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  1. I'm not exactly sure, on my end, as I'm waiting for the setting to shake out before I commit to anything background-wise.
  2. That is what I was thinking we'd do originally. I'm with Carv here, I didn't see it as a joke. We could still set that up. We even had ideas for the infrastructure and everything.
  3. Here is what I am thinking: Our team would be used more than to contain the threat of a super villain Celestial. (would that be Infernal in this case?) We could also set up our team to handle humanitarian concerns, rescues, and maybe set up civic efforts as well (good PR is always good for a team). That and our heroes can still have singular interests. I know Youko might take up some efforts in helping law enforcement whenever she can. Perhaps working with Interpol.
  4. I'm going to wait to generate until there is a solid course that doesn't change in a day.
  5. So any legality questions in regards to Youko's unique appearance, licencing of her image, and other things of that nature Youko can retain the CU for legal advice? Also liking the health care. Is Dental included?
  6. Okay! Seems good. I'll start scraping this together once I get a different character done.
  7. I know my ship has sailed on the island idea. Was just thinking more on how we're arranging it, and if it was locked in while I was out. Just knowing what's happening. I wagering the non-adapted might have something to keep themselves warm when taking a walk or doing training in the wide open expanses of the Antarctic ice plains, so not a issue. With the logistics in place then I guess we're set. Also PL-10 characters aren't really strong enough to be called little gods. PL-12 I think would be that scale. Of course supers in the real world would be pretty indistinguishable from gods and goddesses to start with, true. Just thinking PL-12 might be more fitting for us Celestials. 10 years, eh? So what is the year/date we're starting at?
  8. Okay, have we agreed on the location of our base? I was hearing Antarctica, but that has some logistical issues that need addressing, unless tech at least available to us has us able to teleport there.
  9. Call it "Project Pantheon" not Club Divinity. A international team dedicated to the protection, assistance and development of Humanity. The US is always the default, but Europe is a scenic area too, base us out of London if you wanna have a twist... If we are a world team that is.
  10. Perhaps there is some sort of world team that's been slowly forming that has the support of the nations of the world?
  11. I would actually be happy with the fact that this is all that divine energy from the now defunct gods and goddesses of old has no reason or source except the entire pool of energy. To leave it as a mystery and to have us create something new with that power seems far more interesting to me.
  12. Cool. I'll stick with this av though as it fits her best. Oh, Youko Inoue. My friends call me Ginger.
  13. What's all this? Yet another post-apocalyptic world? Rebecca dear, you're really starting to get into a rut...

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