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  1. Cade had largely remained quiet, there was little he could do to help at this stage. Of course the revelations, the fact Jason was on board for the prison raid, which would be a combat situation, it was all sorts of weird, and through it all, he remained calm, collected, no sign of his earlier outburst at his father evident in his features. As some of the abilities were revealed, and other questions posed, Cade took a moment to look to his father. "So you have these powers too, son?" Cade nodded. "Mine aren't big show-stopping abilities like the others, more like "unusual knacks." I'm probably a better shot than anyone here, and I'm able to tame animals with much less difficulty than is normal." "That damn squirrel..." "Yeah. That one's on me." He'd of course brought it home, and it had been something of a pest to his dad, though it quickly managed to get on Haruka's good side, as calm and playful with her as it was with Cade himself. His step-mother had kept Ian from doing anything to it, as it was friendly with her as well, and didn't really bother her. Courtney's entrance, and shift in loyalty was abit unexpected, and turned his attention from his father back to the proceedings. The Jauntsens were being themselves, but he said nothing. Both were justified in his opinion, Courtney HAD admitted to spying on them, using her powers on them, testing them effectively, so trusting her fully would be something that'd take time. All the same, we'd welcome her in as Devin did, because no one should have to stand alone against the powers that were in play here. "I knew we'd have a Telepath before this was all said and done." he mused, remembering a discussion they'd all had early on, and how that was about the only thing they'd been missing at the time.
  2. "Jason." Cade's voice was low, he couldn't believe he'd say those sorts of things while trying to get the cooperation of the Society and Government. "Sure Cook's an slimeball for all the underhanded shit he's been pulling, but you can't say those sorts of things, even in jest." He continued, trying to maintain his calm. "It's not that you weren't planning to do it, but that you'd openly admit you could, and would if you thought the situation warranted it, and that such acts would make you feel nothing. That's the sort of thing that makes people afraid, not just of you, but Anyone who has powers. That's what makes them look for ways to control us, or if they can't, kill us, Jason." He was just about done with the proceedings here, and he thought they needed to call it a day. Sure there were more questions, but after that scene, it would be best to take a break in his mind. "You just gave Cook a win, and you don't even realize it." He turned his gaze to Cook, who'd gotten even paler as Cassie leveled her accusation against him, and shook his head. "I saved his life you know, Ettiene's. You sent him into combat against monsters and told him nothing, and he nearly died for it. Then he had a crisis of Conscience, and only you walk out after it. I didn't like him, Dr, especially after we found out the truth, but I still saved him." His voice was cold. "Is that the kind of ally you are? Is that how you'd have treated all of us, or any of us, who had a second thought about working with you?"
  3. "Goddammit Dad, that is enough." His voice was a low growl almost, despite his own concerns regarding Jason, he was one of them. "Today Jason very likely saved our lives despite being injured, and his actions definitely helped prevent any of us from being harmed. You have seen some of the shit we're dealing with. This is only the tip of the Iceberg. There's been alot of strangeness going on, and even you have to admit that. Think about that prison riot." He knew he'd be in for it later, but it was far too late to stop now. He sighed. "Calling him a Monster isn't helping anyone Dad. Jason knows what he is, and it isn't that. A monster would have reacted violently when everyone aimed their weapons at it. A monster would have ignored the call to stand down, and it certainly wouldn't be here talking, trying to find a way forward. That's what Jason, what all of us, want to do. Things will go much better for everyone involved if we work together to defeat the very real monsters at our door. We know we will have to keep fighting these things, they'll hunt us down if we don't stop them. This isn't the first time we've fought them, I can't imagine it will be the last." "Look I'm not glib or articulate like some of you, so let's just stop antagonizing each other. We've all had a huge amount of information dropped on us, alot of which I at least am trying to process still. Secret projects, this Aeon Society, It's alot to take in, for me at least. Let's not complicate that any further."
  4. It was a shot in the dark, to be sure. Cade had been following along for most of the conversation but one thing seemed to stand out, only one question he could ask that the others hadn't or a concern that hadn't been aired. "Ms. Giles, Do you have a picture of Dr. Kline?" The Man in Black. Who was he exactly? As one of several who'd come face to face with him, Cade was reasonably sure he could ID him from a photo, so he asked. There was definitely something more to his tone that he had suspicions about Kline. "We're all familiar with Dr. Cook, but I'd like to put a face to the name of the other person you say's behind some of the strangeness here in town."
  5. After she managed to even make him laugh at himself abit, he sighed. "Okay, okay, that really did sound better in my head, I get it. I'll leave the deep thinking to those better suited to it." It was at that point he actually did put an arm around Marissa, not because she wanted him to, but because he did. She didn't pull away, instead, she huddled in next to him, accepting this tiny spark of initiative. "So Sean, about your Jamming, I'm assuming that you're still doing it? Does anyone have anything else they want to say, or reveal, before we give them back their regularly scheduled program? I'm really surprised they haven't already come in here to physically see what's going on, and I half expect them to do so at any time now." It would be foolish of them to just bust in he knew, there was far too much artillery, and it wasn't like they were stuck there. The gathered Teens had humored the Project thus far, but that could only go on for so long before one side would lose their patience.
