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  1. About 1:15pm When Cade got the text, he made a quick reply, and then turned around from heading to class, instead heading to the nurse's office. It wasn't that much trouble to get in to see Marissa, and he smiled. He'd made a quick stop at a vending machine, for another snickers. "Brought you a little something." he said quietly. Marissa was lying back a bit on the small hospital examination table the school had and her eyes lit up at the sight of the Snickers bar. She was sipping Coke from a can with a straw. The small hospital table to her left had several wrappers from tiny Halloween bite bars they'd fed her but her complexion still owned a pale and weakened pallor. The can found a home next to the wrappers and snatched the candy bar. "Ugh, thank you! They had a coke and just these parts... Christ, I had to look up on Google for them how to treat me. They ran to get me a Gatoraide. The military needs to station some medical people here, seriously." She tore into the Snickers and sighed as her eyes closed with pleasure while she chewed. Her mouth filled with chocolate and nougat and in an in a very unladylike fashion spoke while she was nomming half of a Snickers bar. "Don'chu hev claph?" "You're welcome." he grinned at her. "Yes I have class, but I knew I needed to come check on you, and likely, something you'd be wanting." Cade laughed abit. "You were also very explicit on what would happen if I "ghosted" you if something happened. " he shrugged. "It'd look odd to people if something happened to you and I didn't come to check on you." "So..." she slowly stopped chewing and side-eyed him. "You didn't come because you actually cared, just because you were afraid of what I would do if you ghosted me?" Her lips pursed and she nodded. She sucked on her teeth. "Can't say I blame you. You're learning at least, thanks for coming at least." She lifted her phone and set it back down. "Deej's been texting me and my mom is coming down after she finishes a meeting, so she might send me home. If you don't see me the rest of the day, that's where I am. Text me if you like." "You know that I came because I care." he said, his voice quiet. It struck him as odd, her seeming almost bothered that he didn't list that first. He really didn't understand women, least of all, Marissa. "Yeah, I'll text you." he looked at her. "Are you really okay?" his actual concern was evident now. His label-neutral lover relaxed and sighed. "Honestly, I don't know." She shrugged and looked up at him. "Something's not right. Cade, I've torn through two plates of eggs, toast, sausage, two snickers bars, a yogurt, some mixed fruit and veggies for lunch and... I'm still hungry plus, I weighed myself and I'm down three pounds from last night before we went and... you know." "I've watched enough T.V. to know that whenever people get super powers, there's always one persons who just go wrong and... they melt away or they explode, or they break down..." A look of worry spread through out her pallid complexion. "I... I'm kind of freaking out. It's like my body is eating itself, and me, to death. I've seen Thinner, this won't end well for me. Oh... and the school nurse think I might be pregnant, so there's that. Expect my mom to go nuclear." "i'd heard that rumor myself. Crap like that spreads faster than anything. I haven't paid any mind to it, it'll die on its own soon enough. I won't say you collapsing, and your increased appetite isn't concerning, but a heightened metabolism would help you resist poisons and disease too, right? I mean it always does in the comics if we're gonna use that as a basis. You're just always hungry, you could turn out like the Flash and have superspeed too. Just means we have to cook some really big meals, going forward. Maybe ask the others if any of them are experiencing something similar? I'm not, but then we've established I'm not like any of the rest of you. I'm no genius, but I bet your mom will want to take you to the medical center to run some tests, and see just what's going on. You know your mom isn't going to let them do anything shady, she'll be watching like an angry Hawk, I'm sure. You could ask to see my mother, too, if you like. If there's anyone at the hospital you can trust implicitly, it will be her." he'd let his inner nerd out just abit, and he didn't care. Cade smiled. "As for your mom, don't let her get to you. You've got enough stress. I've got your back, and you know Devin does. Hell, the Fellowship sticks together, even if we don't all always get along. Go home get some rest before the meeting. I'm sure it's going to be stressful enough. If you need anything, let me know and I'll get it on my way over, after I go home to get cleaned up." "I'm thinking that might not be a bad idea, I'm a little worried." He was a bit quirky at times, but she knew he cared. She was pretty sure he couldn't help but care, like a Paladin always looking for a Princess in a tower, Cade was always going to be the nice guy, that much she could tell. Still, he was cute when he wanted to be. She mustered a smile and held out her arms, waving her fingers inward to summon him to her. "C'mere. Hug me and kiss me while I still taste delicious." She invited him, referring to the chocolate still on her lips. He smiled and leaned down, holding her gently and kissing her. His neck tingled as her hand slid through his hair and her nails gently tickled his scalp. She was right... she tasted like chocolate. "Hopefully I'll feel better soon, hmm?" she cooed with anticipation and hope in his ear. "Go, get to class... I'll feel guilty if I make you late twice in one day." He couldn't help but smile. "Worth being late for you." he answered her back, before they released each other. "When you're feeling better, I'll be sure to show you how glad I am for that." he added, before drawing himself up. His hand lingered on one of hers she was slow to pull away, his own hands were quite warm, and he finally pulled back. "If you need me, you know how to reach me." He turned and left, looking over his shoulder once at the door, still smiling. He didn't think it was something bad with her powers, as far as he knew, nobody actually had any sort of negative side effects, unless they overused their abilities. (written with Dave)
  2. "Yeah, I'll see you at lunch." Cade smiled, and turned to leave, noticing people pretending hard to have not been watching. He just shrugged his shoulders and head on for his own next class. He wasn't all that concerned with the looks. If Marissa wanted to, she could put an end to any rumor, or start whatever she liked on a whim. Nobody was actually going to say anything out loud in front of either of them, so it wasn't worth worrying about. Even as he sat in his chair, kids were still filing in, he shot off a text to her. "That smile Was worth it." he'd seen only the tail end of it, but that was enough. He'd pay for that later he was sure, but he didn't care, and turned his phone on silent before putting it away, even as the last student took their seat.
