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  1. "Correct me if I'm wrong," BB asked Firanis sotto voce, since Eugene was making a speech and BB didn't want to be that guy (cyborg), "but I thought we were just stopping here, fixing the Rambler. We aren't seriously hanging around and playing hero, are we?" Beyond that, he had no real objection with the Tomorrow Legion per say - tolerance and diversity was all and well as long as it wasn't trying to bite his metal ass off.
  2. BB thumbed his nose at the retreating SAMAS, or gave that sort of air, since he didn't have a nose. So these were the Tomorrow Legion people. Funny mixed group. Didn't seem like mercenaries. Hearing Phere and Squidge's story didn't really change anything - there was that sense they were former Coalition to begin with. At least they got out of those jackbooted Dead Boys. "I'm me, BB Rodriguez. Not much to say. I'm a cyborg, I wandered around for a bit. Fi helped me out so I've been tagging along with her." "That's it?" Beef Warrior asked dryly. The cyborg shrugged. "Well, yes." So he didn't remember anything before waking up a cyborg. No big deal. Probably some Average Joe Schmo who could only dream of being as awesome as BB was now.
  3. "Fuck off, Dead Boy." BB snapped, letting his own hand drift to his baby railgun. Intellectually, BB knew that egging the SAMAS force on was not the best idea. Emotionally, BB disliked the Dead Boys and to be honest, Phere, Squidge, Tamika and company had helped. "We took care of the Xiticix while you were on your butts." And BB was never exactly used to restraining himself from a fight. "Go back to Chi-Town and beat on some 'Burbans."
  4. "Hey, there's nothing like running away from an explosion!" BB chimed in. Walking away too, but that best included being a good distance away.
  5. BB simply smashed himself handholds and footholds as he clambered up. The lack of dexterity available to cyborg hands made his ascent a slow and labored one, but eventually he got up to the top with the others. "We can be that. Fast, deadly and blow the gunk out of them before they can screech 'Intruders in the hive!'" He patted his rail gun. "Plenty of swift surprise there."
  6. BB bundled out of the Red Rambler fully laden. In his hands were his ion pistol. His trusty vibrosword was at his side, and upon his back was harnessed his lovely baby, the hefty Northern Gun 86 Mini Rail Gun. The cyborg moved with swift pace, and his eyes zoomed in on the fleeing Xitcix. "Nuh uh, bug. No fleeing to warn the others." He raised the ion pistol, and a stream of shredding ion particles took it in the back.
  7. "Xiticix." BB repeated. All of a sudden now down well, well south of the Minnesota-Canada line. "Fuck." Then a sign from the cyborg. "Well, good thing we just got back to the Rambler. We're gonna need the firepower." Xiticix was just plain bad news, and while they could just run away, BB was not that heartless, nor was Firanis. And given how the bugs multiplied, the whole area would be in trouble soon if the hive-piece wasn't obliterated. And he didn't seen the townsfolk mustering a sufficient force on their own.
  8. "Yeah. If they're the 'nice boys' you mentioned," BB told the red-head with all ladled air quotes and sarcasm, "they were only nice to you because you're attractive and look human." Well, she probably was human, but then again she might not, and the point had to be made to the poor naive cutie. "Such is the way of those who root for the Skull and Prosek." And then the cyborg stepped off to join Firanis, catching up the distance very quickly. BB followed Fi, and while she cooed over Watt, BB found his railgun. "Ah, precious precious BFG. How good it is to see you again." "Really BB?" "You adore your thing Fi, I adore mine."
  9. "D'aww. Papa Black Armor. How sweet." BB mused out loud, drawing what despite the helmet was sure to be a cold glare from Adam. "What? You don't like it, you shouldn't be so adorable when doing it." He turned to give Future Psi-Stalker his attention. "So in other words, we got temporarily dropped into the future long enough to know things get to be great, but no, we belong in the shitty time, about to get even more fucked sundae with a Splurgoth cherry on top. Could you at least be able tell us how long before the Coalition and the Fed starts swapping Dead Boys and demons?" Namely, so he and Fi could plan their itinerary to get out of the war zone in advance, of course.