  6. The actual kiss still surprised him, though it only showed in a slight narrowing of his eyes. He opened her soda for her, lest she break a nail, and thought, Damn, she's already got me trained. The thought made him smile just a little, before he opened his own chips and drink, settling in to eat. It had been an eventful day, and the truth was, he was actually hungry. Cass' revelation drew his attention, but he remained silent, as the others were quick to take up the banner of the conversation. When Sean "All-starred" the ones they all knew were watching them, he chuckled. "C'mon, talk about working together, then ya do that to them? That's not gonna foster any sort of goodwill or belief that we're more than kids with weird abilities." He was still smiling. "Funny thought, so full marks for that." Devin's next comment summed up his own concerns regarding Cook and his bunch, with Marissa's rebuttal echoing the counterpoint to it he'd been about to voice. "It's eerie how you're saying what I'm thinking." When Jason finally entered the conversation, he offered perhaps the most clear and logical course of action going forward, and Cade found himself nodding. He'd been about to speak, but remained silent as Autumn, Cass, and Devin went back and forth. He'd seen the actual wound, but not the scar, it was a good thing they'd killed the monster before it could do more. Finally after Devin pulled his pants back up he found his chance. He looked to Marissa and gave her a knowing smile. "I say let Devin be Devin, he's going to anyway. While Devin's being himself, distracting them with his awesomeness and driving them crazy, they'll be less likely to notice what the rest of us are doing. He's going to do it anyway, so let nature take its course, and we'll all do what we can to get into a position where we can Take the Dark down for good, and take hold of the reigns of what Cook and his bunch are actually doing." "They're going to want to run tests, and as we are all still teenagers, they'll have to go through our parents to get those done. The more people who know about this, the harder it will be for them to keep anything secret. There's enough of us that we can do different things, yet all be working together towards our goal. Devin's right, we do need to work on our communication, something even I'm guilty of not keeping up with." He shared a look with Cass. They'd not really told anyone of what they were doing that night, and if the Man in Black had been on the Dark's side, he'd caught the two of them alone. " I don't think we're ready to just rush to this taproot and take on the Dark in its place of power right now, with no real plan. That just screams "Bad Idea" to me. So we settle in, work with and within the Project, and with each other until we reach a point where we have the information we need, and a real plan on how to do what we want to do. More than that, we need a real plan on what we do after that. I'm not going to spend my life being a guinea pig, or anything like that. I still have something I want to do."
  7. Marias Medical Center - Team Fucked Cade's face remained a neutral mask as the last of the creatures there was handled by Jason, and still he didn't relax. His mother was scheduled to come in later, as she was working overnight. Thankfully that meant she wasn't here now, so he didn't have to be concerned about her being caught in the crossfire of whatever the hell was going on now. In the dim emergency lighting it was hard to see, but he had knew where the others were, and was there ready to back up whoever needed it. Having the two adults there, and seeing how they reacted to the various abilities displayed, he marveled at how well they were taking it. He looked back to Jason, and nodded. "You still good?" The other Teen nodded once, and Cade turned back ahead. It seemed odd to ask given what he'd done, but all the same he'd come into this hurt, and Lona hadn't been able to work her magic yet. "Dammit it all, It was a good day to go fishing today too." He muttered to no one in particular. It showed how calm he was, even in this nightmare situation, that he could complain about such a mundane thing. More than that, it showed his total faith in the friends there that he wasn't panicked. Kat's warning was a surprise, but he smiled. "Well knowing where they're coming from's a big help. "Can you tell if they're on our level, or will this be another Drop-down encounter?"
  8. Marias Medical Center - Team Fucked Cade really didn't think Jason needed as much protecting, hell he couldn't even touch the other teen right now. He was ready to help him engage the larger threat, when more of the smaller creatures appeared. With even more creatures descending on them as the ceiling tiles caved in, he'd been the only one seemingly left alone. It gave him a free hand, so to say, one he was loath to waste. He brought the extinguisher around in a vicious swing, with the bottle striking the creature closest to Marissa and sending it flying with impressive force. It wasn't a baseball bat, which he'd have probably made a better hit with, but it was satisfying nonetheless. "Get the hell away from her." He growled out with more menace in his voice than anyone there'd ever heard him use. It wasn't that he didn't care about the others, he did, but for a moment, after that kiss, he didn't want to fail her, even it was all for show.