  3. "Of course." He smiled back at her, placing a hand atop the one she put on his chest. It sounded so cheesy after he said it, but he was still smiling, he meant it. Her scolding him for not going was a little annoying, but hell it wasn't like he could have done anything. "I imagine it was pretty damn crowded, with everyone showing up." "I'm glad he is okay too. I'm sure it'll be another point of discussion tonight, as if we didn't have enough to go over already. I knew he was in good hands already." That look of concern came back. "If someone came after you like that, rest assured Only your brother would beat me to your side." Once again it sounded cheesy, yet somehow the sincerity in his voice came through. "If you really want one I do have a snickers in my backpack. I was saving it for lunch, but if it makes you smile even a little, having to get another's a small price to pay." His smile was real.
  4. Cade was abit surprised. Not just the attack on Jason, that was very concerning, something he was sure was going tobe discussed. By the time he'd found out, there wasn't really anything he could do to help. He remained at school, thinking that if everyone of the Fellowship left, it'd be damn suspicious. Clearly, he'd been alone in that thought, because he was the only one who Was at school that morning. "Goddamit guys." he lamented softly, even as he was changing out the books for his next class. He'd overheard someone passing by saying that Marissa was at school and she looked like shit. Both parts of that surprised him, that she'd come to school late, and that she let others see her looking like anything less than a peerless beauty. Part of the whole "Dating" thing they had going on was knowing each other's class schedule, so he knew where she was at the time in general, the same could be said for her regarding him, should she choose. Silently, the massive teen made his way there, noticing the looks he got from others, but ignoring them. He was concerned for Marissa, whatever else was causing the looks was secondary. He imagined Devin was there somewhere too, and he'd follow up with him, with all of them, at lunch if they came back. The only person he didn't expect to see was Jason, for obvious reasons. She was texting on her phone as he saw her near the door of her class, and he called out to her. "I'd say "Good Morning" but it's obvious even to me that you're not having one. Is there anything I can do to help?" he offered, a look of concern on his face.
  5. Core Values Achievement- Cade sets goals for himself, and actively pursues them, working to achieve them. He recognizes them as mile-markers on the journey of life. Simply reaching one goal isn't the end, but just one more accomplishment on his journey. He knows what he wants to do, who he wants to be, and moves forward towards this. Conflict- Cade values his friends highly. To the point he'd forgo the pursuit of a personal goal to help them in a time of need. While openly he'd not claim to regret it, a part of him would. Sometimes Cade gets too focused on his goals, and his relationships with others suffer. Challenge- If things are always easy, then one cannot grow. Despite being largely physically superior to most people his age, Cade still trains himself. Well aware that that there's always someone better, he seeks to rise to that challenge, to give his all. Competing against the strong may not always lead to victory, but it leads to growth, if only by identifying areas where he's weak. Conflict- Cade doesn't think everything should be difficult. It's good to rise to a challenge, but at times even he just wants to be able to do something effortlessly. He gets quite annoyed when he fails to do something that he feels he should be able to do with ease. I expect taking up football will bring in some conflict here, as it's different than the other sports he plays. Friendship-Outside his family, Cade's friends are the most important people in his life. The Fellowship in particular are all very special to him, and he would help any of them however he could if asked. Seeing some of them move away, he understands, but hopes they can maintain the bonds they have. He values the time they share, and the memories they've made together. Conflict- Sometimes friends do things that can be a burden. The Bag of Horrors is still in Cade's closet. He can't bring himself to get rid of it since it was a gift, the last one, he got from Lona. Integrity- Cade is loyal. Not just to his friends and family but to his word as well. The fact he's not a gifted liar is perhaps part of this, but Cade believes he should stand by what he does, by what he actually says, and by those who stand by him. This doesn't prevent him from airing issues, or grievances, but even after doing so, Cade isn't likely to go back on what he's said. Conflict- His relationship with Marissa is a test of his Integrity, not just because she's asking him to help her deceive a friend, but also because he's hiding his own feelings in this. He is trying to be a good friend to Jason, and to Marissa, who are rocky terms, as far as he knows. His harsh judgement of Ian when he thought he was having an affair was a reflection of how angry it made him that his father would violate his Mother's trust like that. This also tends to reflect in Cade being rather stubborn regarding what he believes. Recognition- It's good to know what you do is appreciated. Cade wants to make people proud, not just of him, but of his town, and state. While he has been the recipient of some appreciation, at the core of the matter lies a desire to make his parents proud. Despite a rocky relationship with his father, he values Ian taking Pride in what he's done quite highly. Mr. Bancroft's opinion of him also matters highly. Conflict- While naturally a team player, Cade has a competitive side. He likes to win, to be seen as a winner. He wants to be acknowledged in his own right, to achieve things on his own, not just as part of a team. He can be selfish in this regard, driving himself to excel to his limits, and not caring so much how it makes others look by comparison. Other Values Leisure- With so much going on, it's hard to find time to do just enjoy the things Cade likes to do. This is however something he's reluctant to forgo. Life can't just be about striving for the next goal, for approval. