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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Chapter 3 Session 3 Graduation and Reunion

Justin OOC

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The Ceremony at the end of the week was a long and Arduous one. With one hundred Mecha pilot Graduates and two hundred infantry, in additon to three hundred caretakers and mechanics, it too awhile to get through it. Finally it came to the tail End where special awards were to be given out.

Amane Kaunac took over from A proud Sargeant Johnson. "Today we fully Reactivate Crisis Response Team Seven with the addition of these new pilots. But to be fully Reactivated, a unit must posess the operational strength and the leadership needed in order to survive. "

"In her training Cadet Lunamaria Hawe has shown great resourcefulness, incredible tenacity and great compassion for her fellow soldiers. It is in light of these displays, that I name Lunamaria Hawe my Lieutenant and the Second in command of CRT-7." She stepped forward and pinned the Insignia of CRT-7's Lieutenant to the lapel of Lunamaria's uniform. "You've earned it Lunamaria."

The two officers Saluted and Lunamaria took her seat as Amane was joined at the Podium by Captain Murrue Ramius.

"Many of you know that CRT-4 lost its Captain at Shamballa Base. To the many Techs who have finally been certified, and caretakers who have passed your tests, let me introduce you to your new Captain, Captain Ruri Hoshino."

Ruri stepped forward and actually looked every bit as shy as she had always semed. Amane pinned the Captain's insignia on her uniform and shook hands with her. "Ruri is the youngest Captain in History, and for her Lieutenant, I have tapped Kaname Chidori. Together these two shall help the rebuilding effort, and keep us all hale and healthy of mind body and spirit."

Captain Ramius then motioned for Sargeant Johnson to step forward. "You have always maintained that you would prefer to simply train soldiers as opposed to lead them again. You have trained nearly every officer in Satoshi, and every trooper, For that we owe a debt we cannot repay."

He snapped to Attention and spoke in a crisp clear tone alltogether different than his normal one. "I follow the Orders of Satoshi Heavy industries Officers who wish to protect Earth. No thanks or accolades are nescessary. It has been an honor and a privelage to train so many talented and giftd students. To see how brightly each of their stars burn and to see them here today, becoming full memebers of the service, that is enough for me."

"Captain Nagare knew you would say that. So he prepared this."

The large screen to the side hummed to life and Ryoma, in rare form Ryoma stood in full dress Satoshi CRT8 uniform along with Captain Akito Tenkawa, Lieuteant Richard Hunter, and Admiral Henry Gloval of the deep space forces. "Our resources are spread thin but we can win. What we need now are leaders unaffraid to make the hard choices, Leaders we can trust, Leaders who will lead by Example. The means of a Single Captain are not unlimited, but What I say now, I do with the knowledge that I do it in the name of All the other Captains. I hereby commission and Create Satoshi Heavy Industries Crisis Response Team Thirteen. I consign all the gradutating infantry personnel to this CRT, and name Avery Johnson Captain of Risis Response Team Thirteen. John Riley, leader of cadet team eight, You shall become his Lieutenant." Ryoma smiles.

"I know you don't want this, but we need this of you Avery. The princess needs this of you." It was then that almost forgotten amidst it all that people realized that behind the podium sat Georgi, Yua and Lily.

The screen Faded as Captain Johnson looked to the other officers and Saluted. "I will lead my team to victory, without a doubt."

Thunderous applause errupted from the gathered cadets-now servicemen and women. Amane brought it to order with a smile. "Among us today for this ceremony sit Three outsiders. But I would tell you that isn't the truth. Yes, none of them are members of the company, or have pledged their service, but I tell you that without them we would not be here."

"Georgi Illiyev has trained hard with the Mobile Infantry, but he will not join them. Instead, He has been assigned to be a Special Operative attached directly to Princess Lily to see to her safety. This shows the implicit trust we have in him." She looks to him. "You will have no formal rank, but in the event it is needed, all personnel will defer to you on matters of security concerning the Princess."

"Second we have the Hiroga warrior Mysirinnes, or as many of you know her, Yua. She is the Emperor's hand-picked bodyguard for his Heir. As with Georgi all personnel will defer to her judgement when it concerns the safety of the Princess."

