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  1. Few people could ever have said to have seen him that embarrassed, but he'd never have thought Marissa would ever have been one, or that he wouldn't really mind it. He'd been about to say it wasn't like he wasn't interested. Marissa was attractive, but this wasn't supposed to be anything more than to fool others, to keep her safe. He definitely didn't want to pressure her into anything, or make it seem like she owed him. He simply wasn't like that. Then whatever it was that hit her bait started pulling drag, and his eyes narrowed. It was either a bass or a catfish. These small rigs weren't really made for them, but he knew the line itself would hold as it was 15lb braid. He set his own rod down, having pulled in the line and deftly moved behind her. "Catch it, this is a good one." he said refusing to let her hand it off, much as his own father had to him, the first time he caught something big. Instead he reached around, putting his hands over hers, helping her steady the rod. "Now just reel. Those hooks are quite sharp, so it's in him. Just don't stop reeling, even if it seems like you're not getting any progress. He won't break the line, though if you give him slack too much he might spit the bait." His tone was soothing and calming, as if he'd done this often. After a few moments, they turned the fish and started actually pulling in line. Then the fish broke the surface. It was a monster bass, easily over six, maybe seven pounds. "Dammmn" he said low in surprise. "That's a big bass." another few minutes of tension passed, as he gave her instructions, trying to keep her calm. He did not want to lose this fish. Hell he actually wanted to take a picture of it with her. It wasn't the largest he'd seen caught, but on a perch rig, what a story. "I'm gonna get the net, just keep reeling." Marissa just nodded, focusing on the thrill of fighting the massive fish, and Cade got the net ready, while still holding on the rod. "Alright on 3, pull up on the rod." "1." He could see the fish coming up, and had the net just out of the water, still holding the rod handle. "2" it was just under the surface, he could see the bait in the corner of its mouth, sunlight glinting off the spinner. "3!" She lifted the rod, pulling back and bringing it to the surface. With stunning speed Cade shoveled the net into the water, right in front of the fish, and brought it up. With nowhere to go but the net the fish was caught, even as he pulled it from the water the bait pulled free. Cade quickly swung the fish into the boat, and onto the floor, still in the net. He could feel her excitement, and he smiled, still sitting behind her, though he'd released the rod. "Congratulations on your first Bass Marissa. That one's a real beauty. Most people never see a bass like that, let alone catch one on a bream rig."
  2. His eyes widened for a moment, then narrowed as he turned to look her in the eye. "I don't care about all of that. Like I said, before this summer, I'd never even kissed a girl. I don't care what the others think. I don't ask about others, and I sure as hell won't tell about my own." "I told them the truth, as far as that goes. We've not had sex, and I was more than content to let things happen naturally. If that changed, I wouldn't tell them even then. That would torture them even more. Never knowing if we had or hadn't, and knowing that I won't breath a word about it regardless. He could read the surprise on her face. "Though I can't lie and say I haven't thought about it. Like I said, you're beautiful and attractive. It'd be nice to think that it'd be wild and and as good for you as it would be for me, but I don't have any experience. I haven't even made it to Second Base." "Rather than sounding like an idiot, talking about something I have no experience with, it's best I continue to just smile and say nothing."
