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With low self-confidence Gavin has a chance to lose 2D from his pools 50% of the time at any task he attempts.  The book says 'important tasks' but I'm not quite sure what exactly they mean by that.  What I'm assuming though is that low self-confidence doesn't apply to reactionary skills like Dodge and Parry simply because that's not a confidence issue, it's a self-preservation issue.  If Jan were punching Gavin in the face, Gavin's brain isn't going to think 'Whelp... nothing to do done here but take it'.  People instinctively dodge, block, or just get out of the way when those situation arise, but the book isn't clear, it seems to generalize over the whole spectrum.

Punching Jan back, well, that's a whole other matter that does require some self-confidence, but getting pummeled to death isn't really what anyone with low self-confidence would do.

So, does it apply to reactionary skills when self-preservation is involved?

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Maybe it's a matter of pressure plus seeing the task coming?  I'd say it likely wouldn't affect defensive reaction skills at all, because no thought goes into them.

For instance, if someone suddenly grabbed Gavin and 'boom', he's in a brawl, he might not have the time for his brain to undermine his efforts.  On the other hand, if he's squaring up in a fighting circle with people betting on him and a crowd jeering...

My read is that it's situational and shouldn't affect purely 'yipe' reflexes.

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As written, the disad essentially sounds like you tend to 'choke' under pressure/stress (an important roll), so generally it would not apply to most reflexive rolls.

If you have enough time to get in your own head about something, then it might (or I might even halve the penalty or make it apply on a 2 or lower or something).

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Still though, enduring the pain eyes did open and it was then that they realized they were in small cells, two to a cell, except for Jan and Arcata who was alone in their own cells. The forth wall of each cell was a forcefield separating the cell from the rest of the room and the lone, human male guard within.

If there are two to a cell

Why are there three people in Gavin's cell?

Either someone can't count or someone can't read.

Mistakes happen.  But please, people, pay attention.

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Frankly the whole stuck in cells with our memories wiped just isn't jiving with me.  And since Aurora is deliberately working against us, wake me up when we're done with this prison phase.  I've not the time, nor the inclination to play 'escape from prison with no memories of how you got there' before I've even had a chance to get the character's feet wet.  Gavin will retire to his slab and just simply wait to either be sold back into slavery, killed, or freed by the others.  Personally, if we do get out, we should leave her behind and take the ship for ourselves.  I don't see any value to having someone who is just going to sell us down the river the first chance they get.

I don't have time to play 10,000 posts of plotting an escape while one character does their best to undo it all.  Let me know when we're past this part.


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