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Sakurako Hino

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Well, this is it. DeathSquad and Endeavor.

Here's the deal.

I know some characters had sent IC PMs to Endeavor offering assistance. The way this is going down, is that Sakurako will be alone from sloppy strategy untill she can surface the ship.

This will be one on one untill then.

So, sit back, watch, and enjoy the movie.

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I am so honestly trying not to put my fist through my monitor right now.

Still no word on DS to see if he is going to lose this fight or what he plans. I know we talked about it earlier, but I'm not willing to hang him unless he says so as we're in on this.

So, Long or anyone can't say the results on the OpNet, which means I wait as well, and the time gap grows LARGER and the disbelief becomes heavier.

Analysis of my errors so far:

1: I had Long start a thread in the OpNet to try to put this in real time. I should have had him wait untill the story was complete.

2: I let too many cooks spoil the broth.

3: I put too much weight on getting a "Time" that the fight takes place.

Here's how the timeline is supposed to go (to my understanding).

1: DS was supposed to attack the HMII. I manage to keep him from destryoing it, but the ship lost it's main engines and is limping on the surface.

2: DS (and maybe some clones) assault the ship in a boarding action.

3: The clones get taken out by my security drones, but I barely manage that.

4: I have time to get all my equipment on and prepared to fight DS.

*5: DS and I have our fight, but I get beat.

*6: DS starts playing with me, causing me more pain and fear.

*7: Long, and whoever else wanted to fight DS jump in.

*8: DS gets defeated. 99% chance it's a kill. I don't know how DS wanted to handle that. Originally DS wanted ME to kill him, but after a conversation with people OTHER than DS, I made the mistake of assuming that it should be done with Sakurako getting help.

*9: Sakurako goes offline for a bit, to recover from injuries.

Now, the parts with the * were changes I made on the fly. Why? 2 nights ago, I got into a conversation about believability with some OpNet regulars here. Everyone kept assuming I couldn't do it with Sakurako alone, and started calling me to the carpet on it. So, I made the command decision to get assistance in the fight.

I had Long post the "Distress Call" post in the OpNet to one, raise a party to fight DS, and two, to put a Game-Time point of where Sakurako surfaced and managed to send the distress call.

Problem being, I have not heard from DS in over 3 to 4 days (I've forgotten now) and I need to know if 1: He'll allow outside interference and 2: Is he ABSOLUTELY SURE he wants his character to die.

If I don't hear anything substantial fomr DS soon, as in within 4 to 6 hours, I'm going to go with what we discussed in past conversations, and Have someone in the "Hunting Party" announce victory... at a price.

"The Price" for the most part, for at least 4 weeks after the battle, 3 weeks of that, Sakurako would be in a regenerative coma. Sakurako is going to be recovering and out of commission after those 2 weeks. No new fictions, and little to no opnet activity.

I wanted it to be like that so I could help Alchemist and company as DigiGeist with the Windy City Knights and get "Nova Reality" up and running. I want that project to work, and I'm willing to go with it.

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Well I am here and in fact have been working up my addition to the fiction you began.I should have it up today. (keep in mind you posted the story on the 5th and today is the 6th)

I welcome anyone who wants to lend a hand with Sakurako's fight. But I want it to be known you shouldn't expect to walk over him. That being said despite the lethality of the character I don't require anyone who participates to die but you should understand that this is his moment. For his own reasons he won't kill Sakurako but he will not hesitate to kill anyone else. Keep that in mind is all I ask.

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Okay. The thing about the dates... I've must have REALLY had my head screwed on backwards. Now I can't even get my dates straight! AUGH!!!! *slams head against keyboard* Never... post... past... BEDTIME!!!

I've been in panic mode, that's why I've been sorta playing the role of ball-buster. I've been juggling too much on this story because of my own doing. So, now that I hear from the other side... I'm alot calmer now.

*wipes blood from forehead*

Now... that's better.

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I'll second Jager's command of relaxation...I mean, this is just a forum and we have to take certain liberties, otherwise I'd be posting OMG according to the bottom of the page It looks like Deathsquat is browsing the Forum right NOW!.

Also I'll refrain from the Real Time questioning post of: "You guys dead yet?" Until I see the story's done.


PS> DeathSquat is somehow funnier than DeathSquid, I can't explain why. As if it's part of an infernal excercise regiment or something.

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I'm in too, if it's not too late. Conduit never left Japan and he already said he'd be there if needed so...

Plus I don't care if he gets messed up. I don't want him to die, but I wouldn't mind if was knocked around a little and had to recoup in a hospital.

I do have a question though. Where are the Pac Rim countries on this? DS stole a U.S. sub and piloted it up to Japan. I'm all for cool plot lines and waiting for things to unfold, but I just wanted to know how that would be handled.

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Thats a very good question...

Although the USS Jimmy Carter is the largest and quiestest attack sub ever built, (true story!) She was largely built to serve the SEALS in their Operations.

Not that they could detect her, (Unless DS is a fool) but, I would expect Japan, China, and Austrailia to have something to say about it to the UN and US, and thats if the US admitted to losing the sub in the first place.