  3. Cade knew Devin wasn't a total dick, nor was Marissa a bitch all the time, he'd seen enough glimpses of that. Just like he'd already learned there was so much more to Marissa. Sure the twins had their quirks, but since this all started, he found how he'd seen them changing. He was getting another glimpse at the truth, and it made him genuinely smile. "Life's got a funny way of turning all our plans on their head." He smiled, and caught another bream, this time it was abit on the small side, so he unhooked it and gently released it back into the water. "I don't think having any of those things will prevent you from having what you want, or achieving your goals. The right friends will help you achieve them. " "My short-term goals for the summer were to hang out with my friends, enjoy being outdoors, and play a little baseball. Long-term, I want to get into college, play baseball, and go pro. I figure I can at least get a degree in wildlife management, so if something ever happened I had at least something to fall back on. I love Baseball though. Growing up, the only times Dad ever told me he was proud of me came from it." He shrugged. "I can't say the appeal of the money pro players make, and I know I can play with the best, one day, I'll be the best, but I really do love the game. Which of course makes me something of a true oddball here in Montana, where it's damn near all about football. I can't tell you how many times the coach has tried to get me to play. I like to watch the game, but playing just isn't as interesting to me." "Now though, my goals really haven't changed, but there's so much more going on. Life was really really simple before this past summer. No super powers, no entities out to kill us or organizations trying to control us. No girlfriends. Before Cora, and You, I've never dated anyone, or honestly had all that much interest. My life was baseball, the outdoors, and my friends. I had all of that, and thought I couldn't ask for more." He had cast again and caught another fish, this one was large enough to keep so he put it in the box. "Six thousand dollar heels? God that's nearly what my Jeep cost." he said with a little snark. "The most expensive article of clothing I own are probably the 140 dollar doc martens boots I've got, or the suit I have to wear for Easter and Christmas Service." He looked at her with a knowing grin. "Your none of those things in Shelly. You and your brother Rule the school. It's a small pond but you've got to start somewhere, right? I mean hell, even with your association with us, with you dating me, have things really changed? Has anyone actually been foolish enough to challenge your position? Over half the guys at school are jealous of me, and all of them want to know how great the sex is. I've overheard the women pitying me for becoming your boytoy, and others angry because you used your ways to capture and corrupt an innocent like me."
  4. He got a text from Haruka at lunch, saying that she wasn't going to be able to go to Jolene's. "Damn." Cade sighed, "Guess there's no choice." He and Marissa had planned to get together to watch movies one night. Sure they could go to the theater, but Haruka being a third wheel there well, it definitely wasn't going to be a date night now. He sat in the booth he and Marissa had claimed, near enough to where the Fellowship ate, though they hadn't eaten together as much as before, what with everything that was going on. He had just been about to text Marissa, when he saw her coming, and smiled as she took a seat. "Hey," she smiled a greeting, her tone light-hearted and she sounded happy to see him. "Sorry, meant to be here sooner, but Devin and my dad were arguing and I had to step in before he had an emotional reaction and accidently," she looked around to see who might hear her. "Did his, you know, thing to get out of there. Our parents do not need to see him do that, it will be more drama that this town needs. So. I am all yours now. Feed me and make me happy." "Yeah, less drama around here is better. I've already had enough for today. Which is part of what I wanted to talk to you about. I know you'd mentioned something about a movie night, well my parents need Haruka and I out of the house tonight." He still wasn't perfectly at ease, but when she said feed her she apparently meant not just food and leaned in expecting a kiss. He was still a bit on the fence with the mixed signals she gave off, especially considering their relationship was supposed to be fake. Needless to say, he didn't mind in the slightest. "Do you mind if we just do a "Netflix and Chill" night at your place, and if I bring my sister?" maybe it wasn't the best way to go about it, and he fully expected to have to explain why this was so necessary. Marissa giggled at her date. "Cade," she tried to stop laughing. "You know 'Netflix and Chill' is a euphemism for 'come over and have sex', right? Probably not the best environment for your kid sister be in, but," she shot him a wink that told him she was completely picking on him now. "I am game is you are." "I did not." he said and blushed abit, which absolutely lent credibility to that statement. "I really just meant us sitting around watching movies, and me probably getting teased all night by two girls who really seem to enjoy it." he grinned and did actually lean in to kiss her. He knew she probably already knew he wasn't proposing that, but she just had to tease him. "Thanks for understanding." "No problem." She popped open her mirror to check to see if their kissing had offset her makeup in anyway. Taking care around her lips to see if it needed a touch up. "We'll have the house all to ourselves, so we can get up to all kinds of mischief. I will grab some drinks and snacks, text me what she likes and just let me know what time you two are planning on being by. Easy." Cade nodded. "Dad's supposed to be home for five according to mom, so we need to be gone by then. As to food and drink, I know she's big on sweets, Dad calls her his little cookie monster. Anything with chocolate and it just vanishes. Soda or tea, I know she likes Dr Pepper over most anything. Neither of us is what I'd call picky, I'll try eating most anything at least once." "Oh ho, I will hold you to that," she shot him a teasing smile as her eyes creeped around the edge of her phone where she typed out a shopping list. "Got it and I we are ordering pizza, because this momma does not cook. If you want a cook, date my brother." "Sounds good. I prefer meat-lovers pizza myself. I cook mostly meat dishes at home, when Mom's not feeling well, or they're both out. Haruka's the one who's actually versatile. She's learning from mom and all three of our grandmothers." He smiled at her. "This is going to be a fun night, I can already tell." he said as he offered her another morsel from the end of his fork. (thanks to Dave for his help here)
