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Dawn OOC

Mutants & Masterminds:The Magic Earth, a M&M 3e Game

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Also! If you want to know the corporate structure:

CEO - Julia King
--Director of Tactical Assessment - Louis Minami (Vamp)
----Squad Leaders
------Team Leaders
--------Team Members
--Director of Magical Assets - Rani Kaur (Sikh Mage)
----Research & Development Manager -
--Director of Material Assets - Issachar Zemiro (Hasidic Mage)
----Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Manager - Brogan Knight (Eliu)
--Director of Information & Technology - Katarzina Thanos (vampire)
----Research & Development Manager -
--Director of Recruitment - Candice Mann (DT)
--Director of Compliance - Althea Knight (Eliu)
--Director of Personnel Resources - Mr. Waldenburg (DT)

If you want to be the corporate structure, talk to me but here are the costs:
Benefit Status 0 - Team Members
Benefit Status 1 - Team Leaders, Squad Leaders
Benefit Status 2 - Managers
Benefit Status 3 - Assistant to a Director
Benefit Status 4 - Director
5 and above unavailable (if you want to wrest control from Julia, let me know)

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Of course this is your Pilot and Driver, and one hell of a shot.

Not to mention I'm a charmer... I get people to do what I want.

Name's Youko. Some call me Ginger, some call me by my callsign Trickster.


They're both right.

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