bowed once more. "How should we proceed, Mirumoto-sama?"
  4. His hands free, Kagato removed the oil-soaked rope from his mouth, spitting politely to one side in an attempt to clear his tastebuds of the rank stuff. Freeing his legs next from the now-loose coils of rope, he stepped away from the post and surveyed the carnage wrought by the skilled swordswoman as he wiped his mouth on the sleeve of the haori worn open over his chest. "A hundred thanks, Mirumoto-sama, for the timely saving of my humble self. May their ancestors judge these two miscreants fairly." The monk bowed deeply, a sign of gratitude and respect, as he spoke. "I am Togashi Kagato, a wanderer in search of truth, and I am in your debt."
  5. I'm very sorry to everyone, but I'm going to have to withdraw from Monster Academy. It's not an easy decision for me to make, but my post rate and enthusiasm for posting has not been fair for the rest of you, who deserve better. I've been stretching myself thin since coming back to the boards, and that needs to change. Justin, please feel free to use Kuro as an NPC so Kat and Skye aren't left hanging in limbo. Again, apologies everyone. This was a hard decision for me to take.
  6. He stood at the open balcony archway, facing out over the snowscape of his father's demesnes as the handmaidens put away his belongings with their usual quiet efficiency. The breeze stirred his uncut white hair, ruffled very softly at the imperial splendor of his garb. Strange. A few months away from such service and I notice them, whereas before they would not even have intruded on my thoughts. I have changed, this is true. Have I changed too much, though? he mused darkly, his thoughts travelling along the silk and marble corridors to the guest quarters where his Skye was being housed. My father, you will test us... test me. Am I still enough your son to withstand you? He turned, hair and robes flaring out softly behind him as he stalked from his palatial chambers with deceptively stately grace. His black-nailed hands were tucked into the voluminous sleeves of his robe, but the hengeyokai, be they lord, lady or commonborn, who met the harsh jade of his gaze moved respectfully aside. He headed for his father's audience hall, knowing that he would be expected. I am still, and always, Kurosoroshiimaru.
  7. Kurosoroshiimaru took his trunk down from the bus, resting it on his right shoulder with ease before wordlessly picking up the largest of Skye's bags in his left hand, giving her a slight smile. Turning, his plain black school uniform scattered from him like dark petals, whirling around him and changing colour to reds, gold and white as he abandoned his human seeming. It process took maybe a second or two, and when it was done the Prince of the Beast Court stood before them, the length of his snow-white hair and the folds of his feudal-style robe waving slightly in the breeze. What passed for hauteur in his human form paled in comparison to the utter self-assurance he projected in his true shape, that of a daiyokai - a noble beast-demon. Both beautiful and terrible, he stood half a foot taller, and his personal space now appeared to extend itself to encompass the space around them all. "If we stick to the trail, we should encounter few hazards." he told Katrina, his words spoken with such absolute authority that it was hard to question them, or him. "As for what you should be aware of... Do not hunt here until given leave. Do not accept anything from anyone unless my sister or I advise it. Do not offer offense to anyone we meet on the trail - and that includes asking questions of them until they have offered their name to you." His luminous green eyes studied the nekojin. "Follow Shizuka-sama's or my lead, and you will be safe." Then he started out, walking alongside Skye on the windward side of her, so as to place himself between her and the wind. The others noted that he trod lightly, barely breaking the crust on top of the snow despite it's depth or the weight he carried. "I hope you come to love this place, for all that it is foreign to you." he confided quietly to Skye. "Of all the Otherworlds, only the Celestial realms rival the Beastlands for beauty, and even then it is an ethereal beauty of light and dreams, not of nature such as this." He smiled, obviously happy to be sharing this part of himself with her.
