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  1. Classes had gone pretty much normally for Cade. He was working studying more, though between football and his other extracurricular activities, his progress was slow. He knew he'd need to get with Sean for help with math again, Sean was patient at least with him, Math was his weakest subject still. He didn't see anyone at first in the cafeteria, surmising that the others were doing their own thing, and that was fine, it happened more these days. There was of course one mostly empty table that stood out. Marissa was sitting there, and giving anyone and everyone a death glare a basilisk would be proud of. The thing was, she wasn't alone. There was someone there with her. When Marissa turned her gaze on him, he hesitated for a moment. She'd pretty flatly ignored his invitation to eat together earlier, and a part of him knew this could certainly blow up in his face in a big way. Still, he steeled himself and made his way to sit there with Marissa, and whoever else was brave enough to sit by her in her current mood. He vaguely recognized the girl as one of the cheerleaders, Katie. He didn't know her, but Marissa probably had her reasons. Cade smiled as he approached, and asked quietly. "Marissa, Katie, mind if I join you?" Into the Lioness's den he went, again. “Yes.” Came Marissa’s swift reply. “No.” Katie answered with a happy shake of her head. Like most young people with Downs Syndrome, Katie was quite social and friendly, some would even argue that she was the perfect victim for someone like Marissa who enjoyed manipulating and harming people she viewed as ‘less than’ herself. From Katie’s point of view however, she was sitting with the ‘prettiest girl in school’ and now her boyfriend wanted to sit with them too? Even if she didn’t care about popularity, she certainly understood how it worked. Marissa groaned and rolled her eyes. “Katie, you don’t want him here bothering you. He’s nobody.” “He’s your boyfriend.” She corrected the attitude laden diva. “Rude.” Day One and Katie was already starting to sound like Marissa. Marissa sighed, realizing that she was beaten at ‘The Game’ because Katie had no idea there was a game being played. “Right.” She conceded in a lazy tone. “Forgot about that.” “Besides,” Katie added. “If he’s nobody than he can’t bother us.” “Fine.” Marissa gave up. “Fine. Sit. Whatever.” “Hi,” Katie said with a smile that told Cade she already had a crush on him. “I’m Katie. This is-“ “He knows, Katie.” Marissa tried to keep in her frustration. It was obvious she wasn’t used to dealing calmly with people like Katie who were dealing with their hardships in life. She did make a pointed effort to calm down and soften her tone. “He knows. ‘Boyfriend’, remember?” Cade looked between the two of them for a moment, and shrugged inwardly. He sat next to Marissa, because sitting next to Katie wouldn't have really been normal for him. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything." He said quietly. It was almost a question and a statement. "How are the two of you doing today?" He thought about after he said it, and realized all he had was the likely correct assumption Marissa was in a bad place mentally, there was the chance he was wrong, but he didn't know, and he certainly didn't expect her to outright say anything about it. He didn't expect a real answer with Katie there, and it would have been rude to just come over and only speak to Marissa. Something was going on, and he didn't think Marissa was doing this to be mean. She could be that spiteful, but he wanted to believe in her. So, here he was, braving the death glare, being a supportive boyfriend. "I'm okay," Katie said politely. "Marissa is dep-" Marissa quickly cut her off by positioning herself to she could better look directly at Cade. Her voice was low, but there was still rage in her eyes. "What do you want? Christ, Cade, I said I'm going to Homecoming. You still get a date, you're still getting laid... what more could you possibly want from me? You win, big guy." "Um... should I go?" Katie awkwardly asked. "No, Katie, it's fine." Her new friend said calmly. "Because this morning, you sure as hell didn't care about me, all that was important to you was Homecoming. Whether or not Cade was gonna get seen with Marissa on his arm and oh how happy I was gonna be. I don't want to be happy two fucking weeks from now, Cade. I want to be happy now, because I sure as hell don't know how anymore." "I'm gonna go." Katie said in a bit of a whisper as she excused herself. "But now," Marissa didn't even notice she'd left. "Now you want to care? How Cade? Regale me with how you care, because you're more emotionally unavailable than I am. So let's live this dating lie that you are blissfully okay with for two more weeks, but please... please do not insult my intelligence by trying to make believe for one second that you actually care about anything more than fishing, hanging out with your sister or shooting things with your gun." Anger darkened Cade's features for the first time many had seen at the outburst from Marissa. It wasn't just that she was doing it, but also that she did it in front of Katie. Cade put down his fork. Alot of people were suddenly being both very attentive to what was being said, and trying to look like they weren't. "Fucking Christ, Marissa." He met her own gaze, his own voice was low, but there was no mistaking the anger and annoyance in his voice, which matched hers in volume and tone. "Maybe I fucked up, but goddamn it's hard not to with you. I never know what you're really thinking, and when I do ask, you give me some lame-ass canned response meant to put me at ease. " The anger was still in his own eyes. "News Flash, it often doesn't. I'm not as intelligent as others, but goddamn even i can see when something's wrong. You brush off my concerns as if they're groundless. You want to face down everything alone. Makes me feel like shit because to me it says you can't trust me enough to even tell me about it. Maybe I can't really help with it, but goddamn, you can at least give me a chance to try." the hurt in his eyes told the truth of this, he did care. "Maybe my approach to things isn't what you expected, Fine. I'm not blameless in all this either. If how much I do care about