"Finally, we come to the person soley responsible for our being here. "Princess Akosaniolilly, or as some call her, Lily. She is the Heir to the entire Dalaraan Empire and yet she willingly goes into combat, participating in the rescue of Luna base at great risk. She spared the Life of Captain Ryoma Nagare When the Emperor demanded his head in retribution for all the Dalaraan he has slain. She has come extending the olive branch of peace, offering her hand in friendship. I and all the officer corps have gladly accepte both, and welcome her as a friend, ally, and As things stand, she bears responsibility for all our actions to the Empire, so she is technically our commander as well."

"Join me as we Honor these three, and everyone else here today. Welcome them warmly as comrades in arms, as family. To You all, I bid you Welcome and Congratulations, you've all earned it." As one the officer corps saluted the assembled warriors and VIP's, then the bay broke out into riotous chearing. Amane walked over to where the three stood and smiled. "I'm proud of all of you in how far you've all come."

Captain Johnson laid a hand on Georgi's shoulder. "I would have asked for you, but you have the more important job now. You've done very well Georgi, you should be proud. You helped me Graduate the lrgest troop of mobile Infantry ever. For that, you have my deep and truth thanks."

(((OOC each of you got 5 cp for the last session (the split all to hell one.) You are free to interact with whomever you wish or go to the big after party starting down in the bay.)))

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Yua faces Lily and Georgi with a grimace appearing slightly out of place. The mark of solemness caught of guard with pride and hope.

"Heh; We are really going to do this guys! It is getting closer to the time of peace. Do you not think we should have some fun to evaporate the sweat of parinoia from our m...minds?"

"You almost have this language down, you crazy women"

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Georgi thanks and congradulates Captain Johnson on his comission. "Your welcome, Captain Johnsone. And I would like to thank you for renewing my faith in what it means to be a soldier." Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Captain Amane, resplendant in her dress uniform. He hoped that they might have a chance to speak at the party later.

He was standing with Liy and Yua, when the Hiroga warrior spoke in faltering, yet intelligible Japanese. Georgi looked at her with a big smile. "I think a celebration is in order as well Yua. We have earned it." He turns to the Empress-in-waiting. "What would you like to do princess?"

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Lily grins at Georgi.

"You know, in all the time I was on Earth looking out for Kai, I never got invited to a party. I would like to be shown what it means to 'party' on Earth. You'll have to work pretty hard to impress me, I warn you. The Academy students knew how to have a good time...and some had clearance for heavy ordnance."

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Amane casually disconnects herself from the throng and makes her way over to the assembled trio and the newest Satoshi Captain.

"Well, Considering most of this class is still only seventeen to eighteen years old, The party won't be all that ostentatious. IT was something that wasn't widely known, but the Satoshi personnel were recruited young, and trained hard. "Don't get me wrong, these young men and women will do damn well, but they are still kids in some ways."

Though she speaks to the group, her eyes are actually on the newly graduated Lieutenant, to see if he would react. True to form, he does in a respectful manner. "You are correct Captain Kaunac. However, we are all ready to stand side by side with our comrades."

She looks to him. "well put Lieutenant, but for now, you are free to go join your compatriots enjoying the party. Go have fun with your team while you can. Us old Fogies can manage here just fine."

He looks to Captain Johnson who just nods. "Go on, go raise some hell if ya can, just don't hijack a shuttle or God forbid the Archangel. I remember that simulator match..."

The officers laughed and John walked over to the growing party and the rest of his squad, and indeed Crisis response team.

Amane seemed to materialized next to Georgi and smiled. "I distinctly remember saying we'd go out for Dinner and dancing one night.. and training got in the way of that."

She gives him an almost predatory smile. "What say we go show the children how adults party?"

Captain Ramius just shakes her head. "The things you youngsters do Amane, seriously. You almost got yourself, Souichiro, Jean-marie and Atsushi so deep in trouble they were thinking about making you all repeat final year.. try not to set that example for this group, we really need them."

Amane just laughs. "Im an adult now Murrue, i'll behave, as much as I normally will."

She looks to Georgi. "Shall we?"

