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  1. I was pulled away due to holiday obligations. I have not dropped the game and in fact just game to write the next post.
  2. Clarifications on the Wild Die Wild die when rolling dice in Discord The first die result of your roll will be treated as the Wild die. For example: if you roll 4D6 and get Details:[4d6 (1 3 4 6)], then you got a 1 on the Wild die (not a 6). Rolling a 1 on the Wild die To clarify, rolling a 1 on the Wild Die is not an automatic failure or botch. If the Wild Die comes up as a 1, tell the me and I will do one of three things: 1) Just add the 1 on the Wild Die to the total normally with no effect. 2) Subtract the 1 on the Wild Die and your other highest die from the total 3) Add the 1 on the Wild Die to the total normally, but award a "complication" - something unusual (and often, but not always bad) has happened that livens things up for your character. Complication example: In a space battle you shoot a quad-laser cannon at a TIE fighter. You roll and get a 1 on the Wild Die and are awarded a complication. - If your total roll was still not enough to hit the TIE fighter, then you miss, and due to the complication, your roll might be applied to a friendly ship to see if you it the friendly instead, or the turret might malfunction. - If your total roll is enough to hit the TIE fighter, then you successfully hit it (Yay!), but due to the complication the TIE fighter might now on a collision course with your ship or maybe the TIE fighter spun and hit a friendly ship, damaging it and/or forcing them to make a piloting check.. Complications can apply to any roll, not just combat, from mis-remembering information, to not realizing you just hit on the alien you are trying to talk to in their native language. If dropping the 1 on the Wilde die and your highest die from your total would result in failure then I might even offer you the choice of taking the failure or succeeding with a complication. Sometimes a complication is bad, sometimes they just make things more difficult or interesting, and sometimes they are just funny. Rolling a 6 on the Wild die If you roll a 6 on the Wild Die, then it 'explodes', meaning you add it to your total like normal and then get to re-roll that 1 die, adding the result to the total. As long as you keep getting a 6 on the re-roll, you keep adding it and re-rolling.
  3. "So it is true, eh? You lot really do have no idea what happened or where you are. You're just stabbing in the dark, hoping something lands, to.. what? Pull some amateurish scheme like pissing me of so I step right in there to 'teach you a lesson' or something?" the guard laughed as he shook his head. He then drew his blaster and pointed it at each cell in turn. "There's no need for that. Ya see, these forcefields are great great from keeping you in, stopping you from spitting on me and all that." he explained as he tapped the forcefield in front of Arcata and Kel's cell with the barrel of his blaster, causing the the forcefield to flare brighter at the point of impact for an instant. "But energy? Like, say, a shot from a blaster, it's a lot less effective at stopping. So keep making a ruckus, and I'll just stun you and then come in there and beat you to bantha fodder." he threatened with a grin that made it seem like he would enjoy beating an unconscious captive just a little too much. "And I ain't no Imperial." he added, holstering his blaster as he walked back toward the table. OOC
  4. The more Jan moved his muscles and got his blood pumping, the better he felt. The stiffness and ache in his muscled began to fade and even the headache was beginning to subside faster than before. The small size of the cell was limiting his movements though, as it was not much bigger than a closet and clearly not meant for any long term confinement. The lone guard glanced over at Jan as he began exercising, but did not seem concerned, and instead turned back the some card game he was playing alone. Jan could see in the middle of the wall opposite of the cells and next to the table, a small control panel which seemed to have the intercom they all heard him use before, as well as other controls. It was not missed by Arcata either, as it was almost directly in front of her cell, taunting her with its proximity. While Arcata intentionally listened for the sound of engines, for Aurora it was second nature. Neither heard such sounds, nor did Aurora feel even the faintest motion which meant that they are planetside. As far as what planet, they could not be sure with their memory impacted as it was. "You don't shorten surnames. That's insulting every member of the family, living or dead." the diminutive being stated firmly as he poked, or more like stabbed, Acato in the thigh with a finger. Despite his small size, the fellow had quite a forceful personality and could be strangely intimidating. "So you can address me as 'Lohkimian', or 'Sir' even." He looked up at her, his large eyes narrowing to a near predatory gaze. "Or are you going to be a problem?" The guard chuckled as he heard the exchange between Acato and her cellmate, but did not look up from his cards. That changed though as Gavin and Arcata starting going back and forth, causing him to set down his cards and look toward their cells. "Shut the hell up!. All of you!" he ordered as he rose and walked down the line of cells, glaring at the captives with his hand resting on the blaster pistol on his hip.
