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  1. It had been over half an hour that Cade had been gone, but when he came back he wasn't alone. He walked slowly, with his rest hand raised to his shoulder. As he neared the others, there was something of a lull in the use of powers, and he smiled. "I'm back, and I brought a friend." He pulled away his left hand and revealed a small grey squirrel. Not the first time any had seen one, they were all over Shelly, but this was one riding the shoulder of one of their friends, munching on a peanut. Cade lowered his hand and came back up with more nuts from the bag, and they watched him bring it up and the squirrel took one and ate calmly. Perhaps it wasn't too unnatural, there were plenty of videos of people feeding squirrels, but none had the squirrel riding on the person as they moved and eating calmly without a care in the world. What's more the general consensus was that he'd not been gone an hour, and already he had gained this animal's trust to this degree. The whole scene was almost surreal, as given that Cade was an avid hunter and outdoorsman, here he was having seemingly tamed a wild squirrel.
  2. Cade shook his head. "No way anything's going to come anywhere near this many of us out in the open, but I'll take a little walk, and see if anything happens." With that he took off towards this jeep, grabbing a bag of trailmix then to the woods, walking straight in. He walked for several minutes before he found a small glen, noting signs of different animals, and he even saw a few squirrels in the trees. "Alright, let's see if this is gonna work." He took a seat, and drew the bag of trail mix, which was predominately various nuts. he set them out carefully, leading towards him, and put his back against a tree at the edge of the glen. He still had about half the bag left, and waited, his hands palm up on his knees with a few peanuts in each hand. He'd seen his grandfather feed squirrels before, so he was imitating that, though it wasn't with pecans or anything larger, and these were squirrels that were probably unused to it. Still after ten minutes or so, Curiosity and the smell got the better of a couple of them. they started taking and eating the nuts furthest from him, but after another five minutes, they drew near to Cade, who'd remained perfectly still. One squirrel, a smaller grey one, obviously somewhat young, was brave, hungry, foolish, or all three, but it hopped up first onto Cade's left foot, and slowly, still very alert, made for his upturned hand, sitting there on his calf as it ate the nuts from his left hand. Even when the whiskers brushed his hands, and he could feel the tiny claws, he remained still. The sqirrel turned to the other hand, and another had come up, and was eating from it. Both turned and climbed up his torso, and then on his shoulders. When his hands moved, they both scrabbled up the tree, but soon returned, as the nuts were back. They descended cautiously, and ate the nuts again. Once more when he moved, they ran, but not nearly as far. After the third time, they didn't run from his shoulders, waiting for the nuts to reappear. Twice more after that, and they didn't leave his lap, one, the first to come up, even nuzzled his thumb after eating the nuts, and allowed Cade to pet it. He couldn't really explain it but he remained there abit longer. He couldn't understand the squirrel save in the most basic of ways, but he'd managed to get this small animal to trust him with a little patience and minimal efforts. Not a super power like controlling fire, moving things without touching them, or shapeshifting, but it was something different for him. He was about ready to head back to the others, and thought that as long as he kept the nuts coming, he'd be bringing a small furry guest.
  3. Cade tried not to think about what-if's regarding Jason, this wasn't the time for it, though he was somewhat concerned, espeically give his own ties to law enforcement. Cade took a seat between Cora and Lona, and took Cora's hand with his right, and offered his left to Lona, who took it, and He looked at Jason, his admission to being a high functioning psychopath, well that was definitely a mark in the disturbing column, but he'd become abit numb to this with all the shocks that had come since the party. He couldn't help but feel some relief that He mentioned that he was changing, from the sound of it for the better, becoming abit more normal through continued socialization with the rest of the Fellowship. As Cade tried to meditate, he found his mind focusing on the Image of a deep lake, above and to his right, he could feel and see a storm, the sort he loved as he'd always loved the brilliance of the lightning, and the way things smelled after a good rain.. To his left, it was A vibrant forest, teeming with life. It was the sort of woodlands he found alluring, as he loved nature. Seeing the forest be so robust and healthy made him smile, despite the focus of meditation. The winds of the storm did nothing to the surface of the lake, and it remained smooth, like a perfect pane of glass, reflecting both the storm and the forest, and hills beyond. His breathing was slower than normal, and Still he couldn't help feeling that he was missing something here.
  4. It was at that point that Cade's tan jeep pulled up the drive parking besides Clara's car, and both Cade and Cora got out, looking more subdued. Something had definitely happened, but it couldn't be bad from the quiet smiles on both their faces. Clara and Jase were on the porch, and Cade smiled. "Hey guys, how's it going this afternoon?" Cade was in a good mood and it showed, despite the negative aspects of Cora's news. After the previous day, he was looking forward to this, though he didn't really feel he had any special powers, he still wanted to support his friends, and spend time with them. It was also a good idea to get a handle on just what, if anything, they could all do now. Other things had come up, but this afternoon was for all of them. He wondered silently when Cora'd decide to tell everyone about her news.