you hasn't actually been clear, fine, I'll own that one. " His gaze hadn't wavered, and he spoke quietly. "Now, We can continue putting on a show that'll be talked about for awhile, or we can go somewhere and actually talk about what's wrong, and go from there, together." "Hasn't actually been clear?" She took in a deep breath and tried not to completely loose her shit. "I have been all over you," she whispered softly. "I tossed about every signal a girl could, I mean every Cade, because I freaking slept with you." "I got fishing and movie night with your sister. Not once did you show any concern for what I would have liked to have done. A nice dinner, a movie in Great Falls, an evening out with just the two of us doing something that isn't fishing, or petting wolverines or having to dodge your sister while we try to make out." She sighed again. "Dear fucking God are you hot and a great lay, but... you can't help me." "You're not equipped to deal with anything that isn't the afore mentioned fishing, your sister or playing with guns." she said matter-of-factly. "I know you like me, I know you care, kinda... in your own way, but let's be honest, if it's not for sex or beating something up, really, what good are you?" Clearly the show was going to continue. "Yes, and I was openly honest about my own inexperience. That pretty much includes catching signals too." He frowned. Having their sex-life on display was not something he'd wanted but it was out now. The admission he made was gonna get around within minutes, but it was done now. "Maybe next time I ask "What would you like to do, or would you like to go do something together, you'll tell me something you'd rather do. That's not me saying "Hey let's have sex" that's me actually asking if there's something you'd like to do together. Otherwise i have to just guess. I took you fishing because yes, I enjoy it, and it's peaceful and relaxing. " The last question stung. "Those aren't where my worth lies. Because even with everything you've said to me, I'm still here. I still want to talk, to try and actually help however I can. Maybe all I can do ends up amounting to little, but neither of us will know unless we try."(edited) "Jesus H. Christ you sound like one of those stupid videos they make watch in kindergarten." She rubbed the bridge of her nose, a visible sign that she was getting more and more frustrated by the moment. "My life is shit Cade. My mother is a bitch, you guys are idiots, my brother is an asshole and the list just goes on. I fucking hate my life, I fucking hate this town, I fucking hate this school, I fucking hate everything." "Okay, Doctor Phil," she gestured to him and let her hand slap back down on the table in irritated expectancy. "Discuss. Impress me with whatever inane lunacy you can pull from your ass that'll make me feel better." "I don't have to impress you Marissa. I'm not trying to win your approval here. Since you want to talk, let's do that. You can always vent to me, because I've never betrayed anything you've told me in confidence." "I can't fix your issues with your mom, or with anyone save possibly myself. This town's the way it is, I think other things have something to do with that, and right now we really can't do anything there. Hell everything here is probably stifling and limited for you. I've always imagined it was so, since you're not from here. You didn't grow up here, so you've got wider tastes than this place could ever offer. I'd hoped to show you some of what this place did offer by taking you fishing. Not the best first date idea, and I'll chalk that to my inexperience, but Nature is pretty much all we've got around here. I knew you'd never enjoy going hunting. " "Sure, it's all fucked up, it's not what you envisioned of your life, and nothing's ideal. You aren't the only one who feels that way. Having said that, there's part of the answer at least. You are not alone. You have other people you can talk to. Other people who do want to help you. Whether you want us or not. We can't do a damn thing though if you don't give us a chance." There was an earnestness in how he spoke. He was trying to think up some ways to help, but he didn't see many. "You do have a boyfriend who cares about you, regardless of how the relationship began. I may not know exactly what I'm doing all the time, so I'm just going with honesty here. I missed the cues, or misread them, so I'll ask you to forgive me for that. But don't doubt my feelings for you." "As great as sex and everything else with you is, that's not why I'm here. It never was. I'm here with you because I want to be, Marissa." "Oh, shit," she sighed seeming exasperated. "Okay, you big, beautiful and quasi-sentient lug. Baby, I need you to pay attention, because you've obviously missed something, somewhere in the last week or so. I don't have a boyfriend, Cadums. We're not really dating. Everyone in the Fellowship knows this isn't a real relationship, it never was." "We had a deal, remember?" She stared hard into his eyes, looking for something, anything working the controls behind them. "We pretend to be dating and in return you get to fool around with me. Okay, I admit, sex wasn't really in the game plan, but you had it, I wanted it, so there you go. You're welcome." She glanced around, making sure they hadn't attracted any unwanted attention and quietly continued on. Waving her hand back and forth between them, she continued. "This, what we have... it's not real, Cade. I was using you because you're gorgeous and well chiseled. Now, I'm trying to do you a favor and drag out appearances until Homecoming where I can enforce the 'Two-Week Rule of High School Dating'." "Yes, Marissa, I'm aware, and I know that we're holding to it. I'm saying it doesn't have to end after that. So your brother outed us to the Fellowship, as you said he's an asshole, and thankfully this hasn't actually been an issue. I'm saying that if you actually want a boyfriend who does care about more than how perfect your ass is, who's willing to actually be there for you, Well you can have that. That I would like to be that boyfriend. That's what I mean when I say I care about you." "It might be conceited, but maybe through Homecoming, we could stop pretending, and actually be a real couple. We're already getting the whole first fight thing out of the way. You might enjoy it, and for at least a short time, hate this place and everything else abit less."