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and while he enjoys the sports he pursues, Cade doesn't want to lose the fun times he spends with the fellowship. While they don't share his love of nature, he still routinely offers to take any who wish to go along. Fishing is Cade's true leisure activity of choice, the one that relaxes him the most.o Conflict- While Cade loves playing sports, It eats a huge amount of his time to participate in them all, leaving him little time for a true social life. He isn't as available to do things with the Fellowship, and combined with his work for Mr. Bancroft, his days are all busy, and full for the most part. He's already coming to realize he may have to give something up, to maintain the others. Health- Cade is almost religious about staying physically fit. He routinely works out and engages in physical activity to strengthen and maintain himself. He takes time to do things to renew his focus. Conflict- Cade is a voracious eater. He has a large appetite, and isn't all that concerned about what he eats. He loves a wide variety of junkfood, though after eating alot, he often feels the need to burn it off. The most recent events are testing his mind. Not in terms of intelligence, but mental health. He doesn't really understand how he can see what he has, do what he has, and just remain calm. The fact he shot Cody fully with the intent to kill him isn't lost on him, and will bother him for awhile. Inner Harmony- Cade knows who he is, and who he strives to be. They aren't the same person, yet, but each day sees him step closer to the man he wants to be. He isn't seeking to change to because he feels forced, but more because he sees it as a natural thing. Conflict- Being forced to do something against his character, like outright lying to his friends or family, those go against who he is, and who he wants to be. It bothers him, and makes him irritable adding stress and doubt about his choices. Help Others- Cade is definitely cut from boy scout cloth. He believes it to be right and a duty to help others when they ask, within reason. It makes him happy to be able to help someone. Conflict- Sometimes you have to tell someone no. There are things Cade feels he just can't help with. while the guilt for saying no is lessened when he knows he can't do what's asked when he's asked, he feels a greater guilt over agreeing to help, and failing at it. Cooperation - Cade loves working with others. Striving alone is called for against some things, but there are some things that call for more. The thrill of succeeding alongside others is greater for Cade than a personal triumph, as many smaller triumphs for many people are better than a singular one. Conflict- Being part of a team is great, but Cade doesn't just want to be dead weight. In most of his other pursuits he doesn't feel that he is, but with the way things are going with the Fellowship, he fights feelings of inadequacy and even jealousy over the the abilities of the others, versus his own. They can do things that he thinks are so special, while his own seem somewhat mundane, and even lacking by comparison. He worries that as more time passes, they'll grow stronger, far beyond anything he has any hope of keeping up with.
  6. Practice in and of itself had gone well. Cade hadn't missed a single throw, but at the same time, none had been made under pressure. Throws like that were simple, the real test would be to keep it up with some pressure. Still both Mike and Dylan were really impressed. "If I hadn't had pads on I'd probably have all kinds of bruises. You've got a regular canon there Cade. You throw like that every time we'll be set." Dylan was happy, and Mike took up after him. "Lilly was all kinds of impressive, but seriously man, you're something else. She had something to prove, and I bet you do too. If you hold up under pressure, you could easily end up scouted." Cade had simply smiled. "So long as we win, and no one gets hurt." Dylan chuckled. "Man it's football, people always get hurt. The key is to keep it to a minimum, and yeah, Winning State will be pretty damn awesome." Mike looked at him. "Don't think your exhibition didn't go unnoted, they stopped running drills near the end just to watch you throw to us." "It's just practice guys, and my first one." "Yeah, maybe, but you didn't miss. Even when we changed the routes, you hit us perfectly, no over or under throwing. Shit man, I actually tried to see if I could trip you up at the end, but you put it right in the center of my chest." Mike admitted, with abit of chagrin. "I thought those last couple were abit off. Figured you were getting tired, doing all that running." Cade replied with a knowing smirk. Mike was on the track team, so running was nothing to him. "That's all we wide receivers have to do, Run, and Catch. Running a dozen or so routes ain't gonna wear me out." The trio rejoined the rest of the team as they head in to shower and change, getting ready to actually start the schoolday. Class was just about to start as Cade sat in his desk. He'd run abit late after practice, and pulled out his phone to check his messages, before the bell rang. Reading what had happened, he railed against remaining there, but in truth, there wasn't really anything for him to do or accomplish by leaving and going to the hospital. He shot off a quick reply, and the bell rang, he quickly put away his phone, putting it on silent mode. It wasn't a lack of care that let him sit there, he was worried, but all the same, there just wasn't anything he could do. So he sat there as classes began.