  8. "So tell me again why we're doing this?" Skye asked from where she sat on the edge of his bed. Kuromaru sighed and looked at his half-packed trunk, then over at her. The beautiful blonde half-angel was staring moodily at him. "I mean, your dad doesn't like me. I've been invited into the lion's ficken den here, Kuromaru. I'm the girlfriend of the hengeyokai crown prince and I'm about to be surrounded by a bunch of pissed off nobles of your people. So why the heck don't we just politely turn down the invite and stay here?" Skye was nervous, mainly because Kuromaru was nervous too. "He won't attack you, nor will anyone else without provocation." Kuromaru stated confidently. "You have been invited, and that puts a certain honor obligation on him. Just keep your temper, remember what we discussed, and you will be fine." "If you say so." Skye grumped, watching her boyfriend's lightning-quick movements as he blurred back and forth, packing his things. Her own suitcase was by her feet. "I do. Additionally, whilst you have been invited, and can refuse - thought I would advise not to - I and my sister have been summoned. At least this way we can spend the Winter Solstice together. And politics aside, the Solstice celebration in the Beast Court is a spectacle that many would envy you. You will also be a guest of honor, you will see." "Yeah, so honored that every she-hengeyokai will be eyeing my back for the dagger." "Some, perhaps." he replied. "Others will seek your favor, as they have here. Remember both Shizuka and I are on your side, and in all the Beast Court, only my father can best her, and only she can best me." A final series of blurs, and the trunk was latched shut and hoisted easily onto Kuromaru's deceptively slender shoulder as though it weighed as much as a pillow, rather than the 400lbs or so it truly massed. He offered Skye his other hand. "Let us go and show them our mettle, Skye."
  9. Kuromaru removed the costume and hung it neatly on the wall of the male dressing room, glad that the performance was over and had not been a disaster. He was equally glad that he didn't have to wear those ridiculously tight breeches anymore, considering them vulgar. The shirt was at least semi-attractive, loose and flowing as a proper garment should be. Now... What to wear to this after party? He couldn't go in his True shape, of course. That was against school rules... He sighed. Well, if he couldn't look like the Prince of All Beast-Demons, then he would at least dress like it. He turned to his closet and began to search his garments. Finally settling on an outfit he pulled it out and began to dress himself, another thing he had had to become used to since coming to the Academy. Crisp clean white silk under-robes went on first, followed by a midnight-black imperial kimono of thick-woven silk, sewn with elaborate patterns in emerald and silver thread. On his feet he donned court slippers of the same material before standing up straight to regard himself critically in the mirror. Yes, it would suffice. It wasn't as elaborate as full court attire, but then this was not that manner of gathering. He left the black hair of his human guise loose, knowing that Skye liked it that way, and smiled faintly. Yes, the worst of the evening was over - it was now time to enjoy the best. Turning, he left his dorm and made for the Meeting Room.
  10. Though Kurosoroshiimaru played his role adequately, there was little of the spark and flare that marked Delilah's performance. Still, he remembered his lines and his timing, and could be forgiven many sins just based on his smoldering looks alone. Though he wouldn't be winning any Oscars...
  11. "Which they will be." Kurosoroshiimaru said a trifle frostily as he stepped into the wings, appearing from his dressing room like the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons. As was typical, he looked Byronic and ravishing in his riding outfit, the tight cream-colored britches clinging to his lean body and the white shirt open at the throat. Serena had managed to procure him a riding crop, which he tapped against the tops of his shiny black calf-length boots. Gorgeous emerald eyes fixed all present with a coolly polite gaze from under his tousled black hair, and the Prince of Beasts nodded by way of greeting to the new faces. He didn't introduce himself, of course. That was someone else's job. "I have yet to discover any task Skye is not capable of, and Aria seems focused." he told Delilah, that same rime of frost still lining his honey-over-velvet voice. "I suggest a similar level of focus on your own designated role, succubus, and less concentration on trying to get kissing scenes with the rest of the cast."
  12. "Serena." the Beast-Prince said by way of greeting as he approached the stage, his grace sufficient to make even the cursory head-nod he awarded her seem like a high accolade (which it was, as Serena well knew. Kurosoroshiimaru must be in a good mood.) He gave every appearance of gravely considering her courteous question before shrugging one shoulder. "I would imagine not, but your interest is noted. Delilah, at least, has been here." The faintest twitch of one fine black eyebrow as the glittering eyes regarded Serena almost made the demon princess blush as she remembered the succubus's... conversation. Facing the cool elegance of the hengeyokai prince's knowing gaze was hard, but Serena Aida merely smiled and lifted her chin a little. "Indeed. She left with a new student in tow. One of yours, I believe." she said obliquely, alluding to Katrina's race. She wondered if the haughty Kurosoroshiimaru would be offended at a nekojin being called one of 'his'. It was hard to figure out exactly where all the boy's buttons were. "So it would seem." Kuromaru's calm mien was a still pool with nary a ripple. He glanced around once more, perfect lips parting in a faint sigh as he sat down in the front row of the seats. "And no others from the Newspaper Club. We were to meet here - one supposes I am expected to wait." He draped his arms along the seat-backs and settled in with poised patience.
