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  1. Actually, that was amazingly good timing. I can't run this game any longer. Sorry - got back to college from the summer, and this year is (and will continue to be) a sight more busy than previously, with graduation right on the horizon. I took so long to decide about it because I wanted to be sure things weren't going to shake out and settle down to a slower pace ... and they're not. So, yeah, this game is still pretty young, making it, unfortunately, one of the obvious things to cut out of my schedule - there's less investment in it for all concerned. I was going to offer, anyway, to hand off the game to anyone else who wanted to run, so feel free to use this space for a new game, if you want (you'd want to get Chosen to make you the mod). Likewise, I don't have any problems with you guys using current characters/game elements from this game, if you're so inclined. Nor will I be bothered if you don't. (c: (Of course, for the same reasons I can't run a game, I can't play in a new game.)
  2. Misha: It's probably more Investigation, but yes. Raphael: Probably should have been more clear on that. He was well away from the window. This is why it doesn't look possible to have shot him from the street or nearby buildings - someone would have had to shoot from pretty much directly perpendicular to the window. He actually might have been shot shortly after walking in the door, since he's pretty close to there. He might also have just wandered back in that direction when the sniper was drawing a bead, though. The bullet entered from the front and exited through the back.
  3. Clay nods, pulling out a PDA and consulting for details. "The SBS Marie Curie is inbound. She was posted out on the Baltic for an oceanographic study, so she was convenient to divert here ... it looks like it'll be between thirty and sixty minutes before she arrives." "She is outfitted with a full lab - not specific to forensics, but it should do the job." It does occur to Mark that, whatever that is at the end of the street, a shot taken from there wouldn't be utterly impossible - just nearly so. He's known a few people from his time in the military who might have been able to pull it off, and of course he knows that Old Man Jameson is supposed to've been able to do utterly ridiculous things with a gun. Already by the window, Clay notes Mark's comment and takes a look for himself. Who knows ... he's an aviator of a sort, so he might have better eyes. Tasha is beginning a careful search of the room, taking time to avoid disturbing anything enough to confuse forensic evidence. Styles' watch is keeping perfect time (as well it should, to judge by how much it must have cost). Raphael also fails to notice anything unusual about the contents or condition of Styles' wallet. It contains a handful of credit and ID cards, a couple hundred dollars in dollars and rubles, and two photographs - an old one of him and Max Mercer and a wedding photo of him and his (stunning) wife. Going over the rest of the body is messy - most of Styles' clothing is stiff with dried blood, crackling as Raphael disturbs it, and wet blood still pools under the outer layers of clothing. But Raphael has done more than a few autopsies before, so this is relatively small stuff. The only thing of particular note Raphael uncovers by searching the body is a double-folded bunch of papers in a pocket on the inside breast of Styles' jacket. They are soaked through with blood, but at least they were on the side of his chest opposite the hole that got blown through him. Raphael notes no unusual markings on the body. He would have to conduct a full autopsy to be sure, but it doesn't look as if there are any obvious resistance injuries or anything similar. Isiah Tsedek, still engaged in the apparently-interminable process of adjusting his apparatus, abruptly mentions (before returning to his machines): "The gun wasn't fired here. Assuming a gunpowder weapon. There is no chemical residue in the air. You understand? Even considering the window open, the ventilation is poor - there would still be residue. The gun was fired from a distance, or it was not gunpowder-based." Tasha, at first (very briefly) taken aback by Tsedek's suddenness, now questions: "Could you use your ... equipment ... to study Dr. Bradford's collected evidence? For forensics?" It is clear that Tsedek has not been particularly paying attention to activities in the rest of the room, rubber-necking to focus on Raphael: "What is it which requires analysis?" * * *Now on the street, Janos and Regan quickly reach conclusions to similar Mark's. There simply is no location from which a sniper could have gotten an angle on Styles - neither from the ground or from one of the buildings lining the sides of the boulevard stretching out and away from the hotel. (They can not see the opposite end of the boulevard, and the building which seems to be down there ... it is too far away to notice from the ground.)
