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  1. William adopts his most sombre expression as he says, "The poor man appears to have been carrying vials of a peculiar liquid. And, whilst we will certainly have to have this substance analyzed at our laboratory, the most likely explanation for his actions would be a strong adverse reaction to a narcotic. I have it on good authority that the effects of laudinum on a small percentage of unfortunates can be likened to turning Mr Stevenson's Dr Jekyll into a certifiable Mr Hyde." "Sheriff, we don't want to interfere in your jurisdiction any more than we already have. I think it best if you have the body transferred to Mr Algreto, along with all effects - as they are now all evidence." "I'm sure we can leave this in your capable hands whilst we pursue the true nature and origin of potion. "
  2. William sighs, but nods. "Mr Blakemore, if you wouldn't mind, your coat pocket is probably the last place anyone would look for this letter. Other than that, I believe we can remain more or less true to what actually happened whilst subtly shifting emphasis and consequent blame toward... the unfortunate gentleman." "Shall we?"
  3. Well, we've got 2 options - we can go back to Algreto, cap in hand, or we can just deal with it. William's manipulation skills are somewhat fearsome, but I suspect we've been seen - so the options for that route are somewhat limited.
  4. Agreed. I don't think the PCs actions were unwarranted... just a bit paranoid. The sort of paranoid you get from being a PC in Call of Cthulhu. ::tongue But then again, from the vic's perspective - he sees people in his room, realizes they've seen him, figures that it's 'Piper', and runs for it. If anything, even more reasonable. I was in two minds as to what William would do as he's the least experienced of the characters by a long way. I finally decided on Shoot First because it's what the people who actually know what they're doing are doing and it seemed to fit. But ya win some, ya lose some. ::tongue
  5. William sighs. "Well, we have our lead. We'd best contact our benefactor, although I doubt he will be terribly impressed with our... progress." He turns to Adam, "Mr Trooper, as you have already been exposed, would you mind gathering up the evidence? I suspect it would be worth a more thorough analysis.... Especially as our unfortunate victim doesn't seem to have any other weapons. And Mr Blakemore, I don't suppose you might know where we would find this Gentek lab, by any chance?"
  6. The page falls from William's now nerveless hand. His eyes blink twice. All that he would do - his grand quest - his adventure... It's all he can do to turn away before his stomach rebels. He wipes his mouth with a pocket handkerchief. "Well... it seems we are looking for a Mr Piper and Gentek laboratories."
  7. William nods somewhat dubiously at Adam's assurance, but proceeds to holster his pistol and go through Brown Suit's pockets none-the-less.
  8. William says, "Mr Trooper, try not to move, I hear that makes it worse..." and backs off, keeping his pistol pointing roughly in the direction of the dead scholar, but giving himself enough room to change targets at short notice if he has to... If all seems safe, he'll crouch down and examine what's left of the projectile - hoping for the off chance that whatever it is might have been mentioned in tales of his brothers' more exotic adventures...
  9. William doesn't seem to be doing terribly well initiative wise so far. He isn't meant to be any kind of combat character, but I thought an initiative of 12 was pretty good. Did I miss a trick somewhere along the way?
  10. Reaching the ground, William dashes after the quarry, and seeing that his colleagues have already taken this chase to the next level, draws a snub little pistol, the top of the barrel equipped with a bizarre-but-compact sighting mechanism, from a shoulder holster built into the lining of his coat. He shouts "Stop!" as he runs, but, if the learned gentleman doesn't stop, and if he gets a clear shot, he will line up the red dot sight and fire - targetting centre mass.
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