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  1. Hey guys! Long time no see! I was going to start an IRL aberrant game and I was hoping to get the Excel file that has the names and locations of where all the core characters are. Can I get some help?
  2. Ash considers for what seems to be a few months, then looks at Theo. "Alright...this has to be spectacular, so here is the deal. Theo, look for a high profile nova target...someone causing a lot of trouble. We are going to go stop him, and tell everyone...and every *camera* there that we are the newly awakened Seraphim. Then we are going to call a few people and get a guest spot on that show. Then we are going to get a Utopia-esque group going with our friends here at the heart of it. The public wants *spectacular*...and thats what we are going to give them."
  3. Wow! Game is now back on? Interesting...uhhhh...does anyone have a copy of my sheet? I took this game for dead and deleted it I think.
  4. Have a happy birthday! May your ferrets never unearth your dirty underware in the most inappropriate ways!
  5. So you know "a piece of fryed gold" was a phrase that was supposedly (from what I read on IMDB) coined by the guys who made "Shaun of the Dead". It mearly means something that is totally awesome. And speaking of a 'Flake 99', Ithink they have the *GREATEST CANDY EVAR* in them...convieniently called 'Flakes'. I LOVE THEM!! As an aside...I dont think I ever had problems understanding any of the brits in here, but then I was raised by one. I grew up watching BBC with my mum who came from a town west of London.
  6. Thats because it was from a previous incarnation of EON. Back when the site was contained in the UK. Man...them was the days...
  7. Ash nods. "Right. We need to get a station to give us an Exclusive interview right now...before the Inquisition can spin this. What news stations do you guys have now? Whats the most watched one?" he asks the youngins.
  8. Oh, we get to vote now do we... ::sly What do you say Skylion? You seem like you would do a really bang up job running a game, I think. ::happy
  9. I was just reading the Judges book and even villians lose Karma for killing people. Only 30 (yeah....only) but still.
  10. Hey guys...I think I am going to drop the QZ-Elites and Nippontai High game. I really just dont have the desire to play thoes characters anymore. Sorry Prof!!
  11. Only thing that I really didnt like about it when I was playing it was the 'XP' system it had. It was all about enforcing a good steriotype...if you were apathetic you would lose all your fate points (I think is what they were called), and heaven forbid you kill someone even by accident.
  12. Ash shakes his head. "Only if they wanna stay out of the worlds eye. If they wanna do good...they are gonna need to be closer to a city or something or someone to transport them."
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