  7. The Allistair family sat around the table in the dining room eating breakfast. It was early, six thirty-five. Most families probably wouldn't be up yet, but Each of them had something going. It would have been normal ten years ago, before Ian had become the sheriff, but following that, it had become a very rare occurence. After the previous night, Ian knew that he'd be busy, but he'd promised Miyakko privately to make more time for the family. This was a small part of it. It was very good, grits, scrambled eggs, toast and sausage, along with fresh fruit, though no one spoke at first. Cade broke the silence. "I've got practice this morning." His dad looked at him and nodded. "Football, so they finally got you to join." He smiled at him. "I thought you were gonna say no." "I figure I can give it a try." Cade answered. "Don't neglect your studies Cade. I know you've got alot of other extracurricular activities, and that's fine. But you can't afford to fail in school." Cade sighed. "Yeah, Dad, I get it, keep the grades up or no sports." To be fair, Cade's grades weren't amazing, he wasn't a genius, but he got by. It helped that Sean was a genius, and they'd studied together often. Still, things had changed, and Cade wanted to not have to rely on his friends as much. One more resolution he'd made to himself, to do better in school. He didn't expect straight A's, but he wanted to get further from the eligibility border than he was. The only "real" subject he did well in was History, he'd always enjoyed that class. Biology was another he was better than borderline on, but the rest, not so much. Chemistry wasn't his strong point, and neither was Trigonometry. Those were the ones he needed Sean's help with most. Cade and Haruka were the first to finish, and he took her dishes. "Go get ready, unless you want to ride the bus." She did, and instead, he washed the dishes, and went to grab his school backpack. Miyakko surprised him, given how mad she'd been the night before by hugging him, "Have a good day today, Cade." She came out ready to go, and it was just before seven. Cade brought Haruka to school and then head on to practice. Some of the team he knew. They ran track or played baseball with him. It was this that was part of the reason he agreed to give this a try. His friends had asked him to do it as well. Seeing him come out ready to practice, Dylan and Mike both smiled. They ran track with him, and he nodded. They were both wide receivers, and Dylan played baseball as well. The coach came up, and looked to Cade. "So, I know you've got an arm, but that's with a baseball. I want you to do some throwing exercises with Dylan and Michael." The two of them were all smiles, and Cade nodded. "Sure thing Coach." He looked to where there were a half dozen footballs on the ground and started walking to it, with the two of them walking to either side. "We're just gonna run some basic routes Cade, just get the ball near us, we'll do the rest." Cade nodded. "Got it." Truth was, since this had first come up, and even before, Cade had practiced throwing a football. He'd hung up a tire, and was reliably able to put the football through the center, even when he was on the move. The two explained the routes they were going to run while all three of them stretched, and then took their positions. Cade yelled "Hut!" and off Dylan ran, at the exact moment he needed to, Cade let fly with the football, a perfect spiral that seemingly drilled into Dylan's chest exactly where he told Cade to throw. Again he yelled "Hut!" and Mike took off, with a repeat performance from Cade. The two brought the balls back, and both looked amazed and happy. "Christ, Cade, that almost hurt. I know I said drill it in, but damn." Mike chuckled. "let's run these abit more, then I want to see if you can hit longer throws." Cade nodded and smiled back to his teammates. "Sure." This was basics and fundamentals, but that was how you began. Even as the rest of the team was running through regular exercises, the coach was watching his new quarterback. "Kid's got a canon." The offensive coach nodded. "He sure does, If he's got that kind of aim under pressure..." He trailed off. "Yeah, this is gonna be a great season." It was right around seven fifteen, and they still had thirty minutes of practice.
  8. The ride home for the Allister family was a quiet one, but Cade could feel coming storm. Haruka glanced at him, and he smiled, though it was a grim smile. He and his father would go get his jeep tomorrow, and that would be at least one headache less to deal with. Cade head straight for the hose in the back yard, knowing he'd be the one to clean out where he'd sat later. He washed himself down with the cold water, the trying to get the worse of the previously dried gore and gunk off of himself, before he went inside. It stung of course, he wasn't unscathed, and the stinging water found every little place it could to send a jolt of pain through him. Haruka brought him some old towels, setting them by the back patio, which he used to dry off. Done with that first washing, Cade made his way inside, heading to the bathroom he shared with his sister. He was in there awhile, taking three times as long as normal to wash the grime, gore, and blood, careful to only use his towels, and letting the hot water warm him after his hosing down outside. "Goddamit." it was the first word he'd said aloud since leaving the hospital, "I hope Marissa is alright." he really should have actually said something, should have done something to actually try to stand up for her. He felt useless, just as he had when Cody had healed from the gunshot. But he hadn't done anything for Marissa, or Devin. His own mother's words had shocked him into inaction, and he'd failed to step up to help his friends. He pounded one fist on the wall hard enough that it knocked over a bottle of bodywash. "God, I'm a fucking failure." he groaned out, before getting