  5. "Personal experience? I can't imagine any guy dumb enough to break up with you. I imagine your wrath to be Total and Terrible. " It was a joke with a kernel of truth as he saw it. Cade sighed. His deal with Marissa had possibly caused this, but at the same time he couldn't be mad at her. He knew he was being unfair, the fault was his, because he didn't explain why he'd agreed. She needed help, he agreed, and had never found the time to call Cora and tell her before whatever happened did. "It really isn't something i plan on getting mad at anyone save myself about. It was always going to be hard, with her on the other side of the country. I thought it worth trying, but if she's happy without me, well I can live with that I guess." Marissa could hear the pain, he wasn't hiding it, but he was sincere in his wish for Cora's happiness. He felt the vulnerability there, but it passed and he calmed himself, and turned back to the Pond. "Can't move forward while looking back. She's made her choice, and that's that. It just means I'll not feel guilty going forward from here." It was an admission he was sure she caught, but there was no blame or accusation. He'd made his own choice in agreeing to help Marissa. "I wouldn't expect you to give up on something." she said quietly. "It's not giving up, it's letting go. Trying to hold on and force things to remain as they were, when so much has changed, that's just a bad idea. We've all changed with what's going on, You, me, everyone, even Devin. I'm actually abit glad Cora's not here anymore. She's not in danger like the rest of us." He made to hand her back the pole, and offered her a smile. "Now, let's get back to some fishing."
  6. Cade winced. "Cora, and No, nothing like that, nothing at all, honestly. I tried calling, texting, but there's been no answer to anything." He figured someone had told her about him and Marissa, snapped a picture, and that was it. She'd ghosted him, and he couldn't exactly blame her. He'd thought about going to her parents to check in, but it was a no-go. "Someone probably told her what's going on, and that's that." it was an ignoble end to his first relationship, one he knew was likely to happen. He'd privately promised himself that he'd explain it all to her one day, when he met her again. After the safety breifing he went to the shed, taking out the key, and opening it, first he pulled out the boat, a flat bottom skiff, and began pulling it to the water. It actually looked like it was fairly heavy, but Cade moved it with a practiced ease, though she could see how the muscles in his arms bunched and tightened, finally setting it in the water, and tying it to the dock. Once it was there, he began loading the rods, ice chest, and everything else. The giant umbrella was folded neatly one side, and she noted a second ice chest. "One for drinks, one for fish." he also had some towels, and Marissa looked at him. "I get pretty much everything else, but the umbrella? "It might rain before I can paddle back, but more often than not, in the middle of the summer it gets damn hot. Having some portable shade is nice, and has helped me catch fish more than once." She just looked at him, and once he had everything in the boat, he knelt down, and held it steady. "You can get in if you like, or we can walk around abit. The best fishing this time of day is gonna be about ten minutes paddle from here, over there." He pointed with one hand over by a small part of the pond where there were abundant lilly pads, and several stumps. Once Marissa got into the boat, he untied and with a little push from his foot got in, and moved to the center, where he sat down and took up the oar-like paddles, and began rowing them to the first spot. He was thankful for the cool breeze, it was enough to cool him down, but not enough to generate any big waves. Soon enough he reached where he wanted to be, and slowly lowered the anchor into the water. All it was was a metal pipe filled with cement, attached to a rope. They wouldn't move in wind this week, and he smiled. "Have you ever fished before?" Marissa gave him a "look" and he nodded. "yeah, guess not. What we're looking for here are bream. They're agressive little buggers, but the bottom of the chain as far as predatory fish." He pulled up a rod that was in two pieces, and put them together. there was a small reel at the bottom, and at the tip of the rod was a cork, about 18 inches above a small spinner jighead. The rubber bait attached had a bright pink body with white tails. When she looked at him, he just smiled. "I had no idea." With that, he took the bait in hand, pulled down on it and pulled out about 6 foot line, the length of his rod, and then dug in his tackle box. Pulling out a small jar, he took a single button looking piece of plastic from it, and thread it over the hook atop the bait. It had a very distinct odor, similar to garlic. He then washed his hands in the water, and dried them on one of the smaller towels. "Pretty much everything in the pond hunts by smell, or motion, so this checks all the boxes. Now, let me demonstrate." He was amazed that she'd remained quiet, and actually seemed to be paying some attention. He turned towards the pads, and deftly swung the line back and forth a few times, before "casting" with the bait followed by the cork landing in the same spot, barely a foot from the edge of the pads. He counted to ten and gently pulled on the rod, making the core move several inches. Not five seconds later, the cork began to move, and was jerked underwater, hard. Cade simply lifted up on the rod, which bowed as the fish fought back. He reeled in the line some and then lift the rod bringing it close, and pulling the nearly one pound bream from the water, and swinging it right to his waiting hand. he set the butt of the rod on the floor, and took the fish in a toweled hand and unhooked it, before opening the ice chest with only ice in it and depositing it and closing the box. They could hear it flopping around some and he checked the bait, pulled some line back out, and washed his hands. "And that is just how simple this is." Of course it spoke to how well maintained and stocked the pond was, as well as just how well Cade knew it, and how to fish it that he caught one on his first cast. Still he was really happy. This spot always produced fish, which is why he chose it, even if they weren't the biggest in the pond. He offered the ready-to-go rod to Marissa, and smiled. "Want to give it a try?"