(edited) "Wow, way to sell yourself, gonna plug your only fans too?" She sneered, not looking the least bit convinced. "Do I look like I'm in any condition, mentally or emotionally, to even consider seriously dating you, or anyone for that matter?" "I'm..." she took in a shallow breath, holding in any emotion that might be trying to escape and ruin her makeup. "I'm defeated. Okay? You guys win. I'm not a good fit for any of you. I don't trust you, you don't trust me, and frankly I'm just done. With you guys, my family, this town, all of it. I don't want a boyfriend, Cade. I want to be left alone. You guys win. Now go away." "No, you're wrong, Marissa. Setting aside me asking you out for real and you rejecting me, the Fellowship isn't out to defeat you. We won last time because you were with us. Because we were all together. I do trust you, despite your warnings about it. I trust your brother too. You're friends with Autumn right? Maybe not everyone's happy with you right now, but that will pass. You want me to leave you alone, I made that mistake earlier. I don't want to do that again. I'll sit here in silence until the bell rings, and eat my lunch, and you can eat yours. We can do at least that much together." "If you think that bothering me to the brink of madness will get me to date you for real, you're wasting your time." Shelly's drama queen resigned to just shaking her head and waving him off. "But whatever, do what you want. We have to keep up appearances until Homecoming anyway." Without another word she went back to her meal, opting switch which hand she held her fork in so she could operate her phone with the opposite hand and not have to look in her fake bae's direction. [collab with Dave]
  2. Morning practice was cut short, The Coaching staff cutting the team loose just after seven fifteen. It was hardly worth suiting up for, but he figured it had to be important if they were doing it. He arranged to meet with Marissa and got a shower, changing back into regular clothing before grabbing his pack to meet Marissa. He got there a few minutes before he'd said to meet, so he stood waiting for her. There'd been a part of him that had wondered if she'd come to school today, but it seemed he needn't have worried on that front. Everywhere else, though, he wasn't sure of at all. She approached, looking like a million bucks, as always. In a black, knee-length pencil skirt with a white turtleneck black suede wedge-heeled ankle boots and her long hair kept from he face by a matching black hairband, Shelly's Queen of Mean looked fairly out of place amongst the other early gym-goers who were exiting the locker rooms and preparing for class. This close to the gym, or the locker rooms, for that matter, were really not her preferred place to be this early in the morning, but thankfully she wasn't the one who had to be up at 6am doing push-ups and running back and forth on the field. Still, she was a cheerleader now and would be representing their school at the Homecoming game, so she figured it was about time she got used to the various... smells. She approached him, holding the straps of her bag that was slung over her shoulder in both hands. "Hey," she said to him, her voice low and her overall demeanor seeming akin to a sloth on tranquilizers. He smiled slightly at her greeting. "Even when you're not feeling your best, you still manage to find time to look great Marissa." It was a real compliment, not just idle flattery. He drew closer to her, but didn't try to put his arm around her, seeing her so "sedate" seemed to be a warning in and of itself. "I'm glad you're here today though. The way things were going when I last saw you, I wasn't wholly sure." His own mother had had serious words for both Cade and his father. It was easily the most angry he'd ever seen his step-mother. "Is there anything you'd like to do before class?" He wanted to talk, but at the same time, somewhere public probably wasn't the best place, considering. He silently wished he'd thought about that before having asked her to just meet him here. "No." She replied flatly. Her phone vibrated and she slipped it from her bag and glanced at it before turning her perfectly shadowed eyes back upon him. "Is there anything you'd like to do before class?" He nodded. "Yeah, there is, but thinking about it, here's probably not the best place to have that conversation. Do you mind walking with me abit? I figure there's nobody in the bleachers, we can have abit of privacy there." "Sure," she said somberly as she ticked off a reply to whomever had texted her. Following him to the bleachers it seemed like a typical morning of school as most they passed the other students save that today everyone was abuzz with rumors and whispers about all the daring-do and heroics the mundanes knew absolutely nothing about. A part of her felt sickened in a sense, that she was superior to these people in every possible way and yet... she was tasked to save them. Why? They just just go on to fuck everything up all over again anyways. yet, Coyote had assured her that there were reasons for everything and if she just held out for as long as possible, everything would make sense. Doubtful, but aside from a funeral, she had nothing else going on this week. As they arrived at the bleachers she refused to sit (not in her skirt). Phone in hand she looked at him as he took a seat. "So?" The Direct approach it would be. "So your brother outed the "truth" about our relationship to everyone. Where does that leave the two of us? Neither of us denied it, and while other things were certainly going on, you can bet that wasn't missed by Jason. I'm not asking because I want out. I did enjoy what time we did get to spend together. What I want is to know what you'd like to do about it, if anything. I don't need an answer this second, or expect one. Maybe this seems a minor thing to be concerned with, but to me it isn't." "I was actually looking forward to going to Homecoming with you, and was planning on actually asking you to go with me before this all blew up like it did." "It's not your fault my brother is an asshole." she inhaled deeply and relaxed a bit, still she showed no sign