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  1. Cade didn't try to get close to her again. "Okay Marissa. We can either rush off to go meet the others, or go find our families, and get them to head home, then go meet the others. My mother and sister will listen, based on me saying this came from Dad. Will your parents do the same?" "Unless you think we should just go straight to the table and wait for the others." He knew his dad only told them because it was Charlie, one of their friends, who was "Special" like them, and because of concern for them, knowing a little of what they'd already been party to. He wasn't so inconsiderate to just ask her to help him wrangle his family alone, wanting to make sure her parents were safe too. "Whichever we do, I'm not going to leave you, I don't think any of us should be alone right now." He waited for her to state what she wanted to do, and text to both his mother and sister, finding out where they were. Cade seemed to be calm, almost inhumanly so, though that was only on the surface, and quickly gave way to anger. He was worried, scared, but mostly he was angry. A friend had died, someone that friend had cared for had been taken. The same waited for all of them, if they didn't act now. Like hell was he going to let that happen without a godamn fight. Like. Fucking. Hell. As the thought went through his mind, it was probably the first time Marissa really saw what he looked like when he was angry. It was a scowl that somehow made him look even more intense than before. Few people had ever seen this face, it was totally different than the normal, quiet Cade. Seeing that look Marissa nodded, her composure returning. They had things to do before, and despite what people thought of her, she didn't want to see people hurt. "Let's go then." She didn't take his hand, instead walking beside them as he went first to find his sister, with a trio of her friends. Their reaction to Cade and Marissa was one of awe, and Cade smiled thinly. "Sorry Girls, but I'm gonna need to borrow Haruka." they all looked at him, and Haruka looked at the two older teens, about to protest. Marissa of course saved the day, quietly convincing Haruka to come along. She followed them, wondering just what was going on, but neither of them would say anything, though she could tell her brother was worried about something. Miyakko was ensconced within a small group of other parents, not of the Fellowship, but from the track team. She smiled as they walked up, though it faded as she saw Haruka with them. She politely excused herself to come over to them, and Cade shook his head. "Dad's fine, and Haruka's not in trouble. It's okay. That said there has been an incident, and Dad wants you to head home, Mom, and take Haruka with you." "Cade, what's going on?" she asked. "Dad wants you to go home, and asked us to see to it that you do. Please, I'm sure he'll explain better once he gets home, but I really need you to just listen to me this once." Haruka, about to blow up on her brother, looked and saw the worry and fear in his eyes, she saw the fear in Marissa's eyes, and took her mother's hand gently. "Mom, let's just go. There's no way Dad would do this without a reason, nor would Cade." "Thanks Ruru." Marissa gave the younger girl a smile. "We'll make this up to you." With her daughter going along, and seeing the concern in her son's eyes, Miyakko nodded. "Alright we'll go, I know your father's got his reasons, as do you, but I want to know them too." Cade nodded, and saw them over to the parking lot, to his mother's car and looked to Marissa. "Now, on to the hard part." He didn't know her parents, but from what he'd heard, they'd not be anywhere close to as easy to motivate to leave. She'd helped him, and though he didn't know what help he'd be, now he'd return the favor.
  2. Cade smiled inwardly, though he knew he'd taken a risk, saying what he did. Still, she had asked him to "date" her to protect her from Jason. This was just abit of a stretch on that. He'd talked about some of the other things he'd seen, the couples from the track team finally getting together. It was then he'd felt a buzzing in his pocket, and pulled out his phone. The group chat had sorta blown up, and he'd missed it. His phone was somehow on silent, and he'd found Marissa again, so he was understandably distracted. "I forgot all about this." He grinned at Marissa, and nodded. I was Enjoying your company too much." He shot off a quick message, and noticed that Marissa had already pulled her phone out to see it, and put her own message. He offered her his arm, and when she took it, they set off to meet with Autumn.
