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  1. Cade Considered the limitations that Sean thought they'd have, but still it would be so much better than how things were currently. Then he answered the question about Marissa. "Yeah, though I do actually need to ask her." he sighed. "Pretty sure I'll get lectured for taking so long, but hell it's not like we've been dating for a long time." "You oughta go too. I'm sure it will be fun. I mean I think everyone else is going, and any time we all get together the potential for insanity rises doesn't it?" He smiled, though it was abit bittersweet. They didn't really get to have the most normal lives anymore.
  2. Cade smiled, and flicked the safety back on, before ejecting the magazine. He busied himself with reloading it and chuckled. While he was a natural southpaw, he did some things right handed. Shooting was one, with a rifle at least. It was just so much easier to find right handed rifles and shotguns, that's how he'd been taught. "Well maybe not a danger room, but I bet you could get there, eventually. " It was a real compliment. "You've always been the tech-savvy one in this group, so there's that, and your abilities now, I think it's a matter of when more than If." "So have you put any thought into who you're going to homecoming with Sean?"
  3. "Who'd have thought you'd give me valuable life advice?" he smiled "Then again, I have lived here in Montana my whole life. You haven't. You've got experiences I can only imagine. One day I will leave, there's no Baseball teams in Montana, but there are times when yeah, I realize I don't really know how things work beyond this place.. It's all pretty simple here, even going to bigger cities here.." "I bet that's another reason you see the need to stir the pot. You found it all pretty damn boring, didn't you Devin?" Devin was still eating, and Cade smiled. "It's a Fellowship not a secret society. No decoder rings, no catchphrase, though "What the hell?" is probably in the running at this point. As for me standing up and you backing me up in your own way, I'd expect no less. Blind obedience is for the Military, and the goal here for all of us isn't just to beat the Dark and survive, but to survive and live our lives how we want afterwards. I know I don't want to be some pawn of the military, or society, or whatever the hell else is out there. I can't imagine anyone else does, though I could see your sister setting out to take them over." "That's my end goal for the group, to get everyone out alive and free." He took up another burger, and began to eat.
  4. Cade sighed. "Yeah okay fair enough man. I won't press the issue further. We don't get alot of time to live normal lives, and I won't infringe on yours. The offer's there though. I don't have all the answers, I never will. I'll be there to listen should you want to talk, or hang out." Max brought their orders, and left, and Cade knew she was expecting a nice tip, what with all they ordered. When she'd left, he dug in. Abit later, after the first burger, he nodded. "You call for leadership, I know you won't back Jason, you're convinced the others won't follow you. Why do yo think they'll listen to me, Devin? Would you actually listen, if I made a call and stuck to it? " He took a bite of another burger waiting for the answer. Leading in sports wasn't life and death, and that was all he'd done until now. This, if he was to do it, he'd have to know he had their trust.
  5. Cade shot Sean his "Really?" stare, and shrugged. "At this point that doesn't even sound that strange." He chuckled. "Having the hologram tech would be cool, Set up an actual danger room to train in safely, that'd be pretty sweet." He modded, and quickly folded it back down to fit in the backpack, and he brought it to Sean. "Thanks for looking into this Sean. It'll be nice to have something to defend myself with that's better than a fire extinguisher." "Multidimensional extended range instant communications... " Cade was letting a little of his own nerd out. "That would all be damn cool."
  6. "That's just how most people are Devin. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that. Eventually though, people come around. You have been better, Devin. That's part of why I'm here. I see you trying to change, to be a better person, in your own way than you were. Everyone else sees it too man. Not just you, but Marissa too. We're all in this together." He sighed. "One of the cornerstones of friendship is unrequited Commitment. You don't do things for a friend because you expect them to be reciprocated. It's great to be able to count on your friends being there to help you, but that's not what makes you friends. If you only help them to get them to help you, you're just using each other. It has to be more than that." Cade looked and caught Devin's gaze. "For what it's worth, I trust you Devin. You've had my back, I've got yours. If you need help with something, just ask. If I can help, I'll do whatever I can do.