  5. Cade kissed her back even as he wrapped his arms around her. "As you wish." He knew that The Princess Bride was one of her favorites, as it was one she'd asked him to watch more than a few times, so his use of Westley's response was calculated, but genuine too. The roast and indeed the rest of the meal was good, better than normal even, which showed how excited her mother was. Even her normally gruff father was in a good mood. He knew some in the Fellowship would probably be surprised, but he didn't think any of them would tell her not to pursue this amazing opportunity.
  6. "I know what your dream is and how much you want it Cora." He reached out to cup her chin and pull her gaze up to meet his. "Follow your dream. Christmas break will come before you know it, and I'll be here waiting." It did suck that she was leaving so early into the relationship, they'd been dating roughly a month, but had been friends much longer. "I knew one day you would have to leave for Julliard, so I guess I'm mentally prepared for this. I can't say I'm totally happy, I mean I'm really going to miss having you around, but not so much I'd say to not go." "Besides, if you can't come back here, I'll just have to go visit you there."
  7. Cade took the letter carefully, and began to read. It was her dream come true. He looked up at Cora, and smiled "This looks totally legit Cora, congratulations." He seemed genuinely happy for her, and yet he couldn't quite understand why she was not as elated as him. "What's wrong?" He knew that with all the recent changes, this was very unexpected, but he didn't think she should let it stop her from pursuing her dreams. She'd be gone for awhile but it wasn't like it was forever, was it?
  8. It was nearly seven before Cade checked his phone, and smiled. Cora always made him smile, and given how she'd been looking forward to going with the others, it had to be pretty big. He sent a text to her //going home to shower, then I'll be by// Knowing he had sweat a great deal, he resolved to go home first and shower, put on something nice and comfortable then head over to see what was going on. It was an almost night and day difference in his mood, as that was the sort of effect being around her had on him. Getting home he noticed his Dad was out again, so he said hello to his mom, and made for the shower. The hot water felt good as he scrubbed himself down, and the tension in his muscles bled away under the constant streams of hot water. Exiting the shower and drying off, he donned his boxers and made his way to his room, getting a set of nice jeans and a navy polo shirt. Once he was fully dressed, he told his Mom he was going to Cora's, and didn't wait for an answer. He was hungry, but it could wait, he could just stop and get something later. The drive to Cora's was short enough, and after pulling up in her driveway, he got out and went to the door, ringing the doorbell. He knew whatever it was was important, for her to text him like that, but aside from that, he had no inkling how much things were going to change.
  9. Saturday afternoon A Saturday meet-up was not strange for the track team, most of the guys tended to run together, and sometimes the girls joined them, though this time was just the guys. Normally They met late in the afternoon, to avoid the real heat of the day, and only for a couple hours, giving anyone who had plans a chance to get ready before them. Coach Kline was there, mostly as a witness and to give them access to the field, taking times and such. He knew the guys treated it as keeping score, and he smiled. Six of the eight here today were on the Track and Baseball teams, and all four members of the Relay team were present. After some stretching, he called them all together "Alright everyone, We're going to start with a timed Mile run. We can move on to a relay run or two, and some dashes, and hurdles after that. As normal, Four laps around is a mile." The eight youths all nodded. It made sense to start with the Mile, and then relay since it required the whole track, the rest didn't. Each of them took their place in the lane, starting blocks, decided by their previous "point ranking" Cade Allistair, though Team Captain, was not in the pole position, he was third, but there was a look in his eyes. He wasn't playing today. Coach Kline raised his whistle to his mouth as they took their stances, and then let out 3 short tweets followed by a longer one, imitating a race start, and the eight runners took off. To everyone's surprise, Cade pulled ahead, and never looked back. Cade wasn't thought of as an endurance runner, he was an impeccable sprinter though, and right now, they were witnessing something new. Cade was angry at everything. Angry at Liam for attacking Lona, angry at Jase for what he probably did to him, as he couldn't think of anyone else having been the culprit. He was angry at himself for not telling his father immediately, which may have saved Liam from Jase, even if it earned his and Lona's ire. That anger became a raging fire, and he just let it all out, letting it fuel his run. He pulled further and further away, and four minutes and fifteen seconds later, he'd run past Coach Kline the final time. It would be nearly two minutes before anyone else crossed the line, and he was standing there, still mad, his body slicked with sweat, and seemingly ready to go again. Coach Kline was almost beside himself. Cade had just set a men's record for the School, and unless he was mistaken, quite possibly