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  1. *Her apprehension is understandable,* Ptesan-Wi's "voice" said in his mind, *but I am not so naïve as I once was.* A brief shared vision showed the landmark Las Vegas strip, and he could as much feel as hear the chuckle that followed. *She should come here to visit. She is of the People, and should come to know what that truly means.* More than Wakinyan ever had, his mate pursued the Old Ways, and it was no surprise that she would want his daughter - her step-daughter - to learn of them at the heart of the Lakota nation.
  2. There was a time when the young woman who lived in a cave would have been shocked to hear what she now heard from the mind of her mate. She and he had certainly seen their share of squabbles in the past regarding his tendencies toward infidelity. Indeed, she'd placed his moccasins outside the hide flap that served as the door to their home on more than one occasion. But that was before. Before she felt him fly off like the wrath of Wakan-Tanka toward Wounded Knee. Before some damned wasicu had pointed billions of dollars of hardware in his direction and swatted him and the land itself so hard that the blast could be seen from space. Before she'd spent long seasons alone, mourning, trying to continue to guide the Lakota to a bright new future without their great protector. And before he returned, like a miracle, his mind once more with hers, the wild and beautiful mind she'd first seen when she was just a child. Now, Ptesan-Wi felt his surprise with a hint of a smile showing at the corners of her lips. While she knew that Wakinyan was too stunned to quite realized it yet, her own mind was faster by far, and knew that now her nova mate had something that he'd sacrificed long ago to be with her: a nova child. Hand-made bowls and various ingredients were already moving through the air around her when she sent to him, *I'll set another place for supper, mihinga-ki. I'd like to meet the new addition to our family.*
  3. What is being described isn't so much a game as a sort of text-based masturbation. Have a blast, blow your wad, get your cookie and don't worry about it actually affecting a damned thing outside your own room. No meaningful interaction. No consequences. Just popping crazy powers for the sake of popping crazy powers, in what amounts to a vacuum. No thanks.
  4. Quote:We are a group of magpies and nearly every time someone announces a new game we flock to the new shiny. So why in hell are you throwing a new pile of tinfoil at the site? I'm serious here. If we have problems with maintaining games because people keep rushing to every new shiny that comes along, why are you looking to make yet another flash-in-the-pan that helps to scuttle other games? And then there's Dave's point, and your response to it. What he pointed out - and apparently you missed - is that at the Q8 power level, there's really nothing to stop a character from doing a complete venue wipe from the comfort of his own easy chair - and do it over and over. The Q8 power level is a game-breaker unless you've got a mature group of very responsible gamers with a strong ST who will keep them from utterly blowing up the game within the first two days.
  5. The exuberant Elspeth bounding up to her brought a broad smile and hug from Ptesan-Wi. *Good to see you again! You should come to the mountain after this; Wakinyan is home, and I'd love you to meet him!* And then, the remarkable and imposing form that was Bastion walked up. His quip about her choice of attire brought a surprising chuckle from the usually formal Indian girl. She made no comment about the mutilation of her name - it wasn't the easiest of names to say - but she did give him a polite bow of her raven-braided head before looking back into his intensive eyes with a sparkle in her own. "Thank you for your welcome, Bastion. Some time ago, I promised you a buffalo steak; it should be on the grill now."
  6. Far less dramatically than either the fiery arrival of Phaethon or the otherworldly tear in time and space created by Elspeth, another figure serenely floated along over the roofs of South L.A. With the party below building toward full swing, she was almost unnoticed... at least, until one small child chanced to look up and followed it with a pointed finger. "Flyin' lady!" Other eyes tracked upward to see the Lakota woman known to most as Ptesan-Wi, clothed in her traditional doe-skin tunic and riding on her trademark leather-and-bentwood disc, gently descending toward the ground in the general vicinity of a cluster of barbeque grills. As she came lower to the ground, something entirely incongruous could be seen on the disc behind her: the unmistakable form of a large styrofoam cooler. With an unbelievably warm smile, she raised a friendly hand in greeting toward those who gathered around her. Behind, the cooler rose - seemingly of it's own accord - and floated over to a stunned grill-chef. *I didn't want to come empty-handed,* she sent directly to the chef. *Fresh buffalo steaks, hunted earlier this week. Please save one for Bastion.* As the cooler settled to a rest beside the grill, she spoke with her actual voice to the crowd. "Hau kola! Would someone help me find Bastion? I promised him something a long time ago." While those around her were disarmed by Ptesan-Wi's charms, many further out were not; she'd never been shy about her affiliations, which were well known by anyone who surfed the OpNet. "Yo B'," one called out to Bastion, "we got 'nother Terat, bro. That Indian chick."
  7. Hmm. Colour me among those not aware of the current policy. A bit over four months ago, I'd bumped PW from Psi 6 to Psi 7. Mind you, Psi 7 is a lot like Quantum 4 (on a good day, if the psiad has a tail wind and nobody too interested in pounding her into pudding), but still... yeah. In PW's case, I've got a real simple solution. Since PW is currently at just a tad over two years in play rather than three, I'd like to simply freeze her at Psi 7 for the next four years, until 4 June 2014. I'd also freeze her from buying anything - mega-attribute, power level, whatever - that requires Psi 7 until 4 June 2011 (the three-year mark). That's my proposal, but this is Justin's show at this point; if he requires a roll-back, she'll get a roll-back. - Jess
  8. What Dawn said. Story first, numbers second. Now that said, I'd prefer that we keep things on an even keel with the rules as stated for the board; heck, it lets you come in with up to a 90NP character, and that's a lot.
  9. Dr. Sinclair, When you have visited with my friend Elsbeth and had your fill for the moment of her beautiful country, you would be welcome to visit the Greater Pine Ridge Reservation; we always welcome another healer here, and I would like to meet you. Ptehehincalasanwin
  10. Despite the gloom of her previous thoughts, a smile came easily to Ptesan-Wi's lips, and she laid her small hand upon Wakinyan's massive shoulder. *Hínhánni wastee, mihinga-ki. Chante sica yaun sai ye; you can't help the dreams, and they might be useful going forward.* The soft smile creased into an impish grin. *We should go on a buffalo hunt, you and I. It has been forever, and it would be a wonderful symbol for the tribe. And I'm sure that with a little prodding, I could remember that recipe you used to like so much....* Click to reveal.. Lakota text translates as, "Good morning, my husband. Don't have a sad heart..."
  11. Indeed, Elspeth has been a shining example for the Teragen. As she said, it is why Utopia has focused more on her than, say, me (as I have stayed largely to my tribe in recent years). And yes, Elspeth, we would love to see you at Inyan Kara again.
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