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  1. "Well," Typhoon began. "Perhaps we were both a bit... hasty that day. I have to admit, I didn't want you there, though I felt regret over our previous conversations." He looked down upon the near-virgin sandy beach, never trod upon by human feet. "I must admit that I miss having the freedom of movement that I enjoyed before I... put together that 'litle team'." he physically quoted the words with his titanium fingers and a smirk. "If you and I can overcome our mutual mistrust and look past eachother's affiliations to become friends, then nearly anything is possible."
  2. Even if it's a spirited debate, it's nice to see the Zurich Accords getting five seconds of air-time over the 24/7 droning on and on about how-great-the-Null Manifesto-is that this site is usually chocked full of. Seriously though, it's a good thing that only humanity is oh, so biased and the UN inparticular, and novas aren't at all.
  3. I am independant, If required I will also serve.
  4. "Indeed." Typhoon echoed. "Seriously, if you have a need for my services in the coming months," He allowed his eyes to wander down to her swollen bosom. "Or, really anytime, just let me know." Typhoon wasn't sure how to react to her now, under normal circumstances he'd hug her, but for the life of him he had no idea how terats showed affection, they were a self-professed totally different species, 'The next step in evolution', Long showed affection, and he was the most likely candidate to be the father of Timeslip's child. So they must show affection somewhat similarlly to humans. He decided against the hug. "So, what are your thoughts?" he asked with a slightly warm if awkward smile.
  5. "An Incan world, eh? If I ever find myself 'hoping timelines', I'll be sure to visit." He said with a side-long smile. "In any event, the least I can do is make the effort to assist you however I can. My "government friends" are hardly my friends, and my association with them is... on the wane to be sure." Indeed, NORAD had responded to his distress call, but they would not be able to scramble any sort of support in time. He looked past her at the virgin landscape beyond her, delving further into the island; briefly imagined himself in the serenity that the world offered. He re-focused his gaze back to Timeslip. "You know, I'm glad we could talk like this."
  6. "Barring creating a new timeline... maybe you will just have to learn to live with your choices." He gently massaged her shoulder with a look of understanding in his eyes. "I do know how you feel." His eyes dropped. "I was forced to kill a nova once as well, but I have to be honest in that the number of deaths I caused with my eruption has been more of a burden." "In both cases, I don't feel I had another choice." His voice became a whisper "He- Ivanovich had already killed far too many." He said ignorant of the fact that these were baseline lives he was talking about and what that likely meant to the terat he was speaking to. He smirked at her. "Listen, I have another request of you then," He retracted his hand from her shoulder. "Please allow me to help however I can." His smirk became a wide smile. "Besides, you can stay a few steps ahead of most anyone that Utopia may throw at you." He stood up offering a hand to her. "Are you in need of a walking, taking sonogram machine?" He asked with a gleam in his eye attempting to add some levity.
  7. Typhoon was geneuinely startled by her emotional reation, but then he remembered, She's pregnant. Hormones. he thought. No matter how superior to human terats believed they were, Typhoon was more conviced than ever in this moment that even Divis Mal cried himself to sleep once in a while. Typhoon was hesitant to iniate physical contact with the starscaped terat, but she seemed to need something resembling comfort. So he slowly and gently placed a titanium hand on her shoulder. "It was... self-defense. Anyone else would have done the same in your position." He couldn't believe he was saying these things, let alone to Timeslip. "I'll use what connections I have to get it through to the Utopians." He moved so that he make approximate eye-contact with her. "I'm not foolish enough to believe that you and I can ever be close friends, but we don't have to be enemies. You have my word that I'll do what I can to help." Typhoon's tone was sincere, it was obvious that he was largely incappable of any great deception.
