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  1. 1) Having kids allows for a certain level of immortality; destroy that, and you create much more fatalistic characters, ones that are more interested in dying gloriously in combat. Ergo, if you throw kids back into the mix, you'll see a much more stable population. 2) Although "Elites" can refer to any freelance nova (note DeVries), the general connotation is that it refers to the combat mercs, or at least those using their abilities to pacify baselines. Again, put kids into the mix, and you'll see fewer freelancers (any kind of freelance work is a gamble, even for a nova, and parents don't like gambling). Sort of a duh-sitch; The Directive was set up to insure that baselines could take on novas. It's not that it's necessarily anti-nova, it's just more pro-baseline. In what way? As per the Stellar Frontiers book, Aeon is more than willing to work with Eden, at least their version of it. And Utopia is willing to work with novas, as long as the common good of humanity is allowed for. Note that almost all of the bad stuff has happened either accidentally, or as part of an effort by Proteus.... Er....HUH? A group that's looking into accepting who they are is better than a group that espouses violence as the sole answer to everything? If I were looking to establish a more stable timeline, I would probably be more interested in eliminating the violent group than the one that is purposely marginalizing itself. Although I appreciate the semantics, Geryon isn't about well-executed revolution; he's more about well-executed revenge. And wouldn't it be better to find a better way than killing everyone who happens to disagree with you if you wanted to establish that you were about benevolence? "Kill 'em all dead" isn't exactly the best slogan for your organization... FR
  2. I have a shiny new podcast, and I'm looking for interview subjects. I'm looking for anyone who has a webcomic, and wouldn't mind discussing it and their experiences in comics as a whole. There are some technical limitations (basically, you need to be able to dial in), but otherwise, I'm just looking for subjects. If you're interested, please e-mail at jamaisj at gmail.com. Thanks!
  3. Why shouldn't he? Admittedly, I am thinking of a certain Outer Limits episode (where a physics professor who was raped develops a time portal allowing her to go back and kill criminals before they did what they got convicted for), but that was reinforced by Parker on Seven Days. It would fit in with White Wolf that he would be driven insane by all the changes he makes. Of course, it would also be reasonable that he would return to sanity, thus creating a really weird situation: Max-Original makes changes, Max-Insane undoes those changes, and then Max-Sane has to make the original changes stick. If you really want a warped campaign, could you imagine a group backing any one of those three? Snake and Spider anyone? I know someone's head is going to pop... TS
  4. Of course, with Max there is a third option: He could have gone insane at some point, and possibly tried to erase some of the stuff he was doing/had done. You never know how adjusting the timeline would affect him, and it's possible that remembering all of the extraneous timelines could have made him crazy.... FR
  5. It's referring to the Shadow radio dramas (what we would call serials). If the only time you have encountered The Shadow is that dreadful movie with Alec Baldwin, you need to check it out. Could I also suggest Botar's? FR
  6. Heh.... Actually, I think I did a quickie alien races supplement for Trinity...I just can't seem to find it... FR
  7. Anyone know where I could find some of the Trinity books? I'll take PDF's, but I'd like to find the actual books... Thanks! FR
  8. WW is always getting in trouble that way. I seriously wonder how long a PR person lasts at that job before the development team takes them out back and the poor guy suffers a series of accidents.... Definitely. At the same time, keep in mind that they are interfering with the novas ability to use their power, and (even if the nova is interfering with their abilities), and the proxies are still pretty powerful. In all honestly, the proxy I would hate to tick off would Atwan; the other six you could either dodge or resist their ability, or it just wouldn't phase you (Herzog is pretty powerful, but he would need someone to help him). Atwan, on the other hand, could introduce you to the galaxy, all at once. Think "widest possible dispersal" on steroids ::ultracool .... This is definitely a good balancing factor. Even though quantum devices are more powerful, they require more intensive maintenance and a nova to be on hand during virtually the entire creation time. I don't know. I think that enough Teragen would discuss with non-Teragen that a lot of novas would either know how it works or be able to figure it out (especially with the sheer number of Mega-Intelligent novas there are, and it would be ridiculous (I figure) to assume that only the Teragen would be interested in Taint). You're basically betting against a group of intelligent, curious people not looking into their own origins and not figuring it out. Why not the discussion boards at Teragen.org? [besides, I'm starting to think that Mal or Mercer is The Colony....] Of all the people presented in A!, I think that doing Primoris as just another Stalwart, I think would be challenging, to say the least. Actually, I can do almost all of them using the A! rules, even allowing for a unique knack or three. The two problem children are Mercer and Donegal, but they're jerks anyway... I would. Why would they want to step down in power? FR
  9. Actually, this is canon, as per the APB. It's been noted that the QK wouldn't be possible without the tanks, and that it was created specifically to make human psions limited, possibly as a compromise between the two faction of Doyenne. Alex Green Like I said, I personally beleive that there are level 5 psionic powers. It makes sense from the type of designing that White Wolf puts in. Though such things do not exist in print right now, I do think they exist. I also think that the Proxies are pretty much beyond the normal psiads in their particular aptitude - so yes, I do think from a story prospective a proxy could effect a city or larger.