  7. It was something utterly unexpected, and one more secret for the growing list he'd be forced to keep. Actually it was two given the "pinkness" of her room. He still couldn't believe it, but for the sake of a pleasant day, finally let it rest there. Besides, no one would EVER believe either to be true. He he had a feeling he'd been made privy to alot already that no one outside her family knew, and that gave him abit of hope about this. In her own way she was trusting him, as he was trusting her. After Jason's revelation, he had to admit he understood alot more why she was concerned. Their friend admit to being a functioning Psychopath, in front of government agents. Super powers or not, no one could be on guard all the time, and there was always more than one way to get somebody. Still at least for now, he banished the darker thoughts, intent upon starting this off right. As he drove he did his best not to react to her hand on his thigh, though it was damnably difficult. He didn't let himself think it was more than just an act, even after that kiss, which he still remembered even now. He passed the drive telling her about the pond, and about Mr. Bancroft, the owner. "It covers roughly 4 acres or so, and has pretty much everything you could ask for as far as habitat for the fish in it. We've pulled some really good size and numbers from it." She looked at him and he could feel her exasperation. "Mr. Bancroft knows we'll be out today, he said he was feeling abit under the weather, so he'll be staying inside. Despite the therapy, he's only just able to start walking around again without a walker, so he's takin it easy. In exchange for coming out here, I've got to keep up with everything." "Is that really what you're gonna talk about?" Marissa asked him quietly. "Well you already know you look good. I mean honestly I like how you look now more than normal. I don't think you could ever find a way to not be pretty, Marissa, but this just seems better. You always look beautiful and hot, hel it's not like i don't see the other guys in school eye-humping you and trying not to get caught when we're there.You look more relaxed, even if this isn't something you ever thought about doing. You don't have to put on a show for me, just be you. That's what i'm doing." The drive itself wasn't all that long, and as he went silent, wondering if perhaps he'd said too much, they arrived. Cade reached up to touch the remote to the gate, which opened to admit them, then closed behind them. he drove over to the shed by the pondparked and sat there a minute. The sun was already well into the sky, with a gentle breeze keeping the temperature down some. Few clouds dot the sky, but nothing really to keep it from being a beautiful day. He smiled at her, thinking it was going to be a good day. It wasn't the normal sort of smile the guys wore, hoping to get lucky. Cade was awkward, and at least when it came to relationships, naively innocent. It was easy to tell he really had brought her here not for some sort of secluded romp under the sun, but to share a day doing something he loved to do with someone important enough to him to warrant sharing it with.
