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Found 1,241 results

  1. Wakinyan died yesterday afternoon. There will be no further entries. Lila Waste Omani Wakinyan
  2. I was always very interested in the possibilities that this site had to offer. Unfortunately is was to posers what Santa Clara was to vampires in the 80s. I hope many of those that once frequented have met their maker. Hopefully I was responsible for a few of them, even if I didn't know their connection to this place. But now that the activity has died down I can finally see the possibilities for my amusement here. At last, this place if finally a gem worthy of Solitaire.
  3. The rules are simple. You type a one-word post that is the first word that leaps into your head after reading the last word posted in this thread. Then the next person does it to your word and so on, and so forth. If you don't think this is a worthwhile expenditure of your time, feel free to not post. To start things off: Antidisestablishmentarianism.
  4. So, my fine and valiant friends, here I am once again, hands at the keys as I stride across the great digital plane. Yes, I come seeking knowledge. A colleague of mine the other day mentioned a term that was new to me. This is, in itself, not an unusual event, and I turned to my trusty dictionary for aid. To my dismay, however, it was of no help. When I asked this fine fellow to explain, he gave a broad grin and recommended that I pose the question to those denizens of this den of destiny known as Long and Silvertalon. Realizing that this is a code-phrase of some variety, I thanked the fellow and came here. So now I ask, my friends: what is the meaning of "yiff"?
  5. As are many other human beliefs and superstitions. And yet, I know quite a few intelligent - even superintelligent - people who buy into them, and have if not sensible reasons, then at least rational and understandable ones. Which occasionally makes me wonder if I really know everything I think I know. It's too easy to shrug it off as human stupidity or gullibility or willful refusal to see the facts, I think. I suspect perhaps the answer is that everyone is able to instinctively sense that they are pieces to a puzzle far larger than just them, but they don't have any more idea of what the puzzle looks like than any of the other individual pieces. It's a huge puzzle, with innumerable pieces. The best they can do is understand their own shape and color, and the shape and color of those nearest to them. From this they draw all sorts of conclusions which may be right or wrong. Some things still don't make sense, though. Like astrology. How do the stars influence what happens here on earth? For another anology, I see the growth of human knowledge as like a game of 20 questions with nature. There are questions which make sense at the start of the game, right? But later in the game, you should know better. Astrology was maybe a fair question early in the game, but now that we know that "it" is smaller than a breadbox, and vegetable, "Is it a helicopter" is just stupid. What do you think?
  6. I've almost forgotten this place existed. Taking care of a couple bright lights in a dim universe tends to take up free time. I seem to be doing nicely though. I was sort of afraid I wasn't up to this. But, now tat I think I got things locked down family wise, I really need to get back into the mix in the world. My corporation has been floundering while it's competitors watch for the next morsel to snatch off. My own path of exploration has been put on hold and to be honest... I miss the wider world. Not that I'm being flighty. I have a nest to protect, but I'm certain I can cover all bases. So, can I get a news update to catch me up?
  7. Hi everyone. I've slightly [sic] overextended myself with what you might call a charitable project that I am involved in. After several weeks of buying presents and food, I realize that there's no way I'm going to be able to get every present wrapped in time to make delivery for Santa to get them on his sleigh. If anyone wants to help with wrapping and sorting presents and such, please PM me so that I can get you more information and you can decide whether you want to be a part of it. We can work out more of when/where et cetera later. I can say that if you have no way to get to Boston, I can provide transportation. Regardless of anyone contacting me to help, I hope everyone as a safe and festive Christmas (or appropriate holiday). Thanks Dr. LouAnne Burgess Currently aka Mrs. Clause
  8. Long

    [OpNet] A moment

    Jager, I've tried other means of contact, but nothing has gone through. I need to speak with you as soon as you can manage.
  9. How are things with all of you out there? The site has been quiet for months now with no activity, I just thought to see if anyone else is still frequenting this place.
  10. BREAKTHROUGH AT PINE RIDGE ACCORDS Carter Successfully Negotiates New Lakota/US Treaty Jan 29, 2018 Pine Ridge, SD N!News Staff After nearly three months of tense negotiations and the occasional skirmish, a treaty was signed at the Pine Ridge Accords at 11:30 CST today. Former President Jimmy Carter, who spearheaded diplomatic efforts said, “With this treaty, the Lakota Nation and the United States of America are friends once more. At last, this national tragedy is over.” The treaty brings about a permanent cessation of hostilities, and returns the Lakota Nation to normalized standing under the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Key provisions within the new treaty include: An expansion of the Pine Ridge Reservation to include lands considered sacred to the Lakota people. Negotiators for the Lakota had initially insisted upon a broad expansion of the reservation to include all lands covered by the largely-defunct Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 – a tract that includes a significant portion of South Dakota, as well as eastern Wyoming and northern Nebraska. In the end, the treaty provided for a significantly more modest expansion: the Black Hills, as defined in the landmark Supreme Court case United States v. Sioux Nation of Indians (1980), with the notable exception of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, which will remain under the auspice of the National Park Service. Included in this expansion is the mountain known to the Lakota as Inyan Kara, home to nova Indian-activist Ptesan-Wi Thunderhawk, wife of the late nova Wakinyan whose death by apparent military-level attack brought about the uprising in August of last year. Ms. Thunderhawk, who made early but unsuccessful efforts at forging a peace treaty last year, was present for the signing ceremony, providing a white peace pipe for traditional recognition of the accord. A revision of Tribal Police jurisdiction, permitting arrest and holding of non-tribal offenders on reservation land. Until now, Tribal Police had no authority to arrest non-tribal offenders, a situation that has been blamed in part for high rates of crime on Indian reservations. This new authority does not, however, extend to Tribal courts, an initial demand by Lakota negotiators that was abandoned in an 11th-hour compromise. Non-tribal offenders will be extradited to non-tribal courts for prosecution. Law enforcement agents in surrounding counties have by large responded positively to this change, noting that the elimination of on-reservation calls will permit greater efficiency within their departments.
  11. Oh so sorry for having been gone for so long. Lilith is quite the handful and in fact telepathic nurturing takes just as much time, if not moreso than boring baseling mothering. What have I missed?
  12. So, how is the new year coming along everybody? Mines been going particularly well and I'm in great spirits. A lot of things changing and getting better for me.
  13. I hope everyone has been recharged by the holidays and is looking forward to a happy 2018.
  14. Long