  9. Team Fucked Cade's initiative Shameless Roll: [7, 6, 6, 5, 3, 3] 0 success Cade will finally decide to go after the injured Jason, trusting in his friends' abilities to handle the creatures in the hall. He knows Jason's still hurt, and isn't willing to let him go face the monster alone. He's got the Fire extinguisher ready to beat the hell out of whatever else may be waiting.
  10. Cade had left to get Jason a soda, and thanks to having visited his mother here many times, often to bring a fresh cooked lunch when she had a night shift, he knew his way around the medical center. After getting a soda he knew Jason liked, as well as another one he'd seen Marissa drink before, he began heading back to Jason's room, only to run into one of the deputies. "Officer Lennox." he said warmly with respectful nod of the head. Of course all the deputies knew Cade, thanks to his father, and Lennox was no exception, still he seemed abit nervous. "Bringing your mom dinner?" "No, here to see a friend." Cade answered politely. "That Bannon kid?" The deputy seemed abit concerned. "Yeah, Jason's a friend, he got worked over pretty bad by those two. He wanted a soda, so I went to get him one." Cade replied with a thin smile. "You know your dad... The Sheriff..." He didn't seem to want to get involved, but likely had some instruction from his father... Lennox was one of the younger deputies, not too long out of the Academy, so of course he'd do what the Sheriff asked. "I know officer Lennox. My father doesn't run my life though. I decide who my friends are." There was a coldness in his voice that wasn't there before, but he was still smiling, albeit not by much. "Alright then Cade, just be careful. 'S alot of strange stuff happening as of late. Weird reports of impossible occurrences. Most of it's probably pranks, or people smoking bad weed or such, but it's been alot more than just a few calls." The young deputy seemed to back off, knowing better than to overplay it. "Thanks for the warning, seeya later." With that, Cade head back to Jason's room, finding it had filled considerably since his departure. "I leave for abit and the whole party assembles." He smiled as he passed the soda for Jason up so it could be set on the small table by his bed. He handed the other to Marissa. "I thought you might like one as well."
  11. Cade smiled. "Sure man, before we leave I'll get you a soda, and I'll encourage the others to come visit. Maybe we can even hold a small mini session here if you're going to be here for abit. The thought of the Fellowship trying to cram into the room to play a session of D&D was pretty comical. The hint to leave and get him a soda wasn't lost on him, but he'd led Marissa decide if she wanted to be alone with Jase while he did so. Otherwise he'd hit the vending machine before leaving the medical center and get him one. He'd see if he wanted anything for next time, and he could pick it up when he came back.
  12. Tuesday- Marias Medical center Study hall Once it came time for Study hall, which both Marissa and Cade shared, it was decided the two of them would both go to visit Jason. They'd drive separately, she to go home afterwards, and Cade had to go back to pick up his sister once classes let out. He'd mentioned going fishing, that it would give them a chance to talk about things in private away from everyone. "I'll go, but I will NOT be touching the bait, or the fish." Cade had given her a knowing shrug and a smile. "Didn't really expect you to. Don't worry, it will be fun." At the Medical center, they managed to find adjacent parking spots, and left their vehicles to make their way inside. He held his hand down between them, and as their hands brushed, took her hand in his. Without looking his way, the tiniest of smiles curled her perfect lips. If he could adapt and relax, this might not be a total waste. There were two sheriff department Range Rovers in the parking lot, neither of them his dad's, Cade noted with some relief. Though his father had not exactly laid down any strictures about associating with Jason, he definitely didn't want to trigger that discussion on the heels of Jase getting into a fight - a bad one - at school. At least, he thought wryly, his dad wouldn't have an issue with his new 'girlfriend' - like most adults in Shelly, Sheriff Alister regarded Marissa as an incarnated angel, the 'good twin'. The nurse in the lobby directed the two of them toward the room where Jason was being kept for observation, cautioning the two teens not to overstay and tire him out. Marissa gave a small snort at that, and Cade found himself agreeing somewhat - it was hard to imagine Jason as being fragile even for a youth who outweighed him by a good margin. When they poked their heads in, however, the sight of Jason on the bed made Marissa's hand tighten a little in his. His left eye was swollen, and there was blood crusted around his nostrils along with numerous bruises and scrapes along his arms. They'd removed his t-shirt, and a similar number of bruises were colouring nicely on his visible ribs. His pants were spattered with rusty dark patches - dried or drying blood. His eyes were closed, and in the brief moment after they stepped into the room both teens were struck by how young and vulnerable he seemed... right until his eyelids opened and the familiar pale green icy gaze regarded them. "Hey guys." Jase said after a moment, smiling slightly and wincing as the expression pulled at his split lip. He lifted one hand from the bed in a perfunctory wave as he studied them both. "What's up?" "Damn man, they worked you over hard." The words were out before he could stop them. He knew Jase wasn't a fighter physically, he was more cerebral in how he beat people normally, even before getting psychic powers. In some way Cade