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  1. Cade looked over to Bannon, and nodded. "I understand where you're coming from. One of the better arguments is safety. Will we always have our phones, will we always even have service? The Network doesn't rely on anything more than our minds, letting us get ahold of each other, whenever there's a need. It won't be like we're in each other's heads, seeing memories and thoughts." He shrugged. "That said, there is a concern I'd like to voice. With a permanent network in place, who's to say the Dark couldn't affect one of us, and through the network, get to all of us? Has us all in one swoop sort of thing? I mean we don't know exactly how the Dark's doing what it does, so I think that should be considered." He lacked powers in the same sense as the others, but he had been able to be linked in the network. He looked to Sara, and smiled "Will making it permanent reduce the burden on you? I mean having to set it up each time we need it seems like hassle, when time can be a factor, but having it already in place and dormant seems like it would reduce the load on you some."
  2. Cade looked at Cass and the Cat and smiled "You were able to communicate with her?" he seemed surprised, but pleasantly so. "That's awesome." He had no idea about the visions, and was feeling pretty fortunate that he had friends who'd both been able to heal this cat and now understand it. It sucked he couldn't do it himself, but he knew he wasn't like the others were. Hearing Charlie speak, Cade turned slowly to him, and smiled. "Hey Charlie, didn't expect you to follow us. Earlier today, I found this cat more than half dead in a small clearing over the track fence. I text Lona and she was able to heal it, and it hugged the two of us. Later while we were at lunch, I noticed it watching me, and decided to ask Cass to come and see if maybe she could help find out more about it." He looked sidelong to Cass. "That was evidently the right move, as she was able to communicate with it."
  3. After lunch, Cade explained the whole situation to Cassandra, from finding the Cat, to Lona's healing, and the very human way it hugged the both of them afterwards. Having seen it watching him at lunch, well he wanted to check on it, and since Cassandra's abilities may be able to tell abit more about it, he wanted her to come with him to see if the cat was there. Sure enough, they approached where he'd seen it watching him quietly, and it was still there, ears moving like veritable radar dishes, and it watched them draw near. He looked to Cassandra. "There's alot of differences with this cat. She's bigger than any I've seen that wasn't a mountain lion or Lynx, and she's far more intelligent than any other... Do you think there's anything more?" He'd kept the tone of his voice even and low so as to not alarm the feline, who hadn't moved as the two of them approached.
  4. "Sure, that sounds good. Fair is fair, after all." he went back to finishing his meal, much like the others had been, and once he was done, offered to take the trays of those who were also done and take care of them. Returning from that, he noted the time, and Looked to the window, to see if the Cat was still there.
  5. Cade nodded. "I think so, but there's something I'd like to check out when we leave here. You may know more about it, so If you don't mind much, would you come along with me? it won't take long."
  6. Lunchroom Cade went completely silent, as he noticed the cat looking at him, directly from the window. He definitely wanted to know more about the cat, but couldn't just leave now that he'd drug everyone here essentially. He watched the Cat even while listening as Sophia was definitely stating her interest, not just in the play, but seemingly in Charlie as well. He'd ask Cass to come with him to find the cat, If he recalled correctly, her powers would probably be ideal for that. It would only take a moment, and then she could head to her afternoon classes. he went back to eating his food quietly, wondering if anyone else saw the cat. He thought to text her, but it would be pretty conspicuous with everyone there. It was a downside to this whole situation. They had to be careful what they said around anyone who wasn't part of the Fellowship, or the Jauntsens, or Tawny now, it seemed.
  7. Lunchroom True to his word he'd paid for lunch for those who were with him, and they'd just sat down to eat when Sophia decided to come join them. Watching her cozy up to Charlie, he smiled. It was very rare that she came to their table, really only when Sean wasn't there. "Look who's talking..." was Cade's good-natured reply. He dodged the question of where the others were, as frankly he wasn't all that sure on where they'd all gone.
  8. With everyone else gone, Cade looked to Tawny and Charlie. "Well it's lunch time, and After all the wierdness, and having one of my friends nearly die in front of me, again, I'm going to go get something to eat. You're both welcome to join me, hell I'll even pay." The lure of free food was enough of an enticement, and the others exited behind him, the trio heading for the cafeteria. He saw Cass up ahead, and called out to her. "Hey Cass, wait up." With Tawny and Charlie in tow, he made his way to Cassandra, and smiled "For the record, I'm glad you're okay." He spoke quietly, so that only she could hear him.
  9. Cade had remained silent up till now, listening to what his friends had to say. Devin's misadventure was a veritable nightmare to be sure, and he was actually glad he'd come back from it. He'd regretted remaining silent when Devin had left, even if he understood the reservations and issues the others had raised. They needed to stick together, or else they'd get picked off one by one. Isn't that pretty much what had just nearly happened? "Lona raises some excellent points. Do we ALL need to go? Assuming Devin can take others, I'm not chickening out here, I'll go if needed, but I don't really think I'll be as useful in a fight in this other world, whatever you're going to call it, as others here will be. If anyone should go, I'd say Cass, Jase, Lona, and Lilly should be the ones going across. A good mix of abilities, capabilities, and resourcefulness." "As for probing Etienne, well I'd be up to help with that. Who knows, it might go abit better. I did actually save his life the other day from that thing, even if I had to take his shotgun out of his hands to do it." He looked over to Clara, who'd likely be the leader on any sort of conversation with Etienne.