  8. Huh. Timeslip does indeed have a heart. How about that. He thought to himself; he quickly regretted the thought. "I do have my uses." He said dryly in refernce to her 'living sonogram machine' comment. "But, it's true, I did indeed want to talk to you." Typhoon glanced over to a slightly shadier spot under some palm trees and gestured to it as he walked in that direction. "I try not to stand in direct sunlight for too long, I absorb a lot of heat." He sat down under the shade of a large palm and looked up to Timeslip. "You do know I was ordered to apprehend you." It wasn't a question, but a matter of fact statement. There was no bravado in his voice either, he knew that to challenge Timeslip directly was fruitless, she'd merely leave this world for another; leaving him stranded here. "I acknowledge that even if I really wantd to, I couldn't catch you. I wanted to let you know know that while I feel that Excavator deserved better, I don't believe for a moment that you'd receive a fair trial for it."
  9. As Timeslip regarded their enviorment Typhoon noted that Endeavor was nowhere to be seen. He decided she would be bored out of her mind here anyways, as Typhoon could not detect any man-made emissions of any kind. No technology. No pollution. Typhoon quickly made a point to be aware his own quantum emissions. "I take it Endeavor couldn't make it," With a gentle metallic smile he looked down up upon Timeslips swollen belly. "The fetus looks quite healthy, how far along are you?" There was kindness in his tone that was alien to her. "I have some knowledge of prenatal care." He added a smile. "I wasn't always a 'Living Submarine'."
  10. The shroud of void fades and Typhoon not only finds himself forcably removed from his ideal element, but apparently pulled from his own world. Nevermind the fact that mere moments earlier his body had been transformed atom-by-atom into information and 'beamed' via satalite back to earth. "Took me a moment to find something that fit, but tectonic shift skewed differently here... and so, an island. From what I saw, there's nothing above lower primates here, so we're safe in that respect. Now, I believe, we can have that chat." Timeslip casually announced as though she was forecasting the weather. Vertigo overtook Typhoon and he sank to his knees. To his credit he didn't vomit, but it wasn't as if anyone was truly clear on whether or not he had a proper stomach as a baseline doctor would recognize it. The nausua slowly passed. "We're where exactly?" He asked as he rose to his feet again.
  11. Typhoon regarded Timeslip for a moment. If she had wanted me hurt or dead she could have easily done so in orbit, she could have easily stopped time and aged me thousands of years in the blink of an eye. His senses focused on the second form stirring within her belly. "I trust you not to endanger any innocent members of the 'One Race'," He did not smile, he merely noticably lowered his head so he was obviously looking at her child. "What do you have in mind?"
  12. He looked down at the burn-scarred joker's face on his chest. "Huh. They must've branded me." An edge of anger cut through his voice. "I was surveying a mountain range off the coast of Sri Lanka when a couple of Novas, possibly elites appeared on the bridge of the Aumakua." "One of them was nearly as strong as Singularity, he grappled me, while the other seemed to interface with computer." Typhoon is obviously annoyed as he continues. "The bigger one must've clouded my mind somehow, because I found it difficult to concentrate, the next thing I knew, I was floating over China." titanium scraped against titanium as he attempted to flake off the damaged metal with his hand. He calmed himself as he despite that he was making little head-way with the scarring. He looked back over at Endeavor smiling again. "Hey, you got us a lot closer than I would have, really I can't thank you enough." "You're prompt, I'll give you that." Typhoon said smiling at Timeslip. "Shall we retire to someplace dryer?"
  13. Typhoon blinked twice as he adjusted to his suroundings. A smile quickly spread across his titanium facade. "Thank you, E. I wasn't looking forward to attempting that high of a dive." Even as he spoke he sent commands to the Aumakua to rendevous with him in Tokyo harbor. She was currently in the Indian Ocean, so it would be a few days. "I assume that you can 'beam' yourself home from here," He said as he quickly swam over to the bouy in attempt to keep her head above water. "Or, should I radio the Nihon Kaigun for a rescue?"
  14. If I ever plan to take a trip "up there" you will be among the first to know, Mithril. Sadly, this wasn't planned so much, nor was it my idea.
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