of real emotion or concern for anything he'd just said. She wasn't mad or angry or even the slightest bit frustrated with Cade at all. He'd seen her irritated and this was not that, this attitude was something else entirely. "Jason doesn't concern me," she continued. "Nor the others. "We agreed 'until Homecoming' and it would look bad if the Quarterback got dumped just a few days after we started dating. Who I fuck and fake-date is no one's business but mine and the person I'm fucking and fake-dating." "I'll admit, I wasn't planning on attending Homecoming, but you reminded me that we had an agreement and I'll honor it." She raised a hand to stem any forming retorts before they could begin. "Do not tell me I 'don't have to do this if I don't want to' and all that nonsense. I know. If I didn't want to, I simply wouldn't. So, yeah, Homecoming. Sure." Cade's smile grew, showing he was actually happy with that response. "Cool then. I'll do my best to make sure we both have fun." She did have him pretty well figured out, he wasn't looking to force her into anything, but if she was game for it, then so was he. She'd made it sound like a business deal, reminding him exactly where they stood. He'd probably misread things before, certainly wasn't like he'd had alot of experience in this. "So that gives me at least a small bit of peace of mind. Is there anything I can do to return the favor?" This calm and Sedate Marissa was a new thing, and while it was far more bearable than Raging Bitch mode, it was still concerning nonetheless. Cade wanted to help her if he could. "No." She said after a small pause to consider his offer. "I'm fine." He knew she was anything but fine, but pressing his luck was a bad idea he felt. "Okay, Marissa. You know how to reach me if that changes, any time." He got up, and offered her his hand. "I can at least walk you to class today. As for Lunch, I brought mine today, so if you'd like to eat together, we can." It was his way of saying he'd like to eat with her today, more than he would like to sit at the same table he usually did with the Fellowship. "Thank you, but I can see myself there," she said while glancing at her phone. "There's still something I need to do and Courtney is blowing up my phone. I'll see you in class." Without a 'bye' or a kiss or... anything, she just walked away like the conversation was forgotten didn't really matter, or even happen. His assumption was right, she was far from okay, but obviously wasn't in the mood to discuss it. If she had lunch plans, she sure didn't share them before walking off. Cade put his hand down, and watched her go, and could only wonder what else had happened after they'd all parted last night. "Damn." he muttered softly once she was gone, and made his own way to class. ( Collaboration with Dave)
  3. Cade listened to the meeting end, and sighed. He didn't want to speak with Marissa, The twins were high on his "people I don't feel like speaking to" list at the moment. Having listened to their parents, Misti in particular, he saw where their attitudes came from, and was very glad his own parents weren't anything like them. Though looking at his mother, he knew she was angry. She wasn't one to normally show it in public, but he and his father both knew they were in for it. Cade rose, and she looked at him. "I'll be back, I've got to speak to Ms. Giles before we go." She nodded almost imperceptibly, and Cade left the room. When he was heading out he could see Annette still there, and he called out to her. "Ms. Giles, can I have a moment of your time?" She stopped and waited for him to come to her. Cade smiled , and nodded. "I wanted to ask about setting up that visit..." He looked at Annette, who just smiled back at him. "I may not be able to heal, but I can at be there when he wakes up, help him remain calm." It was clear the athletic teen wished only to help, and that he felt a certain responsibility for the animal. Annette's smile widened a little. "I just set up something with Ms Keane, as well. I'll extend you the same arrangement - with the approval of your parents, you can come in with Ms Keane to visit the complex and assist with the animals. A parent can come with you if that makes them feel better about the whole thing, but you have to ask approval first. I don't want to risk angering or alienating anyone's family more than is necessary at this stage." She tilted her head, regarding the large teen intently. "If your parents agree, you can coordinate with Ms Keane. Is that acceptable?" 'Yes ma'am, of course it is, thank you." Cade would smile, and turned to head back, only to find his parents waiting for him outside the room. Clearly it was time to go home, and have a much more private Talk. He typed out a quick message to Autumn, seeing if she wanted to coordinate their visits, as he went to leave with his parents.
  4. Cade sighed at how the twins were acting, it was definitely several steps backward on party unity, and it wasn't helping. Goddammit you two. This needs to stop. He listened as Autumn took up the torch, continuing with what happened as she knew them, and reminding Annette that he wasn't the only one who cared about the two felines they'd rescued. When Misti went on the offense against his father, he was inwardly happy that he didn't wilt under her scathing attitude, but went on the offensive, telling them about why he'd remained silent, what he'd seen and experienced. The fact that George was dead, well Cade remembered hearing his parents talk about it, but it had just sounded like one of those random, freak accidents that happen. There was at least a small showing of solidarity among the parents with his father's words, and that made him smile, though he knew saying it, and then putting it into action were going to be two different things. He turned his attention to Annette, and nodded. "I can help too I think. Not with the medical side of it, but I was able to calm him down before. I can try to do that again, so maybe Autumn can help him heal. It'd be good for him to realize we haven't just abandoned him too." The cat, whether telepathic or not, being capable of gratitude made him smile. "I'm glad she's doing better too." It was an area he knew he shared common ground with Autumn, cruelty to animals was definitely an issue for him.