the state at the high school level. Even his other runners were in awe, crowding around him, and he just shrugged. "I just needed to run some stuff off is all." As the others drank their water and caught their breath, he didn't smile, but moved to the relay position. "We're moving on to the relay right?" Coach Kline nodded, and Sandy Berch, Adian Calson, and Deondre Price all nodded, with Deondre taking the baton. He was the one who started, and Cade was the one to bring it home. They decided on a single run of the 400m since they'd done a full mile already. As the other members moved to the stands, the relay team took position. and Coach Kline once again gave the starting signal. Beginning with Deondre, the other three pulled out all the stops, and their hand-offs were perfect, but it once again came to Cade, who's insane speed at the end, put them very near a state record relay run. Deondre was the one who came to Cade first. "Damn man, I know you're a sprinter, but where'd all this speed come from?" He seemed abit concerned, as Cade did look more cut than normal, and Cade shrugged. "I never stop training man. I found a good reason to get serious from now on, and I'm gonna do it." The tone of his voice was harsher than normal, and Deondre was taken aback. Cade was always so calm and collected, this was different, and concerning. "Alright man, just wanted to check on you." The others watched, unwilling to get between the two, and Coach Kline nodded. "alright Let's do the dashes next." With that, the tension was broken, and the eight youths returned to the matter at hand. Cade won every single one of the races, except the hurdle events, which he didn't participate in. He won them all convincingly too, as if he were trying to prove a point. By the end of the day he was abit slower, and as Captain, had sent the others home while he picked up the hurdles, and Coach Kline studied him. Cade had never shown this level of intensity, something was on his mind, and it angered him greatly. "Cade, you know you can talk to me." Cade looked from where he was hefting the hurdles up and nodded. "I know Coach." "Something's on your mind, you set at least two records today. I've never seen you that intense, that mad, before." He nodded. "I know." "It's not something you can talk about is it?" The older man had a look of concern on his face for his protege, and student. Cade shook his head, but said nothing. "Alright, I'll say one thing more, and then you can come to me if you need to. Anger can make a great fuel, it can drive us to strive for more, to be better than we are. It can also be a poison, that keeps us from greatness. It can cost more than it will ever gain you. Don't be consumed by it." Cade looked at him, and the fires of his anger began to cool, if only for now. He nodded solemnly, "Thanks Coach."
  10. Cade was surprised this happened again, so soon in his hometown, and to another girl he knew and cared for. There had been a part of him that did want to go do some pretty painful things, both times, and both times he held off. Lona wasn't asking anyone to report it, and was warning them that if she did, they could all face increased scrutiny because of how she fought him off. He said nothing, having a good idea what was likely to happen when Bannon left, and then Cora and Clara. Finally Cora voiced her desire to leave, and he nodded. "I'll get the order to go, and we can go then." He rose up to head to the counter, and having heard Cassandra and Charlie's comments, replied. "Do you believe he went home?" His gaze shifted to Cassandra "I don't think it is our place to make the call for her, though I definitely want to see justice done."
  11. With Lona's refusal, and then Clara coming up he let her make her order first, even as Sarah nodded. "Sure, I'm not going to turn down free food." She made her order, and then Cade made his for Cora and himself before heading back to the booth and table area that the Fellowship had claimed, noting that Marissa hadn't joined them, and took his seat next to Cora once again. He was settling in to hear whatever was going on, as he'd just gotten the feeling something definitely was.
  12. Cade after talking with Cora, went to go make their order too, ending up just behind Lona and Sarah, and smiled, nodding to the pair. "Let me get that for you, I did offer earlier after all." The towering baseball player was oblivious to the mental chat they were having, looking more like a normal young man. Of the male members of the fellowship he was the only one who didn't have any sort of overt super noticeable power.
  13. Cade and Cora had head to Bunnee's after bringing his mother and sister home, ostensibly to meet with everyone and celebrate. He was abit annoyed that he didn't get to watch the tail end of the game, his mother wasn't a fan of traffic, and so they'd left early. Still he was out to stay on her goodside for his sister's sake, since they'd need her to run interference with their dad to . After all he had promised to pay for some of it. He saw Bannon's car outside and pulled up in the next open space, holding the door for Cora as they entered, and then made their way together to the booth. The two of them were all smiles, and heard the very tail end of Lona's congratulations. "Let me second that. The whole team looked great out there. I actually felt abit of envy and regret that I don't play football." The other sports teams were well supported, but nothing really compared to the support football saw.