  8. "Dad's got alot on his plate mom, that's all. He's kept pretty erratic hours my whole life, so I guess I"m used to it." He moved his other hand to enfold hers. "Dad would never cheat on you Mom. You're too perfect. You're his rock, the only thing keeping him sane through life. More than me, or Even Haruka. You support him, you support us, selflessly. There's always been stuff Dad couldn't talk about, it's the nature of his job, especially as he is top of the totem pole among local Law Enforcement." he knew his mother was right there definitely was something wrong in Shelly, but so far his dad really hadn't done anything differently than he had the previous decade. "You know how some of the women in town are, I'm sure you've heard the talk. Alot of them are jealous of you, because I've overhead alot saying he's a real catch. I know he's the sheriff and works hard for everyone, but you gave up all you knew in Japan and came here with him. You have a bond with dad that can't be broken. Nobody around here's got a chance against you, Mom." He smiled, and it was the same sort of smile Ian had when he consoled her, Truly his father's son. "I've felt something's been off here in town too, you know, but with you and Dad, no. I don't think so. If he's being secretive he's got a reason. Whatever it is, if you really are concerned, Be honest with him. I can take Haruka with me to go somewhere if you two need some time, but don't let the uncertainty linger." Cade didn't have a whole lot of experience in this sort of thing. He genuinely believed his dad was not engaged in some infidelity. If he was, and Cade found out, he'd say something alot less polite than anything Miyako would say. "Call later and find out when he's coming home, make his favorite, which he knows I'm not fond of, and Haruka and I will go catch a movie or something so you two can talk over dinner. We'll come home tonight, or we can stay out. We've both got friends we can stay with."
  9. His request had surprised her, at least somewhat. She was pretty upfront with what she thought he wanted, and it confirmed for him how low her opinion was of him. That said, he'd not lost his nerve, because he found himself actually wanting to spend time with her. They needed to get to know each other better, especially if this was going to fool anyone. He knew well he had had a reputation as an outdoorsman, in addition to his passion for Baseball and Track. Truth be told, he loved baseball, but Fishing was what calmed him, it was how he found his center, and even the rare day where he caught nothing still gave him a chance to just enjoy some peace and quiet. He'd done alot for Mr. Bancroft, who was finally able to walk around abit more now, albeit with a cane. The older man was genial, at least with Cade and his sister, and he'd already gotten permission to fish the pond. The pond itself covered nearly 4 acres, being about four hundred feet across. Cade knew it had at least a dozen twenty foot or more holes, a fair amount of shallows, and many man-made brush-piles made from old christmas trees, old cleaned pallets, and several small copses of trees. Algae was kept in check by the minnows and shad, and he'd caught some catfish over fifteen pounds from the deep holes. The bass and bream were all over the lake and bit most anything, though if he wanted to put on a show he'd engage the feeders positioned at the cardinal points on the lake. Each one also had a small dock by it, with a place to tie up. There was a rule about no motors on the pond, so both 15 skiffs had paddles in them, and a place for an umbrella They were carpeted, and like much else there, kept very clean. Life jackets were in the shed, as well as float cushions. Personally he liked fishing from the bank, but the bigger fish were all more to the center of the lake, or on the Western edge where the trees were. That whole bank was fairly overgrown, so you had to take a boat to get there. Alot of his work included helping change filters in the pumps, and checking the solar panels to make sure everything was running as it was supposed to. He'd ensured the feeders were full, and should he need to use them to entice a bite, they were ready. He'd heard the rumors, and decided to simply say nothing. Those who were unwise enough to get caught by Marissa saying any of it would die a slow painful social death, which they'd likely never recover from. In his mind giving any overt response to it would validate them, and more than once he'd overheard something, and the one saying it suddenly saw him and clammed up, trying to stammer some excuse, only to wilt under his Steely gaze. He'd just smile thinly and move on, having said nothing, but the warning being crystal clear. It was Saturday morning just before 9, and he'd spent his friday afternoon getting everything ready. It seemed odd to clean his jeep to take her fishing, but he knew this was nothing like anything she was used to, and the very idea of going in a jeep probably seemed abhorent to her. He'd detailed it fully, so clean even his Dad looked at him. "All that to take the Jauntsen girl fishing? Guess you really are serious." Cade had smiled at him. "I'll detail yours if you like sometime, for a fair price." He dad smiled, Cade was industrious, he was fair in what he asked, and did good work. He wasn't just going to give it away for free. Ian himself had instilled that value in his son. Work for what you want, and know the value of your work. Well next time, When he'd ask her to pick their date activity, if she wanted to drive, he'd quietly ride along. The gear wouldn't fit in her Mercedes, not even factoring in if she'd consent to allow it to even be next to it, let alone within. He'd come with minimal gear, his rods already there in the locked shed. He had an ice chest with drinks, some home-made sandwiches, and a few other snacks, like normal. He was just pulling up to the Jauntsen home like they'd agreed, and quickly text her that he was there, before cutting off the engine and getting out. He was dressed far nicer than normal when he went fishing. He had on Jean shorts, a light blue button-down, made for fishing, and his boots, though that was just till he got there. He had other shoes for the actual trip, and would change there. He steeled himself as he walked to the front door, and knocked. He hoped she'd keep an open mind about this, just as he was prepared to do the same. He wanted to get to know her, and for her to get to know him. It was the only way it would work. This was the first step he'd decided to take, and a part of him was actually quite happy she'd agreed.
