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  1. Cade smiled. "Well if no one else wants to go next, I'll go." He made his way out to where Cass had been, and smiled. As he felt the sensation of being lifted, there was a moment of fear, simply because he no longer was really in control. Before his feet fully left the ground he struck an easily recognizable pose, That of Superman taking off, and maintained it. Pretty much everyone there already knew he had some closet nerd tendencies, so Imitating Superman while Jason flew him around was essentially perfect for him. It was a new sensation and situation, surrendering control, but he knew Jason wouldn't drop him. He'd been curious over whether or not it would feel strange to be free of gravity, and it did, but it didn't upset his stomach or anything. He looked the part at the very least, though he lacked a cape. He hadn't really communicated it to Jason, but the other Teen had easily read his intentions, and after flying around abit, He came plummeting down , landing in the classic "Superhero Landing" Pose, and then rising to his full height. He was pretty happy with that, even if it revealed to the three newest additions to the group that he was a nerd too. He walked back to the others and smiled, "Thanks Jason. That was actually pretty fun."
  2. Cade had nodded when Marissa left. He was gonna stick around and hang out for abit, though after all the more physical training, and having various animals crawling on him, a shower wasn't out of line. After Jase made the offer, Cade nodded. "Thanks, I could use one I think between the training and having a badger crawl up in my lap." Cade made his way back to his jeep and grabbed the spare change of clothes he kept after depositing his training bags. After getting directions to the shower, he went and quickly took a good shower. He tidied up after himself and then put his worn clothing in the bag, he went and put them back in his jeep. He'd wait an hour or so at least before texting Marissa. He still needed to invite her to the cookout, something His mother agreed to already and Haruka was excited for. A part of him had wondered if he should extend the invite to the whole family as he took his shower, but he for the "First" meeting, it was perhaps best that it was just Marissa. His father had numerous issues with Devin, they all knew, so it was perhaps best not to invite anyone else in order to keep the peace. Of course his dad would be working the fair that evening, Thus Haruka and their mother would be there mostly alone. He head back to the house where the others were, wondering what was next on the day's agenda.
  3. After the training with Tawny, Cade wanted a little break. He'd picked up the targets and knives, stones and balls he'd used, and smiled. They'd both pushed fairly far, and he got another bottle of water. He didn't see Marissa, even as he went to get his other bag with the trail mix. He got his phone and sent her a text. "Hey, I'd like to talk to you for abit. Mind joining me In the clearing in the woods north of the Farm. I'll have some music playing." The text went out before he could think of how it sounded, and he sighed. "I'm sure she'll have something to say to that." True to his word he brought up a playlist of older music, mostly old rock songs, since he knew Marissa wasn't a fan of country. This was the music his grandparents and Mr. Bancroft had put him onto. It was generally less angry in his opinion than modern music, though he was more fond of country, pretty much like most teenage boys in Montana. Having done that, he made his way to the clearing, took out the trailmix, and set to work. His ability to make animals trust him wasn't control. Up until now it'd helped him do minor things, squirrels were relatively inquisitive, so they were easy enough. This time he'd brought some other trailmix, and some beef jerky to see if he could get something more than squirrels. He sat for easily half an hour this time. The tempting smell of the food wafting in the breeze, his phone quietly playing "Drift Away" by Dobie Gray, one he admit he found to be incredibly relaxing. He wasn't surprised that first one, then three squirrels came up curiously taking some of the nuts, then soon he had more than half a dozen. They came right up and took it from his hands, and he was able to pet them without issue. What surprised him, were the trio of raccoons. They were normally nocturnal, and he was surprised they came, but the smell of the jerky must have gotten to them. He'd brought peanut butter trailmix this time, having read that the smell would be stronger, which he knew might draw more animals. They were inquisitive, and came up to him, only as he held out jerky. They took it from him in their hand-like paws and went off several feet to eat. They returned as he held out more jerky, and soon, they didn't even leave him. They just sat there muching away. The final animal to be drawn by the assortment of smells was perhaps the most surprising. He'd seen Badgers before, he'd hunted them with his Grandpa, but this one was large, and The Raccoons did move away behind him. The squirrels made a quick exit to the trees, as badgers ate small rodents. Badgers were onery, and they gave it a wide berth. Still after staring down a smilodon, Cade was far from afraid. He set out another piece of jerky, and it came forward, sniffing and then eating it. Seeing this, Cade got out more, and the badger came right up to him, utterly fearless, and drawn by hunger. Still he set the jerky down, and the badger ate it, and then put its paws on