    [OpNet] Holidays

    Merry Christmas to all of you out there.
  15. "What a difference a year makes," they say. Well, for once, I guess "they" were right. I admit, things aren't perfect. (Are they ever?) I've been so busy with Babylon, I've hardly had time to spend with the friends I met here months ago... Some are gone from this world completely, and some have just sort of faded away into the data trails of the OpNet. It's hard to have much of a social life when your business revolves around creating entertainment for others, I guess. On that note, I've been playing at jet-setting for months now, and I think I've finally found the place to open another club. (Yes, another one. So I'm a masochist. I enjoy it.) I've got a spot in Havana all picked out- the place seems like party central, most of the time, and the competition should keep it interesting. I know Warren's happy that things are going so well, but I get the feeling he's hiding something. Maybe it's just the holiday blues... I dunno. He's a lot quieter these days. Seems like he's settling down after the whole fiasco with the Knights. (Ugh. Just thinking about it still gets me riled up.) In fact, I can't remember the last time he un-dormed, and that worries me a little. I'm not sure it's healthy, but I know it's a sore subject for him. ...Of course, it doesn't help to know that I could just reach in, take a peek, and find out what's really on his mind. I've got to try to be patient. We're in this together now, good or bad, and all I can do is hope he'll tell me when he's ready.
  16. This is an introductory thread. My name is Adélaïde Bernadette. I am a 37-year-old French-English woman with dual citizenship. I also run on clockwork, and have a bronze outer covering. I'll give you a moment to process that. Okay? You're all robust novas used to odd things, so I shall assume no one fainted or laughed aloud. Moving on. I've been rather starved for interaction; there are no nova clubs/societies where I live and the baselines are, frankly, not worth my time and too intimidated by my appearance regardless. So I got a terminal. May it herald great things to come, or at the very least warn me of any approaching unpleasantness. Probably it'll end up between the two extremes and I'll be able to get a few nice chats out of it. Thank you.
  17. Nov 3rd, 2017 Something's missing. Some would say I have it all. Money, Velvet, something resembling a 'normal' life... but there is something not right. Since I left the WCK I haven't been 'Revenant'. I dormed down, I like to be dormed when I'm around Vie. She says Revenant's visage doesn't bother her, and I believe her, but it bothers me. I know Revenant and I am the same guy, like Bruce Wayne and Batman. He's the mask I wear to keep the world of light and joy at arms length. Velvet is my light and joy now, so I've been trying to keep her as close as I possibly can to me. She accepts me, loves me and believes in me. I don't know... maybe it's time to hang up the cape and cowl. With Vivi at my side there is no reason for Revenant to come out. It makes sense I suppose. A Revenant is a spirit who has returned to avenge something. His work is done I suppose. There no one left for him to prove himself to, there are none left who can challenge him, and there is no power left for him to acquire. Yes. I've made my mind up. It's time to put Revenant to rest, once and for all. I no longer need to hide behind the masque of death. ~Verona, Warren J.
  18. Hey, I find myself in between jobs at the moment and with Christmas coming up I'm lookin to make a few extra bucks, so if anyone knows of anything out there, lemme know. You name it I can do it.
  19. Ladies and gentlemen, under orders from my lovely wife June, I have been tasked with getting my creaking carcass out of the house and busy meeting more people and doing more shows. So I've come to this comfortable little corner of the OpNet to remind you that a David Devlin concert is always worth the money spent, and if any of you would like to hang out at the after-party, feel free, but all I ask is that you take the time to an informal meet-and-greet with yours truly first. And yes, so I don't go through what I went through on that other site, I am that David Devlin. Twelve years in the business, no one else better even think about pretending to be me. I raise and train attack lawyers for just that reason. So, I'm here now, and the party can officially begin!
  20. I mentioned once that it was hard to be a bad ass down in the deep tanks when your voice sounds like a cartoon character on an adrenaline high. It comes from substituting helium in the air for the normal quantity of nitrogen found in places that aren't pressurized like the deep tanks. Nuts and bolts diving stuff but its important to a point here. A few months back, as a contribution to the Devries toy and novelty line, I had to design a toy. Not that it was a moral imperative, but it was either me or Dr Alinsky and as I was her intern I designed the toy. I did some research, decided most toys are crap but figured kids still love to pretend. Anything that let's them pretend is probably going to sell so after many false starts I came up with my idea. I created a voice synthesizer that fits in the kiss spot at the base of the throat. Unlike most of the voice distorters out on the market, this one learns the user's voice then harmonizes with it to create a passable imitation of any of ten voices stored in the chip. So when the kids decide