  10. "Okay, what's wrong?" Cade asked, looking to his sister, and knowing his mother could easily hear him. "You..." he looked at his sister, "Are never this quiet in the morning, and you know dad's rule about phones at the table." That was enough to make Haruka sigh, and put down her phone, though she didn't answer him. "Mom, whatever's got you upset, you know you can tell me. You have before. We face it all together. That's what you taught me." He spoke quietly, not really irrate, but he wasn't particularly in the mood to beat around the bush with small-talk before they actually got to the heart of the matter. He knew she was probably worried about the quarantine, and as a nurse herself, the whole thing definitely had to seem very off to her. He also knew his father hadn't helped overmuch by not telling her anything, not that Cade himself could do so either. "You keep banging on everything like that you'll chip a dish, dent a pan, or break a door, and never forgive yourself." He ate a few more bites quietly, as he waited for his step-mother to answer, since his sister remained uncharacteristically mute.
  11. Cade didn't leave until he'd seen the accommodations for the smilodon, leading it there, and with calm and reassuring words, coaxing it within. He looked to the guards, and to Taggart. "If you mistreat them, I'll know, and I promise, I won't be pleased, none of us will. If you need me to come back and help you move them humanely, then fine, I'll do that." Unlike some of the others, no one was waiting for Cade when he exit the hospital. That was of course because his father walked beside him, saying nothing. It easy to tell that the elder Allister was upset, but he was holding it in. "Your mother and sister are waiting at home. Before we go home, we're going to talk." It was all that he said, and Cade understood that he was in trouble. At the very least, everyone was safe, his friends weren't hurt, and the cats had been rescued to boot. The memory of what they'd been subjected to, how they'd been found, it threatened to rouse his anger again, and he sighed. "Okay Dad." They nodded as they passed the others, and got in the Sheriff's SUV. After a ten minute drive, they were in the middle of nowhere, and stopped. "Out." The two of them got out and Ian looked at his son, and took a deep breath. "Cade, I'm going to talk, and you're going to listen. After I've done so, I'll give you a chance to talk." He was being incredibly fair, given how angry he was. "First, I'm disappointed that you didn't tell me what was going on. I've raised you better than that, Your mother raised you better." The look in Cade's eyes showed he definitely had thoughts on this, but he remained silent. "If you EVER speak to me like you did in that room, Son that was beyond embarrassing. I can't believe you did that. Let alone the fact you're dating Marissa Jauntsen. I've warned you to stay the hell away from those twins. Hell I warned you about Jason, but you ignored all of it. Now I know they have super powers, and that my hands are basically tied, How exactly do you expect me to feel about this? " He looked at him and scowled. He obviously had alot more, but he'd held off. "Alright, say what you want to say son." "All you were doing was letting Jason and Devin bait you. They know what buttons to push, and will do so as the whim strikes them. You calling them, and by extension, all of us monsters, wasn't helping. I didn't tell you what was going on because I wasn't all that sure about it all myself. Would you have actually believed any of this, if I had told you?" Cade steeled himself, as he saw the fury rise in his dad's eyes. "As for who I choose to date, that's my business had?"isn't it? You didn't like Cora, and now Marissa? hell it sounds like you just want me to remain some celibate little toy soldier, so I can focus on other things. That's not what I am. Yes, I still dream of playing pro baseball. God willing I'll still do it. As to my dating life, I don't see that as your busniess. Yes, Marissa can be a manipulative bitch, and her brother can be an annoying and insufferable ass. That said, I actually trust them. The two of them have earned my trust. I've saved their lives, and they saved mine. I trust all of my friends, and you've seen why. We have each others' backs." As Cade wound down, his father began closing the distance. It was surprising, that he wrapped his arms around him. "Alright son. I'm going to let this go, this time. That said I expect you to keep up with school, and everything else. You can't tell your mother and sister, they'll worry far too much. We'll keep this between us for now." Cade returned his father's embrace and then they parted. "Alright Dad." As they moved to get back into the SUV, Ian looked at his son. "Seriously, Marissa Jauntsen. You just have a thing for troublesome women it seems." Cade said nothing, knowing the truth of the matter, but he smiled back in answer.