Murrue turns to Lily. "And there you have the priorities of Amane when not on the Satoshi Clock."

Ruri looks up and shakes her head. "As Satoshi officers we're always on the clock Captain."

"Ruri, go have fun. Consider that an order from a senior Captain."

She was about to protest that Captains couldn't order others around, but instead went with "But i don't know anyone over there. I haven't even met the Tech and Caretakers candidates." At that moment Ruri seemd very unlike the Head of the Satoshi CRT responsible for seeing to the nneds of all Satoshi personnel, and very much like the shy fifteen year old girl she was.

Captain Johnson gave Lily an appraising look. "You've gotten stronger since training with Amane. That's good. A leader should be capable of leading by example and not needing to rely on their subordinates for strength."

He chuckles. "Not to say that if you call i won't be there as fast as i can, but I'm certainly glad to see your potential starting to be realized. I was worried for a time that if you called, It might be too late by the time anyone got there to help." There was no malice in his words, just a great sense of honesty. It was clear Johnson spoke his mind, whenever he felt he should, and this vote of confidence was clearly one he felt needed to be addressed.

"You can count on CRT-13, My soldiers are young, but they are better equipped and better trained than any unit ever fielded by Satoshi Heavy Industries. We probably just need to give them some time. I don't want to throw them right into the mix."

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Lily gives Captain Johnson a nod.

"I don't want to throw them...any of them...into a mix," she agrees. We'll all try to keep them out of harm's way..."

The princess pauses at that, then smiles. "But you know what? Lets not get into that. There'll be plenty of time to deal with tactics and troop deployments and missions later. And as for me...well, I have a lot of time to catch up with, a lot of missed opportunities to make up for, but success doesn't mean anything if it's not celebrated. We've all had some success now. We have to savor it, so it can carry us through hard times."

She offers her dainty little hand to the Captain, despite his being almost absurdedly larger than her. "Would you care to dance?"

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The Captain nodded once. and raised the hand to his lips. "It would be an honor highness." He dutifully escorted her to the floor where other couples were already dancing. The small band belted out several tunes, alternating between fast-paced lively tunes and slowers ones. Though there were only 9 people there, on the stage playing, it sounded as though an entire orchestra played for the graduates.

They were probably closest in age, but it was comical to see Lily dancing with a man who could easily pass for her father. He was tall, at just shy of two meters and his muscular frame filled out his dress uniform well. Lily Recognized from the sheer number of ribbons attached to the man's left breast that Captain Johnson had been a military man for an extremely long time. He was nothing if not a survivor.

Battlefield reflexes and the same catlike agility held him in good stead as he danced with Lily amidst the other couples. Not once did he step on her toes or did his polished boots and spurs catch on her dress..

Murrue looked out and Sighed. She had drawn the short straw it seemed and was destined to sit back and observe,not to partake.

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On Earth things weren't going so well. The remnants of CRT-5 fought a hard battle defending the rebuilt Jindai High school from demons marching forth from the gates. No matter how many were slain, there seeemed to always be more.

Captain Raisho Ishiyama marshalled his forces and drew a line of Death encircling the complex. There were still over five hundred students and faculty who had sought shelter in the schools' basement complex when the attack began. His team had been in the area about to return to Shamballa when it began, and responded like the civic defenders would. Lieutenant Amagi had fallen earlier when He went one on one with an Ascended Phasewolf. This one was by far he most powerful of that species of ET either of them had seen, It had killed Junshiro and then vanished, and secretly Raisho thanked the gods that was so. That creatures power could have slain many of the men fighting hard for the students.

Of the original one hundred members on-site, eighty still remained after a week of constant fighting. He was about to order a regrouping retreat and then he saw them, or rather, felt them. An incredible dimensional power, flanked by one extradimensional and one demonic presence, and they were behind the line, within the school. "Hold them here, retreat to fallback zone A if needed. Nobody dies, nobody quits. CRT-5.."

As a group the chorus of shouts was deafening. "Fight hard, stay Alive!!" With that Raisho dashed back into the school complex and towards the three signatures. "There's no way I'm gonna let you hurt the children." he draws his sowrd, Tensaiga, the Defender of Heaven, and smiles grimly.