  3. Cade smiled, though he wanted to laugh too. A wise man doesn't laugh when their faux girlfriend invites them over for some ""before the fight with the eldritch horror" alone time."" He nodded "Always good to get a preview of what awaits after we get back safe and sound." It was his turn, and he lifted her hand and lightly kissed her knuckle. "Makes it all the more important that we make it back." His grin was so honest, like it just came easy to him to smile this way. "Later on, but sometime soon, just in case, I'm gonna need to pick your brain on fashion ideas." When she arched a perfect eyebrow at that, he shrugged. "I'm gonna need something good to wear when we go to Homecoming. Can't go with you looking like a hick in his Sunday best, right? I knew better than to suggest my normal suit, well I'd rather not earn your wrath quite like that. My options for people I know to ask about that sort of thing are my grandfathers, which would be pretty terrible, my Dad, who's probably worse, and Mr. Bancroft. He's a sort of wildcard, he's offered good advice before. But with this, I figure it's best to ask for help from the expert." Truth was, he hadn't wanted to ask Marissa, but in the end, he wanted her to be happy, to not regret saying yes, so he set aside that desire, and decided to ask. After all, she'd know what color dress she was going to wear, and he smiled.
  4. Cade just shrugged. Truth was, he hadn't noticed, or even really cared so much about it. His life was simple, so long as he had baseball and track, and was able to game with his friends. With regards to her words about Jason, he nodded. He is definitely different, as things stand though, he's on our side." The idea of Jason being set against the Fellowship, that was terrifying. He knew their weaknesses, how most of their abilities worked, at least all of them that had been used during the training sessions. "Enough about that though. I believe I promised you something to eat. Do you still want a pretzel, or are you hungry or something else equally bad for you?" he teased lightly. That gesture, her kissing his hand, made him smile at her, and he noticed the looks they were getting. "God I'm surprised they don't just pull out their phones and take pictures sometimes.."
  5. Cade chuckled. "I think we look good together too. Though most everyone's really just looking at you., the half that's actually pretty." He smiled, and continued. "Well after It became clear you weren't coming right back, I figured now was as good a time as any to have my own talk with Jason." When her eyes narrowed, he felt her tense up, and he shook his head. "Not about you, this was for my own reasons. I told him what I had to say, for better or worse, he explained the reasoning for what happened, and we both moved on." He shrugged his broad shoulders, and sighed. "My concerns won't just vanish, but tonight we all have to trust each other. I didn't want to let this go unsaid and cause me to hesitate later. Maybe what I told him gave him something to think on too." He expected her to be cross with him, but he knew far better than to lie to her. He wasn't all that good at it, so he didn't see a point to doing so. "Other than that I'd mostly just waited for you, and done a little people watching. Seems some of the proto-couples on the track team are finally taking steps to move past that stage." Seeing his friends happy made Cade happy. "Nothing to major going on."