to play Elites versus Clumsy Utopian Lacky Number Seven, the elites can sound just like Lance Stryker or Totentanz complete with accents. The company wanted to expand the line of voices but I was already deep into weapons research so I sold them the rights to the template algorithms and forgot about it until yesterday. Some new arrivals showed up in the tanks. After I give my usual welcome to hell speech, one starts asking me questions in a normal speaking voice. Turns out she's got one of these toys, programmed with her own voice so she can speak normally down in the tanks. She told me later its a hot seller this Christmas season. Popular not only with kids but with entertainers and people that would like a voice more masculine or feminine than the one they were born with. So long story short; a toy I designed is about to become standard issue in the tanks. I don't even get points or a royalty check off this. Ain't that a bitch? Oh yeah. The point. The point is never sell what you can lease, and never lease what you can keep proprietary.
  21. I have one. Its my boss. Technically I work for her because I live in the deep tanks. Its sort of a weird situation I know but the deep tanks are weird any way you look at it. We don't have much in the way of permanently assigned people down here. The regular people rotate out every 30 days. You could set your watch by their rotations. The novas are few and far between. The few that stay around are always moving around. I'm the only one around all the time so I guess my "boss" sees me as one of "her" resources. I go along with the deep tanks. She came up with this diagram of how she wanted an ideal deep tank facility to look. Its garbage. Something straight out of a movie. It's pretty enough if you can look past her doodles to see what she envisioning but its all substance and no form. The layout is wrong, the environments don't have enough space allotted and the command control is at least three hundred times bigger than anything I can see needing. She even has the whole thing covered by a clear dome. That much vitrium would cost more than three deep tanks generate in a year just for the raw materials. I could make the call to Dr Alinsky or burn some bridges but I actually like the idea this woman has an interest in the deep tanks. So how do I get this white elephant out of my back yard?
  22. For those wondering, here is where things currently stand with the situation in the Lakota Nation. As you probably know, the truce that went into effect a month ago has, by and large, held. As you may not know, it's been anything but perfect or easy to hold that truce together. There are many of my people who believe with all their hearts that the attack on Wakinyan was backed by the government of the United States in an effort to ruin the recent strides that we have made. I have done my best to bring calm and peace to the situation, but my efforts have fallen short, and there have been a handful of actions taken in violation of the truce by some of the more vengeful warriors - including, at one point, taking a hostage to remove soldiers from a forward observation post. The actions of the National Guard have also been less than perfect. Most of the soldiers have acted with honor, but some few have not. There has been at least one instance of attempted rape and a handful of looting that have been traced back to men wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army. Negotiations are on-going between my people and the U.S. government, with former President Carter helping each talk to the other. But the longer these negotiations drag on, the more likely that actions by truce-breakers - on both sides - will bring about more bloodshed. That brings me to why I am posting here. Some among you are well respected by both sides. I am asking you to consider coming here to help monitor the truce until the chiefs and diplomats can finish their work and make a true peace. In particular, I ask that Stormwarden, Sean McCline, Tekkeitsertok, and Sandcaster consider helping. I do understand that it is a lot to ask of you, but I am hopeful that you will consider it a worthy task. - Ptehehincalasanwin
  23. Glad one of my buddies clued me on to this site. I'm Stuart, and I'm (somewhat) known in the DeVries rank & file as "Swiss Army Nova." Anyone else from DV on board? Anyway, I'll go lurk moar. Anyone wants to shout out, I'll be on for at least a little while longer.
  24. Taking some recent events into consideration, I'm formally requesting that active members of the latter do not attempt to enter the premises of the former, unless on official business that requires them to do so. Plain English translation? Stay the hell out of my club, unless you have a warrant. "Municipal defenders," my ass. Oh, and Sean, sweetie, if you're in need of a place to hang out, drown your sorrows, catch an eyeful... you're more than welcome.
  25. Well...everybody's doing it, so why shouldn't I? For those who haven't met me, I'm Aidos. Used to work for the Oklahoma City Police Department, walked off one day to stay with Sean McCline for a while because I wanted to and he didn't mind. So I'm now residing in Chicago. I've lurked on these boards for a while now, chatted with a few of ya, and probably already managed to piss some people off. Sorry. I don't mean to seem cold, arrogant, and sociopathic, but I am so that's how it comes out Questions? Comments? Greetings? Worship? Etc?
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