  5. Cade and his parents had been fairly quiet, some of this of course his father knew, but Miyakko was realizing the two most important men in her life had been keeping great secrets from her. It obviously weighed on the pair of them, and her own overreaction when Cade had tried to tell them before, that certainly hadn't helped. Ian had obviously known then, and was in his way trying to help her and Cade by acting as he had. Still it hurt. She looked at Ian, who nodded. He knew there'd be even more explaining at home, but Miyakko wouldn't cause a scene here. Ian spoke up. "So you raided the prison facility, fought against mercenaries, I'm assuming you didn't actually kill anyone during this. You mentioned rescuing animals, what sort exactly, and where are these animals now?" He looked first to his son, then the other kids who'd been mentioned by name. Cade sighed. "No, we didn't kill anyone. Some of them definitely felt it the next day I'm sure though. I couldn't have at the time anyway. The guns I'd picked up were chipped with locators and to only be usable by those who had the right unlocking chip. We didn't know that at the time though." Cade looked to Annette, and nodded. "I'd like to know what became of the smilodon too. We didn't risk our lives just for it to be put down. It had already been made to suffer enough."
  6. Ian Allister's eyes narrowed, It wasn't that he didn't agree, there were other things he could be doing as well, but still. He knew about Cade taking Marissa fishing, and looked to his son, who shook his head. That was left best unsaid. Cade looked over at Devin and shrugged. "It's abit annoying, but at least it's fairly predictable. The others will be here." When He met Marissa's gaze after hearing her nickname, he knew with grim certainty that if he ever tried to call her that, or probably even said the word around her, she'd end him in the most painful methods she could devise. He looked at Carl and Gar, and nodded. "Lake Elwell is still probably the best fishing nearby that's not someone's private pond. Though it's a long haul one way if you wanna fish the eastern part of the lake, and most of the west requires an offroad to get near, or you go up the river." He shrugged. "I have a couple friends from the track team that caught some great pike and half an ice chest of bass and bream on their last trip about four days ago." While Mr. Bancroft's pond was the main place he fished, he did go elsewhere, and he tried keeping up with what was being caught. Ian looked to to Cade. "That sounds like a good trip. Maybe it's time we go there." Cade nodded, but it was Miyakko who spoke. "You should take Haruka, she hasn't gotten to go on any of your fishing trips lately." She looked around at the kids, and asked, quietly. "It may be none of my business, so forgive me, but Are all of you alright? You had many injuries before, is everything healing as it should?" As head nurse at the facility, and in general, she was used to caring about the well-being of others. She remembered with a certain horror how they all looked when they got back, and since she'd heard nothing about it, she was taking the chance to at least ask them if they were alright. She knew about Jason's injury, and it at least seemed to have healed, though there was a scar.
  7. Cade had stayed long enough to eat pizza with the others who were there, it would have been rude to leave after they'd ordered, at least in his mind. After that, he'd headed home, thanking Devin and Marissa for having them over, even if things hadn't gone smoothly, and for the Pizza. He'd paused a moment, unsure of how to approach things with Marissa, given that the truth of their "relationship" had been outed by Devin, but only for a moment. He enveloped her in a gentle hug. "I meant what I said earlier." He smiled and released her without trying to do anything more. He didn't want to pressure her, she had enough going on right now. Heading home, Cade waited for his parents. Haruka wasn't coming to the meeting, She was staying with a friend of hers. His parents would ride together, and Cade would drive his jeep. It was a fairly major concession. When they parked next to him at the medical center, he met them outside the vehicle. "Mom, Dad, I want say this before we go in. People are stressed already, and I can't imagine that getting any better. You're likely to hear things that are gonna sound crazy, and they're going to make you mad. Yes, I've been doing things I didn't tell you about. I know you're gonna be mad, but please, if you can, save that for when we get home." His parents just looked at him, and his mother nodded. "Cade, I will do my best to hold my peace, so that you can all explain to us everything that's going on. That is all I can promise." She looked to her Husband who nodded. Cade nodded and replied. "All I can really ask is to let us explain." His father put a hand on his shoulder. "That's what we're probably all hoping for from this, son." The Allister family walked in and made their way to the room that had been reserved for the meeting, They took their seats to the left of Annette, with Ian seated the closest to her. Like the Jauntsens, his parents sat to either side of Cade.
  8. "Fuck." it was said quietly, even as now Cassie departed, and he turned to look back at Devin. That was when Sean finally spoke, and made a certain amount of sense. He got the reference and nodded. "I never thought about any of it that way, but there is definitely some sense in thinking that way. If Enterich was working with the Dark, or a part of it, agent of it, whatever. If he could somehow know what we'd become, arranging it so we all end up here in one place definitely has certain benefits. Work to sow the seeds, then reap the harvest once it's ready." Cade paused for a moment, "But if he could know things like that, then why would he just need information about us? How would he not have known he was being fed half-truths? It seems like alot of work to gather everyone here, and keep people here. So many have left, I can't imagine they'd just be allowed to leave with all the work put in with that approach. It might be worth trying to get in touch with those from the Fellowship who left."
  9. "Goddammit." When Jason decided any further conversation wasn't worth his time, Cade ground his teeth. Devin's words were true, but to have it just put out there like that, well he was annoyed by that as well. With Cassandra looking to go talk to her, Cade decided on a different approach, he'd give her space. If she wanted to talk, he was a text or call away. Devin had just outed their relationship as fake to everyone. Going off on him for it wasn't going to do any good, so he just didn't actually respond to it. He wouldn't lie if someone asked directly. "Thank God you didn't say mario party, things are already going far enough south. We don't need that friendship breaking game involved. I'm game for pretty much anything else though." Cade tried to focus on the fact Devin had still made that invitation. Great journeys starting with small steps and all. "So Devin, who do you main in Smash?" As he waited for Devin to lead the way down, or see if anyone else was going to do anything, Cade pulled his phone. He typed out a text to Marissa and hit send, letting out a light sigh. "Marissa, I just want to say that I'm here if you need me. That said, I'm not charging up to your room, You didn't invite me up there. I'm going to give you some space. If you want to talk, hang out, anything, call me, I'll answer. Alot got said today, and I meant what I said earlier. I know I probably don't need to say this, but I will, Take care of yourself." Even after he sent it, he felt it was kinda corny, but he meant it. He wanted to ask about Homecoming, but thought that would be too much right now. He'd make sure, later, they did still have some time. He wanted to see that real, radiant smile again, and there wasn't much he wouldn't do to do so.
