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Okay, so we all know there is only about 30 members of Team tomorrow scttered around the world, right?

So how many NPs do you think the average T2Mer would be made with? Personaly I think 40-45, with each team laeder being in the range of 50-55.

We're not counting Pax, so please don't be a retard and say something like "Pax has like XXX so those totals can't be accurate..."

The reason I ask is because making NPCs is a bit of a hobby of mine and I'd like to take a shot at 'fleshing out' these characters.

I'm going for an accurate and realistic portrayal of their stas and would like some feedback.

Lemme know what you think.

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Most of them aren't going to be built especially well, and especially not well for combat. T2M is going to be mostly generalists.

So basically 45-ish sounds pretty good... but all of them are going to have/need 2 or more Nova points spent on skills, 3 or more spent on backgrounds, and pretty low taint.

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Low? Try inexistent. Physical represetations of taint are unaccepted, speciall on 2009. By 2018 some of the stronger members are allowed to remain even if physically tainted because of their streght.

Other than that, I would say the strenght would depend a lot on the area.

I'm sure an Asian T2M would not have the same skill, abilitites and/or powers than an European T2M, and don't forget that the strongest ones are sent to Addis Abbada to the Central.

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As a basic package I'd be making them all with free dots in:

Athletics ●● (the training is not easy)

Brawl/Martial Arts (pick one) ●● (each are practiced in self defense)

Academics ●● (education is important)

Bureaucracy ● (they need to know how 'the system' works)

Biz ● (what high paid nova doesn't know a lil about biz?)

Etiquette ●● (each are trained in how to act)

Also, I might be going with a different approach. Instead of NPs I'll make each at 30NPs, then give them 48XP per year they've been a nova. I'll be assuming Team Leaders are around the 5 year mark, and others are 2-4. The 2-4 will be mostly guessing based on their power schemes.

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Okay, take a look at this one and let me know what you think. 30 nova points and 2.5 years worth of XP. Seem believable to you?

Birth Name: Unknown

Alias: Makara

Nature: Bravo

Eruption: Unknown

Allegiance: Team Tomorrow

Physical: Strength ●●●●●, Dexterity ●●●●, Stamina ●●●●●

Athletics ●●●, Brawl ●●●●, Drive , Endurance ●●●, Firearms , Legerdemain , Martial Arts , Melee , Might ●●●, Pilot , Resistance ●●●, Stealth

Social: Charisma ●●●, Manipulation ●●, Appearance ●●●

Command ●●●, Etiquette ●●●, Interrogation ●●, Intimidation ●●, Perform , Streetwise ●●, Style , Subterfuge

Mental: Perception ●●●, Intelligence ●●●, Wits ●●

Academics ●●, Arts , Awareness ●●, Biz ●, Bureaucracy ●●●, Computer , Engineering , Intrusion , Investigation ●●, Linguistics , Medicine ●●, Rapport ●●, Science , Survival

Backgrounds: Allies ●●●, Attunement , Backing ●●●●, Cipher , Contacts ●●, Dormancy , Eufiber ●●●, Followers , Influence ●●●●, Mentor , Node , Resources ●●●●

Mega-Attributes: Mega Strength ●●●, Mega Stamina ●●●●, Mega Charisma ●

Enhancements: Strength (Lifter, Crush, Shockwave), Stamina (Resiliency x2, Hard Body, Durability), Charisma (Commanding Presence)

Powers: Armor ●●●●, Invulnerability (Physical) ●●●, Invulnerability (Energy) ●●●

Extras: -

Willpower: ●●●●●

Quantum: ●●●

Quantum Pool: 26



Health Levels: Bruised 0, Hurt -1, Injured -1, Wounded -2, Maimed -3, Crippled -4, Incapacitated, Death


Strike - Acc 7 - Dmg [15]+7B

Shockwave - Acc 7 - Dmg 15B - 30m (area, centered)

Defense Bashing/Lethal

Stamina (10B/4L)

MStamina (8B/4L)

Armor (12B/12L)

Invulnerability (18B/18L)

Total: 48B/38L

30 Nova points.

178 XP Points.

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Originally Posted By: *Overload*
Not quite Robert...Ricardo Montoya-Bernal has Taint 5, freaky aberrations and he is the LEADER of T2M Americas...
But he joined before he got all tainted out.

30 Nova points.
168 XP Points.
That exp rate seems high to me. 2.5 years is 30 months, so he's earning 5.6 a month. We PCs are earning 4. Some of the known NPCs have a rate of less than half of the PCs (Ironskin Andy, Dragon, and Guido have characters sheets posted with specs at different times).
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That exp rate seems high to me. 2.5 years is 30 months, so he's earning 5.6 a month. We PCs are earning 4. Some of the known NPCs have a rate of less than half of the PCs (Ironskin Andy, Dragon, and Guido have characters sheets posted with specs at different times).

I actually went a few points higher to balance out his willpower trait and backgrounds. It's actually 178XP once I add +2 to his brawl rating.

Keep in mind also that these are NPCs, and although 4XP per month is a healthy guideline they are not bound to the same rules you as a player are. If adding a dot to something to help flesh it out works then that's fine. If I have to go 10 or 20 points over that for the sake of making a more fleshed out NPC than I'll most likely do so.

Utopia spends more time training their novas then we as players do, our novas are too busy having sex in taxis, starting bar fights, and giving presents to dying children instead of exploring their quantum potential.

The NPCs with rates at half the NPCs are irrelevant, since other known NPCs have advanced at rates that would almost impossible to calculate. I'm not doing write-ups on NPCs that are already written up. That would be pointless.
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Originally Posted By: Ravenshire
As a general guideline, the rate of xp is fine. As something to be used here in an official capacity, I have to complain. For instance, what happens if someone makes their character a member of Team Tomorrow?

Simply put, as players, we are set in 4XP/month. NPCs are permitted to advance as quickly or as slowly as the ST allows, in this case the Director. Were I to submit this template to the director I'd submit it as is, then if the Director chose to advance this NPC as we continue our stories here on 2009 he/she could either do it at the normal 4XP rate or whatever rate they choose is fair.

Also keep in mind that the NPC is about 130XP higher than any character on the boards. Common sense should tell us that he/she may not gain any more XP for awhile, but as a general rule should always stay a bit more powerful than the PCs, after all Makara is far more seasoned than most us PCs, and will most likely stay that way.

This Makara is a good guideline for someone's game though.

Thanks, anyone is free to use him, as I said: making NPCs is a hobby. It's fun for me.
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