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  1. Blue, pm me a list of your technical skillset, I know a lot of people in those fields in the us, if you are still able to get out and want to join us civilians...
  2. You put a price on discovery? On being part of the greatest moments of history? Of course your getting paid ::biggrin Inventors, adventurers, archaeologists, rich dilettantes, basically anyone who can contribute anything to the expedition. This letter have circulated mostly in scholarly circles though, with some leaking out into the mainstream. It should also be noted that a large part of the funding comes from the UK and US army, with rumors abounding that the Germans are preparing a similar expedition as well as the Red Army. Most stuff that is state of the art for the era, few expenses are speared. Do not expect military grade heavy weapons though (tank cannons, howitzers that sort of stuff, a machine gun could be negotiated though). Its actually a theory due to measurements in the fluctuation of the earths magnetic field. There are currently three ideas for breaching the core, the first involves drilling through the outer shell. this is expected to take four days with a machine traveling at five miles per hour but there are of course some risks, mostly due to not knowing where one might end up (for example a lava flow). Then there is the controversial idea of using the hole in the north pole, which involves finding said hole first but should be a piece of cake after that and then of course, the third, going into the Bermuda triangle where Countess Wollstonecraft speculates there is a water-filled passage to the inner earth.
  3. A wiki is the an internet site (for example) where visitors freely can add and delete content, such as wikipedia Prof. As for telling you more, I have a sort of Indiana Jones meets Jules Verne thing working in my mind, where the characters shall preper the expedition, start and finish it. There is of course some more details around this not to mention Nazi's (everyones favorit villan), insaine scientists, deadlines (where dead realy means dead) and pre-historic monsters. Honestly, Id prefer a bit more detailed questions :-)
  4. Mainly becouse Im interested to see if it would work and partly becouse I like the natural way that it builds up structure Sky. Of course, they will also be in a thread here in the forums.
  5. Nice to hear Shade, although there will be some time untill we start, namely in the middle of september. The game will be set in 1937, a few years prior to the second world war, and is about an expedition into the hollow earth. Id like about four players for this, and I will expect a slow phase, around one to two responses a week. Im also going to set up a wiki for this game, to see how things progress, where players will be able to add information for themselves and where I am going to put up info on locations and npc's. I will also try to make some programs to make my job easier, but we shall see how that will progress. Any questions?
  6. A bit late perhaps, but congratulations on surviving another year Archer.
  7. Attention adventure seekers, Since the dawn of the 18th century thanks to Sir Edmund Halley, the civilized world have imagined secret worlds reachable only through long and danger- ous journeys. This is of course about the hollow earth where riches and adventure is to be had for those explorers brave enough to venture into its depths. For those parties interested, pleas report to this London address and ask for the Countess and Inventress Claire Wollstonecraft. This expedition is supported by the Aeon Society for Gentlemen.
  8. They restarted the Fallout 3 project, for the third time I think, but three's a charm or so I have heard ::biggrin
  9. Bring out the cake, Bring out the cake ::tongue ::tongue ::tongue
  10. Having never read the Watchmen, I might not be able to understand the whole thing, but is it not the point of movies such as these that they actualy DONT try to do the whole series at once, so that they can do a follow up? I mean, just look at Punisher, Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Superman, Spiderman, X-men, Batman (a lack of women here, I would start crying if I wherent a ninja) and Sin City. Ok, they did V for Vendetta in that manner, and 300 I presume, but after looking at V for Vendetta I can forgive the Wachowski Brothers for just about anything (They put babies on spikes? Im certain they had a good reason or it was for the best of the children. Think about that, think about the children, ::tongue ). But, while on the subject of movies, what does people think about the new Transformers one? :transformer:
  11. Welcome back Prof, there shall be sacrifices made, games written and 346 nubile young men and women at the party (that means that they are from Nubilia if anyone was asking).
  12. You start with five background points. You can only use them for background merits. Background flaws generates more background points. Together with said merit/flaw, some information will be asked for, in order for the flaw/merit to be valid, these questions must be answered unless they are labeled as optional. I think I kind of made my point there. Its not supposed to be bonus-points (or freebee points as they are called in that other game-line that white wolf did ::wink ) but something else altogheter. On the other hand, I can see why the name background points would be confusing, so perhaps a better name is history points. It does not matter in any event, considering all the good and valid feedback I got from the other pepers in here.