his legs, standing up and sniffing, essentially begging for more. Cade chuckled, as the music had been playin on, having gone through several songs. He pulled more jerky out, and fed it by hand to the adult badger, even as he risked petting it's back. This was still a wild animal, but he could foster trust quickly and easily, and seemingly with any normal creature, if given time. It wasn't control, just a little help in taking the first step of trust. He was so wrapped up in the badger moment that he didn't notice his lover-without-a-label had entered the small clearing. If not by virtue of her presence the rectangular phone slid into the thigh pocket of her leggings had told him that she'd gotten the message. "Uh," the quiver in her voice drew Cade's attention. Her opinion on wild animals was much akin to her opinion of Jason: just because one could summon or play with them, didn't one was in control of them. "Cade." Her eyes were locked on the massive, carnivorous predator at his feet. Marissa couldn't tell a death carpet (badger) from a velocirabbit (kangaroo) but natural flight or fight response froze her in place as her primal brain recognized a predator for what it was. She took a step back. "W-what the hell is that? The shaken tone of her voice remained as looked around and then finally at him before ultimately locking on the death carpet, as it posed the greatest threat to her, and asked, "Why are you surrounded by tree rats and trash pandas?" Cade looked up at Marissa, standing there looking at the badger halfway in his lap, with three raccoons trying to almost hide behind him. "Marissa, hey. I guess you could say this is me training the other thing I know I can do. I can't control animals or anything, but I seem to have a knack for getting them to trust me. This would be an American Badger. Probably one of the meanest animals in these parts." He took out some more jerky, and set it off to the side, the Badger quickly went to it, and he got up. He put some for the raccoons, since they'd stuck around and then head over to Marissa. "They're all still wild, still probably skittish around others, so now that i'm not sitting and feeding them, they'll head off back into the woods. As soon as the badger came up, the squirrels left, since they eat them. Aside from the Smilodon, the badger's the biggest thing I've had come up, and so far my "gift" seems to work with everything. I don't know if it'll be as useful as what the others can do, but you never know." As the animals all scampered off Marissa listened to her bae's words and couldn't have looked less impressed if she were actively trying. It was no fault of Cade's she just hated nature. It was dirty, smelly, noisy, and the things that lived on fringes of humanities borders were ugly and stunk like unwashed laundry. Okay," her eye widened as she smiled, displaying a false sense of interest. "Well, glad I could be a part of history. Enjoy your dirt and death carpets and fart squirrels, text me later, I'll be hungry and you can bring me food." On that note, she turned to leave, her footing unsteady as she tip toed away, now in fear of stepping on a nope rope. "Please Wait." He left where he'd been, and actually pulled some lysol wipes out of a bag in one of his pockets. He wiped his hands down thoroughly and smiled at her. "I'm pretty much done here, so if you want we can head back together. If you don't want anything here, we could go get something. " "I wanted to ask you something before you go." He kept some distance, he knew she wasn't a fan of nature at all, and while he was trying to be clean, he knew it probably wasn't enough to reach out to her. "Would you go to Homecoming with me?" It was probably comical, considering everything else, not to mention just what they'd done earlier in the day. Still it was a formality of high school, and being totally honest, he really did want to go with her to the dance. He'd need a new suit, and he already had a line on it. "I already ate here," she said. "I said later, because later I'll be hungry. I need time to primp. My hair has grass in it, and I'm all sweaty." She wasn't at all sweaty. Still they walked together a few steps until he'd asked her to Homecoming and then she stopped. Her arms slid around him and she rested her head against him. "Of course I'll go," she tip-toed up and pecked his lips. Her smile was enough to fill him with the courage to battle the Dark a hundred times if it would mean keeping her beautiful light in the world even one more day. "And thank you for asking." As quickly as the storm of her beauty had hit the rolling plains of his heart, everything became still again as she was back to old self. "It about time too. Jesus. I'll text you my ideas because we're going to need to match, I don't want you running out and getting some off-the-rack burlap sack. We'll be there together so you represent me as much yourself, oh and wah, wah, wah... wah, wah... wah... wah..." It was best to just tune her out sometimes. The sky was blue, the grass green and his friends were all having the time of his life, not to mention, he was going to Homecoming to hottest girl in school. As far as Sundays went, this one was turning out to not be so bad. (written with Marissa's player)