  12. Cade looked to the two Cats, and moved calmly to the cage for the largest. It couldn't make a sound but its mouth open, teeth bared in a snarl that would chill anyone to their core, except for Cade. He was afraid, make no mistake, but nothing in his body language, or his features betrayed this. He knew well Jason was ready, behind him. Still nobody made any moves, save for him. Quietly, he pressed the manual release on the cage, as the massive cat moved to the back of the cage, still snarling silently, holding his gaze. When the release engaged, Cade reached out, and pulled open the door, just a bit. That done, he stepped back, still between the Smilodon and the others, his gaze locked with the smilodon, who was no longer snarling. Tentatively, a complete opposite of its previous state before, the smilodon moved to the slightly ajar door, and nudged it open with its muzzle. The door to the cage swung wide, and the massive Cat took its first step into freedom, breathing deeply before its head turned to Cade, and those jaws opened again, ears flattened against its head, and Cade remained still, his grey eyes narrowed, yet accepting, his features without a trace of fear. It stalked over to him, and those watching held their breath. It was more than capable of killing him, and his rifle was slung over his back. He stood defenseless against this prehistoric monster. It came to a halt, towering mountain of feline muscle, massive fangs that would end his life in a single bite in front of his face. Yellow eyes narrowed and met the fearless Steel grey eyes again, and slowly, the mouth began to close. Ears rose from being flat and aggressive, and finally the massive head lowered. The big cat's breathing became slow and steady, and with a serene calmness, Cade reached a hand under the massive jaw and began to scratch gently. The large cat after a few moments, butt its massive head against the teen's shoulder, a gesture of acceptance and friendship he knew well enough. The entire exchange was done in silence, not from fear, but consideration. It couldn't answer with its own voice, and so Cade didn't use his. He communicate only with his body, with his eyes, the same as the smilodon. It wasn't pity, it was respect.
  13. "We've got incoming from the left in the hallway. Much as I want to put a stop to all this, one mission at a time. We've got to get to Etienne, and get the hell out." Cade said, relaying the information Sean was feeding him. "They're aware something's going on, evidently Something's there, and knows about us. We've got to keep moving." He took up position to cover the door, just in case.
  14. Cade had taken the Guard's assault rifle and the spare clips he'd had as well, noting that the ammunition wasn't the same, and that the gun had so many bells and whistles, it could probably fire itself. Still, it was better than a simple stun-gun in here, if this is what they were all packing. He helped Charlie drag the bodies into the room and when he saw the smaller cat, hooked up like that, and the scars on the larger smilodon, his features seemed to darken. Few things in the world angered him more than the torture of animals. Sure he was a sportsman, but he killed because he planned to eat it, and didn't let the animal linger and suffer. Seeing the smaller cat, how it didn't react to him, He sighed, doing what he could to tamp down his own rage. He hoped that somehow it wasn't the same one he and Lona had rescued, that Cass and he had followed. He wanted nothing more than to free it, hell free them both at this point, but that would jeopardize the reason they were there, and he couldn't do that. "We have to take these fuckers down. If I could get them out of here safely and quickly, I would, but Charlie's right. We have to get Etienne out of here first. Then we come back, and put an end to this." The only thing keeping him from suggesting they turn the Smilodon loose was that looking at it, and the scars, they'd definitely kill it, and he didn't want that. "Nothing deserves to be treated like this."
  15. "I'd be really surprised if they didn't detect us somehow." Cade answered even as he got ready, shaking off the last dregs of nausea from the successful teleportation, and reaching out to take up the fire extinguisher that had somehow survived their entry. "Sure, it worked before." He said mostly to himself. He was still embarrassed about what happened, but he had to tamp that down, they had to get in and get out, and the plan was already in danger. He moved up in front of the others, ready to take a swing should something go awry, barring that, he'd charge out and take a swing at anyone else out there.
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