  10. With their summary dismissal, Cade let out a sigh of resignation. "Jason, I'm gonna address that last comment out of everything else that just happened first. We're kids. Young adults, but hell, we can't vote, we can't buy certain things, and a host of other stuff. I'd wager to say most of us have had very regular mostly normal lives. How exactly do you think normal people would react to a threat to their family from an entity obviously more powerful than themselves? I get that we aren't normal in every way, and believe me the decision I made fighting against Cody is something I have to live with. It may not have amounted to anything, but I shot him, another human, someone I did technically grow up with, with the intention of killing him. I wanted to stop him before he could hurt another person I cared about." "She didn't just fold. Yes, she helped Enterich. But Marissa fought back in the way that she could. She actively sabotaged the aid she provided. She did go to experts, trying to get help to do this without getting us involved. That was a calculated risk on her part that could have gotten her family hurt or killed. Still, she made that choice. If she'd told us, do you think all of us could have acted normally, and not given anything away? We're kids, Jason. We fuck up, sometimes with serious consequences. If it was any of us they'd come after, aside from you or Devin, I don't think the one who'd been attacked would even be alive. We aren't trained soldiers with combat reflexes, or vast experience. We've fought monsters a couple times, and a few people. This could very well have been Enterich sending a message. "I can get to any of you, you aren't safe at all." Trying to make us afraid, to make us doubt. I imagine the fear that shatters friendships and crushes morale is exactly what he probably finds most delicious or something. Cassie just brought up a good point as well. Who's to say it ends with Enterich? What other entities are lurking out there that we don't even know their names? We can't afford to be abandoning each other." Cade's voice did betray some of the anger at how things shook out. "Now I get being mad that she's making decisions that affect us without telling us. I'm not happy about that either, but we can't really stop her from doing what she's going to do. Cutting her off, leaving her alone, that's not your choice to make either, for anyone other than yourself. Marissa can be infuriating, but so can everyone else. Was there really no room for any sort of compromise? Something that lets us all actually work towards the same goal? Don't just say that it was your way, that your proposal was the compromise. She'll never surrender complete control to anyone. Would you?" The Teen Athlete once again went silent, giving Jason a chance to respond, or anyone else a chance to voice their thoughts on everything.
  11. Well, there it is. That thought went through Cade's mind as he listened to Marissa lay out what had been going on. She'd been given the choice of spying on the Fellowship, or the assured destruction of her family. In her place, he couldn't say he'd make a better decision. In her mind, what she did was justified. She fed Enterich old data, which while useful, was of limited use going forward, especially now. She'd gone to Annette and Taggart for advice, and even gotten Courtney to go along. She hadn't told any of the Fellowship anything before now, and he didn't know exactly what brought this confession on now, but he was glad for it. He couldn't blame her for Jason getting attacked, He could definitely see her warning Enterich about what would happen if he went after Jason or any of them, and failed. Marissa officially putting their sex life in the open wasn't something he could do anything about, though there was a part of him that thought it inappropriate. What was done was done. "So our next Goal is to kick Enterich's ass then?" He asked quietly. "Don't think I'm not annoyed that you didn't trust any of us, I am. But you're also correct, our track record isn't littered with instances of stealth, or restraint, so I do understand." Cade's voice was unnaturally even, even though he was frowning. it wasn't an angry scowl, more resignation, that they weren't done fighting weird shit, and disappointment. "I don't blame you for Jason getting attacked, and I don't think anyone else should. Jason's abilities have been displayed somewhat prominently. It would be easy to view him as the most powerful of the Fellowship. There's two ways to take a group down. Pick off the weakest members first, though that can backfire by leaving a highly motivated group of stronger enemies, or You hit their big guns when they're isolated with enough force to take them down. That seems to be Enterich's play. The fact he was operating based on old data, that might have actually saved Jason's life, I mean if they'd been smart, they'd have shot you from both sides. The time you used your shield openly, wasn't it only in one direction? They'd probably thought that." He shook his head. "What it comes down to now, is whether or not people can trust you. You've admitted to seeing to your own interests first. I don't think that's news to anyone here. The fact you're telling all of us this now, well you either trust us, or your family is actually in danger." " I may just be the muscle, I leave the really heavy thinking to those of you who are better at it, but I choose to trust you, Marissa. Not because of our relationship, though I admit, I could be seen as biased because of it. I trust everyone here, many of you I've grown up with. It hasn't been all sunshine and roses, but we all have to get past the past. That will be easier for some than others, but it needs to happen. Going forward, we, the Fellowship, are in this together. You said he's a part of the Dark, so clearly, we didn't actually defeat the Dark itself, just a piece. That means it's going to keeping coming after all of us. Together we can beat it, separate, we won't. If there's something I can do to help you, to help any of the Fellowship, then tell me what it is, and I'll do it." Cade finally stopped speaking, having simply let the words flow, not trying to reorganize his thoughts, it was probably better this way. Those were his honest thoughts on the matter. He wasn't going to treat her any differently, though he wasn't so sure everyone else was going to feel the way he did about it.