  4. Cade had known Tawny a fair number of years, and he sighed inwardly at the change in her demeanor. He didn't really want to think that Marissa'd said something, but he admit this was fairly likely. He didn't miss Marissa's grin as Tawny bumped into her, but put it away. There was damn little he could do for Tawny in her quest to date Devin. So it was easy enough to describe what he wanted Tawny to do, and he kept his expectations lower than he would have had Jason been there, not out of disrespect, but simply because Tawny was new to this, so they'd try simpler things. It wasn't like he actually understood her powers beyond the most basic means. "Thanks for helping me, Tawny." he prefaced it with, and then gave her a general idea of how to move the targets. "Marissa, you'll want to stand back some." "Oh, worried you'll miss a target?" He could hear the snark in her voice. "Yes, actually. Because for this to be done right, No area around me can be a dead zone, somewhere I can't throw at. The Targets are all numbered, once we get going, if you'll call them out, I'll hit them." "Why ask me? why not have your partner in this exercise do that? What if I have something to do?" He could hear the acid in her tone, and he just smiled. "Do you? If not then why not help me out?" He came back quietly, and with a smile, Marissa nodded. "Fine." The single word made him wince inwardly, but he looked to Tawny, "Let's get started." He stood in the center of the targets, which Tawny worked to raise, and then moved, slowly at first, and Cade closed his eyes, knives in his hands and a selection of stones at the ready. "One." Cade opened his eyes and found the target numbered 1 to his left, and there was a whisper of sound as his arm came up, and there was a loud "thwack" as the blade imbed itself into the direct center of the target painted on the board. "Two." It was to his right, and he hit that one with a bullseye as well. Things went on like this, until he'd run out of things to throw, and nodded to Tawny. They were never moving fast, but she did change how they moved, and Marissa called in a random order, even if it seemed like she was bored to tears. "you can let them down. I gotta go pick everything up." He smiled as she let them down and he went to gather up the stones. Marissa ducked out as they took a break, and Tawny watched Cade. "You didn't miss at all." "I tend not to, but it can happen. It's easier to be prepared, than not. That's also why I use the stones more, not quite as lethal as a knife." The blonde looked at him, "Honestly, I think you'd hurt pretty much anyone with how hard you can throw. I could feel each of the impacts as you hit the targets, and that was pretty hard." Cade smiled back at her. "That's actually pretty cool. I'd wondered what would happen, if you could feel the impacts, and be able to keep the targets up." Fact was when he'd switched to the stones, he couldn't tell if he hit the center, but he hit them all, as Tawny had been able to let the targets move within her grasp. They'd spun or flipped end over end when struck. He was ready to go again, Though now it was just Tawny and Cade there. His powers weren't showy, but this was one of the better ways he knew to train. "Thanks again Tawny, for doing this." She offered him a faint smile. "Jason probably could have done better." "He's got his own training to do. I'm just glad you were able to help. I can set them up on trees and branches and run through the forest again like before, but it really isn't a challenge to manage after a few runs. Having you help I feel like I'm making some actual progress. I just hope this is also helping you." "Well it's definitely testing the limits of what I can currently manage, and it is kinda fun." Tawny replied softly. "Are you going to go after Marissa?" Cade shook his head. "She was understandably bored watching us. She probably went to see what the others were getting up to." Tawny just stared at him. "It's fine. She knows how I am, and I know how she is. Things will work out." It might have seemed like he didn't care, but he did. He also knew better than to crowd Marissa. "Do you "like" Marissa?" The question slipped out even as the targets rose again. It was a good thing his back was to her, so he couldn't see her blush from embarrassment. Cade nodded. "Of course I do." His response seemed almost automatic, though it was easy to hear the sincerity. "She's been terrible to your friends, even to you at times, both her and Devin... And yet still..." Cade put a knife in a target before turning to face her. "When the shit hit the fan, They're there. They've got our backs. The torment and bullshit is just that, and seems so much less important now. For some of us at least. Devin is changing, and I've seen a different side of Marissa than I ever have before." "Gross." Tawny quickly cut him off. "Not that, quit thinkin' like Devin." He smirked. "It may be easier because they never did anything to me directly, but some of us are having a harder time." "And being her boytoy doesn't influence your bias?" more targets hit, as Tawny kept on, too deep now. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't somewhat influenced. I like to think almost everyone can be better, if given a chance. Even the Jauntsens, even Courtney. It's my plan to give them that chance. So far, My faith's rewarded. They're here, aren't they? We're all working together, training, planning, preparing. We have a big fight ahead, and likely more to face afterwards, but we'll face that together too." "And she says I'm the PBS special." Tawny just stared at Cade, before laughing. "Yeah, yeah I know corny hero speech, doesn't make it any less true." Cade said with a self-deprecating tone. "Ready to get back to Round two of the training? Let's try for abit more speed this time." Tawny smiled again, as Cade readied himself, and the targets began to move again, faster, and she began to call out Targets.
