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  1. Jager thinks about it for a few seconds then nods. "I'll do what I can. Sometimes I'm off doing other stuff, so I won't be the most consistant of teachers, but I'll do my best." There was no need to say that they would keep that arrangement secret as well. Jager had his enemies as well. "There is something you, or more to the point, Endeavor, might be able to do for me too. Ever since I spent some time in exile, I have been thinking about a way ... a device that will bounce me back to the Prime reality. Between the two of you, do you think you could pull something like that off?"
  2. "All you are really doing is giving them the tools. Minds have to be sharpened, the node has to be expanded, and the heart has to be made ready. In time, they will know the choice when and were to apply violence will be thiers. They are not automatons. You three are doing well." "They will have to make the choice, just as eventually they will have to make the choice to stay. Nothing we build is eternal - as far as I've been able to assertain - but we can work for the long term. In time you will also have other children as well, and the cycle will continue." Jager looks at Long. "Peace is elusive for those like us. I don't know if that will ever change. It's good to see you trying."
  3. "Yeah ... the secret. Seems a nova can't get as powerful as you without someone wanting to know what you are up to. Hell, even Nippontai will probably have a person or three trying to figure it out, and they are Friendlies." Jager looks around. "I still think you should make a run at organized religion, but that's just me." He holds up his hands to ward off any more protest. "It's enough for now that you have a plan and that you know that people will always find something to believe in." "Back to the secret - you could make plan within the plan to create some Siberian base undercover. The Directive would just love having one of your Survival Camps in a member nation, but I know you could get it done. Best of all, you wouldn't need to be so stringent on your people's loyalty there. Then you cycle the 'real' people through and move them to the other camp and leave the general impression they were 'removed' for disloyalty." "Hell, you warp people to the sun, so there is no looking for dead bodies. Have some people run some spook accounts for a few months afterwards to give the impression these people are in the world, but living under the radar somewhat. Hell, I know a few elites who specialize in impersonation and are discreet." "Long, people remember you as being cruel and ruthless. Use it. Playing softball with the people gunning for you isn't going to make things happen. When the time comes, you are going to have to leave the ghost base hanging. Too much of a chance of somebody nasty getting someone on the inside." Jager looks at Long. "Cold - Harsh - Reality."
  4. "Have you given thought to were you are going to put the Temple and what it will be about? We are creatures of Spirit and Soul and if we don't have some symbol to guide us, we will find something to take it's place." "The science side looks solid. Since you plan to limit population," he looks to Long for confirmation, "I would suggest more of a pre-agricultural model for food gathering. Placing the homes around fruit bearing orchirds - hunting for the meat as needed. I also suggest you find a not too distant area with aluminium, copper, and iron deposits and create a foundry so that you can replace lost manufactured goods. You can replace lost plastics through distillation, of course." "Long, I suggest you beg, borrow, and steal ideas from other societies. You won't need intensive agriculture, so agrarian models aren't that useful. You will need satellites in orbit to bounce communications channels and get weather reports. You'll need to have transport to go to remote areas to hunt game and give your local area time to replentish, but you are also going to need an automated, or semi-automated manufacturing center supplied with the proper raw materials. Of course," he grins, "you aren't going to want a consumer society either, so keep the manufacturing center isolated." "Thankfully, you have one of the top technical minds on the planet. She can build the foundry and manufacturing center back on Prime and re-assemble it here." "Now what am I forgetting?"
  5. "Vali and I have never been close for reasons that are difficult to go into. Clark is Clark and Gray is ... well, a really gifted child," he lies. "The world has changed on us and we need to change. That is one of the problems I have with most of the Teragen. Even as the world changes they refuse to alter their view of the world. It is almost as if they want the world to burn, even though I know a good many would deny it vehemently." Jager waves a dismissive hand. "Enough about them. Show me your camp and tell me of your plans. If I can see anything that could be done differently, I'll let you know."