Kai damn near skids to a halt at the massive spiritual power approaching and reflexively draws Senbonzakura. "Valerie get ready, whatever's coming is big and nasty. Be ready to fight, and if need be run like hell."

Masane looks at Kai. "I can take care of it Kai."

"Back me and Valerie up Masane. We don't know if it's hostile, and you're my secret weapon here. I'm counting on both of you."

He rounds the corner and sees the glint of metal, and parries with Senbonzakura. Blades clatter and sparks fly and it's only then that the two combatants recognize each other.

"Kai Morisato."

"Captain Ishiyama."

Ishiyam looks past him to see Valerie and Masane, each poised to Intercede, and quickly rehomes his sword. "Son you have no idea how glad I am to see you three here." He looks at Masane, "I don't recognize you, but I do recognize immense strength when i feel it." He turns to Valerie. "It would seem that you've had something of an ordeal this past week."

He looks at Kai.

"By the way where are Amaya and Kongou?"

"They died in the past, defending the future."

Raisho looked ready to say something, but nodded. "A noble end."

"Come on, We've got about five hundred studentas and faculty down in the bomb shelters beneath the school. My team and I have been fighting off the demons for close to a week and we could use all the help we can get. Will you fight with us?"

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Yua steps daintily into the mix. There was never an occasion for her to dress up. It was either battle gear or tribal garb. and since tribal was not available...there was only one section of nature she was after. Some good Seurrion Grass!

"Ohhh who to ask?" Yua thought as she twiddled the three inch onyx pipe around in it's holster.

After a while of fidgeting and confusion, she sought refuge amongst the couples dancing for a dose of spiritual inhalation. The crowd was surprisingly thick and dodging and weaving was almost common practice as to not come crashing into anybody.

Yua eyed the crowd in a deducing manner to see if there was anyone she recognized and saw Lily and Captain Johnson dancing. The positive emotions were even more drug inducing and she stumbled back into the odd looking chesterfield where Murrue sat.

"Oh Hi!... Heh Heh. Waiting for that cirtain someone?; Not like anyone is gonna dance with me...I don't think they make dresses here for women with tails and body armor is not exactly alluring."

"If only saito were here... Saito would have danced with her. Where are you?"

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Amane danced sublime. Her beautiful form flowed elegantly with Georgi's. He was't a bad dancer either, exhibiting the grace and skill of someone who had taken ballet. He never remembered taking ballet lessons, but as a Russian, it was almost assured that he had at some point in the past. It was in every Russian's blood. For him to not know th basic forms of ballet, was like a fish not learing to swim.

Every so often he caught Amane's scent, and it as the two of them showed the others how to dance. His heightened olifactory senses picked up minute fluctuations in Amanes mood. As they exerted themselves on the dance floor, he felt as if he was able to read her every emotion and thought just by her scent. He was a worker bee, and she was the queen communicating pheremonally to him. It was pure joy.

As they danced, he felt closer to her than he had anyone in his life.

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For Yua the area was a warm glow of positive energy, no one, even the somewhat lonely Murrue was unhappy. The Dancing couples looked as though they were in heaven. Everything was the picture of a pure and good party, of happiness amidst a grueling war.

Murrue Regarded Yua. "I have alot to be thankful for, but The man I was close with didn't make it through the schism. That's why you're sensing my unhappiness Yua.

It was said in such a matter of fact way that she could realized something about Yua like that. "You aren't the only Empath in the group. I don't have the showstopping power like the others, but my abilities make me a good commander, they suit me just fine."

One of the doors to the bay opened and an obviously very nervous Young operator walked in in his duty uniform. "I left instructions that the party was to be undisturbed. These graduates have earned this."

"Ma'am this cannot wait." With that he hands a copy of the transmission log to her. As she reads the log here eyes grow wide in shock and then tears start to well up in her eyes. She sets the note down and smiles. "He's alive."

She looks up and turns to the Operator. "Thank You, you were right to bring this to me." She stands up and makes her way to the podium. She flips several switches, switching the system to basewide communications, then she taps the tone.

