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Happy Birthday operations

Ayre el KaBeer

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I know I have been slacking in my cake giving duties...so to commerate this occasion... I will give operations a cake!

*Bahamut rolls a cake up and runs away. The lights dim and and a slow rendition of happy birthday starts up. THe top of the cake slowly opens up. The lights go out totally and everyone can see the siloutte of a person being slowly lifted till he/she is standing level with the top of the 3 tiered cake. THe lights slowly undim to just bright enough for you to see. There he stands, in a pair of tight leather shorts, a tight leather vest and thigh-high fishnet stockings connected with garders to his shorts. *

"Happy birthday...Mr. operations..."

*He starts to slowly decend a step and stops for a oh-so-sexah pose*

"Happy birthday...to you.."

*he takes another step down*

"Happy Birthday! Mr. operations..."

*he finishes the decent with the third tier, and puts one leg up on a chair, stroking the fishnet on it.*

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to...you..."

*he turns and gives a sexah walk off stage into the kitchen...swinging his butt in an oh-so-sexah way*

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I have stood against chathuluh... battled abberants with the power to rend ones minds... hade a coffe with Miss Bue Li... Been tort, I mean interogated by the Ministry, But it was Bahamut who broke my mind... I will never again be able to eat a cake. The anguish, the pain, the inhumanity of it...

Oh, and yes, Happy birthday ::biggrin

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