  6. "I'm not going to say I haven't looked at a way to temporarily, or permanently, make someone not a nova ... besides killing them. That level of quantum mastery is way beyond me, and the science is even more daunting. So, barring that, I have to accept that one day some nova is going to get through and lay waste to an urban center. It will make Ibizia look like a beach party. Everything will start to unravel. Economies will collapse. There will be famine and pestilance all over the globe, not just limited to the Developing World. I don't see this, but I can still forecast it." Jager grimaces. "I keep playing for the draw, because it gets me something I want while keeping the slide toward Oblivion at bay for another day. That's how I see it." "I keep working with younger novas hoping to make a difference in their lives. I see it as the best chance there is to any 'winning' with upcoming struggle with anything less standing." "I there would have been a time when I would have resented your dodge to this Eden, but I am a lot less certain of any chance of success these days. Now I see your efforts as the best chance of individual survival for novas. After all, when things start breaking down, you will be a target. You have a home and are largely unaligned. I suspect they would only succeed in killing your family." "You need to save them. I don't fault you that. In fact, I admire that. Your family won't have to be poorly forged in the heat of battle, or die." He looked into Long's eyes, "Grim enough for you?"
  7. Jager looks around carefully. He can feel the differences here and it was more than just the air, it was what was in it. The pollen was different. He couldn't place the latitude even by studying the location. It was alien. "Not foolish. Damning perhaps of what little power and influence any of us really hold, but not foolish." After scanning the horizon again, he adds, "Worry about the children. Not your children, but the generation that is too come. What are your plans for them? Admittedly, there are other timelines, but still ..." He smiles at Long. "Got to admit, I'm a bit surprised to not see that you have altered the terrain somewhat. You've always had a flare for, and love of, the power. Something like carving the kanji for Peace in some mountain face somewhere." It is hard to tell how much Jager is teasing.
  8. Jager bows his head to the compliment. It was heartwarming to known he was respected as a purveyur of the truth, not matter how unpleasent it might be. "I've seen how much mankind has improved its anti-nova arsenal in the past ten years. Enough to know that even as we approach continent-spanning powers, they can still hurt us ... and with that power will come the desperate courage to use it. Your dreams have the real sense of the truth." "Lead on," he grins. "As clever as you've been, people suspect you of being up to something, even if they have no idea what it is."
  9. He walked the world slowly this night. Jager himself was uncertain of all the twists and turns life had thrown him him over the past few months. Not that everything had changed. He was still talking with young novas and helping out with some service, or some advice, ever building up a cycle of assistance and reliance between those new to the One Race. Long's estate came up slowly, stolen in time at this moment when the moon was just receding behind the curved rooves. Jager followed the cleverly laid out path through the triggers and surprises that led to the room Long wanted to meet him in. He looked at his old compadre for only a second, not wanting to be rude, or set off his superb senses, and let time take him again. The blonde nova appeared before Long with a tired smile. "Greetings old friend. What keeps you from your dreams?" He meant more than just sleep. Long had several living extensions of his creative thought processes not too far from here. He had friends he could talk to. Jager's unspoken question was 'Why me?'.
  10. The guy is a hero! Cut him some slack and be really damn thankful that he's a cool nova. He could be a psychotic asshole who would rather kill you and piss on your corpse than kick back and get drunk. The zips in LA are lucky to have had him as their MD. He's just got to get his act together and get over how the city betrayed him ... and that's exactly what you guys did - betrayed HIM!
  11. "Well ... we are one shy for bridge. We could play Spades, Hearts, or Poker. We could take stuff out of the mini-bar to play for!" Jager grins, totally missing out on the whole dynamic of two beautiful adults in a hotel room together. But that's okay. He's still a kid.
  12. Jager follows along with the action, seemingly just happy to be here. He follows Connor into the next room and sits down on the bed. "We wait ... yeah ... Why exactly are we waiting?" "No. Hold on. I know they are doing some tests next door, but what I'm asking is why are these tests being performed ... at a hotel?"
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