  7. Cade shook his head. "Alot more went on at that first training session than that Devin. Just because you weren't there, don't assume we did nothing but have fun." Cade's tone was abit defensive. "We actually learned a fair bit, or at least the others did. That's where Sean learned about his abilities, and where we learned that we can synch up and attune ourselves with each other to expand our abilities." He sighed. Max came over, and Took their orders, and Cade inwardly winced, feeding two teenage guys wasn't cheap, especially when they both seemed to be starving. When Max left again, he continued. He looked out the window before looking back to Devin. "Cassie wouldn't even know she had powers were it not for that session, it let her break past her barriers that were keeping her from what she can do, so don't denigrate the effort everyone put in." "As to everyone not liking you, I think that's unfair. We don't really know you. Yeah some of that is on us, some of that's on you. I'm at least willing to try to get to know you. Not the way you present yourself in front of everyone, yeah you can be a snarky ass with issues, you've got that on lock. Honestly I get enough of that at school. Is that really how you want to be seen by the rest of us though? I don't think so man. Be you man." He sat there having taken one of the napkins, and he was actually folding it over and over. Before too long he set it on the table, a pretty good origami crane, considering it was made from a napkin in a diner. "You say everyone at school looks to me, you want to know why I'm not stepping up to lead, to herd these cats. I don't see myself as a leader. I never have. Playing baseball, running Track, they call me team Captain, and I got the job because nobody wanted it. I do what I can in those situations to be a good example. I give everything I've got to the team." He looked down. "It isn't like that with the Fellowship. I never lead the party, I was content to play at the Center, to be the one who can be depended on, who is reliable to a fault. Now with all this going on, I admit, I'm abit jealous of what some of you can do. You've got pretty much one of the coolest powers ever. I'd say I feel like the team's Hawkeye more than Captain America. I haven't felt like a leader, because I don't feel qualified." He finished off his drink, and sighed. "We're all scared, probably even Jason too. None of us knows how this is going to play out, and we're all trying to live normal lives while we deal with weirdness we have to deal with. As for you and Sean, you need to work that out. You can't just expect him to forget and forgive everything in the name of expediency man. Would you honestly if the roles were reversed?" "You say you aren't the sort to be a leader, but here you are. You've already said your worry is how to protect everyone else, That's something a leader worries about. Yeah, I worry about everyone too, so I get the irony in me saying that, but it keeps you up. What you've experienced, and how you know we're not ready to experience it. You're so convinced we aren't ready, that we won't be able to handle it, and yet What have you done to help us get ready? We can't get ready for something we know nothing about. Share your experiences with us, help us to understand, and then we can actually work towards hopefully ensuring we won't have to face it, but if we do, that we'll be at least somewhat ready for it."
  8. Cade did just what he said and listened, and there were some valid points. He'd asked himself some of the same questions, but had no real answer for it, certainly nothing that would help in this situation. "Nah man, nothing quite like that. I figured maybe you just wanted to talk to someone without being judged. Maybe some of of the group don't see things as so dangerous, I mean hell Kat just sorta got thrown in the deep end, but I think you're wrong. We all know how serious this is. We've all faced danger, had those guards actually gotten a shot off, I think any of us would have been seriously hurt. Perhaps not the same extreme you have, and yes, it sounds like that's had more effect than you've let on to us. No one's backed down from it though. That might be foolish, I mean we are all just a bunch of teenagers with attitude. Almost dying, yeah that'd scare the hell out of anyone. I think most cops, most soldiers will tell you they all face that fear, but they master it. They have to, or they can't do their jobs. We're not soldiers or cops, but we're going to have to do so too. " He took a sip of his drink. "You are right, it isn't fair. We didn't do anything to deserve what's happening now, but our choices are deal with this ourselves, or wait and let the Dark hunt us down . As much as I want to believe leaving Shelly will make our friends who moved safe, I know that can only hold true while the Dark is focused on us, here. I won't presume to speak for anyone else, but I'd prefer to fight the Dark, even with the limited means I have to do so." "You