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  1. Gang, it's been a while! I haven't participated in any RPG for some time, but I still game a lot, and I miss y'all! As I was watching someone disturb the Witch in Hard Rain in Left 4 Dead 2 for the second time in a row, I realized I would rather play the game with people I know from here. Banter and strategy over VoIP, creole jazz and zombies! I also have Team Fortress 2 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and I'm sure other Steam games are popular here as well. So, post your Steam ID and I'll friend you. Mine is CowboyBoats. Any takers? ::ultracool
  2. Thanks buddy! ::thumbup1 How I've missed this board's epic smileys... ::wub ::getsome
  3. ::biggrin Cheers! That one was all Cottus, though I found it entertaining to watch. Just so everyone knows, I haven't been posting for a few days because I'm on the road right now - currently in North Carolina, on my way back to Nashville for school. I will be arriving there on Sunday, and my girlfriend will be getting back the next day. Come to think of it, don't expect much from me for a while. ::wink But don't worry, although I will be very busy at school, I still plan on keeping on posting for this game every couple of days.
  4. ::glare The problem is still spam-bots who register, post, then just re-register when they get blasted. I sure wish Invision would come up with one of those neat texty things... ::unsure
  5. ::huh Sky, why would I feel comfortable letting someone else take charge of showing everyone the personality and heart of a character that I gave birth to, who's alive in my mind? I'm a writer and, to me, play-by-post RP on EON is a writer's exercise. That doesn't mean I put more effort into it than anyone else here, and clearly a post where Glacier rips into a gang of 'Mitoids isn't necessarily something I'd want to send to the New Yorker, but it is why I'm here [that, and 'cause I f*cking love it]. The characters I create feel very real to me, and very different from the characters that someone else creates. So I'd very much prefer a situation where Amber's under my control, even if she plays a bit part as a result. Still, I also don't want to bring her in as a second PC main character. It would draw attention away from all of your roleplaying and give me undue 'stage time.' If we can't come up with a good IC reason for Amber [or Carlo] not to be in center stage, I'll just make a new character. That's no big deal at all - I have several ideas ready to come out of the oven. But I don't want to compromise a character I'm already pretty invested in by letting someone else take over. Any questions? ::unsure ::sly
  6. Well, it's just that Amber is my character too, and I'd rather be in control of what she does and says. This doesn't necessarily mean I'd have to 'play two characters,' she could be on the sidelines - or even out of the game - for any number of reasons. But ordinarily, she'd be backing Carlo up, even in combat, which makes things a bit harder. *starts thinking about other potential characters*
  7. I'm still not exactly sold on this idea myself, but I'm still toying with ways to get both Carlo and Amber involved. The problem is that they're in love, and neither one would abandon the other, especially not in a fight this important. I could buy Amber as an Ally, which I've been allowed to roleplay in the past, except that Amber isn't an ineffectual baseline, but rather a seasoned and very powerful Elite shapeshifter. There's also the fact that bringing her in would be even more restrictive of other combat characters, which I definitely don't want to do. One possibility that I raised to Hyper-Focus was that Amber conceives, and with 'a bun in the oven' her shapeshifting powers are severely curtailed because they could harm the fetus. All that's left are 40 NP worth of Mega-Strength and Mega-Stamina, Claws, Wings etc. - basically things that don't involve shifting her insides around too much. Rawr. ::unsure
  8. Are we getting paid? What kind of people have been invited? What kind of supplies are we getting access to? How do we know the Earth's hollow, and how are we planning on breaching the core?
  9. ::biggrin For your insolence, every person that Buddy encounters of any description - from the obviously undead to the obviously alive to other PCs - will now be referred to as 'zombies'. WE'LL SEE WHO MAKES SENSE OF OUR LATE-NIGHT PROSE NOW ::tongue
  10. In the kitchen Bunny hears the closet door click open. Then she hears Mandy scream loudly, perhaps at the sight of the gore filling the hallway. "Aaaah! Oh my god oh my god!" ::scared She tears like hell into the kitchen, sprinting towards Bunny and grabbing hold of her, hugging her waist with frantic tightness. "He was trying to kill me... Ms. Lewis, why was Dad trying to eat me?" ::cry Her words still muffled against Bunny's sweater, Mandy then starts sobbing harshly, still holding on tightly to Bunny... West 228th and Broadway Alexander opens fire! His attacker takes a lead slug to the gut, blowing a messy hole in the center of his body. The next two shots both miss, but it couldn't matter after a bullseye like that... ...could it? But despite the big hole in its core, the man stumbles around the car door and lunges at Alex! The crowd of messy, unhealthy-looking folks is upon him - two or three are already close enough to reach out and touch him... ::unsure A dark department store John's toe clicks lightly against the floor as he leaps. Flying through the air in a graceful, hurtling bound, John watches in dismay as his target wheels around, standing ready to intercept his attack! The man's big jaws open wide in a ghoulish position, and John's not sure if he's planning to hit him, or bite him! ::wacko Fortunately, he never has to find out. John's ax strikes true, landing at the base of the man's shoulder and driving down all the way to the sternum, splitting the intermittent flesh like kindling! For a good four or five seconds, there is no reaction from anything at all - then the man, staring blankly, falls backwards, apparently dead. John has to hold on and tightly wrench his ax in order to prevent it from being pulled down with his victim. Meanwhile, the wounded girl on the floor has turned herself most of the way around in order to watch the melee, and has now begun crawling back towards John...
  11. Yes. This is one Prof game that doesn't compel me to play in it, but the jobber stuff has been very interesting to read. If only there was some way I could communicate my approval... perhaps through a graphical representation of an everyday gesture of good cheer... Ah yes. ::thumbup
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