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Most likely the UN, the US, and Japan would be investigating this. The US already knows and is probably trying to muster something to look into the situation.

Japan and the UN will probably know after the fact.

Thing is, they'd probably show up after the fact. Most likely it'd be either a JMSDF or US Navy hospital ship we'd be recuperating on untill we're transferred to the proper authorities for debriefing and further treatment.

After all, at this moment, all fighting him are considered mercenaries. Even if they aren't part of a mercenary organization, and we are fighting a known terrorist. All parties involved would appreciate our assistance, but would like to know just how many secrets of theirs we know after all is said and done.

Not to mention some organization involved would just love to impound my ship.

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I think that Japan would know right away. We are talking about Sakurako "Endeavor" Hino here. They probably keep a close eye on her.

But I do agree that they probably wouldn't come in until after everything went down.

Knowing and being able to do something about it are two different things.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay, again I have to apologise for the apparent lag in posts. I'm still waiting for DS to move this along. I don't know if he's waiting, or just busy, but now the ammount of lag time between the event and OpNet time is apparent.

This has gotten to the point that I wish I had never gotten this ambitious with a project. I might not arrange fictions anymore at this rate, since I have such a high failure rate.

Hopefully my part in this will end soon, since it seems this might go 4 posts either side in before I can hand it to you guys.

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Okay, I'm definately hoping this isn't abandoned.

This is the way I see it, if I don't see anymore movement by mid-month, I'm just going to handle things as planned and continue on. I was hoping to wrap this up by now, and it's not close to half-way done.

Sorry everyone.

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Well, the way it's supposed to go is that I face DS directly, and he beats me. While he plays with me, thinking of using me as bait to draw out Ronin, You guys jump in, and close the deal as it were.

simply put, the reason why he don't run away when confronted, is that he probably lost it enough just to waste whatever challenges him... That part is an assumption though since things have been VERY quiet.

I think if you want to keep things alive, Long, why don't you post in the story how you surveyed the area then reported back to Jager or whoever you did to... Can't remember at the moment.

That may establish a pulse to this story.

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Okay, now I'm confused. The story hasn't happened yet? I thought it was all over, Endeavor was in the hospital with a catheter up her (censored) and that little dainty trickle of blood at the corner of her mouth?

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Here I go being misunderstood a bit.

The events of the story have happened and Endeavor IS in the hospital. Recuperating. Perhaps a few others as well have either patched themselves up or what not. It seems no one died that was involved, except for DS (This has been his intent from the start to off his character). Thing is NOTHING has gone right, and I can't just remove it and make it go away now. It's woven into the fabric of the game continuum here.

My act is together. It has been from jump. It just seems my dancing partner is not.

I'm stuck in the story right now where it sits. I can't post again untill DS plays off my post. He's been gone for a couple weeks now, and there's just no movement.

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Okay. Time to lay down an ultimatum, since bravo company has been so patient with me.

1 Week.

If I don't start seeing anything that suggests to me that the story will move within 1 week, then we call the sory as we see it.

I've gone from impatient, to patient, to nervous, to impatient again. It's been 1 month, and I was hoping this story would be near over by now. Since it is a key moment in NPrime Continuity.

But if this pregnant pause continues, drastic measures will have to be taken. I, Long, and the rest of the gang I do not believe can wait forever.

The drastic action being WE deside the outcome ourselves. Based on what I and DS agreed upon before starting this.

I know, harsh, but it HAS to be done. Something THIS important can't be allowed to just grow mold and rot on the vine, and we can't just erase the blackboard with this one.

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Okay, DS just gave me the go ahead. So, I will be posting once or twice to wrap the Sakurako-DS fight aprt of the story.

Then, what I was thinking is that I could start a new story, dealing with everyone who was going to help, meeting me at the Hospital, and telling me what happened. You guys could talk amongst yourselves and figure out how you want to handle it.

But, here's a few things to keep in mind (as DS admonished to me).

1: DS is no spring chicken or a pussycat. Look at his numbers. The only reason why Sakurako isn't chunky salsa is the armor and gear Alchemist gave to her (Alchemist sent the gear to her before the confrontation.)

2: DS won't kill Sakurako, he has a sick sort of obsession with her, and wants to use her as bait to draw out Ronin most likely. You guys coming in is interferance, but he won't leave, fearing he'd lose his prize. Obvious weakness to exploit.

3: Most likely, you guys would also mention how it took EVERYONE to bring him down, but even then there was alot of damage handed out.

Keep in mind, in the end, how you handle the aftermath is yours to decide, just try to be realistic enough to be believed. (And, most likely if Jager showed up, it'd get ugly fast, and if Ronin did indeed show as well... then... that'd be quite an explaination as to how DS finally got put down.)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Okay, I've completed my part of the story. I will be creating a new fiction shortly.

Here's the premise. All involved with this meet her at the Hospital where she is still recuperating. There you guys can tell her what happened, and who got her to safety.

I figure you guys have stuck around long enough to do this, so I might as well keep you guys from waiting further.

I'll be opening the thread tonight after I think of a good way to open it.

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