  5. The training was great, and to be fair, the pizza was even better thanks to where it was from, and residual heightened effects from the training. Still the little sing-a-long, even if only for a song, was a moment of camaraderie that was truly needed. Still behind the smile, Cade was a bit sad, thinking about those who should be there, but weren't. He knew Clara and Lona weren't coming back, but the others, he'd make sure they came. There was too much uncertainty these days, they really might not get another chance. Lilly's return caught Cade by surprise, but he smiled brightly, Even as Marissa got in the first cutting remark. Devin head his sister off quickly enough, for which Cade was thankful. He took the ribbing over how the military dads were here, and shrugged. "Well it wasn't so much just my dad but my granddads too. Hunting, Fishing, Camping, that's all just how it goes out here in Montana." His tone left no doubt that he considered this to be perfectly normal, and in many ways, admirable. Should he have to, Cade knew he could survive off the land indefinitely, something that were they bereft of their abilities, he was pretty sure the others couldn't do, with the exception of Autumn. "And of course, Football." Cade finished off another slice of pizza and shrugged. "It does suck that she didn't make it though. I know it's been a goal of hers." In truth he was damned surprised. If Lilly had problems, he knew the competition had to have been pretty stiff. "There's always next time though."
  6. Cade had watched as Kat "restored" the tractor using only her abilities. "Now that's pretty damn cool.' It was pretty miraculous, and he didn't understand exactly how she'd done it, but he understood enough to realize it wasn't something the others could have done. "Talk about saving time and money...." Autumn came up and immediately went to Jason, and from that greeting, well it was certainly obvious that Autumn and Jason were getting on "really" well. Good for them. When Marissa came up lugging the full ice chest, he smiled, but sighed inside. "Thanks for thinking of everyone else Marissa." He moved over to open the chest and grab another bottle, before lowering himself down to the ground next to her. "So I guess your training with Autumn went well?" He recognized the look of someone who was exhausted, and if nothing else, he'd give her someone to lean against. More quietly, he asked, his voice tinged with concern. "You okay, Marissa?"
  7. "It's like a Runner's High just not the huge drop when you come down from it." Cade said. He still wasn't sure about it. He felt energized, but it wasn't like he could really do anything with it. "About the only other thing on my end was I guess that my feelings of friendship and Camaraderie towards Cassandra were greatly increased for awhile. Maybe because she was taking the lead, and serving as the bridge, I just really didn't feel much from Kat. A slightly heightened awareness, but nothing akin to what I got with Cass." Cade shook his head. "Maybe it's different with different people, didn't you mention that the last time we discussed this whole linking up thing?" He wasn't really feeling down, he really couldn't after that, but at the same time, like Kat, he was wondering just how they'd be able to use that in the fight they all knew was coming. Jason's revelation about not actually needing physical contact could be a game-changer, once again with the right people linked up. "More Testing is a great idea actually." He shrugged as he took a swig from the bottle of water he'd brought out, and shrugged his broad shoulders. He looked over at Tawny, then Jason. "If you're both up for it, I'd like to do some more of that spatial awareness training. Unless all the targets are gone. I could go make some more." Having two telekinetics would make it even more random, though he didn't want to put alot of strain on Tawny since she was new to her powers. When she just looked at him. He nodded. "Remember how I said I'm accurate? Well hitting a stationary target is easy, but with someone who has powers like Jason, I can stand in the middle and he can move the targets around me. Can take it a step further and call specific targets, to be hit in order, and further beyond that, Everything, including me can be moving." He gave her that same genuine warm smile he'd worn often enough. "It could maybe help you with your control too, if you want to give it a try."