  4. You've had a general look at the scene. There is undoubtedly more that can be discovered, but you need to start specifying what you're looking at and what you're looking for. If you'll recall, you haven't even fully searched the body yet - the previous information was just for looking, and not touching. And yes. Regan and Janos went out onto the street. Everyone else is still in the hotel room.
  5. There isn't anything across the street, so - looking out the window - Mark doesn't feel like he's in particularly immediate danger of getting shot at. Of course, if it happened to one guy, it can always happen to another ... Mark actually finds himself looking down a broad boulevard which ends in a T-intersection six stories below the window. Thus, there obviously isn't anything directly opposite the window (at least, not at six stories in the air). The boulevard itself is very wide ... several lanes of traffic, with opposing directions separated by a wide meridian (large enough for several statues of tanks, cosmonauts, and the like to be lined up on it). Judging the angles, it wouldn't be possible for someone to have shot from one of the buildings on the sides of that boulevard. Mark can make out something all the way at the opposite end of the boulevard ... some kind of building built across the street, or which the street ends in front of. The distance is extremely long - he has enough experience with snipers to know that you'd have to be very good, and have very good equipment to make a shot like that. However, it is admittedly the case that he can't see anything else that even vaguely resembles a possible position to shoot from. Maybe someone on the ground, a very long way down the street, but the angle would be even more difficult, and one would assume that - even in Kaliningrad - someone would call in about someone standing in the middle of the street with a sniper rifle. Clay informs Raphael: "As I understand it, the Society's paid off the locals to the point that they're just going to forget this ever happened. I think they'll have some people to come in and clean up after us when this is done, too."
  6. The trajectory of the bullet is fairly easy for anyone to plot ... window ... corpse ... liberal smear of red all over the wall. And there's the bullet hole, somewhat lost in the mess on the wall. Mark missed it the first time around thanks largely to second-rate construction. It looks like it punched clear through the wall, touching nothing but a couple of sheets of plaster on the way through ... the insulation has all slumped down into the lower half of the wall cavity, and it looks like someone forgot to put any ply wood on this stretch of wall. With so little to interfere with its passage (and, apparently, plenty of momentum to spare), the bullet left a hole just about the size of a quarter. Mark peers through into the hallway, traces the line of sight, then has to go out into the hall to dig into the opposite wall. He comes up with a bullet, lodged halfway through a two by four stud in that wall. At least it didn't go clear into the next room. It is, at this point, fairly deformed, but he'd figure it to be a basic 7.62 rifle round. It looks about right, and variations on that round are used both as the NATO standard and as the Russian standard, if you're using a sniper rifle.
  7. An edit to the earlier posting ... the window actually ought to be open. This isn't terribly unusual, as it is fairly pleasant out (for northeastern Europe).
  8. It should be underscored that Clay is a very magnetic personality. He has a one-two of natural charisma and his great-grandfather's psychic abilities, so people tend to naturally slip into his orbit (a big part of why he's one of the movement's chief organizers). Not that the PCs automatically fold to him, or anything, but you are actually getting bonuses from him just standing in the same room as you ... he's really good at being that interpersonal version of grease between the wheels. I stuck a short pause in before Janos arrives, in case Raphael cares to respond to Misha. There should be a minute or so of time, there.