  6. Cade had been left alone again, it was becoming a habit it seemed. Still he knew everyone had to do what they were going to do, he was no different. He walked about for abit, and head back to where they'd agreed to meet. When she didn't return, he figured she'd gotten caught by someone else, and resolved to meet her later, and treat her to whatever she wanted for making her wait. He had to speak to Jason too, for his own reasons. He was still upset over how he treated Cora, and what he did to Liam, though by his own quiet admission, Cade would have beat the hell out of him physically himself after finding out what happened. The difference of course, being that Cade would have felt some remorse after doing so. It didn't really make him better or worse, just a marked difference between the two of them. Part of him really didn't want to pile on with whatever Marissa talked to him about. That was likely unpleasant, and Jason was still someone he considered a friend. This could be their last day for fun in the sun, and he didn't want to damper that mood any. Still, there was the possibility that he wouldn't get a chance again. In the end, the latter won, and he pulled out his phone and shot off a quick text. "Hey Jason, it's Cade. Listen, I've got something I'd like to talk to you about, if you have a little time. I can meet you wherever, but I'd prefer if this is just between us." He paused as his phone vibrated and pulled it from his pocket, glancing down half-expecting more Devin-isms about his hot alien chick. Instead there was... this. Whatever this was. It was odd, certainly. He and Cade both hung out in Sean's social circle, the commonality of the game being pretty much the only connecting tissue between them before the events of the summer. But outside the game nights and occasional movie night hangout at Sean's place, they barely interacted. The sheriff's son and the closest thing Shelly had to a criminal mastermind - which in itself was a low bar: even idiots like Chet and his clique weren't so much criminal as maladjusted, and the term 'mastermind' could hardly apply to any of them - did not exactly swim in the same circles. Not that Jason disliked Cade. He just... didn't really know him or see that they had much in common. He seemed decent in a staid, down-home small-town way. He liked fishing, and video and role-playing games, and sports - at which he seemed superlatively talented. It was a quiet not-so-secret amongst Sean's group that Cade was something of a Japanophile - probably due to his stepmother and her family, with whom he seemed close. He'd never bullied or remarked on Sean - or Jase for that matter - for being different. If he hadn't been part of the Fellowship, then Jase would likely consider the other boy akin to vaguely pleasant warm fog: undemanding, even nice to be around, but otherwise not really standing out, not really worthy of much attention. Only now the fog had spoken to him directly, wanted a private talk. That was good for a flicker of intrigue, coming as it did so soon after Marissa's little ultimatum/threat/warning. He wondered if the two events were linked: Cade was, after all, dating the glamorous brunette. Was this going to be the 'or else'? He doubted it: Cade wasn't exactly the sort to act as muscle to intimidate someone. But love - or infatuation, rather - could lead human beings into doing foolish things. All this consideration had taken perhaps an eyeblink as he stared at the phone screen, and Jase knew there was only one way to find out what was on the athlete's mind. His thumbs tapped out a brisk return message. ///Cade. I'm a little northwest of the Carousel, near the pretzel stand. I'll wait here/// Then he tucked his phone away again and, picking a bench, sat down, leaning against the vacant table next to it. Idly he waited, jade eyes glittering in the late afternoon sunlight as he watched the knots of people bustling to and fro. Cade actually let out a little smile at the response, and tucked his phone back in his pocket as he set out. Cade's approach wasn't hard to follow. He was tall, even for the stereotype of Montana high school athletes. He quickly found Jason, who seemed to be simply enjoying watching the people go by. At least he wasn't frowning or scowling, maybe things had gone well. He chuckled at that thought, and recalled that Jason admitted he didn't really feel things like the rest of them. He was cold and analytical, but still, Jason had proven to be trustworthy, even though previously they'd hardly associated beyond the ties within the fellowship. Jason had never expressed interest in hunting and fishing, back when Cade had offered from time to time. He made his way to Jason, and nodded. "Thanks for waiting. I don't think what I've got to say will take too long, just wanted to have a quick conversation." His tone was fairly amiable, he wasn't mad at him currently, he just wanted to say what he had to say. Jase nodded, shifting his eyes from their idle people-watching to Cade's face. As usual he was inscrutable, but Cade got no vibration of menace from the cold glittering stare. If anything, it just meant that he had Jason's attention, and that was all. Probably. "A conversation, or something you want to say?" the whipcord-lean youth replied in his quiet, precise way, head tilting fractionally to one side as he studied Cade, who blinked, pondering for a moment. "Well... both?" he ventured. "I mean, I've got stuff I want to say, but if you've got something to say too, then that's cool. It just... doesn't feel right some things going unsaid, is all." The cold stare continued, but Jase nodded again, gesturing