  13. He bid Skye a quiet goodbye and went to 'get changed' which, for the young prince, mainly meant bathing, as his clothing was an extension of his essence. Apart from his 'Butternut' costume, of course. But he wouldn't need to wear that until later, surely. He hoped not, anyway. He was sure the tight riding britches were a source of some perverted interest to the succubus... But then, that was the nature of succubi. And there were a few of them at the school, and they would all see him on stage wearing those ridiculous garments tonight. He could almost imagine the wolf-whistling... For now, at least, he donned his human shape, the pale boy with windblown black hair clad in the school uniform. Still gorgeous, still lordly and dignified, and therefore tolerable, if not as perfect as his true seeming. He went to bathe. If one could call it bathing, he thought snidely to himself half an hour later as he soaked in the barely large enough tub. Where was the musician? Or the handmaidens? Or the lotus petals? After a night of bloodshed and demonic activity, he could have really gone for a massage to soothe away the distress of viewing that unfortunate human girl's torment. He found such things distasteful, to say the least. Most hengeyokai did, though ironically Kuromaru failed to see the corrolation between the demonic torture of that girl and the habit some hengeyokai had of running their terrified prey down slowly. One way was natural for predators, the other wasn't, that was his view. Though he was growing in understanding enough not to express that view to his mostly human-raised associates and girlfriend. Even Delilah was very human sometimes, probably a function of living in the human world so much, like his sister. It was no good. This so-called 'bath' was already cooling. With a sigh, Kurosoroshiimaru rose from the water and dried himself before donning his uniform and pondering what to do next. Ruby had said to meet at the theatre... So he supposed that was where he was going, though it galled him. He would rather sneak away with Skye and enjoy this festival day under the open sky in a forest glade somewhere. He sighed: the duties of a prince were never done, it seemed. Kuromaru, walking with his habitual straight-backed, silent grace, left his dorm room and made his way to the theatre, his feelings as always masked under the cool glitter of his green eyes.
  14. Kuromaru's reaction was one of extreme distaste. Of course, certain lower forms of yokai than the beast-demons practiced such perversions as entertainment and/or sustenance. He knew that academically, as he knew humans practiced something called 'shopping'. To actually witness it was disgusting. The suffering of the girl touched him but little. He didn't know her, didn't care about her beyond a basic vibration of sympathy for a trapped animal. It was unfortunate that she had fallen prey to demons and suffered for it, but all mortal life was made to suffer, really. She was their prey, and they were cruel, brutish and distasteful. He didn't experience the hate and rage of his fellows at the revolting sight before his jade-green eyes, but that mattered little in the grand scheme of things. These demons were intruders on the Academy grounds. They were an affront to his sensibilities. They would distress Skye with their coarse and disgusting practices. They were likely agents of the mysterious foe. And his fellow students were preparing to move against them. Any one of these facts would be reason enough for Kurosoroshiimaru to slaughter these yokai with no more emotion than he would flick dust from his sleeve. Delicate-seeming fingers tensed and flickered, the sharp pointed nails growing once more into black claws the size of steak knives. "Lay down and die easily." he told the offending demons in a bored, haughty voice. "Oppose us, and die painfully. The difference is only significant to you."
  15. Kurosoroshiimaru sniffed, the cool haughty expression on his perfect features lending it a disdainful air, but then the aquiline nostrils flared slightly and he sniffed again. His robe swirling about his feet, the lordly yokai stepped over the dead body that lay closest to the doorway and peered into the cavernous chamber. "There is a human female being tortured. I smell burning flesh, and three yokai." he looked back over one shoulder at the others and made a gently flicking motion with his right hand. Black talons glittered in the dim light. "Shall we?" With that, he turned and paced swiftly towards the smell that his keen senses had detected, his kimono whispering like a faint breeze.
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