  9. Clay retreats to the window, watching as the professionals begin to sort through the room. He runs through brief introductions, filling in gaps of familiarity, where they exist. Clay Zorbo, himself, has an intense presence about him ... he's lean and athletic, blond-haired and blue-eyed, with an unconscious charisma that is only barely dimmed by his current distraction and tension. Even for those who don't know him, it's immediately clear that he's a man of action - his inability to directly contribute to the situation makes him a little fidgety, standing in the back of the room. He helps as he can, though, dropping occasional observations and suggestions and generally connecting the dots between Mark, Misha, and the couple of pros currently at work. The man with the long fingers, unfamiliar to everyone in the room excepting Regan (and only passingly familiar to her), turns out to be an Isiah Tsedek - some kind of technologist, to judge by the devices he's unfolding on the bed. It isn't hard to see that he has some kind of problem with Janos' presence here, but he restricts himself to pointedly ignoring the elder man while Janos is in the room. Regan has been examining the room since arrival, but hasn't found anything particularly revealing yet. It looks like Styles didn't do much at all here ... the bathroom seems unused, the bed is still crisp, and his luggage is still in the corner, not yet unpacked. The hotel staff says that he checked in yesterday afternoon, went out immediately, then came back during the wee hours of the morning today, between 2:00 and 3:00. Considering the state of the room, it seems likely that either someone was waiting for him here, or they caught up with him very shortly after he got back to the room. Styles was shot - that much is obvious to everyone present. The more difficult questions are 'from where?' and 'with what?' It is a small room, and very few weapons will make a hole as big as the one that Styles' body sports at this short a range. Certainly nothing that could handle a silencer, and - even here - it seems improbable that a gunshot could go off without note. The angles (judging by the splatter from the gunshot and the position of the body) suggest that Styles might've been shot from the window, though a glance in that direction doesn't present any immediately obvious positions from which to fire. The window is open, as are many of the windows in the city - the weather, if nothing else, is pleasant. Locating the bullet might be of help in narrowing down the possibilities. As for the body itself ... Raphael confirms that, yes, Styles was shot in the chest with a heavy-caliber weapon. There's no evidence of a struggle (defense-injury bruising, or anything of that nature), and everything points to a simple one-shot kill. No burns to indicate particularly close range, either. Time of death is more difficult to pin down, with the equipment he has to work with at the moment. Raphael would guess, from looking at clotting and other signs of an aging corpse, that Regan's estimate (working out to somewhere around 3:00 am) is about right. Raphael works without disturbing the body, for the moment, as Regan and Mark study and record the room. There're no signs of another person on the scene - particularly no footprints in the blood, aside from what the little group of investigators has unavoidably made. Between the size of the room and the amount of blood, it is nearly impossible to cross the floor without leaving some mark. Likewise, Styles doesn't seem to have been disturbed since his death. He is laying naturally, there're no inappropriate marks dried into the blood, and his clothing seems untouched. It's possible to make out his wallet in his front right pocket, and he might have something else of importance on him. (He is wearing a pair of slacks, a button shirt, and a light leather jacket, which are in varying degrees of ruin.) Tsedek finishes unpacking on the bed (Regan'd already told him it seems clean of useful evidence), and he begins to fiddle with his gizmos, soon mentioning, in a mutter: "A broch! Damn difficult with so many of us in th' room. I'm thinking, maybe, there was a spike in Z-wave activity here, around time a' death. More than what this guy would've done, if what I hear c'n be trust." ... When Janos returns, Clay cliffnotes the situation for him and Mark: "The Society asked Regan and I to come down and check this out. Apparently, the maid found it this morning. First glance said things might get ugly, if whoever's responsible is still around, so I had Rei check and see if there was anyone nearby we could call. [to Mark and Janos] That's you. And, no, I have no idea how she tracked you down on this kind of notice." "And, so, that makes us all up to date ... we're pretty much working without a net here. I think maybe the Society knows a little more about this, but they haven't seen fit to share, yet." Regan agrees. She spoke to Tallon and, while he didn't exactly seem to be giving her a runaround, it seemed like something was being held back. She suspects it has something to do with why Styles was in Kaliningrad in the first place. Maybe Annabelle Lee will have more to offer when she arrives from the Society, though that's not a face Regan's particularly looking forward to seeing, given the circumstances. Annabelle Lee Newfield-Styles. Tasha hangs back in the doorway, flinching away for a moment when she sees the body. She regains her cool right off, but still avoids looking at the body ... glancing at Raphael before averting her eyes and sending her gaze wandering around the room, eventually resting on Clay, in the back.