  8. Cade watched Cass get away with veritable murder when she blew up on Marissa. Still, when Marissa went to "fix" it, he knew she meant it, and actually smiled. His view of her was definitely colored by how he felt about her, but Marissa had actually been nicer to everyone since she became involved with all of this. The mention of the bracelets, that there were more of them it seemed, and that they were meant to be protection was surprising. They'd been entrusted to Autumn, and honestly, Cade had no issue with that. She'd struck him as someone who was trustworthy, so things would probably work out. He'd set the food down, and grabbed one of the bottles of water, his own gear bag slung over his shoulder. "Guess it's time to go get started. I hope the targets are still here." It wouldn't be anything to make new ones, but the last ones had been done with Sean's help, so they were really precise. They were targets to challenge his abilities, only just large enough to throw a knife or baseball through, a standard almost dartboard like target for distance training, and some that could be strung from branches, or if Jason was willing, could be levitated and moved around randomly, to test his situational awareness, and reaction speeds while also testing his reflex accuracy. When Tawny looked at him "Targets, for like guns and stuff?" Cade shook his head. "No not anything that makes that kind of noise, besides, trying to get out of the house with any of the guns there is next to impossible, and should I actually manage, Well there'd be hell to pay when I got home. Best to save that for an emergency where I actually need them. Instead I bring other stuff. I actually broke my bow last time, I've still got to go to Great Falls and get a new one, I've just put it off. I'm really really accurate, pretty much with anything. That and I can tame wild animals." She just looked at him. "Yeah I know, not the biggest showy powers, but like Cass said, they're what I've got, and I'll be damned if I don't at least master them." Cade gave her a small smile. "Besides, I can make my ferrets actually listen to me. To me at least, that's pretty cool, having obedient ferrets." It was this small mundane thing, and probably damn silly to everyone else. Still, given how ferrets generally were anything but obedient, and that the others had seen him with both a wild squirrel after an hour, and within seconds of meeting a traumatized Smilodon, he managed to both not get eaten by it and calm it down, there was definitely something to Cade's ability there. "So you're like Hawkeye and the Crocodile Hunter?" Cade nodded. "Yeah. pretty much."
  9. Through all the grisly descriptions of terrible things, Cade remained calm. Maybe that was another ability, to just be unfazed by damn near everything, when he wanted to be. Revulsion warred with Rage behind an almost inhumanly serene mask. This guy Enterich had to pay. "We're not talking about letting him walk away. He's just not the first name on the list right now. We'll work our way through them all though." There was a harder edge to his tone than was normal, the only hint that he was angry about it. He'd been quiet when they all started in after Marissa had called him "Cadums" in front of everyone. The pet name was sweet, yet still embarrassing, and it was one of 3 he'd ever had, It made him smile when Marissa used it, far less so when everyone else piled on. He gave Tawny a little nod in thanks, and soldiered on. "I agree, we train, we party, Then we go kick some ass, because Jason's right, we might not all come back from this." He was actually glad that they were going to do something about this, before it was too late. "Having said that, We do know where to go, but unless things have changed, Devin won't be able to bring us all over to the other side at once. The effort takes abit out of him as I recall from the last time he teleported five of us, and face it, we weren't exactly fit to fight right after arrival either. Has anything changed to mitigate any part of that?"
  10. His mind was still reeling abit after his first time with Marissa. It was entirely safe to say the day hadn't gone as planned, and he was decidedly happy for the changes to the day's plans. He'd cleaned up, both in terms of taking a good shower, and doing his best to hide just what had happened in his room. Still he had a feeling that his parents, his mom at the very least, would know. He couldn't his neighbor keeping his mouth shut, so yeah this was gonna get out. He'd deal with the fallout when he got home, that much he was sure of. He wasn't ashamed, he just didn't really feel like dealing with any bullshit from the others. He'd been brought up that a gentleman just didn't discuss that in front of anyone, and realized he was probably going to catch a hard time from just about every guy in school over this when it did invariably get out. He shrugged his broad shoulders. "Worth it though." He said quietly with a smile as he climbed into his jeep and head out for Jason's farm. An odd thought came to mind. Marissa'd been open with him about how things were, still he couldn't deny he did have feelings for her, a genuine attachment. If that had been her sans any feelings, well he could only imagine what it would be like if she actually liked him. "That would be worth working towards." He immediately felt a little guilty, thinking that, but it revealed something he'd not really wanted to face head-on. He DID want her to feel something for him. If he was being honest, he wanted Marissa to see him as more than the "Safe Choice." He wanted Marissa to see him as the "Right Choice." To accomplish that, well he didn't have the first damn clue. However, after his conversation with Devin, he'd resolved to be abit more proactive, less reactive to everything. "Can't just wait for everyone else to do things." He'd grabbed the set of throwing knives and of course a bag of baseballs. A bag of trail mix because while taming animals might seem sorta lame compared to what the others could do, it was his thing, so he'd resolved to work at to make it even faster. The drive out to the Bannon Farm was one he knew well enough, and he managed it with little difficulty. Marissa and several others were already there it seemed, and he frowned. Normally he wasn't one of the last to arrive, but it looked that way this time. "Damn." he swore softly, having pulled in so he wasn't blocking anyone, and killed the engine. He grabbed the duffel he brought his "Gear" in, and then another that had the usual mix of junk food one tended to find at gatherings of the Fellowship. He wasn't one to arrive empty-handed, even if it was simply snacks. He knocked on the door to the Barn, and when there was no answer, he quite carefully let himself in. Moving quietly, he passed the rows of lush flowering plants until he saw a cluster of people standing together near the door at foot of the stairs he knew lead up to the loft. "Hey, guess I'm running abit late. Sorry about that."
