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  1. Back from my trip. I'll post some pictures soon. I've been too busy trying to catch up with life to post any of them.
  2. For those that care or those that just want something to read. I'm going on a 2 week archaeological survey of some BLM property in Northwestish Arizona. Here's a link to the general area. http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/prescott/ I'm not going to be in National Forest itself but in protected land to the west of it. It's slightly less forested and slightly more volcanic. It's open ranch land too, so they're probably be lots of cows, but that's hardly different from the rest of the state. Should be a good time and I'll try to get some pictures. I'll only be able to take so many pictures of the artifacts, out of respect for the descendents. I will be able to take pics of the wilderness so maybe I'll see a bear or a mountain lion or something. There's a town to the south called Bagdad, it's one of the last mining company towns in Arizona. Some of the original Spanish land grants are still intact in this area. It's interesting when you look at a USGS Topographic map of the area because the section markers stop all of a sudden when you get to the land grant. Since it's private property they weren't allowed to place markers so they didn't include them on the map. And because it's been private property for hundreds of years the archaeological material is still in good condition. In some cases we will be setting foot on sites that haven't had human contact since they were abandoned in the 14th century. So, yeah. There you go.
  3. Originally Posted By: Dawn, GM And yes... if you indulge me in this, you'll be helping me with a homework assignment. Thanks, Dawn What?! This is a school project? You're killing me Dawn, killing me.
  4. Originally Posted By: Catalyst Hey Flicker, Jess thinks your nobody. Hey Jess, sit on it. What a great way to converse with people! Not childish at all. Sounds like somebody needs a nap.
  5. "You have already shown more strength and honor than him. And I'm happy to call you friend." Conduit joins in the accolades to the chef. "To the chef for the fine food, to my friends new and old, and to the children."
  6. Conduit finishes his first serving and as he starts to load up his second he pipes in, "I'm glad that you were able to get gain control of your rage and I hope that you'll soon be without the current pain," he pauses to pick up a piece of steak, "Perfection of body, mind, and spirit and all that." Another pause as he sits back down, "Although the coloration is very...remeniscent of a time I think we'd all like to forget."
  7. Conduit walks over to the table and greets Polymath and the children. He nods to Endeavor, "Captain." Finally he sits down and while he fills his bowl with assorted foods he says, "Jager, good to see you again. Keeping busy in the States?"
  8. Conduit looks up at the sound of a very familiar voice. "Ryu, my old friend," he says holding his hand out to greet. The two share a hand shake and the old fashioned masculine shoulder punch. Conduit looks back to the table he had been standing at where a man in a hard hat with some building plans is standing. "Those plans look good, I'll be back tomorrow." Conduit bows to the man and motions to Long that he is ready. "I've been working with this construction company on their electrical needs. Keeps me busy and lets me use my push my powers in constructive ways." Long brings up his warp and the two step into it. On the other side they arrive at Longs house where a delighteful little gathering is taking place.
  9. Originally Posted By: Cisco I am currently pursuing my degree in Sociology at the University of Arizona. Poor choice. Unless of course you're there for the underdressed blondes...wait, where was that application again? Welcome any way. I'm originally from that area, send me a PM if you have any questions or anything.
  10. I watched it again on Friday with a few friends who hadn't seen it and a few that had. It was good the second time which, for me, makes it a keeper. After the movie we all went and got some Greek food since...you know... For Sparta!!! and all that.
  11. In an effort to help with a comparison let's look at a real world example. KV 62 (Tut's tomb) had, depending on who you ask, 400+ statues in it. Admittedly most of these statues are less than 1 foot in length, although there were several lifesize and larger than lifesize spread throughout. The tomb itself is 109.83 square meters (1182.20 square feet) in floor area(~1.3 times larger than my house) It had an internal volume of 277.01 cubic meters (9782.52 cubic feet) Volume is important because a 10 ft tall statue doesn't really work in a home with a ceiling of 4 ft, regardless of floor area. So what does this show us? Two things. One, I live in a home smaller than the tomb of a person who lived 3000 years ago and wasn't really all that important...yay me. Two, clearly these temples and galleries need to be pretty damn big to house all these statues. Now I'm not entirely against the whole thing (barring the issues with Mexican land grants). What I would like and has been said time and time again is some clarification. I'll keep some hope out there that it may happen.
  12. Originally Posted By: VelvetOriginally Posted By: Sean McClineShoot! There went my plan to challenge him to a spelling bee! Curses, Velvet, curses! Now how am I going to deal with my "Hot for Teacher" issues that I've carried since second grade!? All right, I warned you. Keep it up and I'm bringing over my "librarian" outfit. This thread just. got. interesting
  13. The time traveling taco was an interesting twist. But I don't like the way they rendered Mecha Leonidas.
  14. We haven't had a movie review for a while and it looks like we could use some light hearted discussion. So, 300, has anyone seen it. I saw it on Saturday. It was a fun flick and I enjoyed it. There was some heavy metal in one scene that seemed out of place. Not that the movie can't have heavy metal, but it seemed out of place for that particular scene.
  15. Conduit


    Well I intended on posting some pictures of our snow, but something is going on with the upload. I'll try it again tonight. In any event, it snowed across the whole valley. It snows a lot in the mountain, but it's rare for it to stick on the valley floor. Last night we got between .5 and 2 inches depending location. I made the saddest little snowman from the snow on my car. And since nobody stocks up on salt for the roads the whole city basically shut down until 10am. They've closed up the roads to the mountains which is a shame the ski communities have had such bad seasons lately. Today and tomorrow are what we call "Ski & Golf" days. Ski in the morning, wait for noon when it's back up to 40 or 50 and tee off! So now that we've actually had a winter I'm ready for those 110F days that I love so much.
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