looked like Rambo in that raid, like you were going to be perfectly at home with a weapon in hand, and ready to use it. Before that, with the shotgun..." It was surprising that Devin had picked up on that, and Cade admit to himself it was true. "Yeah, i have always hunted, and I'm familiar with firearms, but I do admit Since all this started, I have gotten to be a better shot, and just more comfortable than I already was. It's a good thing I didn't really have to, the gun wouldn't have worked." "I'm not without fear, Devin. I'm not some little robot who just does what they're told. Yeah, I held my dad in high esteem because of who i thought he was, but it took a very long time for me to get to that point, and I'd never thought he'd make me go back to how I felt before. I can just lock it away, submerge my fears for abit, and maybe even the fears others. That's the only way I can keep on. I can't just be anywhere I want with a thought, shoot lasers, or move stuff with my mind." "He shook his head. "I'm guessing you tried the various sleep aids and such? If it's really bad, make an appointment with a Doctor. Hell I know my mother would see you, and she might be able to give you something to help. Yes, I know that's just treating a symptom, but the only one who's going to really be able to reduce the stress you feel is you man. Working yourself to exhaustion doesn't seem to be working, and if you're too tired when there's an attack, you'll blame yourself if someone's hurt. It's a different scale, but when we were in the semifinals last year, I only slept two hours before that game. I was up all night, stressed out, and I didn't tell anyone. I just let it eat at me, and despite what everyone says about how well I played, I know I wasn't at the top of my game because I let it stress me out, and we lost because of that." It was something he had never told anyone else, aside from his mother. It wasn't until he had that he really got a good night's sleep again. "Maybe there's some way you can use your power to anchor yourself, so that you can rest without concern. I dunno. I don't want to see anyone hurt either."
  9. Cade let out a small chuckle at the back and forth between Devin and Max. "God man, is it your mission in life to flirt with every woman you meet?" The smirk didn't go away, and Devin just shrugged. "We're all great at something." Cade sighed, went on. "Sure. No, Marissa hasn't dumped me, and honestly I didn't call you to talk about your sister. I didn't think you'd really want to, and God knows what she'd do to me if she found out you told me anything like that, or that I even asked." He took a sip of his drink, winced, and rolled his shoulders. "Sorry, still recovering abit from earlier. Sean helped me run some tests, and while we learned alot, it wasn't painless." "I really did just want to talk with you tonight. You said some things today, before you asked Cassie out. That was pretty great, by the way. I think you two will have fun. I still need to ask Marissa to go." He offered a real smile. It had surprised him out of the blue, Devin asking Cassie out, and really surprised him. It wasn't like he was one to talk, Cora'd barely left and he agreed to start "Dating" Marissa. ""I wanted to talk or at least offer to listen. Is there anything you want to talk about? I know you and your sister certainly act like you think we're all idiots at times, but it's just us here. I know I'm not a genius like some of the others, I don't have abilities like everyone else. I still want to help, however I can. I am concerned about you, after this morning, and before that. You've been there for us, and I'd like to return the favor." There it was, though perhaps awkwardly said. He didn't really know how to talk to Devin, beyond just the same direct approach he applied to most everything else. It wasn't like they'd hung out before, and hell before this, Cade had backed Devin, and especially Chet down from teasing Sean more than once without violence in Devin's case, and with it in chet's, though he knew that wasn't really helping the situation.
  10. He groaned, and stretched, still clad in the towel, and braced himself before he sat up. He took the glass and pills and downed them . "I need to go change back." it took him more effort than he thought it would to get up and shamble over to the bathroom, pants in hand, and he emerged clothed again. "Okay. Glad we did that outside." He smiled, and they head back into the barn. "I do want to check the other ammo types, but at the same time the more we use of it the less we have. Can't exactly go get down to the store and replace caseless ammunition, can we?" "So it's cutting edge tech. And they were conducting inhuman research there. They had someone who had powers like you. This is all straight out of Science Fiction Sean, or straight out of anime." Sean was one of the few he'd willingly talk about that with, who knew that Cade was an avid fan of anime and manga. "What do you think we should do next?"