on with cleaning himself up. His sister, who was in her room on the other side of that wall, heard him, probably the only person who could have, and whispered quietly, "No, you aren't." When he finally came out he had on some clean shorts, and a t-shirt, and his phone in his hand. He'd already shot off a message to Marissa, saying he was there, any time, if she needed him. He'd ended it with "I may not be able to come as fast as your brother, but if you need me, I'll be there." he meant it, and it made him smile. Then he realized that that could probably be taken another way, almost panicked, and just decided to live with whatever came from that too. He knocked on Haruka's door, but she wasn't there, instead he found his parents, sitting in the den, his sister seated next to his Mother, and it was obvious he was meant to sit beside his father. Miyakko waited for him to sit, and nodded once. "I think the two of you have alot that you need to talk about. Why don't you start at the beginning..." Cade looked to his father, and nodded. "Okay, Mom. So it all started..." It was half an hour later before Cade looked at her and nodded. "And that brings us to tonight. We crossed the dimensional boundary and fought the Dark in its realm. We won, saved Tawny and Sophia, and then came back home." He had omitted anything regarding branch 9 or Utopia, which was easier than he thought, since he didn't really know as much about them to begin with. "I see." Miyakko turned her gaze to Ian, and nodded. "You knew all of this?" Ian was abit shocked at everything that had happened, about the truth about Liam, and everything else. He'd truly only glanced the surface of what was going on, and a part of him was angry with Cade for keeping so much. "No, I didn't. I had an idea, but there has been alot more going on than I ever expected." He gave Cade a stern look, but shook his head. "It's alot for anyone to believe, anyone to live through, in so short a time. It's all the worse because it's a group of kids that includes my son." Cade looked at his father, who continued. "I do understand why you said nothing. We'd not have believed you. Hell I didn't want to believe, even after seeing what I saw, son. I'm sorry for that." Ian looked over to Miyakko. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you what I did know, I thought I was protecting you." Cade nodded. "I wanted to tell you at least what dad knew, but I just didn't want you to worry, mom." He was looking at his mother squarely. "When I did finally tell you, I screwed it up, and you thought I was just delusional from all the games." He looked over at Haruka, who had remained quiet. "I didn't tell you, because you'd have probably told everyone else." He smiled, and Haruka gave him a hard glare. She was clearly mad at him too. Miyakko sighed. "This is all alot to take in, I'm furious with both of of you, but I know you had what you thought were good intentions. Ian, I'm your wife. I plan to spend the rest of my life with you, I left my home and my family to come here, and start a family with you. You can Rely on me. That's something you had best remember from now on." She turned her gaze to Cade, and shook her head. "I know you and I have no blood ties Cade. Even so, you have been as perfect a son as a mother could ever ask for. You love your sister, and you love me, I've never doubted that. I'd always thought I was the sort of mother you could be open with, but I was clearly wrong. I'm mad that you didn't tell me sooner, that you've so recklessly endangered yourself when you're so precious to so many people. What I'm most mad about, is that you left tonight, knowing you might not return, and you left so much unsaid. If you hadn't come back, You would have hurt us, all of us, your friends, your grandparents, even Mr. Bancroft. You aren't someone who can just disappear and not leave a gaping hole in the lives of others son. Think on that, please." She was nearly in tears. "We can discuss your punishment in detail tomorrow, but right now I'm going to bed." Clearly there was no room for Ian, and he nodded. "I didn't get to eat since Lunch, so I'm going to fix something, then rest." When Ian had left, it was only Haruka and Cade in the den, and his little sister came to stand in front of him. "You can't do that again, Cade. I promise, I'll keep your secrets, for you and Mari and everyone, but don't shut me out. Don't leave me like that without..." Haruka began to sob, and Cade reached out instinctively to hug his little sister to him. He held her gently, letting her cry, and when she shed no more tears, he walked her back to her room. "Goodnight Haruka. I promise, it won't happen again." She offered him athin smile before closing the door, and Cade went to the kitchen. His dad had just finished making a pile of sandwiches, knowing full well Cade would eat some too. "Get the drinks." He said, as he took the plate stacked high with sandwiches to the den. Cade fixed them both large glasses of tea, and went to sit across from his Dad, setting his drink down in front of him, and sighing. "We both really screwed up." Cade said quietly. "We sure did." Ian answered. "What matters now is how choose to go forward from here." He gave him a look that said "I know you didn't tell us everything." and Cade nodded. "You're right dad, We all have to keep moving forward." "You're still going to be grounded." Ian looked at him, and there was a ghost of smile, as he finished another sandwich. "So are you, from the looks of things." Cade replied as he finished one of his own. Ian frowned, but raised his glass, an unspoken toast, acknowledging they'd both survived the ordeal, something Cade understood, and did in response. The two of them found a fishing show to watch, and both slept there in the den that night. Everyone had survived, and with the Dark gone, things would get brighter. It was a hope Father and son shared, as they both drifted off.