  11. Cade Considered the limitations that Sean thought they'd have, but still it would be so much better than how things were currently. Then he answered the question about Marissa. "Yeah, though I do actually need to ask her." he sighed. "Pretty sure I'll get lectured for taking so long, but hell it's not like we've been dating for a long time." "You oughta go too. I'm sure it will be fun. I mean I think everyone else is going, and any time we all get together the potential for insanity rises doesn't it?" He smiled, though it was abit bittersweet. They didn't really get to have the most normal lives anymore.
  12. Cade smiled, and flicked the safety back on, before ejecting the magazine. He busied himself with reloading it and chuckled. While he was a natural southpaw, he did some things right handed. Shooting was one, with a rifle at least. It was just so much easier to find right handed rifles and shotguns, that's how he'd been taught. "Well maybe not a danger room, but I bet you could get there, eventually. " It was a real compliment. "You've always been the tech-savvy one in this group, so there's that, and your abilities now, I think it's a matter of when more than If." "So have you put any thought into who you're going to homecoming with Sean?"
  13. "Who'd have thought you'd give me valuable life advice?" he smiled "Then again, I have lived here in Montana my whole life. You haven't. You've got experiences I can only imagine. One day I will leave, there's no Baseball teams in Montana, but there are times when yeah, I realize I don't really know how things work beyond this place.. It's all pretty simple here, even going to bigger cities here.." "I bet that's another reason you see the need to stir the pot. You found it all pretty damn boring, didn't you Devin?" Devin was still eating, and Cade smiled. "It's a Fellowship not a secret society. No decoder rings, no catchphrase, though "What the hell?" is probably in the running at this point. As for me standing up and you backing me up in your own way, I'd expect no less. Blind obedience is for the Military, and the goal here for all of us isn't just to beat the Dark and survive, but to survive and live our lives how we want afterwards. I know I don't want to be some pawn of the military, or society, or whatever the hell else is out there. I can't imagine anyone else does, though I could see your sister setting out to take them over." "That's my end goal for the group, to get everyone out alive and free." He took up another burger, and began to eat.
  14. Cade sighed. "Yeah okay fair enough man. I won't press the issue further. We don't get alot of time to live normal lives, and I won't infringe on yours. The offer's there though. I don't have all the answers, I never will. I'll be there to listen should you want to talk, or hang out." Max brought their orders, and left, and Cade knew she was expecting a nice tip, what with all they ordered. When she'd left, he dug in. Abit later, after the first burger, he nodded. "You call for leadership, I know you won't back Jason, you're convinced the others won't follow you. Why do yo think they'll listen to me, Devin? Would you actually listen, if I made a call and stuck to it? " He took a bite of another burger waiting for the answer. Leading in sports wasn't life and death, and that was all he'd done until now. This, if he was to do it, he'd have to know he had their trust.
  15. Cade shot Sean his "Really?" stare, and shrugged. "At this point that doesn't even sound that strange." He chuckled. "Having the hologram tech would be cool, Set up an actual danger room to train in safely, that'd be pretty sweet." He modded, and quickly folded it back down to fit in the backpack, and he brought it to Sean. "Thanks for looking into this Sean. It'll be nice to have something to defend myself with that's better than a fire extinguisher." "Multidimensional extended range instant communications... " Cade was letting a little of his own nerd out. "That would all be damn cool."
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