  10. BB shrugged at the armored man's paternal interference before swallowing the drink in a careless, 'more for me' fashion. The booze bottles in the bar was alarmingly empty. He followed Tamika's explanation, until she reached the critical mention of a century-long minimum of time travel. Silently, he took his drinkable booze, placed it back in the booze stash in his chassis. Any god that there might be forbid - this might be the only thing left to drink for a while. "I sincerely hope that guy was exaggerating." BB drawled before going outside and slamming the door behind him, which shuddered from the forceful action of the cyborg. Outside, BB saw Fi and the strangely dressed uniformed young woman. "Hey, are you the future police?" BB promptly thrust a middle digit towards the sky and in her direction. "Sorry, but I have to do this as a matter of principle."
  11. "Ok, now this is an original one." BB commented as the changes set in. While he may not have had the full sensory array that had been implanted into Firanis, he had much the same visual and auditory acuity and sensory data that she did. Then the conspicuous armored man and attractive young girl barged in, and all attention quickly placed itself on Glitter Girl's counterpart. Except BB, who was taking the opportunity to walk around the bar counter and take advantage of free booze. "Hey, cutie!" He called out to Kensie while pouring a full glass. "While we're browbeating her, how about a drink for you?"
  12. Hallejulah! BB felt, thrilling at the thought of not having to break rocks again! That was definitely going to add an extra boost to the three beers Grep was lining up for him. His grin faded off when he realized what Glitter Girl was going to be doing. "Oh geeze..." BB muttered with lowered vocal projection - he may have found himself instantly dreadfully bored, but he wasn't that tactless - "another one of these?" "Hush, BB." Firanis chided, but the cyborg was already on his quiet diatribe. "C'mon, Fi. They argue whether Magic or Technology did it, deciding on whatever side the people in question support, and it doesn't even matter. No one really knows what caused it, and the end result is the same: Rifts, The Dark Ages, and now. You see one, you've seen a thousand." BB finished by just drinking up the first of three beers.
  13. BB eagerly headed for Grep's. Booze! Ok, their kind of entertainment sucked, like theater?! Hell of a way to make yourselves seem posh and sophisticated, if you ask, him, unless it was properly lively and exciting. And in this sort of small town, lively and exciting it would not be. But booze, wonderful booze! That would make up for a dull day of mining. Pleased, he sauntered along the street, pausing only to notice an odd pair. A vivacious young girl, and someone in armor that screamed 'most likely to be pointed at by lynch mobs.' Well, if the person in question wanted to paint a constant target on their back, that was their choice. Their funeral too if they couldn't back it up. They were going into the trading post, and BB gave no further thought to them. Ah, finally, glorious Grep's! BB nudged open the door and let out an exuberant "Grep! Three cold ones, buddy and..." It trailed off as the cyborg noticed the pair of men getting hard looks from an already present Firanis and Grep, and themselves looking like they'd done something terribly stupid. Which more than likely was the case. Cybernetic eyes zoomed in on them in good detail. "Need me to do something about those bozos, Fi?"
  14. The reinforced mining pick dug into the rock, tearing open furrows of stone and the occasional additions of the blue-ish white flashes of zinc ore intermingled. Muscles that did not tire, that not slow or strain, with easily as much if not greater force than the power-suit assisted miner might, powered each swing. Self-contained systems that left the user free from fear of environmental troubles, or most human frailties altogether. The might of a living titan, fused with all the creativity and canniness that had kept humankind on Earth in spite of uncounted centuries of continental change, monsters, magic and psionics. And what did they give it to BB for? Sure as hell not making big rocks into smaller rocks. 'They' being: Doctor Professor Old Man McCrackpot (maybe?), Sexy Cyclops and anyone else who happened to be working with the mad scientist in question. Mind you, he didn't know why they'd made him into a cyborg, but... details. Minor details in the forthcoming greatness of his life. Which really shouldn't have included boring manual labor like this, but he was with Fi and the engine cost a fair amount to repair and she would have not let him off the hook if she was doing work to help pay for things and he wasn't. And given the loss of the exo-suit, it was well, primo excellente opportunity to put in some time and gain definite value from the townsfolk. Still boring as boring boring mind growing blank NEED BOOST. BB stopped, opened a hip flask and chugged down a spurt of whiskey. Buzz restored, he went back to knocking free and piling up loads of ore.
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