A single high-pitched whistle goes out over the entire base halting the music, the party and everything else as all eyes turn to her. "I know today is your graduation, and you have earned this celebration, but I was just given some news I knew I had to share with you all. Captain Raisho Ishiyama is alive! He and a contingent of CRT-5 are currently fighting a defensive battle at Jindai High. In and of itself that is news to rejoice for, but the message goes on to state that there are also close to five hundred civilians, students and faculty, that are there behind the defenses of CRT-5. They are being pressed hard by the demons and have fought for an entire week. I know it is alot to ask of you But we must rescue them all. To this end I am mobilizing the Archangel and whoever personnel among you is willing to come with me. I have no authority beyond my ship and crew, so I ask the rest of you to come with me."

At first there was silence, then a roar of applause at the news of survivors. Captain Johnson looked down to Lily. "Her Fiance's back.. we're gonna have to finish this another time Highness. Duty and honor call." With that he releases her and Steps forward. Almost as one, all two hundred infantrymen stand together turn and salute just as their captain does the same. "CRT-13 stands ready to deploy."

Amane looks at Georgi and gives him an almost angelic smile. "I have to go too, Raisho's The man who helped alot of us younger officers. And I simply owe Murrue too much not to go save him." She turns and salutes. Her new pilots quickly follow suit. "CRT-7 ready to deploy, Captain Ramius."

Ruri looked at her. "As if you have to ask Captain. CRT-4 stands ready to deploy."

(((OOC if any of you have something to add do so now. Captain Ishiyama was the officer on the scene back in chapter 1, and he was the head of the officers questioning the party when they were brought to Shamballa Base.)))

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Lily is momentarily startled when the Captain turns her loose, having drifted off into a sort of dreamy trance. It was so nice to have a moment where the grim realities could be set aside, and the thoughts of loss and duty could be filed away...just for a moment.

She listens to the news, first brightening, then putting a hand to her mouth in dismay. The situation sounded so grim!

"I'll go too," Lily offers staunchly. "We'll have to be fast though. We'll be opening either the base or our rescue force to attack from Shamballa."

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Yua rose quickly from her resting spot apon hearing the news. Battle called again and it was nothing to be left amidst the times.

"If you are going Lily, I'm going aswell...that is if it's ok; Heh Heh."

Her laugh was true but ending in a sigh of redundancy that could not be helped.

"Never a dull moment"

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Letting go of Amane's hand felt like he had lost an arm. All he wanted to do was hold her close, feel her chest rising and falling against his. Inside, he screamed that this wasn't the last time he would see her. It was another painful reminder of the burden he had to endure. The burden of a soldier. He was sure that Amane felt it too. He returned her smile, and winked. "You still owe me a dinner."

Georgi moved away from her and walked to Lily's side, his eyes still on the retreating Amane. "Well your Highness, are you ready?"

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Kai nods and unsheathes Senbonzakura. "I'll do all we can. For a brief moment Raisho's eyes rest on the sword and the light of recognition dawns in his eyes, but he says nothing. "Very Well. Masane, Valerie what of you?"

Masane nods and the bracelet on her wrist begins to glow. "Kai is my contractor, where he goes, so do I."

They turn to Valerie awaiting her answer.


Captain Ramius Nods. "Alright Captain's Johnson and Kaunac, select four platoons of infantry and join me on the ship. The rest of you will be under Captain Hoshino's command while we're away. A small force has a better chance of success here than two full CRT's. If we're fast enough we can get there before the others do. Amane, I need you on the ground on this one. Stay near the Princess and her guardians and establish contact with Captain Ishiyama. Let's bring our comrades home."

Everyone began clearing out to check equipment. Captain Johnson selected his troops. "Platoon One Seven, Thirteen and twenty grab your gear and hotload for immediate combat duty I want you on the ship five minutes ago." The selected troops immediately bolted for the doors to go grab their armors.

Amane stopped by Georgi and the others. "See you on the ship. Don't dawdle, we've got lives to save." She was gone in a flash. She knew leaving untried troops to defend the base was risky, but she had to trust in them. She knew too well that if any Satoshi officers showed, she would be needed on the ground. Raisho had to be exhausted, he couldn't be expected to fight a fresh Captain.