  12. 4:45 pm Cade had returned to class, and was asked to remain a minute afterwards. The teacher asked him what happened when he'd gone to the bathroom, and surprisingly, Cade told the truth. She wasn't happy with him, but let him off lightly. "I want a 350 word essay on why you feel rules exist. I was going to say more, but you did admit what you did and didn't lie. I won't be so lenient if there's a next time, Cade." Cade didn't smile, but answered her softly "I understand, ma'am." With Studyhall as his last period, Cade used the time to knock out the essay. It wasn't as easy for him as it would be for others, but he wrote it out. He knew it was idealistic, and that he'd technically been in the wrong, but it hadn't felt wrong to him. It took him the whole time, and he ended up about twenty words over. As the bell rang, he packed everything away, and went to put it in his jeep. Then it was back to the gym and locker room for practice. Practice was abit more physical, as they had to run laps. When Cade noticed that the team ran together, he kept pace with them. Clearly there was more of a team mentality than he was used to, it would be a learning experience for him. Luckily, he did have some friends on the team, who flanked him. After the run and some stretches, it was time for drills. Following that, more route running with the wide receivers, with Cade actually missing a pass, though it was nearly a catch. "So you aren't perfect." Mike quipped. "Good to see, you were gonna put alot of pressure on everyone if you never miss." Cade shrugged. "Was a bad release on my part. Sure I've thrown a football often enough, but I'm still way more accustomed to a baseball. You hold and throw a different way. I'll get it down and you watch, we're all gonna have a great season." "Just remember, you won't always be standing still, and the guys will be coming for you, hard." "Yeah, have a feeling Coach is gonna move to the next step tomorrow." Mike came up close to him, and his voice was low. "Just be careful. Some ain't too happy about you just showing up and being handed quarterback. They're not gonna miss a chance like that." Cade nodded. "Thanks, you be careful too. Helping me may not make you any friends." "If you are as good under pressure as now, you're gonna make the entire offense look good man. When we win, we all win. I am not gonna drop the ball in pursuit of that." The rest of practice saw them work on routes, and then some hit the showers. Cade just head home, since he had something to do. Getting home, he found Haruka, who wasn't happy, since she was having to ride the bus since he had practice now. "You stink." "it's hot outside." he answered flatly, even as he set his backpack down in his room, grabbing clean boxers, and heading for the bathroom. "Are there still leftovers?" "Yeah. I don't think Mom's cooking tonight." He turned the shower on "go ahead and eat, I gotta get cleaned up, and then head out again." "Going to see Marissa?" She asked pointedly. "Among others. We're all getting together for abit." Cade shut the door and then took his shower, washing his hair and then drying off. It hadn't been a bad first day as part of the team, even if he definitely felt some hostility. It all came down to whether or not he could produce real results on the field. He was untried, but confident. "When we win Homecoming, that should help things out. This should be the start of something good." He'd never really wanted to play football before, but now that he'd agreed to do so, he was going to give it everything he had. Once done, he head into his room, getting dressed in Jeans and a nicer shirt, then head back downstairs, grabbing the sandwich Haruka made without him asking. "Thanks for the sandwich Haruka." "You're welcome." She called back from the den. Cade wolfed it down, drank a glass of water, and sighed. He wasn't full from that, but he was already running abit late, still he knew they'd appreciate him not coming over straight from practice. "I'll be home later if Mom or Dad ask." She didn't answer then, and Cade left, heading over to the Jauntsen family home. With the other vehicles present when he drove up, he sighed. He was definitely one of the last to arrive. He shot off a text to Marissa, letting her know he was there, as he walked up to the door and knocked.