  9. Listening to the twins' mother rant and rage at the two of them, Cade felt no satisfaction, and when she got going on Marissa, he lost it, just abit. he'd been sitting in one of the wooden waiting room chairs that had been brought in, and it was an unspoken rule it seemed that no one would interfere with the individual family talks, there was no missing the loud crack as Cade's hand tightened on the armrest enough to break it free. The shock of having done that was enough for him to calm down just enough to avoid going over there. When their father intervened, Cade smiled. He didn't know him, but at least he saw that this wasn't really the time or place to tear a strip out of any of the kids. He was surprised Jason thought to interject, but what he said fit so well. He caught Marissa's gaze, asking without words if she wanted him to say anything, and she shook her head. It was clear he was mad, and ready to jump to their defense. He nodded, and remained seated, ready to get up should he need to. He had alot on his mind already, and explaining to his Mother, that no, he really hadn't been lying before, that was going to be hard. It meant that he and his father had both lied to her, at a time when she was already very suspicious of Ian's behavior. That tore at him, and his mood grew darker because of it. As if summoned by his darker mood, the door opened and Miyakko Alistair, accompanied by her daughter Haruka, entered, and Cade's eyes narrowed. He could read the concern in his mother's eyes, and no small amount of confusion. Normally a very kind and amiable woman, she would have stopped to check on each of the other members of the Fellowship, but instead she strode straight to her stepson, who rose from the chair, the armrest he'd broken off laying on the ground. Haruka walked behind her mother, quietly taking in the Fellowship, how they were injured, and some of the newer members. She stopped for a moment by Marissa and mouthed "You ok?" It was touching, in its own way that she would stop to check on her. Cade noticed, and smiled. He didn't mind, He did actually want the two of them to get along. Miyakko, over a foot shorter and perhaps only half as heavy as her towering stepson looked up at him, and lowered her eyes. "Sit Down, Cade. I won't do this with you towering over me." Obediently, Cade lowered himself back into the chair. Her gaze was hard as she looked at him, and she reached out placing a hand to his cheek. She couldn't stop the tears, Cade was bloodier than the others, his pants and shirt were torn, and he seemed to have alot of blood on him, but he just seemed so calm. "Are you really okay? How did this happen?" "I'm okay mom, mostly just some scratches, I got off alot lighter than some of the others." It was hard to believe, given how much blood there was. "Most of the blood isn't even mine." "I'm going to examine you." She said, her tone saying this wasn't a request. "You know they already have, Mom." He said, dryly. "That's fine. I am your mother, and I am not satisfied." Cade frowned, but didn't resist, as she began to examine him, it was true, he wasn't badly hurt, within a week there'd be little sign of his injuries barring a few scars. Still this was even more perplexing. "They told us you and your friends found the girl who'd been kidnapped, Sophia, and that you'd been in some sort of scrape, what exactly, did you do Cade, who did you fight, that you'd all be so injured like this." "We did mom, and she's being tended to. We brought back both girls who were taken." Cade answered her softly. She looked at him. "What happened?" He looked at her, even as she continued her examination. "Understand mom, I'm not having a moment, I'm not playing a joke on you, I'm being perfectly honest when I say this." he paused, steeling himself. "We went to another dimension, fought an ancient evil that was hell-bent on consuming us and destroying the town, and the many creatures it spawned in pursuit of this goal." "Twice in a day, Cade, really? I won't fall for it." She sounde very annoyed. "I wasn't lying just now, and I wasn't before either mom." "That's foolishness Cade, you and your friends are just a bunch of kids, exceptional in some ways, but just normal kids. There's no such things as super powers. I really thought you knew better than to believe all the manga you read and the shows you watch." Cade grunted at that. Sure, most there knew about it, but he knew Marissa and Devin didn't. Seemed like nobody's secrets were safe. "They heard someone at the adjacent bed clear their throat, pointedly. Looking over, Cade saw Jase extend a hand out to the side of the bed he was currently reclining on, the lean youth's eyes still closed. Flame sprang to life from his palm, causing Miyako to gasp audibly as it danced for a few moments before winking out, an empty clear plastic cup then floating from a nearby table to Jason's hand. As Miyako swayed alarmingly enough for Cade to reach out and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, icy particles formed in the air above the cup, water condensing from the air and filling it. Still with his eyes closed, Jase took a drink. Miyako made the small stifled noise of a woman who had felt her sanity slip a gear but couldn't deny what she'd seen. Cade shot Jase a look. "Thanks for that." he said with a touch of irony. It had cut through a lot of red tape, but still... "De nada." Jase calmly took another sip of water, his lips twitching in the faintest of smiles. Haruka's eyes were as wide as saucers as, a moment later, she got over her own shock. "That. Was. Awesome!"
  10. My name is Eric Carson, It's a warm Montana morning as I sit in a small studio apartment with Cade Allistair, one of the main cast of Weirder Stuff. Looking around, the place is largely in line with my expectations, and across from me, my host smiles. Today Cade's made time to discuss his health routine, said to be the most extreme among the cast's, with for Men's Health journal. EC: "Good morning Cade." CA: Good morning Eric, thanks for waiting. EC: I take it you finished your morning routine already? CA: Yes, I get up early for fasted cardio, then a healthy breakfast, then an hour of weights, today was a strength day, so it went fairly fast." EC: So tell me, was it a big adjustment when you were cast?" CA: In some ways, yes. I grew up playing football, and baseball, so the role itself is pretty natural for me. I didn't look like I did back then so much though. The diet and workouts are much more targeted now. EC: So your workout is more or less intense? CA: Way more intense, in that I have to care far more about my diet, which is generally much, much healthier than anything I ate growing up. EC: Generally? CA: Gotta have cheat days, Eric. I just make sure to work harder to burn them off. EC: What is your diet like? CA: I go high protein, close to 5k calories a day, eggs in the