  13. Good advice people. My players usualy say that they will write the background, but then magicaly work/relationships/studys/life got in the way, and they will give it to me during the day we start playing (and that never happens). And its hard to tell people to buzz off when that happens... On the other hand, they never seem to have any problem filling there char-sheets with dots ::rolleyes
  14. No. For two simple reasons. How can I make a personal story involving said character if I do not know what there background is? The second is, it makes my job as a storyteller THAT much easier. Need a plothook? look at there background. Need a reason for them to do something? Look at there background. Need a way to brin the characters together? look at there background. Honestly, I like it when its easy ::biggrin
  15. I have had a small problem with people writing backgrounds for my games, usualy there are non. Sure, one or two always write one, but then there are the three or four who does not. Now I try to always push a part of the background into the game, as advantages or plots (not disabilities) as I think that the background should work FOR not against the player, however this have not helped one iota. I have also tried handing out xp as a reward for doing a background. Similar result. So, this is my latest scheme: forcing my players to use some background merits and flaws. The system works as follows: You start with five background points. You can only use them for background merits. Background flaws generates more background points. Together with said merit/flaw, some information will be asked for, in order for the flaw/merit to be valid, these questions must be answered unless they are labeled as optional. Merits/Flaws: Family; cost: -5/5/10 points You have a family, congratulations. For -5 points, they are a selfish bunch that takes advantage of you or demands attention (may cost willpower points ocasionally, usualy asks for cash/help/for you to listen...). For 5 points, they are your garden variety loving family, supporting you in most endevours, if not with actual work or such then with a pat on the shoulder (may provide the occasional willpower point, will help-out over a weekend or with a move unless its too dangerous, will look for the character if he/she goes missing). For 10 points you get the 5 point version, but either very large or somewhat influential. Questions: Provide the name and relation to three familymembers. Explain your relaiton to your family and why it is so. Previous Occupation; cost: 3/5 You have held a previous job. For the 3 point version you left said job under less then ideal circumstances, but you still speak to some of your former coworkers. For 5 points, you still have connections to the buisness as a whole and might even do some work for them, on the plus side you can get some work done for you or borrow for example a workshop for a night. Questions: Why did you quit/got fired? When did you get fired? Provide the name and relation to a couple of former colleagues Debt; cost: 2 Someone ows you, someone with skills or the right connections. He or she will do a lot to pay of the debt, while not putting themselves to danger it will commit lesser crimes to pay of her or his debt. Questions: What is the nature of the debt, during what circumstances did it arise and when? In debt; cost -2 You ow someone a debt of considerable magnitude. Someone has broken the law for you or provided you with something that might not be wrong according to the law but might be problematic to explain to co-workers or your boss. Questions: What is the nature of the debt, during what circumstances did it arise and when? Injury; cost: -1 You have a small workrelated injury that does not disable you, but makes some tasks problematic. You might have to wear glasses if you are to read alot, or you might get migrains occasionaly. Questions: How did said injury come to be? When did it appear? Unclean record; -4 Your record is not spotless, you are a criminal. Congratulations. Questions: What crime have you commited? When did you commit it? No drivers licens; cost -1 You have not taken a drivers license or you might have lost it. While this does not mean that you cannot drive around, it does mean that there will be some problems if you are pulled over. So, any thoughts? Any other suggestions?
  16. Rival of divis mal? Suddenly Pax jumped to the top of my list for possible Colony candidates...
  17. My take on Anibal Buendia's power is that it is a body mod, mostly of the previous reasons.
  18. I agree, as usual it feels, with Arcanum. I use whatever suits the story, although I prefer Sci-fi... on the other hand, the biggest bad guy in my stories for the moment is Mr Saturday..
  19. Pleas conside the quantum energies that "should"/could affect a nuclear explosion, and then consider the inherit problems of creating an instable material with QUANTUM energy. Seems very hard IMHO, and not very do-able. On the other hand, if I create a ton of rock over someones head then It should not simply cause 2d of damage, it should splatter the little fool (and yes, it was a very simple example just to show the flaws of the system, and no I dont know enough about MC to actually have an opinion).
  20. OK then, here is another idea. Matter creation, make some grade A plutonium, encapsulate in a shell of C4, teleport away. Requires: Matter Creation, Invulnerability: Radioactivity, Teleport + contacts to get c4.
  21. Here is a couple of new ones: The troup finds a mysterious book under Chicago. Max and Samuel starts running for it, screaming: MINE, NO MINE, NO MINE Miranda: This cannot end well. Sir William: Oh, they seem to have fun. Miranda: Remember the tentacle monster the last time anyone of us opened a book like that? Gabriel (groans). Samuel, Sir William and Max is engaged in a firefight with a group of mobsters in chicago. Samuel: Max, must a mobster be evil? (shoots around the corner) in a philosofical sense that is. Max: (Jumps out, laughing maniacly and shooting at everything with his newly aquired Tommy Gun, then takes cover) Not sure realy, depends on your take of evil I suppose. Sir William simply looks at Max like he is crazy. Samuel and Max, being cornered by ten or so mobsters in an old abandoned house, running low on ammo. Samuel: Max, you think Willie made it? Max, looks out a window and gets shot at: I give him a 20% chance of survival. Samuel, sighs: Oh well, I never did like him anyway. Same situation, a little later. Max: Samuel, this is an akward time to say this but... Samuel: No need, I understand fully the brotherly love that develops on the field of battle, tested through harsh ordeals and danger. Max, looks at Samuel like he is going to puke: What? No, what I was going to say is that we should really give them a chance to surrender.
  22. Here is a nastie. Use dominate on the US president. One simple command: Launch the nukes. Or perhaps: Fire OMEN
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