Even as they waited for Valerie's answer Lights began to glow on Kai and he looked. "It isn't me, the gate's opening from the other side, something's coming through!" The gate had indeed opened a small fraction to let something through, and Kai, Raisho and masane all stood ready to greet it with lethal measures. Now was not the time for suprises.

((OOC everybody post getting to the Archangel and your battle preparations. Valerie if you accept to go to battle post as much and we'll work out how that goes.)))

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Through the portal staggers an 8 foot tall Bear-man covered in wounds, wielding a large bladed polearm, recognizable as a chinese Guan Do. He collapses to his knees, the polearm slipping from his grasp. In a gravelly, bass-filled voice, he speaks, "I come from the world of Ikaris. I seek aid in battle against a monstrous foe. We face our ancestors in a battle we may not be able to win. The dead are marching on neighboring Shards as we speak. However, they may be able to buy my Shard some time before the final battle." His form shimmers and kneeling before you is a 5 foot 9 inch tall young man with western features, and an unruly mop of dirty blond hair. He is wearing what can loosely be termed a uniform of a western dark-ages style. A pair of burgunday colored tights, a shirt made of golden thread, and a burgundy tabard with a golden device of a crystal shattering into 9 shards, with one being larger than the rest and colored white. His polearm has a gold and white tassle hanging from the staff near the base of the blade. He then falls forward, and says plainly, in a mild-sounding voice, "Ow."

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Valerie advances with the SdZ at hand. "I'm ready for this, I won't let anything come stomping from their hometurf to stomp on mine!" Valerie focuses on the SdZ, and it changes it's shape from the Baton it lengthens itself, growing a spearhead with fangs, like a trident, and keeping the crystal amulet on the base.

"I'm ready whenever you are Kai-Senpai, this creatures don't scare me anymore."

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The moment was at hand; The time when the old and unknown friend would be set apon. This friend was earth, but Yua knew not her true threads. It was only a dream until now. To do battle apon a place of legend was a venerated calling and no less with her true friends...brothers and sisters in arms.

Yua was without hesitation and knew that She, Lily, and Georgi would all end up back to back. Yua's ears and tail grew out and the more typical hiroga traits became visible. With a quick few leaps over the chairs and tables, Yua made her way to the archangel at full speed to make sure her armor was compressed before departure.

She waited patiently for Georgi and Lily next to the entry zone in shallow meditation and with a quick pull and sheathing of her sword; The hair she had grown over the ages was sliced as to not obscure her view during this engagement.

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Kai and the others nod to Valerie and turn to the newcomer.

"I understand that your world is in danger friend, but so is ours. We've got demons all around us here and alot of women and children in the bunker of this place. Us and My men are all that stands between them and the demons. You help us Get rid of these bastards and get our world back, and I'll send some of our people across the gates to your world to help you do the same with yours."

Raisho looks to the Werebear, instantly recognizing the dress and name Ikaris as the world of true Magic. "Do we have a bargain?"

With a nod he sends Kai and the others ahead as he waits for agreement or disproval from the werebear.

Kai, Masane, and Valerie made it out of the building and into the courtyard and were greeted by a scene of death and carnage. Dead demon corpses were everywhere. The Men of CRT-5 had been very busy. A trio of Hellhounds came dashing in at a loping run and making a beeline for Kai. He stood ready with his sword and Masane looked at him.

"Time to show you what you've sensed, Master." Her short brown hair became longer and blood red even as her eyes went black with yellow irises. A black carapace-like armor encased her sides, legs, arms breast and sex. It left little to the imagination, and revealed her stunning figure. On her right arm a blade, easily as large as senbonzakura extended. This was the first stage of the Witchblade. She dashed amidst the Hellhounds who didn't even have time to register her as tendrils of hair and her sword flashed out, skewering and bisecting all three at once.

Another group of larger demons threatened to overwhelm the position to the west. "Go render aid where you can, if I have need of you Masane I'lll call to you. These troops have been fighting hard, give them some breathing room."

