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[OpNet] Greetings and Salutations!

Tawny 'Codex' March

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I hope that got everyone's attention. smile

My name is Tawny March, and as I'm sure you've noticed, I have Codex as my handle. That's because she's my aunt (my mum was her sister) and I want to honour the woman she was.

Egotistical and sanctimonious? That's your perogative to believe. Better tomorrow, power of today, blah, blah, blah, you know the PR.

Yes, I'm with Utopia (*ducks under all the anti-Utopian abuse*) and I came here to meet some of the people who 'corrupted' my aunt (direct quote from a superior who'll remain nameless).

So... hello! And whatever you give, I will surely return. I'm not one of the T2M showponies, after all. laugh

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Greetings, fellow doer of goodness! I am, of course, The Crusader, and am pleased to meet you!

I've met your aunt, the fine feathered friend I knew as Samhra. True to her Utopian roots, she fought the good fight here in the Windy City, fighting for truth, justice and the American way! I'm sure she'll be pleased as punch to find that you've followed in her footsteps!

Time for me to get back to patrol, now. Tally-ho!

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