with one slender hand for Cade to go on. Cade held Jason's gaze as he spoke. "Right then. Jason I'm concerned about you. I've seen the things you've done, heard what you said, and I held my peace because others were yelling or some crisis came up, and my concerns fell by the wayside for whatever reason. With all the recent developments, With what we've got going on, well This could be the last chance to have this conversation with you." He sighed "Truth be told, I was gonna invite you fishing, and have this talk with you out there. I figured a good day fishing and a fresh meal was maybe incentive enough." "Simply put, we all have to trust each other, implicitly. I'm betting that Marissa gave you a good tongue-lashing, and this isn't related to that. Coming over here and acting like some macho jerk isn't going to help anyone. I still get mad when I think about what you did to Cora, how you tore her down like that in front of everyone. I still want to punch you for it, from time to time. That's in the past though, it's something I'll get past on my own. What you did to Liam, I admit, I may not have been as extreme as you were, but I'd have done it with my fists and gotten in alot more trouble for. Later, I'd have felt remorse, however small. But you said you don't. Combine that with everything you said to the Doctor and everyone else, and yeah, any normal person would be concerned about you, would have their share of misgivings. I've thought about what could happen if you suddenly decided to use your powers however you wanted, collateral damage be damned. I'm sure I'm not the only one. The smart people would realize that's not as big a danger as you actually formulating an plan, and using your powers in the most optimal way would be, which I think fits more with how you operate." He shook his head. "That worries me, because there's damn little I or anyone else could do against you. It probably worries anyone who knows about us and doesn't have some immediate means to combat or counter you. To my knowledge, Devin's one of the only two people who could stop you if you decided to walk that path. Having watched your sparring match, I give that roughly only a 50/50 shot." He smiled, "The other person, the one I choose to believe in, is you yourself, Jason. You're a genius, you're smart enough to see that path leads to anything but happiness. Maybe all this really doesn't mean anything, coming from me. I know I'm just the group's token dumb jock. I'm the one without any real powers. I do actually trust you Jason, even with my concerns and misgivings." He looked at the green-eyed teen, having kept his gaze. Cade was direct, guiless compared to everyone else, it was clear he wasn't trying to offend, just saying something he felt he had to say. "Happiness" The word was quietly spoken, with a contemplative tone, then "I don't have much experience of happiness." Jason said after a moment, then paused, considering. "At least, not the way you and the others seem to. Sometimes I think I come close, but largely my closest points of reference are 'anticipation', 'satisfaction' or 'contentment'." Cold green eyes bored into Cade's. "Anticipating a challenge or discovery or experience. Satisfaction at satiating a desire or reaching a goal, contentment when there are no desires currently clamoring to be satisfied, when all is right with my world. Happiness, like sadness and fear, is by and large a stranger to me." "And yet..." he sighed and leaned back against the table, speaking as much to himself as Cade, or so it seemed, as his eyes tracked a yelling toddler running with her arms waving in the air as she chased her father. "I experienced something very like joy recently, I think..." He appeared to mull that over for a heartbeat, then looked back at Cade, his gaze sharpening once more. "I'm not going over Liam or Doctor Cook with you. I had reasons for what I did and how, but they're not your business. So let's address your main beef with me: I meant what I said to Cora. She was being willfully shallow. My intention was not just to vent my frustrations or to tear her down, however. Part of my design was to give her a cold splash of water in the face, to wake her up to the possibility her father was complicit in Crossroads crimes. And more than that, I wanted to give her a kick in the ass. I wanted to either make her quit and stay away from us - out of danger and out of our way - or to shape up, to take command of her powers." He shrugged casually, gesturing with one open hand. "And she did. She went home and practiced. And when she showed me the next day, I congratulated her and admitted I might have been wrong." "It was still-" "Cruel. Perhaps. I was annoyed with her, Cade. I'd spent all afternoon putting together information about the shadows we could see in Shelly's history, and she acted as though she'd heard none of it. I dislike having my time and efforts dismissed, especially by someone who couldn't even be bothered to show up to our group meeting after the craziness of the party. So yes, I drew blood. For the good of the group and Cora herself, not just my own ego." He spoke calmly. "Want to punch me all you like. If I didn't care, didn't see Cora as part of my group, then I'd have ignored her and not included her in any future briefings or planning sessions. I'd have worked around her, or even used her as bait to get information on her dad's masters. She would have been categorised as a potentially useful, but expendable resource." "As it is, she left just as she was starting to earn some of my regard. A shame." "Yes, it is." She didn't answer texts, calls or emails, and he had to