She nodded. "As you wish Master." She seemed to vanish and Kai could already hear the sounds of demons dying. Another small pack of four hellhounds broke in through the bottleneck, and started to scatter. Kai looked to Valerie. "You take two, I'll take two." Kai allowed his to close and drew his sword. His first swing amputated one of the front legs of one demon while his second removed the top of the head from second. The first demon was upon him, claws drawing a nasty trio of cuts on his right shoulder, but his sword impaled the beast's heart even as it raked him. He shucked it from his blade and looked for more opponents.

As he looked on even more packs of hellhounds were coming in, though they were all small compared to some he'd seen the first time he'd fought here. "Well, It looks like this certainly won't be boring." He readied himself as they loped forward. No one would get past him at this door. His friends and fellow students would be protected. After all as the Acting President of the Student Council it fell to him and the others to protect their fellow students

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The young man picks himself up, and looks into the eyes of the person addressing him. "Demons must die first? Okay. Point the way to them and I shall do my part. Just remember that we have a deal." He bends down, picks up his Guan Do, and his form shimmers back into the Bear-man form he appeared in first. He sees the approaching Hellhounds, and readies his weapon. He begins spinning it around his body to build up momentum, and stares at the creatures that were approaching the small group containing himself and the man who he made a deal with. He lets out a bass-filled growl as the dog-demons approach. His wounds from before have all healed, and he looks willing to suffer more.

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Raisho nods. "When this world is safe we will see to yours." under his breath as he leads the way out he mutters. "I fear they are already linked as it is."

There are Demons Everywhere. Battle armored troopers are fighting toe to toe with them, as Kai and Valerie stand against wave after wave of Hellhounds. Through it all A black and red blur is seen, carving up demons with stunning alacrity and with an all to happy smile on her face.

Raisho fails to hide his suprise. "My God, she's the Witchblade, the real Witchblade, and She calls Kai her contractor." He tightened his grip on tensaiga and nodded to The Werebear. "No one gets inside. How you choose to deal with the demons is your buisness, but that alone is my rule."

(((OOC First, Lily you need to post here getting to the ship so I can get you all on the ground. Valerie and Growler post as you will. Once everyone's on the same page things will heat up, literally and figuratively.)))

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"I'll be right back," Lily says to Yua and Georgi. "Meetcha at the ship!" There's a wink of blue light...barely a ripple now, compared to the bright haze she used to emit...and she's gone.

In her quarters, she pulls off the rather formal dress she'd worn to the party, literally tearing it off. No time for niceties...and the material for the dress could be recycled anyway. There probably wouldn't be anymore parties for a little while...

She snatches her jumpsuit off the hangar...a modified Satoshi combat fatigues suit...and wriggles into it. She's still zipping it up when she vanishes again, reappearing in the docking bay, just a few meters from the Archangel's boarding ramp. For a moment Lily pauses there, realizing with some shock that she could, if she wanted, simply teleport to the school directly.

Probably not advisable. But still pretty cool.

With a cocky grin that hadn't surfaced since the first troubled times at Jindai, she rushes to the ramp to join Yua and Georgi.

"Full circle, huh? Lets go save our alma mater."

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"This is exactly the kind of Lily I like to see!"

Yua smiles and giggles immaturely as she dashes to the first seat unused by a high ranking official and pulls down the cross-harness after she fiddles with her weaponry once more.

"What's an alma mater anyway" She thinks to herself; slightly embarrassed.

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After picking up his weaponry from the armory and donning his armor in the locker room, he races to the ship. Once on board, he begins loading ammo into both his weapons, and doing function checks.

"Right you are Lily, Jintai needs us."

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As soon as the last of the Personnel was on board the warning klaxon began to blare. "Warning, Launch bay preparing to open, all perssonel clear the hangar immediately!"

Another handful of seconds andd the massive doors opened, and the Archangels engines roared to life propelling the massive ship from the bay.

On the bridge everyone waits, praying silently that they'll make it in time.

Captain Ramius is obviously a mix of relieved and extremely worried. Amane calmly sets a hand on Murrue's shoulder and nods. "He's lasted this long murrue, he'll make it the time it takes for us to get there."