morning, usually chicken and beef for lunches, and again for dinner, though I do like to switch up and cook some fish for variety. EC: what about protein supplements? CA: Yeah, I do at least two shakes a day, but I try to get most from what I eat, it certainly forced me to learn how to cook a larger variety of dishes. EC: You cook all your own food? where do you find the time, with the filming, and the workouts? CA: I make time, not like I've got anyone else to do it for me. I knew how to cook beforehand anyway, though I admit it wasn't the most healthy methods. Lots of fried foods, barbeque, and grilling. EC: Your cheat days? CA: Fried foods, seafood, chicken, and piles of bacon, pizza pretty much anything most find unhealthy. EC: You really take it serious both ways, don't you? CA: I work hard, and I play hard. EC: So you have a very intense workout, and you mentioned fasted cardio.... CA: Yes, I get up and run five miles before breakfast. I find that works great for really melting away any excess fat. EC: Even during filming? Do any of the others join you? CA: No, most aren't awake when I get up for it. EC: Does it bother you that they don't have to follow such a rigorous training regimen? CA: Not at all, we play different characters, and each brings their own difficulties with the role. I feel blessed in that Cade's life is very similar to how I grew up, so it's not hard to get into his mindset. EC: I see. What about all the animal scenes? CA: Well the best were actually the squirrels. They're tamed and well trained believe it or not. They've never bitten me. The ferrets however, are hell incarnate. I always end up getting bitten by them, and of all the animals, they've caused the most reshoots. EC: What about the badger? CA: That was different, but it was well behaved. EC: You've mentioned being similar to your character, do you share any of his hobbies? CA: Some, yes. I admit, I'm totally lost on the anime and Manga front, I remember watching some shows like Dragon BallZ growing up, by I'm not into it like he is. I Do love to fish and hunt, so I do share that. EC:What about your castmates? CA: well we do some things together, my favorite has been the RPGs. I wasn't really into them growing up, but the higherups thought we should all look like we know what we're doing, so they got us to play, and we still do so, even if that part of things has been more in the background in more recent episodes. EC: So you got into some of the "Nerdy" stuff too. CA: Well yeah, some of the others are way more into it than I am, and there is that whole time crunch issue, outside my rest/cheat days. EC: If someone wanted to follow your regimen, what would you say? CA: It works, but it requires commitment. Know your limits, everyone's are different. Do the best that you can. EC: That's pretty considerate of you. CA: Well in this day and age, it's not hard to find a good workout that's going to get results. This is mine, and if it helps anyone get into shape the way they want, well I think that's pretty great. EC: Thank you for your time Cade, and for allowing us to print your routine for those who are curious about the exact details. CA: You're welcome, Eric. Following the interview, a full breakdown of Cade's Diet and weekly workout plans are printed.
  11. They'd won, and they'd all made it back. Thinking of that, Cade could only smile. They'd saved Tawny and Sophia, and put an end to the Tree itself. Things could finally start to go back to normal. The Fellowship didn't escape unscathed, but no one was hurt in a way that would be lasting, at least not physically. He was a mess, thanks to holding Tawny, and even at that, he'd had to shift her so he could fight, taking out creatures with controlled bursts of fire that would have made his father and grandfather proud. As everyone took their phones out, calling their parents, he did the same after wiping his hands on his back. "Hey Dad..Yeah we're all okay.... Yeah, it's done for now..... We got Sophia and Tawny back.....the Jauntsens are coming, and I think bringing us to the Medical center...Yeah, we're not unscathed, but we'll be alright... I need a change of clothes, and probably a shower. I think the Jauntsens are gonna want to talk to you too....Yeah You're Welcome. See you there." He hung up and let out a sigh, but it was a happy one. With the danger largely passed, he folded the gun back and put it into his backpack, best to not get caught with it openly, though it wasn't gonna be a secret much longer. That done, he made his way over to Marissa. "You were pretty amazing you know." She looked at her faux-boyfriend and nodded. "I have been telling you this." He nodded with a smile, while a dozen corny lines ran through his head. Mindful of how much dirtier he was than her, he only reached down to take her hand with the one of his that was relatively clean. "I'm glad you're ok." It was simple, earnest, and totally from the heart. He knew the experience was traumatic, that she'd been hurt, but they'd survived, they'd won. It would take time to get past everything, but at least they could go forward.
  12. It was over quickly, Jason and Sean's literal firepower was a spectacle that couldn't be denied. He didn't relax, it couldn't be that easy. When the tree began to come after them, he was ready, despite knowing it might prove a futile gesture on his part again. Still, he told himself everything they did mattered, that there was some real effect to it all. Marissa called for him to help with Tawny, and he nodded, slinging his rifle over his back on it's strap, even with a horde of creatures headed toward them. Sean's laser blast was impressive, thinning the coming onslaught, but there were still more. He smiled, seeing Sean act to buy Devin time. There was bad blood there, but at least it was slowly being washed away. Still, they had to leave, now. He knelt down, gently deftly taking Tawny from Marissa, heedless of the gore and grime getting on him, his focus was on taking her up securely, to prevent any further injury. Satisfied that he had her as best he could, Cade rose back up to his full height with Tawny in his arms, princess carry style. "I'm not the one you'd rather do this the first time for you, I know, just bear with it for now." He knew she was out cold, and couldn't hear him, but he said it anyway in the way that people would talk to a coma patient. "We should rally by the Throne, and be ready when Devin opens the way home. Someone else needs to grab Sophia." He said, even as he head for the Throne, trusting Marissa not to lag behind. He could have carried both girls, but not comfortably, and there was the potential for injury to one or all of them, if he fell. He didn't seem fazed by the blood on Tawny, or how it was ruining his own clothing. It was probably the most creepy thing about Cade, just how calm he was, even in this Hellscape, with vile creatures closing in.