admit that concerned him too. He wanted to know what had happened to her. "I'm not askin you to justify what you've done, what you said. I'm not gonna punch you either, I don't attack my friends. You don't either." He shook his head. "We're all in this together Jason." he smiled at the other young man, "Something that might be joy? I'm betting it was when you were with Autumn." He wasn't asking, following the adage that a gentleman never tells. "We all deserve to be happy, to be content. Why else are we fighting against all of this? Just to survive? to live? Hell no man. There's things I want to do with my life. I'm going to do them too, once we settle all this weirdness going on here. " Cade sighed. "And I admit, a friend, I feel abit bad, hearing you say you haven't experienced happiness. I mean damn, that's rough. I can't imagine living like that, but you actually do it." "And yeah, I do actually consider you a friend. Maybe not like Sean, and that's on me for never really reaching out. You've always struck me who prefers their solitude I guess, so I never really inquired about your life and all beyond what pertained to our shared activities. I'd like to try and change that, though I understand if that train's left the station." he knew he was idealistic, but this was really how he felt. It was confusing at times, agreeing to help Marissa with her Jason problem, which she seemed intent on really making a problem, Jason being anything but a normal teenager, all the while trying to still be seen dating the former, and be a friend to the latter. He'd insulted the first girl to kiss him, and practically run her off, his harsh words earning rebuke from everyone. His explanation was perfectly logical, which Cade found infuriating, and he was right, she had made progress due to it. "Don't feel bad for me." A ghost of a smile curved Jason's mouth as he shrugged, his eyes glimmering with a flicker of amusement. "I don't. I am exceptional in a lot of ways, even for others like me. I have friends who care about me, and a girlfriend who shows me a reflection of joy in her eyes when she looks at me. I am always finding something interesting to engage my mind with." "If you want to reach out more, that is up to you. You've never done me harm, or Sean, or anyone else I care for. So the train is still in the station." Another flicker of amusement. "I cannot promise it's an easy train ride, though." He considered Cade a moment longer, then seemed to decide something. "Some advice." "For better or worse, you're not powerless. You possess Shine, or Radiance. Just like with Marissa, we just aren't sure what it does... yet. That raises another issue." He looked up at the sky overhead. "You speak of having things you want to do with your life once the weirdness is settled?" Cade nodded, and Jase glanced sideways at him, his eyes - slitted against the sun - showing as slivers of gleaming emerald. "Best start considering that the weirdness won't ever be settled. Whatever happens tonight, whatever happens with Site B and what awaits us there... we are the culmination of an ancient alien's plans that span millenia. I don't think Trickster's plan was just for us to sew up a couple of loose ends." Jason stood, stretching, then glanced at Cade once more "Be flexible, consider that life might take you away from your plans. And now... You'd best go and soothe Marissa. She's unhappy - insofar as I am any judge of the condition." He flashed Cade a tight smile. "Go and change that. Hug her and tell her she's pretty." Cade smiled at Jason. "I know that it might not ever end, but I'm gonna dream that it will, and that we'll all make it through this together. I'd rather make sure that latter part holds true over the former." Cade, the eternal optimist, answered him. He let out a soft chuckle. "Yeah I guess I should, she's not someone to leave waiting, that's for sure. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening Jason. Thank you for hearing me out." With that, Cade left, feeling as if some weight had been lifted. He'd said what he wanted to say, they didn't fight, and when they made it through this, maybe things could get better all around. He head back to where he was supposed to meet Marissa, wondering what he'd have to do if he found her waiting for him. He'd just explain the truth, she wasn't the only one with words for Jason, and now that was done. They could spend of the rest of the day just enjoying things, not worrying about it. That thought made him smile. [Thanks to Bannon for helping with this]
  7. Cade laughed at that. "I have hobbies, I just don't think you'd enjoy them all that much. Though you at least tolerated one of the most important ones." He finished off the ribs she'd given him quickly, and let out a content sigh. "Okay, so I don't need to worry about bribing her to leave then. I agree baked fish is healthy, and I can do that for you. Some other healthy sides I guess. Play your cards right, and you might even get to see me eat a salad." Cade teased her lightly. "Getting me to sing songs from a Disney film, well that's a big ask there, though considering who it's coming from, I'll just have to soldier through. I'll do my best." His own favorite Disney film, which Sean was probably the only one who actually knew, was Aladdin, now those songs he could probably passably sing. He actually took his own packet of wetnaps out and cleaned his hands, giving her a smirk. He knew how she was, so he endeavored to keep his hands clean too, and took up their plates and went to dump them in the large trash drums. When he got back, he smiled. "So is there somewhere you'd like to go next?"