  13. About 1:15pm When Cade got the text, he made a quick reply, and then turned around from heading to class, instead heading to the nurse's office. It wasn't that much trouble to get in to see Marissa, and he smiled. He'd made a quick stop at a vending machine, for another snickers. "Brought you a little something." he said quietly. Marissa was lying back a bit on the small hospital examination table the school had and her eyes lit up at the sight of the Snickers bar. She was sipping Coke from a can with a straw. The small hospital table to her left had several wrappers from tiny Halloween bite bars they'd fed her but her complexion still owned a pale and weakened pallor. The can found a home next to the wrappers and snatched the candy bar. "Ugh, thank you! They had a coke and just these parts... Christ, I had to look up on Google for them how to treat me. They ran to get me a Gatoraide. The military needs to station some medical people here, seriously." She tore into the Snickers and sighed as her eyes closed with pleasure while she chewed. Her mouth filled with chocolate and nougat and in an in a very unladylike fashion spoke while she was nomming half of a Snickers bar. "Don'chu hev claph?" "You're welcome." he grinned at her. "Yes I have class, but I knew I needed to come check on you, and likely, something you'd be wanting." Cade laughed abit. "You were also very explicit on what would happen if I "ghosted" you if something happened. " he shrugged. "It'd look odd to people if something happened to you and I didn't come to check on you." "So..." she slowly stopped chewing and side-eyed him. "You didn't come because you actually cared, just because you were afraid of what I would do if you ghosted me?" Her lips pursed and she nodded. She sucked on her teeth. "Can't say I blame you. You're learning at least, thanks for coming at least." She lifted her phone and set it back down. "Deej's been texting me and my mom is coming down after she finishes a meeting, so she might send me home. If you don't see me the rest of the day, that's where I am. Text me if you like." "You know that I came because I care." he said, his voice quiet. It struck him as odd, her seeming almost bothered that he didn't list that first. He really didn't understand women, least of all, Marissa. "Yeah, I'll text you." he looked at her. "Are you really okay?" his actual concern was evident now. His label-neutral lover relaxed and sighed. "Honestly, I don't know." She shrugged and looked up at him. "Something's not right. Cade, I've torn through two plates of eggs, toast, sausage, two snickers bars, a yogurt, some mixed fruit and veggies for lunch and... I'm still hungry plus, I weighed myself and I'm down three pounds from last night before we went and... you know." "I've watched enough T.V. to know that whenever people get super powers, there's always one persons who just go wrong and... they melt away or they explode, or they break down..." A look of worry spread through out her pallid complexion. "I... I'm kind of freaking out. It's like my body is eating itself, and me, to death. I've seen Thinner, this won't end well for me. Oh... and the school nurse think I might be pregnant, so there's that. Expect my mom to go nuclear." "i'd heard that rumor myself. Crap like that spreads faster than anything. I haven't paid any mind to it, it'll die on its own soon enough. I won't say you collapsing, and your increased appetite isn't concerning, but a heightened metabolism would help you resist poisons and disease too, right? I mean it always does in the comics if we're gonna use that as a basis. You're just always hungry, you could turn out like the Flash and have superspeed too. Just means we have to cook some really big meals, going forward. Maybe ask the others if any of them are experiencing something similar? I'm not, but then we've established I'm not like any of the rest of you. I'm no genius, but I bet your mom will want to take you to the medical center to run some tests, and see just what's going on. You know your mom isn't going to let them do anything shady, she'll be watching like an angry Hawk, I'm sure. You could ask to see my mother, too, if you like. If there's anyone at the hospital you can trust implicitly, it will be her." he'd let his inner nerd out just abit, and he didn't care. Cade smiled. "As for your mom, don't let her get to you. You've got enough stress. I've got your back, and you know Devin does. Hell, the Fellowship sticks together, even if we don't all always get along. Go home get some rest before the meeting. I'm sure it's going to be stressful enough. If you need anything, let me know and I'll get it on my way over, after I go home to get cleaned up." "I'm thinking that might not be a bad idea, I'm a little worried." He was a bit quirky at times, but she knew he cared. She was pretty sure he couldn't help but care, like a Paladin always looking for a Princess in a tower, Cade was always going to be the nice guy, that much she could tell. Still, he was cute when he wanted to be. She mustered a smile and held out her arms, waving her fingers inward to summon him to her. "C'mere. Hug me and kiss me while I still taste delicious." She invited him, referring to the chocolate still on her lips. He smiled and leaned down, holding her gently and kissing her. His neck tingled as her hand slid through his hair and her nails gently tickled his scalp. She was right... she tasted like chocolate. "Hopefully I'll feel better soon, hmm?" she cooed with anticipation and hope in his ear. "Go, get to class... I'll feel guilty if I make you late twice in one day." He couldn't help but smile. "Worth being late for you." he answered her back, before they released each other. "When you're feeling better, I'll be sure to show you how glad I am for that." he added, before drawing himself up. His hand lingered on one of hers she was slow to pull away, his own hands were quite warm, and he finally pulled back. "If you need me, you know how to reach me." He turned and left, looking over his shoulder once at the door, still smiling. He didn't think it was something bad with her powers, as far as he knew, nobody actually had any sort of negative side effects, unless they overused their abilities. (written with Dave)
  14. "Yeah, I'll see you at lunch." Cade smiled, and turned to leave, noticing people pretending hard to have not been watching. He just shrugged his shoulders and head on for his own next class. He wasn't all that concerned with the looks. If Marissa wanted to, she could put an end to any rumor, or start whatever she liked on a whim. Nobody was actually going to say anything out loud in front of either of them, so it wasn't worth worrying about. Even as he sat in his chair, kids were still filing in, he shot off a text to her. "That smile Was worth it." he'd seen only the tail end of it, but that was enough. He'd pay for that later he was sure, but he didn't care, and turned his phone on silent before putting it away, even as the last student took their seat.
  15. "Of course." He smiled back at her, placing a hand atop the one she put on his chest. It sounded so cheesy after he said it, but he was still smiling, he meant it. Her scolding him for not going was a little annoying, but hell it wasn't like he could have done anything. "I imagine it was pretty damn crowded, with everyone showing up." "I'm glad he is okay too. I'm sure it'll be another point of discussion tonight, as if we didn't have enough to go over already. I knew he was in good hands already." That look of concern came back. "If someone came after you like that, rest assured Only your brother would beat me to your side." Once again it sounded cheesy, yet somehow the sincerity in his voice came through. "If you really want one I do have a snickers in my backpack. I was saving it for lunch, but if it makes you smile even a little, having to get another's a small price to pay." His smile was real.
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