  11. "Yeah, okay,, if we're doing this, then get a towel you don't care about." Cade said quietly, Sean looked at him, and then nodded, understanding. He came back with a towel and found cade had already stripped off his shoes and socks. He went into the bathroom with the towel, and came out with it wrapped around his waist, his pants and boxers over an arm. The two head out behind the barn and Cade stood in a small patch of grass, steeling himself for this. "Almost feels like a skit from Jackass..." "If it was, I'd not have told you and just done it." Sean came back. "And you'd have definitely been the one to clean it up." Cade smiled. It was probably not the best of ideas, but all the same, it was good to know. They could go test the other round types at the pond if they needed to since it was well outside city limits. "Alright hit me." He'd handed the round back to Sean, who now threw it at him. Suppressing his reflex to catch it, he allowed the round to strike him in the chest, and Sean triggered it. The electric shock was bad, way harder than anything he'd been hit with. His mind was on fire, his whole body tingled, and Blackness claimed him quickly. As he pitched forward, falling like a massive tree, and spasming on the ground before remaining still.
  12. Cade nodded. "I guess it was a good thing I'd not actually had to use it then." Cade chuckled softly "I'd actually been concerned with them tracking it, glad they didn't. Though I find it hard to believe that they don't know who we are. Not like we killed anyone there." He sighed. He was happy they'd avoided killing, but at the same time, he knew some of the injuries inflicted were somewhat severe. It was easier knowing that they'd have killed them as intruders if they'd been given the chance, but it was still something he knew the others, aside from Jason, probably thought about. "It might be a good idea to find a way to isolate this gun, so that only I can use it and they can't send some sort of kill signal to it. I'd hate to actually need to fire it and not be able to." He was still enjoying another slice of Pizza, and mused "Taser rounds, I'd be interested in exactly how those work, and once you've got it working, knowing how effective the AP rounds are would be a good idea. This gun's way more advanced than anything our military's using."
  13. "Well I've still got the rifle I picked up off that guard, and the clips." He could feel several sets of eyes turn to him. It was a gun unlike anything they'd seen outside a scifi shooter game, there was no way Cade should have been able to keep it. "How..Where..." he wasn't sure who asked. "It was chaotic, and with so many others taking the attention off me, I just sorta got away with it. "I learned it could fold up, and got it in my backpack. Currently, it's at home, well-hidden." He just looked at them almost innocently. In truth he wasn't totally sure how things lined up for him to keep it, but he was glad. It was better than a baseball bat or fire extinguisher. "I wouldn't mind some armor or something though. We don't all have defensive shields." he shrugged. He was on board. "So three questions, First, how are we going to get to where Cody and this skull entity are? Second, who's on the team to serve as a distraction, and who goes with Devin to smash the skull? Third, when do we go?"
  14. Cade had been listening, enough to know Devin really didn't want to go back to that other world, that they weren't ready to face the Dark yet, and that they had to be careful how they proceeded from here on out. "Are we sure giving Cody to the Project would actually help? We have to do something, but it seems the consensus is that we're just not ready. Okay, we agree, so how do we get ourselves ready, Another series of training days? I'm down for that, but How do we even know this is the limits of what we can do? It might be good to set up some more challenging situations, and see what we can do under pressure." Of course the raid of on the Prison was one thing, and it was stressful in many ways, but it hadn't really seemed to bring out anything they'd not already possessed. "Cass and Devin can do some recon, so we know where to go and what to expect when we're there." He let out a sigh. "So to make sure I'm following along, We have to deal with Cody and the Dark before we go to Site B, because if we don't our presence will somehow activate something that will Allow the Dark into our world at full power, at which point it will be Game Over for everyone." He shrugged. "If that's right, then at least we have the order down."
  15. Cade nodded. and gave a quick recap to Charlie. "I pretty sure my dad's having an affair, and otherwise acting somewhat out of character. It could be Dark related, though likely it it isn't. It's put me in a foul mood, so I've been out of it this morning. Everyone wanted to know why, So I just finished telling them." He sighed "I understand, and Thanks everyone for at least listening. I don't expect you all to solve the problems going on with my family, but it feels good to have friends who I can at least talk to about this." His gaze turned to Marissa, and he nodded. I know you will be. You're right though, about airing all the dirty laundry. Probably wasn't the best idea, but I don't plan to lying to y'all, and Dad did escalate things to Encompass all of you. I'll do my best to handle things in the family. I'll only ask you guys to get involved again if I find something concrete that the Dark IS actually involved." He seemed abit more relieved having finally said something to someone about it. He turned his gaze to Cass. "I'm done derailing things. I'm sure you've got alot more pertinent things to share."
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