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  1. The three Riley's squeeked in surprise, then dove for the costumes. They were pretty bland, but at least it seemed they'd been sized for each person. She passed them around, guessing which one went with which whom. Hers was easy, if just because there were three identical ones in a matte silver-grey tone. "Uh, okay, so this is awesome and terrifying and we shouldn't all split up like we did with the Spades. At the very least we should buddy up on those that can travel fast and those that can't, and then on meat shields and not. I, by the way, make three pretty great meat shields." She looked around at the rest of the group, doing her best "Girl Scout Locker Room" change of clothes without showing any skin while she did. "So, who's with me?"
  2. Riley frowned at all the abrupt departures, remembering again how quick people were to split up at the pizza place and leave people behind. "Well. I guess us just sorta ordinary folk have to walk it." One of her each offered arms to Rick and 'Bastion. "Lead on?"
  3. The Rileys held up hands one at a time. "Cello," said one. "Violin," said the next. "Piano," said the third. "My parents were real big on learning classical instruments as a part of a well-rounded education. And barbeque is fine. I was thinking on the potluck just that everyone would find something to buy, not that there'd be a whole bunch of cooking, but I'm fine with whatever." One of her cocked her head to the side and queried Tatiana, "Why do you ask?"
  4. "Nah, I'm with Coco. I want something other than pizza." Riley shrugged and grinned at the group. "We could do it potluck, let everyone bring something family-size and share. Thataway there'll be enough for both 'Bastion and all of me."
  5. The Rileys had split up to take care of different tasks, but one wandered near the conspirators. "Hey, can I jump in too? I'm not a moron, but Jensen is made of evil and so is the math she teaches. I agree that having the internet do it for us is probably bad mojo, since we can't crowdsource the 'surprise' quiz I'm sure we all know is coming on Friday." She gave Tatiana a loaded grin, "Also, I totally want to see what your house looks like. Mine's super boring, so I have to live vicariously."
  6. The Rileys giggled, glancing between each other and muttering about him actually saying "darn". "I think we're going to more than 'darn' the rules, if we're going to do the Right Thing (tm) while still underage." She glanced at the others and then shrugged, "I'm not saying I'm a fan of being punished, but it seems like they just gave us a week to figure out how to do better next time. Like not leaving people behind or nearly leaving them behind and how to communicate if we get spread out. And how we can help each other out when we're doing stuff with our powers." She gave Cosima a tight smile, "At least it would keep you out of the small, panic-inducing accommodations for the time."
  7. "Hey," one of the Riley's patted the large teen on the arm. "It's not like you strong-armed into following. We all made our own decisions." Inwardly, she was seething. I mean, we saved people. We caught badguys. We did Good(tm). ....and now we're in trouble. For a week. Stupid adults. Why are they so....stupid? It must be dementia. From age. How old is he, anyways? Apparently old enough.
  8. All three Rileys breathed sighs of relief. It was fun to get caught up in the moment and the fact that you could actually help instead of just being an innocent bystander (re: target practice for bad guys), but Riley knew first hand just how badly things could go, too. To Curtis she said, "The others have wrapped things up. No one seems hurt, except maybe some of the Wildcards, and the police are taking over now." Among the others, the two Rileys were circulating to make sure everyone was okay and no one had gotten lost. She tapped Bastion on the shoulder after a quick headcount and said with a frown, "Um, any idea where Rick, Cosima, and Qi are? They're not here and they're not with me and Curtis back at the campus."
  9. "Maybe she knows Princess and alerted her before everyone started disappearing?" Riley shrugged, not really concered with the matter. "Oh, they're there!" She quickly relayed the situation to Curtis and fidgeted from her own nerves. "You sure you don't have anything that could help? Not even a little tiny ray gun?"
  10. "Well," Riley grinned and motioned to her t-shirt, "technically I'm not in a costume. Only Princess is and she's not a student."
  11. "Thanks," Riley said with a sincere smile as they made their way out of the Pizza Hut. It was a little disorienting, all the jumping about with Princess while also just walking back to campus with Curtis. She ended up almost walking into him a couple of times and eventually linked an arm with him. "Sorry," she apologized again, "I'm just a little dizzy. So...should we tell people at school about everyone else running off into danger yet or not?"
  12. The first bike passed without registering for Riley, as did the second and even the third. It wasn't until they were piling up on one another as they whizzed pass, and then the spray of bullets, the Riley had any idea things were amiss. The three Riley's pulled down whoever was nearest to each of them as the glass shattered the loud peace of the Pizza Hut. Sabastian's exit had her biting back words her parents wished she didn't know, not because she was angry at him but because he was right and she couldn't leap buildings to catch up. As each of the group made up their minds about going or staying and how to get there either way, Riley was wondering how much trouble she'd get in for 'borrowing' a car right now. Cosima's transformation provided a hopeful alternative. Two of the three of her made their way to the local superheroine's side and stated, "Two of us could use a ride. The other one will walk back to campus, just in case."
  13. The Riley speaking with Cosima put her chin in her hand and shrugged. "Yeah, I could do that I guess. I'm not sure how it's going to work here. At home, my parents usually just had me studying something, doing a practical, and exercising on rotation. It kept me from getting bored and I'd get all my schoolwork done in the mornings, then do whatever I wanted in the afternoons. They thought a school that was designed for powers would be a good place to stretch my abilities, to get me to think outside of the routine we had." She sounded a touch wistful for that routine, but she kept her smile. "Besides, it'll be interesting to see what 'regular school' is like. I've always been homeschooled. What about you? I know you're famous, so have you had tutors or a private school until now?"
  14. "Um, thanks," Riley blushed at the compliment, the answered his questions. "I woke up one day and I was three different places in my bedroom. We'll call each other Riley 1 or Riley 2, but it's not like that. We're all Riley, we're just....spread out." She laughed and added, "And for Pop Tarts....we all get to taste it, so no, not really. We will fight over ice cream, though. That's just a given."
  15. "Riley Mills," one of the Riley's joined in on the round of introductions while another was busy getting everyone's orders actually added up and then made at the counter - at least for those that hadn't done it already. The third lounged in one of the booths; all of them were pretty happy no one was really making a fuss. It was weirdly also disappointing, but still better than people freaking out over all. To Curtis she finally answered his questions, "It's three me's, not triplets. We...talk?...I guess. I mean I know what's going on with all three of us and we're all me - but sometimes we're kinda not since we also 'talk' to each other about things. It's....weird, but useful." She bit her lip nervously, then gave a little shrug and asked playfully, "So, uh, how about you? Why are you attending the school?"
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