  10. Some obvious issues: 1) If 2nd Generation Novas are supposed to have resistant re: Taint, then why do so many Trinity-era novas have serious Taint issues? It would seem that they would care less about the effects of Taint, and would actually welcome it(a la Chrysalis). 2) As others have noted, novas have the possibility of creating universes, and seriously affecting their native universe. And there are more powerful people than that? And if they are capable of creating more of the base users, then why haven't they? 3) It's been established in canon that humans that become novas and humans that become psions/psiads have the same genetic switch; it's entirely possible that one identical twin could become a nova and another could become a psion. Until that genetic switch is thrown, the person could just as likely be either nova as a psion/psiad. 4) Although it's unpopular, I would still argue that Daredevils, Mesmerists, and Stalwarts are closer to each other than Mesmerists/Psions/Psiads or Stalwarts/Novas. The various Adventurer types can use Telluric energy to accomplish various things, including manipulating the universe to protect them. It's worth noting that, excluding access to Super Science and knacks, there is virtually no difference between the three of them. Although it could be argued that Stalwarts>Mesmerists>Daredevils, it can't be argued that they use Telluric energy, which appears to be a combination of psi and quantum energy. In essence, I think that it could be argued that Daredevils are an underdeveloped version of Mesmerists, who in turn are underdeveloped Stalwarts easier than Mesmerists being underdeveloped Psions or Stalwarts being underdeveloped Novas, especially given that they are giving up control over the universe in order to evolve. ALthough that makes sense for Stalwarts, it doesn't make so sense for Mesmerists. For what it's worth.... FR
  11. 1) Obviously. I'm for not changing the rules. Not only do I think that the distance covered is good enough, but it takes away any reason to gain Warp past a certain point. I know it's just a travel power, but I don't see any reason it shouldn't be developed just as any offensive or defensive power should be. It doesn't help that I'm finding it interesting that you have all of these other novas that are supposed to be getting to ridiculous power levels, but those with Teleport or Warp are supposed to have stopped progressing when they hit Q5... 2) I definitely think that some of the powers, such as Telepathy, need to be reworked. Although I'm a big fan of the defense being cheaper than the offense (after all, the defense is usually more specific than the offense), I think that there is definitely a problem when just a dot or two in the applicable defense can make you effectively immune to the attack in question. Telepathy, however, is a weird case because it just needs to be rewritten. Unlike other powers, just a few successes gives you some serious control over the person in question. When you apply Mastery, it gets even more interesting. I'll take a serious look at it later....after the game tonight... FR
  12. 1) There is the mini-copter in the Aesculapian book. It's about the size of a backpack when all folded up, and great for those overland trips. 2) Most of the flying vehicles in Trinity have some sort hover or VTOL capability. As the niches normally filled by copters have been filled by other vehicles. They had too little armor and speed compared to jets, so they weren't as useful in combat situations, especially when you realize that combat was usually with abbies. As a fast-response vehicle, flying cars took over that niche. When the VARG came into vogue, you had a better version of the copter, in that it was heavily armored and hover-capable, as well as comparable speeds to the vehicles it replaced. 3) Of course, you can always throw choppers in if you want... FR