  13. "You know that time you had us go through a hellscape? I think your subconscious was tapping into this place Sean." Cade said, ad beholding their surroundings, and his grip on the rifle tightening. The Tree, the Throne, they were grisly and foreboding, and Cade recognized he couldn't do much about them. He would have to wait for an opening. When he saw Cody, and what this place, what the Dark had done to him, Cade felt a moment of pity. Briefly he was reminded of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but then he saw Tawny, and the pity became anger. He didn't pretend to know Tawny like Devin did, but they had practiced together, she was like them, and she didn't deserve this, no one did. He released Marissa's hand, moving to steady the rifle, loaded with the armor piercing rounds, to take a shot. Marissa had drawn Cody's ire, then Sean had hit him with a straight of laser from his option, Jason'd bathed him in flames, searing his flesh, Devin had vanished, and all of this lined up to leave Cade completely unnoticed, armed with normal weapon, aimed right at Cody. To Cade, Cody was a rabid dog, and you only did only one thing with those. Sighting Cody's chest on through the weapon's sights, he stroked the trigger of the battle rifle, knowing that if this took his life, he would have to bear the weight of that the rest of his life. The APDS round struck Cody under his right arm, and blew through muscle, bone and soft tissue beneath, before bursting out the back with a geyser of gore. It was more than enough to draw a roar of pain from Cody, his murderous eyes filled with rage, and confusion, and now the hint of fear.
  14. Cade had released Devin's shoulder, and taken a breath. It wasn't something to preface some big speech, Devin did that already, and said everything that needed saying. He smiled and exhaled slowly, steeling himself against the darkness to come, against the violence, and for whatever else they'd be facing. Defeat the Dark, save their friends, and bring everyone home safe. Those were the objectives that they had, and he focused on them. He knew everyone was afraid, he wished they'd had more time to prepare, to learn about their powers, but that wasn't to be. They had to act now, before it grew stronger, before more of their friends were taken, slain. The Bracelet on his arm Shone brightly, and he too heart at that, this was what they'd been called to do, and he wouldn't run. Cade moved to Marissa's side, through the attunement he seemed even calmer than normal, He was resolved to see this through, they all were. He reached down to take her hand in his free one. He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and nodded. "Together." That word held alot of different meanings, intentions, and emotions as he said it, but the clearest of them was that He would stand beside her come whatever may that night. Still holding her hand, they followed Jason, Devin, and Sean into the Portal.
  15. There'd been a fair number other things Cade wanted to say in response to Marissa, but he didn't. He thought about sweeping her up in his arms to kiss her, whether anyone was watching or not. He didn't. He wanted to reassure her that everything would be alright, that they'd all make it home, and they'd end this. He couldn't guarantee any of that. He knew he didn't have the powers of the others, that his methods of attack were mundane, that they probably wouldn't amount to much. He was still resolved to go, to fight, and to protect his friends. He didn't want to die, he still had alot to live for, dreams he wanted to make reality. The promise of a very fun celebration, with his friends, and with Marissa, they were great incentives to come back, just as his family was. He put away his worries and nodded, squeezing Marissa's hand, bringing it up to his lips to kiss her knuckles softly. He didn't want to set up any flags, but he couldn't help just the one. "We'll make it back, and this time I'll take the lead." That was his answer to her previous statement, a hint of mischief in his eyes, and slight smile. Devin had been busy, gathering everything up for everyone, and he found his own bags, things he had grabbed, and of course the advanced rifle there at the meeting point they'd all agreed to. He set one out and opened it, revealing a half dozen metal baseball bats, which he knew some would wonder about. They were his personal collection, from years of playing baseball. "Help yourselves. We don't all have cool powers, and while they may not kill anything we fight, it's better to have something than nothing. Not like they're all that hard to use." He took his favorite, a slightly heavier but still within the regulations Aluminum bat he'd used all last year. The other bag he opened had the rifle he'd taken, which he took out and began unfolding into its active configuration. He donned the ammo belt he'd also grabbed, He checked the ammo clips he had, and placed them where they went. He didn't have a large number of throwing knives, he'd only just managed to convince his father to let him have them. He remembered what he'd said to him. "You saw what I have to deal with. I can fight in close where I might get hurt, or I can take advantage of one of things I do well, and throw knives. I know you won't let me have a gun, but this much at least should be okay." His father had relented, and he had half a dozen of them. He'd been practicing, knowing he'd have to use them, always away from home, so his mother and sister hadn't seen him. His grandpa'd taught him how to sharpen and keep an edge on a knife, and he'd made sure they were sharp and ready. He had the big Bowie knife his grandpa'd gotten him for his fifteenth birthday, and the scabbard it came with. He had hoped to come up with more, but it would have been very difficult. He was aware of what he looked like, one of those old action stars, getting ready for battle. He let out a light chuckle, knowing it probably wasn't far off, though he lacked a flak jacket, camo paint and an endless supply of explosions. He'd just have to rely on his friends for those. He had on the bracelet he'd gotten from Autumn, and smiled. They'd all have them, and he let out a soft chuckle. "Guess we got our decoder rings after all." Geared up like he was, he zipped up the now empty bag and laid it by his bat-bag. Cade nodded, and answered Kat. "We all get ready, make whatever preparations we need to, and then we go get our friends back, and put an end to this." he wasn't trying to sound cool, in fact his voice was eerily calm, as if he were simply stating the facts, or talking about the weather.
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