Murrue looked up and managed a weak smile. It was obvious this wasn't easy on her.

Amane left her and came over to where Lily and the others were. She kept her voice low. "Captain Ramius and Captain Ishiyama go way back. She cares alot about him, but until now I don't think anyone truly realized how much. What about all of you? are you ready to go?" Her Eyes Flicked to Georgi. "How's the armor suiting you?"

to Lily "Remember your training, all we know is that there's about eighty or so Satoshi personnel on the ground who have been fighting continuously for a week. he have to help them and get the civilians out."

To Yua. "Don't be affraid to call upon your Summon, I have a feeling we will need its power before this is done. the launching of the Archangel will not go unnoticed, or unanswered."

twenty minutes later, atmospheric reentry protocol were engaged, and it seemed as iff everyone held their breath.

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It was not as Yua had expected the arch angel seemed to treat re-entry like a soft wind. There was barely any vibration.

"This is an awesome peice of machinery; what kind of tempuratures can this old bird withstand?"

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"We never had time to fully test The Archangel, so it's unknown what her actual limit is, but We know she can handle reentry." Amane chuckles. "Remember, this ship is largely untested. We saw some of her combat ability in our inital escape from Shamballa, and then when we launched the operation to rescue Luna base, but there are still vast amounts of her systems that we have barely scratched as far as knowing her full specs. It's one of the reasons we want to get the Core from Shamballa Base, since it has the specs on all the Satoshi battleships."

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"I..." she pauses, thinking, then slowly shakes her head.

"Maybe a hundred kilometers," Lily admits, blushing a little. "Sorry, I got overeager. I'm a lot better now, and it feels like I could go practically forever, but really...probably about a hundred kilometers in a single jump."

She brightens. "But I could make several jumps! I could skip ahead, then do it again and again and still get there ahead of the ship. How far away are they now?"

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"The suit works well Amane." He smiled at her as if it was for the last time. "My complements to the engineers."

Georgi reaches out and puts a hand on Lily's arm. "I can't let you do that Lily. I have been charged with protecting you, and I cannot let you go off to fight on your own. Your people, and mine depend on you."

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"It took us Twenty minutes to Reach Earth from the moon. So I'd say pretty fast. granted doing so just undid alot of the structural repair we did, but time is of the essence. The only reason I'm not simply Teleporting us to the site is that we don't know what to expect and I want everyone to be at full strength when we arrive."

Amane;s tone was gentle yet forceful. "Until we finish, enjoy the view."

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The bear-man chuckles, and starts laying into the Hellhounds with his Guan Do. Blow after blow falls with meaty thuds, each blow severing body parts. As the Hellhounds attack, a few get past the wall of steel created by the bear-man, and land wounding hits, but the wounds start to close as soon as they are inflicted. The bear-man kicks several back into the fray, and then slices at the reeling doggies. The white tassel below the head of the Guan Do becomes red as the battle continues, the blood from the demon-dogs coating it. The silver of the head of the Guan Do shines in the limited light in the area, the reflection showing that the hellhounds seem to be shying away from the deadly blade, so the bear-man starts advancing and bringing the battle to them. His eyes seem to be dead and devoid of emotion, his skill on show to all who see. He stops and takes a look around between waves of enemies, watching the others show their talents.

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Valerie was overpowered by the sheer momentum of the situation, holding onto the SdZ like it was a children's blanket, her white knuckle grip softens a bit before she enters in gear.

Boosting herself out of nowhere, Valerie shoots like a bullet towards the unprotected entrance, using her new lance to spear the first Hellhound on her way, she kicked the ground hard enough to dig in her foot, using it as her pivot point Valerie drained the ambient energy of the area, quick enough for it to be noticible.

"Göttlicher Schuss!" Valerie pushed her spear right through the incoming hoard of Hellhounds the energy of her attack blasting a path for her, immediatly throwing herself through the enemy lines, ignoring all slashes and incoming attacks, she surged outside the building, floating in the middle of the air. She moved forward to the point of the death circle, where she landed on the front of the CRT-5 Troopers, looking at the incoming hellhounds, and setting herself for a charge. "I will not let you pass from here!"

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