  10. Lona's pronouncement that the cat was dying made him sad, but he had a feeling that if she were the one to end its suffering, it would be more peaceful than how he'd have been forced to do it. A part of him berated himself for forcing her into that position though, wanting to take responsibility for it. Still Cade watched what Lona did intently, and smiled. He watched as bone and flesh knit and mended, setting back as it should, and as his friend made this creature whole again. It was a rare thing that happened next, as Cade wrapped an arm around Lona's shoulders in a one-armed hug before realizing he probably overstepped, and released her. "You're amazing Lona, thanks so much." It seemed that he wasn't the only one who wanted to say thanks though, as the over-sized feline hugged her, because he couldn't really call it anything else. The feline then repeated this with him, even though he'd come with a weapon of sorts. He felt shame at that, but it was as if it could sense that Cade had never really intended to harm it. He could hear it purring, and watched its ears move around, far more than a normal cat's. "Just where did you come from?" he asked softly, looking at the cat, mostly just thinking out loud before he looked to Lona.. "I've never seen a cat that looks like this before, have you Lona?"
  11. Over the Fence Cade's initial response was to try and bring the cat to a vet. However the fact he couldn't identify it, so he didn't know if a vet would even help in this situation. However, there was someone he knew who could probably help. "Easy buddy, I'm gonna get you some help, just stay put, and be calm." He spoke calmly, crouching down, staying very aware, just in case. <Hey Lona, are you really busy, I could use your help.> He sent out to the one person he knew might be able to help the animal immediately. <I''m in a small hollow over the fence from the track and field. I've got a strange cat, about the size of a german shepherd, its back legs are broken, like it got hit by a truck and crawled her. Two idiots were chucking rocks at it from the field. Is there any way you can come out here and see if you can do anything for it?>
  12. Over the Fence "First, don't throw things at animals like that. If it really was a mountain lion, and it was in good health, all you'd have done was piss it off, and give it a reason to attack. It could be sick enough to actually do it, and trust me, not even I am fast enough to outrun one that wants to catch me." Abel sighed. He was going to do something dumb. He went back to the field and took one of the shorter practice Javelins, and returned, tossing it over the fence. "Cade what the hell are you doing?" "I'm going to go find out what it actually is. Could just be a hurt dog or something." The two just looked at him "Didn't you just warn us about.." Cade nodded. "Yeah, I did, but If you hit it in the head and really hurt it, I'll go make sure it doesn't suffer. I don't like seeing things hurt just for the hell of it. Don't do that anymore." It was known Cade was an outdoorsman, he hunted and fished, and only aimed at animals he planned to kill and eat. He was known to be an animal lover outside of that, having a dog, and a ferret as pets. He quickly scaled the fence and went over the top "If the coach asks, I'm going to get the Javelin. I'll be back in abit." Alec and Will, abit chagrinned after the dressing-down from Cade, nodded, and turned to each other. "Did he really basically just hop the fence?" "Dude's a monster. You heard about the runs he this past weekend right? Set school records in every event, it's like something switched on in him, and he just cut loose." "IT's pretty sick, we won't lose a meet this year if he keeps this up." The two went back to the main part of the track, and said nothing about the wayward athletic star. On the other side of the Fence, Cade moved to where he'd heard the growl, short Javelin in hand. He moved closer, on guard, aware that what he was doing was dumb, as he knew whatever was here wasn't dead. Still he wasn't just going to let it suffer.
  13. Cade smiled as their gaming group grew by at least two, and chuckled inwardly. "I'll help too Charlie, maybe as a stage hand or something if you need it." As the conversation moved beyond that, he was silent, Lona's comment made him think of Cora, but he nodded. "It is fun, and even with so many people it still runs pretty smoothly." <I'd second Chet and his crew, but for something that happened this morning. Sitting in my jeep, when he walked by, I could have sworn I saw him give me the most hateful look I've been subjected to. It was gone in an instant, but it was pretty unnatural.>
  14. "The old movie with David Bowie? They made a play of that?" Cade smiled even as he looked abit surprised. "Learn something new everyday." He looked to Kyle. "Definitely standing by my comments from earlier." That Charlie came to the decision after speaking with Marissa, well he sensed some ulterior motive, but hey, so long as they had fun with it.
  15. Cade smiled at the surprising welcome from Jase towards first Kyle, then Beth. As the others had already commented on it, he said nothing, and instead grinned at Sean's fishing attempt. "Always fishing for new players, eh Sean? Makes some of us long-time players abit jealous." Of course he was teasing, and the look of surprise that briefly passed over Kyle's face at least made him chuckle. "You play Dungeons and Dragons?" Cade was the most well-regarded male athlete at the school, so of course hearing that he engaged in nerdy hobbies was surprising. Cade nodded. "Yeah, I play, I have for years." He grinned at Sean. "Sean's a great at running games."
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