  10. I don't think that'll be a crippling delay. Also, some bits of situational background that I didn't get to last night (it was late): You are all present for various good reasons. Raphael would've been contacted by Clay and asked to come (thus explaining Misha's presence). Regan is present as an Aeon Society liaison. Mark is was brought in either by Clay or Raphael ... he might've already been in the area. There'll be a PM in that, to get the details down. Likewise with Janos. No investigation has been done before now. Whitley Styles is lying dead in a Russian hotel room, and that's about all you know at present. The police have been convinced by the Society to forget about the case, as has the hotel (these things are rather easy to do in Russia in general, and Kaliningrad in particular). The Society has asked some of 'movement' kids to deal with this. That means Regan and Clay, mostly, but they've brought in additional help, obviously. The Society has handed off the case because, frankly, they don't have anyone better suited to looking into the situation ... membership has dwindled, and the Society's go-to detective just got murderer. It helps that Regan and Clay are both Society members. Not everyone knows it yet (only Regan and Clay do), but Annabelle Lee Newfield-Styles is coming on the first flight ... you only beat her here because Clay has very fast transportation available. It would be a generally good idea to get the prelim forensics done before she arrives, because she isn't evenminded in the best of circumstances. Things'll probably get messy and confused once she arrives. A thumbnail of the Society as is: • Max Mercer's skipping this decade. • Whitley Styles has married Annabelle Lee Newfield, and has just been murdered. • Professor Dixon died in the Cold War. It might have been suicide (nobody's saying). He wasn't the same after his ex-wife died in the tossup with Primoris during WWII. • Danger Ace is still around somewhere, but he's getting old and he's mostly inactive. • Annabelle Lee is, again, married to Styles. She and Styles both hit their 'autoevolutionary' stride and slowed their aging. He looks to be in his forties, she looks to be in her thirties. • Primoris is obviously no longer associated with the Society, and he has been following a policy of studied inactivity. • Jack Tallon is the de facto leader of the Society in Mercer's stead - Styles isn't really made for leadership, and there aren't really any other options. His aging is slowed, but he's been around since Victorian times, so he's still starting to show his age. There are members beyond the three active members mentioned above (only two now that the Styles is dead), but they're all only tangentially connected, or they just aren't heavyweights.
  11. Oh, and duh ... hey, everybody, I've finished the intro. I expanded the original post, rather than add a second post. Suppose I should've mentioned that bit first.
  12. Quote:One is a pale, grey-haired man in a rather nice suit ...That is Janos. Everyone give some brief description in your first posts. I was going to do that myself, but then I realized that I didn't really have descriptions for everyone. Quote:... the other a long-fingered, mid-twenties man with dishwater blond hair and a jumble of gadgets in hand ...That is Isiah Tsedek, a cat-burgler turned security specialist. He came with Clay. I'll make a Dramatis Personae thread with write-ups for Whitley Styles and Tsedek, but not tonight. Tomorrow, probably.
  13. This thread plays host to the group's character sheets (see below links). Further, if anyone wants to post any public background information, they may use this thread for that purpose. This can be anything: a concise history, newspaper clippings, and the like. In order to keep things under control, please stop short of posting full blown fictions here. If you would like to do that, make use of N!Prime's Adventure Fiction forum. I'll keep a list of links to any fictions here with the character sheets (and will also award small amounts of experience for such material). Adventure Characters: Raphael Bradford Mark Cobb Regan McLachlan Count Janos Rakozi Graf von Kadar Mikhail Ivanovich Valyenko Adventure Fiction: Caught in the Middle Black Blood / White Snow Intersections Janos in China
  14. The disappearing threads from the previous game are not deleted - they've simply been moved to an archive board ( link ) for the time being. I'll see about making them more accessible, for posterity's sake, at some point in the future ... Chosen tells me that the forum software will be able to add subboards in a little while, so that might be a good method.
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