  8. Cade just smiled at her. He was actually enjoying himself now, and chuckled. Her laughter, her smile, it was beautiful, and while he already knew he actually had it pretty bad for her, this hammered home that point. She was going with them, to fight and possibly worse against the Dark, and there was a part of him that didn't want her to. Still, he couldn't stop her, so instead he focused on thinking about afterwards. "What are ya doing later in the week? I was thinking about cooking the fish we caught, and wanted you to come over and help eat it." He gave her that country grin. "While I'd prefer to fry it, I'd rather you enjoy it too. I can bake it, or make a stew, though I think fried, by virtue of being the least healthy, will be the mostly tasty way to cook it." "My folks work late pretty much all week, so there'd just be Haruka to contend with. Or if you want we could invite everyone else over. I figure everyone will celebrate in their own way, but this would be one of the ways I'd do so. I'm open to any ideas you have on that front, too."
  9. Cade smiled at Sean, but shook his head. "Thanks but I'll wait until she replies. Don't want her to think I had the wildlife watching her or actually asked someone to find her for me, that would really annoy her." just as he finished speaking, his phone chimed, and he read her reply. He was abit surprised, but smiled. "Now it's okay." he gave his friend a nod, and made his exit, heading over to where the rib contest was being held. Marissa really wasn't hard to find once he got in the general area. Even with everyone's attention on their food, it was hard to miss the way so many would steal a glance a certain direction, obviously drawn to Marissa. He moved right along side her, sliding his arm around her, and he could see the flash of jealousy from at least three of the guys trying hard to not get caught. He smiled at her with an almost innocent grin. "You look great Marissa. You're the only one who could turn the attention of anyone in this area from their food, let alone half of them." he teased her. After he'd spoken, he realized it was abit awkward, and sighed inwardly. "You ready to eat?" He admit it was gonna be interesting to see her eat ribs, a notoriously messy food. Considering how she'd acted when they went fishing, he was gonna enjoy this.
  10. Cade wasn't all that surprised when he didn't get an answer, everyone was busy with either food, or their own conversations. He let out a sigh, and pulled out his phone. He knew Marissa was still mad, probably would be for awhile still. That said, he really didn't want to just avoid her the rest of the day. With what they'd planned to do tonight, he knew that with his own relative lack of super powers like his friends, and his own nature, he might not make it home, no matter how much he wanted to believe otherwise. Feeling like that, well, it pressed home one thing on his mind. Moping about what he'd done, about tonight, those were things he shouldn't be doing. He asked himself what he really wanted to be doing, how he wanted to spend the day, and with whom, and the answer was simple. He actually wanted to spend time with Marissa, having fun, teasing each other, and God, when she turned that smile, her real smile his way. He typed out a short text, even as he idly wondered if he could get a squirrel or two to find her. He didn't really control animals, just got them to trust him, and he doubted they could understand him further than his most basic intentions. "That'd never work, besides, it'd probably really annoy her." he said quietly, to no one in particular, his inner thoughts escaping vocally. The text was a simple one "Hey, want to hang out? If you do, Tell me where you are and I'll come to you." he didn't really think about it, probably a good and bad thing. He realized it had probably not been enough time for her to calm down, but it was done, and for now he'd just wait. If she didn't reply, or just told him no, well he'd just have to suck it up, and find another way to spend what could be his last afternoon. "She'll probably say something about making her wait." he mused.