  14. That night at the game was something he had to do. Seated with his mother, Cade smiled. Cora had volunteered to go get concessions, and Haruka went with her leaving him with his stepmother, who seemed abit preoccupied. "Something up mom?" She looked up to him, and smiled. "Not really, just wishing your father was here. He misses far too much these days, and I worry that he's working too much." Cade nodded. "With his responsibilities, it's just how things are. I don't see that changing all that much." She seemed abit disappointed with that answer, but nodded. "I know, but I worry that he's not spending enough time with you two." Cade shrugged slightly, "I'm used to not seeing him much. I think it's abit harder on Haruka honestly." His step-mother stiffened slightly and he knew he'd not made the situation better with that comment. Downstairs, waiting in line for concessions, Haruka waited with Coraline. "So, you finally got your wish, dating my brother." The precocious twelve year old was seemingly wise beyond her years, and had always been abit teasing of Coraline, but in that way one would expect little sisters of being. She approved of Cora, as she added some acceptable culture to Cade's live outside of sports and his secret hobby. Coraline looked down at the girl and shook her head. She liked the younger girl, she really did. "Let's see how long it takes you to work up to confessing to your crush, and then you can gloat. But then again, you've always been a bright one," she snarked back with a chuckle. Her eyes shifted to scan the crowd quickly, a flicker of alertness looking for... Something she didn't quite have word for. Danger was too acute. Threat too vague. Hazard too impersonal. Menace? Yes. Menace. That was close enough to what she was looking for. It had been her stated idea to go to the game first after the... Happening... Happened, figuring a crowd would be safer. But safer from what? Monsters, spies, Bannon or someone going Carrie on the first person to nudge them wrong? "...Cora? Cora, they moved," Haruka verbally poked the taller girl out of her impromptu mini fugue with the revelation that, indeed, the line had just inchwormed forward again with the exception of themselves. Coraline flashed a quick smile of apology and moved forward a step. "Sorry. Thinking about what your Mom wanted," she responded to Haruka's raised eyebrow of disbelief based on the simplicity of everyone's order, realizing too late the transparency of the deflection, "'Long day. Always not fun shifting gears from summer to school. Anyway, I've been looking up concerts and there's a few you could probably convince your Dad to let you go to..." *That* Haruka could get behind enough to quell any further problems for now, and three popcorns and four sodas later, the two returned to their seats. "Miss me?" she replied, settling down next to Cade and handing over their shared popcorn. Cade helped pass the food out and smiled. "Yeah, and the food too." He was obviously teasing her a little, his smile spoke of nothing of his previous conversation with his mother who took her food and drink quietly. She wasn't a fan of american football, prefering baseball, especially watching Cade play. Back in Japan, she couldn't help but feel that Cade would be a star of the diamond, and maybe that would make him abit happier. She quashed that quickly as Cade really never seemed unhappy now, save where his father was concerned. It was a sore spot but tonight wasn't about that. Cade chuckled as they watched the game. He supported the football team because he was friends with alot of them, and they supported the other athletic teams. Hell some ran track with him and even played baseball. Haruka looked up at Cora "So, what concerts were you thinking of?" Coraline took a moment to get comfy and nestle in close to Cade as she could with his mother sitting right there, claiming her first bite of popcorn as she scrolled through her eclectic list of research and pruned about a third of it immediately. Nooope. "Well... Just in Great Falls alone coming up through November, off the top of my head.. We have Hozier, Avril Lavigne, Carrie Underwood, the Black Keys, and Bob Dylan even. Though I could see my Mom making that a 'Hess Family Outing'," she lingered on that last one, having run out of fingers, smiling amusedly at the fruits of her research. It was less what was playing, as the experience of it, the wave of human emotion blasting from the band or singer at the beating center of the gathering. Speaking of which, The Coyotes must have scored as the crowd around them exploded in screaming celebration, a wave of chaotic emotion rippling across the bleachers at the speed of thought. Haruka nodded. "You pick one. i'm sure Cade will go too, that way even Dad will agree." She'd already gotten her mother's approval and Cade just sat there, suppressing a chuckle. "They just scored again. I think Lilly's got them all pretty fired up. That play-call was pro-level perfect." He said. He'd agreed to let them plan that concert date, since it was more for Haruka to finally get to go to a concert, though he did think to offer his personal preference "My pick would be the latter too." Haruka smiled as he spoke. "You would like the old man music." The quartet turned their attention to the game as the point after kick sailed perfectly through the goalpoasts, and Cade smiled.
  15. "Just like Beastboy wore down Raven maybe." He looked over at Devin even as he had an arm around Cora. "All bullshit aside, I''m glad we're all okay, and second or third the call to get out of here and head back home. I'll let y'all catch the pizza, but you know there'll be an afterparty at Bunnee's when we win, so I'll pay for abit of that."
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