  13. Admittedly all Growth would be gaining would be the reduced Q-cost, but it would be gaining tremendously at Mastery 2/3. Then again, I would contend that Mastery isn't for all powers (Density Control-Decrease, for example). As long as you ignore the effects of Mega's sure; I'm sure a telepath would have at least some Mega-Per. And Mastery would overwhelm that defense pretty quickly. Especially if you bought Telepathy with Armor Piercing.... Dude: I only need to get four more successes; Warp is x10 for each success. That clears me for 80,000 ly; that could put me anywhere in the Milky Way Galaxy, which only has a diameter of 100,000 ly. And that's almost an average roll. Of course, if his stats were even a hair better.... I'm just not seeing the issue... Not that unreasonable. Given the number of Q6 characters by 2020 (as per the WWPhase books), and that Warp is a highly useful power, and that there are a number of NPC's that already have Warp, I don't see an issue with having even a dozen or so novas with the scores that would allow everyday travel across the galaxy, especially if you allow that they would probably be the ones most likely to be taintmonkeys (exploring their limits and all of that). And before you throw up the argument that they would be too valuable to use in combat, bear in mind that any nova with Q6+ would be fully capable of defending themselves. If nothing else, even warping a small distance away (by space standards) would take them out of combat. Then they would just need to warp in a few hours later, and grab everyone. I'd even be willing to bet that warp in, drop 'em off, warp out, and pick 'em up later would be part of the SOP.... FR
  14. True. I just wish you had given better examples. Definitely. The mass should be cubed, not just doubled. Actually, I have no problem with that. That shouldn't diminish the effect of telepaths in general, and that just means that there will be some minds that they can't read. Given that the expense needed to do it, and that it simulates comics better (Rogue vs. Prof. X), I have no problem with that. I would, of course, disagree. Even assuming the 1/4 light year from a person with all 5's, a power max and a Willpower success can easily make that worth it (8 light years for 8 QP) and allow the nova past Alpha Centauri. Up any of those stats, and you allow for even greater distances... FR
  15. Found my books. Didn't help. I so hate WW and it's need to player-friendly..... 1) The dice pool (as per APG) is Perception+Warp. Assuming you backed it with Per 5, Warp 5, Q5, and Mege-Per 5, it's possible to have a Warp go to 2x10^29 km, or about 2x10^16 light years. Not likely, but possible. Much more likely is about 2x10^12 km, or about 1/4 light year. [Keep In mind I was figuring the maximum result without spending Willpower or using a power max. Throw that into the mix and you can multiply the result by up to 320 (x10 for the Willpower's success, and up to 2^5 for Q5. In case you are curious about the math, the formula for distance is (2x10^(successes-1) km; I assumed a maximum number of successes, without allowing for re-rolls. Assuming only 10 are rolled (and three successes per mega-die), that works out to 5 auto (Q5) + 5 (Per) + 5( Warp) + 15 (MegaPer 5), for a total of 30; plugging it in for (2x10^(30-1).] Please note that if you are worried about comparing the distance an Upeo can teleport versus an Edenite, the Edenite will lose every time; no matter how far out the Edenite teleports, even through multiple warps, the Upeo can teleport back, and can warp more than the Edenite could ever really hope to do so. Of course, the Edenite can teleport without having been to the location before. Even if you use the Freeform rules, the Edenite can teleport faster. So there are some trade-off. 2) Keep in mind that there are, technically, two effectsL The warping itself, as well as the creation of a gate. Just for the sake of messing around with the specifics, I'd note that the gate would get bigger with mastery (from (3m square+(dots in either direction) to (4m square+(2xdots in either direction) to 6.5m square+(5xdots in either direction) all the way to 13.5m square + (20xdots in either direction) [yes, I'm punting a bit on the math; however, it helps when trying to figure out the size of the puddlejumper that the Edenites would have used]. 3) As an ST, would just multiply the distance by 2, 5, or 20; the successes aren't the effect, the distance is. The successes are just the way that the distance is determined, and so should not be counted as the effect itself. Put another way, the successes aren't an effect of the power; the distance is.... FR
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