  11. "Devin's alot better now, that he's not hellbent on informing everyone on how much better he is than they are." Cade said with a smile. "Damn shame what it took to bring that change on, but I'm sure it will only help him reach a new level of awesome." It was strange but he meant it. Not in that he had truly wished Devin harm, and what happened to him wasn't something he'd wish on anyone, but the change it wrought in him was for the better. He was still insufferable at times, but with his powers he could just leave, he didn't have to deal with all this. He didn't though, and at least for Cade, that meant alot. Cade smiled just a little. "So anyone got plans for the rest of the day?"
  12. Cade nodded. "Thanks for understanding, Devin. Did she happen to tell you the assumption Mom initially jumped to as well?" He smiled, wondering if she'd actually shared that detail. Wouldn't really mitigate what he'd done, but still. She was probably mad about that too still. He didn't fix a plate, as he'd already eaten, and smiled. The Cassidy family was familiar with Cade, as he and Sean were longtime friends, even if they were pretty different. "It's reassuring that some things don't change." He didn't really begrudge Devin his comments, he had fucked up after all, but if Devin was willing to let it go at that, then so was he. "So everyone having a good day so far? I think all the booths that involve throwing anything cringe when they see me coming now."
  13. Cade let out a sigh as he parked his jeep and shook hpis head. He'd fucked up, but it wasn't the end of the world. That could well be later tonight, but until then, he had the afternoon and evening to enjoy with friends and family. By the time Cade found his mother and sister, his dad had already excused himself to go on-duty, and Cade shrugged. Nothing was said about earlier, and his mother smiled as Haruka saw a doll she wanted at one of the booths, and the attendant cringed. He followed Highschool baseball, and recognized the star pitcher. It was a dollar for three tries, and you needed 3 to get the doll, and he was pretty sure he was about to see that happen. Still when the towering young man quietly handed him a five, he was going to say something, but Cade just smiled. They both knew he was going to leave with the doll, and he while he wasn't gonna miss on purpose, he wasn't gonna short the guy that bad. Then Cade hit three in a row with a practiced precision that even the attendant had to respect. After handing the Doll to Haruka, he chuckled. "Anything else you'd like to see me do?" Haruka looked over and saw a dunk tank, with a guy sitting there, he was heckling the people attempting to dunk him. "I think he needs a bath." Miyakko chuckled softly. "Alright then, I'll give him one." The trio made their way to the tank and the guy in the tank immediately started heckling Cade. "Big guy like you, can you even throw a ball with arms like those? Where'd you find two asians in Montana? Seriously, that's like two unicorns in a herd of wild horses..." Cade had been smiling when he was getting heckled, but when he started in on his mother and sister, he stopped. Haruka's eyes took a mischievous glint. "Oh he's in for it now." Miyakko only nodded, seeing the look on her stepson's face. "Yes, he is." Cade handed the attendant three dollars. "Planning on making sure he gets wet? He's gonna go worse every time you miss." "Then I won't miss." came Cade's reply as he took the first three balls. He reached back and let fly and the loud echo from the ball hitting the target dead on rang out as the heckler fell in the tank with a splash. He climbed back out and got on the bench again "Lucky throw, bet you can't do that again." The sound of a ball striking the target followed by a splash. By the ninth time, he didn't say anything, and the attendant looked somewhat nervous, he'd never seen someone like Cade, the kid didn't miss at all, and it was almost a little scary. The Heckler was silent as Cade and his family walked away, looking liked a drowned rat after so many straight dunkings. Once he was out earshot "God this town's got some strange ones." After that they picked up some snacks, and continued through fair, riding rides, playing more games, and the normal things, his earlier words unmentioned. Eventually, Miyakko smiled at her stepson. "You can go find your friends if you like, Cade. Haruka and I will be fine. Besides, as