was actually proud that Jase had the sense to not use his powers to win for him. It would have been utterly unexplainable, and caused even more trouble than it had. "I won't say the cliche "you should have called me." you already know I'd have come if you had, so would Lilly. I hate seeing you hurt like this Jase, you're a friend." Surmising from the fact they were in the medical center, he had to be careful with what he said aloud. "If you want, I can show you some other moves, stuff my dad's taught Haruka and I, that may help you avoid a beating like this. If there's a next time." He'd heard the rumors about what had happened. There probably wouldn't be one, not from those two at least. He leaned down, "That took alot of courage and resolve Jason. I'm just glad you're going to be okay." Cade expected some retort regarding how he, Jase had looked at it logically, and saw this as the only way. Marissa, predictably, was not quite as high-minded. "You should have wrecked those two rather than..." she indicated him with her free hand, then reached down and took his hand, trying to focus on his eyes rather than the bruises and bloody scabs. "I know why you did it." she told him quietly, giving his hand a squeeze. "All three reasons, even. But you should have run or something." "Honestly, that didn't occur to me." Jason said calmly, returning the handclasp gently for a moment before releasing it. "Might be worth considering, though." "Macho idiot." Marissa sniffed, giving him a faint smile. "Not altogether." He shrugged. "It helps establish me as harmless. Well, mostly harmless." "Hardly." Cade grinned at him. Jase met his eyes and smiled back. "To people who don't know better, at least." "Fair enough man, but the offer stands. "he smiled at him. He looked rough, and in his mind Marissa wasn't doing the best job looking like she didn't care about him. "Is there anything we can get you? can't imagine the hospital food is too good. Have they said anything about how long they're going to keep you here?"
  13. Tuesday- Cafeteria Quickly looking at his phone, Cade saw the message regarding Jason and Autumn, along with the video, and a quick summary. "This will not be good." He looked to Marissa. He knew well enough that she was concerned with Jason. This whole relationship was to keep him at arm's length without him going off on anyone despite the rejection of his attentions. Jason was one of them, and with both Cass and Autumn involved too, There were definitely reasons to get up and go see if there was anything they could help with. He cast a glance to Sean, and the new girl, Kat, knowing they got the message too, wondering what they and the rest of the fellowship would do, quickly answered by the worried look on Sean's face, and his exit of the cafeteria with Kat likely to go check on them. When Marissa shook her head, he nodded. "We don't need to go right now. The professionals have it under control, and adding two more teens crowding in to see what's happening won't have any benefit." Marissa spoke softly, some of the color still drained from her face. "We can go check on Autumn and Jason later, once things settle down." Cade offered a small smile as he spoke, and continued. "Besides, I happen to know someone who can have both of them back on their feet in no time. I've already seen such effects myself." His tone was confident, yet slightly gentle. Marissa did care about others, even the guy she was rejecting, it was something Cade had always suspected, and that made him truly smile.
  14. Lunchtime- Cafeteria The surprise he felt at the kiss was thankfully not evident on his face, indeed, most of the morning was spent in her company, so this wasn't even the first time. Still, walking to the cafeteria together was actually nice. They'd not sat with the Fellowship, nor with Marissa's normal coterie, opting instead for a table near the windows, seated across from each other. They ate mostly in silence, and Cade was acutely aware that nearly everyone there was trying quite hard to not look like they were looking their way. "Well I'd say we have everyone's attention." That said, he'd not seen Jason yet, or any of the Fellowship for that matter which was odd, Cade wasn't normally the first to make it to the Cafeteria. "Don't worry about everyone else your attention should be focused on me." Marissa's tone carried a small hint of pleasure, mixed with abit of danger, before she ate a morsel from her lunch in such a suggestive and decadent manner that Cade's eyes narrowed and he stopped eating for a moment. "There, that's better." "That is not in any way fair." He answered her with a slight smile, before trying to return to his own meal. She let out a small chuckle, and her eyes seemed to glint with mischief and promise. "I don't recall ever promising to be fair." His initial instinct was reinforced, this relationship would be a true trial, but perhaps not entirely unpleasant.
  15. Cade's attention was primarily focused on Marissa, much as it probably would have been for anyone else. When she focused her attention on you, it was only natural and veritably inescapable for you to reciprocate. "Benchmates for the semester, sure, this will be fun." He had to admit she was mesmerizing, and he finally looked away, towards where he knew Sean normally sat, and Saw the new girl, Kat, seated with Sean. "That duo looks like a perfect recipe for trouble." He couldn't help but notice Cass sitting with Jason. After finishing his sweep of the room he turned his gaze back to Marissa. "Looks like this is going to be a very interesting class now." Marissa, who hadn't missed Jason's expressionless stare and faintly furrowed brow, looked up and graced the tall athlete with a predatory smile. "I'm sure."
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