that man pointed out, we do stand out, just abit." While it was true his mother and sister weren't the only people in town with Asian features, there really weren't so many as other places. The various deputies all knew them, thanks to a picture Ian kept on his desk, and Cade knew he could feel relatively safe leaving them. Knowing not to question her over it, or rather knowing that she disproved of it, he nodded. "Okay Mom. Call me if you need me." With that he left and wandered the grounds alone. He ran into several friends from track, Deondre from the relay team chief among them. He was one of the only ones as tall as Cade, and they bumped fists as they greeted each other. "Not here with your family?" Deondre asked. "You know dad's gotta work, and Haruka's here with mom." "Well at least that lets you run around alone. My folks are over in the picnic area, they finally turned me loose. I'm gonna go meet up with Aidan and Cindy, and Lisa." he said naming another member of the relay team, and both their girlfriends." "You guys have fun, try not to get into trouble." Cade said with a quiet smile. "You trying to find Marissa?" Deondre asked. "Not just yet. She came over and ate at the house already." "Already filled your quota then." Deondre gave him a knowing grin. "In that case, I think the Cassidys are over in picnic area, though I think I saw Devin of all people there with them." "Thanks Deondre, maybe later we can do a track meetup?" Cade answered him. "Yeah maybe, I think everyone's here, though I think they're all still doin the family stuff. Anyway man, have fun, it's a great day for it." With that the two parted and Cade made his way over to the Cassidy table within the picnic grounds. He called out to them. "Hey guys, sorry I'm running abit late."
  14. Cade smiled. "Well if no one else wants to go next, I'll go." He made his way out to where Cass had been, and smiled. As he felt the sensation of being lifted, there was a moment of fear, simply because he no longer was really in control. Before his feet fully left the ground he struck an easily recognizable pose, That of Superman taking off, and maintained it. Pretty much everyone there already knew he had some closet nerd tendencies, so Imitating Superman while Jason flew him around was essentially perfect for him. It was a new sensation and situation, surrendering control, but he knew Jason wouldn't drop him. He'd been curious over whether or not it would feel strange to be free of gravity, and it did, but it didn't upset his stomach or anything. He looked the part at the very least, though he lacked a cape. He hadn't really communicated it to Jason, but the other Teen had easily read his intentions, and after flying around abit, He came plummeting down , landing in the classic "Superhero Landing" Pose, and then rising to his full height. He was pretty happy with that, even if it revealed to the three newest additions to the group that he was a nerd too. He walked back to the others and smiled, "Thanks Jason. That was actually pretty fun."
  15. Cade had nodded when Marissa left. He was gonna stick around and hang out for abit, though after all the more physical training, and having various animals crawling on him, a shower wasn't out of line. After Jase made the offer, Cade nodded. "Thanks, I could use one I think between the training and having a badger crawl up in my lap." Cade made his way back to his jeep and grabbed the spare change of clothes he kept after depositing his training bags. After getting directions to the shower, he went and quickly took a good shower. He tidied up after himself and then put his worn clothing in the bag, he went and put them back in his jeep. He'd wait an hour or so at least before texting Marissa. He still needed to invite her to the cookout, something His mother agreed to already and Haruka was excited for. A part of him had wondered if he should extend the invite to the whole family as he took his shower, but he for the "First" meeting, it was perhaps best that it was just Marissa. His father had numerous issues with Devin, they all knew, so it was perhaps best not to invite anyone else in order to keep the peace. Of course his dad would be working the fair that evening, Thus Haruka and their mother would be there mostly alone. He head back to the house where the others were, wondering what was next on the day's agenda.
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