  5. The man shook his head at Fetch's word, if one could even call them that. "I suppose I should not expect any better from likes of Nar Shaddan gutter filth." the man sighed and shook his head in disappointment as he looked her over. "No bother." he added dismissively. "They truly do not remember, do they?" he asked the woman in red as he turned his head to her for a moment. "Yes sir. It happens, from time to time." she answered with a nod, her voice silky and seductive. "It has the added advantage of allowing you to see the shock and fear on their faces when their final fates become apparent to them." she explained with a faint, smug smile tugging at the corners of her red painted lips. "Excellent point." he replied and then turned back to the captives, his gaze drifting from cell to cell as he looked down his nose at the captives with a haughty air of Imperial nobility, his gaze finally stopping to look at Arcata. "The Emperor might be dead, but the Empire is something greater than even him. It perseveres even as it suffers the traitorous disloyalty of cowards and the greedy. The Rebels' cowardly sneak attack and assassination of the Emperor may have staggered the Empire, and allowed the Rebel scum to take some territory temporarily, but rest assured, the Empire gathers it's might and will reclaim every parsec, system, planet, city and speck of dirt, all while eradicating the rebel scum and rooting out every traitor to be dispensed Imperial justice." "You should know this quite well, as I am sure some of their friends," he said glancing to the other prisoners for a moment before returning his gaze to Arcata, "...found Imperial justice at the end of your blaster." he taunted. "You were once a faithful servant of the Empire. One of high birth and education with every advantage..." he said almost sadly, "...and now that you have betrayed it, you will be on the receiving end of the Imperial justice that you once dispensed. I think you will find it to be distinctly less pleasant to be on this side of the law." He then looked to Aurora and took a step closer to her cell, resting his hands behind his back once more. "You though." he said as he looked her over from head to toe and back again, "A willingness to beg is good, but I said I valued sincerity. I may be inclined to give you a..,. private audience... to allow you to prove that sincerity to me." he offered. "Sir. Th-" the woman in red said, taking a step close to him, only to be cut off by a swift raising of his hand. "Careful ArIna. You risk ruining my good mood and that would displease me." he said to the woman, wile still looking at Aurora. The woman froze, and it did not take being sensitive in the Force to pick up on her palpable fear, though the flash of it was strong enough that at such a short distance Gavin, Acato and Fetch could sense it. "My deepest apologies, sir." she said with a nod as she cautiously she stepped back from him and clasped her mechanical hands together in front of her waist. "I do suppose you are right though. There will be time enough for this. Other matters require my attention." the man said with a sigh and turned to the woman. "Prepare my yacht while I see to other matters." he commanded to her, causing her to nod and depart. "The rest of you can enjoy my hospitality for the time being, while you await your fate." he said over his shoulder and then walked out with the two Stromtroopers in tow behind him, leaving just the lone guard, who took a seat after a minute or two. "I was beginning to think he'd never shut up." came a gruff voice from the back of Acato's cell. She looked and then noticed laying in the relative darkness under the metal slab bench/bed was a small being (under a meter tall) that she had missed before. OOC
  6. I made an addendum in chat that the 3 youngins were in a cell together since there is 7 total PCs. It was also late and I forgot about the NPC (making it 8), so it will be corrected shortly.
  7. (CLICK HERE FOR OPENING CRAWL) Consciousness returned slowly, gradually breaking through the mental fog just enough to become aware of the environment. Hard, unrelenting durasteel was cold against the face while a stale, artificially sterile smell hit the nose, which made the bitter taste in the mouth even worse somehow. A steady hum reverberated off of the durasteel walls which almost became maddening in the relative silence of the rest of the room if one focused on it. With pained winces eyes slowly dared to crack open only to be greeted by the harsh light when made them snap shut again until they dared to try and blink open again, if only the slightest bit. The light made the dull throb of a headache flare up into a stabbing pain which faded far more slowly than desired. The desire to get up off the floor was met with non-compliance as limbs refused commands, or moved barely, if at all. Still though, enduring the pain eyes did open and it was then that they realized they were in small cells, two to a cell, except for Jan and Arcata who was alone in their own cells. The forth wall of each cell was a forcefield separating the cell from the rest of the room and the lone, human male guard within. The guard rose and walked over to a small intercom. Pressing a button, he leaned closed and spoke, "They're waking up." he said with an unusual accent. "Good." replied a much more tinny voice through the speaker. With tremendous effort, Jan was the first to manage to rise to his feet enough to stagger to the metal slab bench that could only laughably be called a bed. He sat down on it with no grace at all and leaned his head back against the wall, trying to take stock of the situation. In the rest of the cells the others did similar, though many barely crawled to the bench in their cells as their limbs were slow to respond and resisting commands, though gradually control of their limbs was returning. The outer room door swished open and in walked a well dressed human male, seemingly nobility, along with a woman dressed in red with several cybernetic limbs who stood beside him. Following them two more beings stepped through the door, clad in unmistakable white and black... Imperial Stormtroopers, each one cradling their blaster cabines. They took up positions flanking the pair before them as the man approached the cells. "You know, I am not sure if I should be impressed with you, or disappointed in my own security, as were it not for my 'friends' here, a reward for continued loyalty to the Empire that you were not expecting, you might have actually managed to collect on that bounty." he sneered as he walked down the hall in front of the cells with his hands behind his back and his posture taut with the air of nobility. "Now though, instead of you collecting the bounty on my head, I shall be collecting bounties on your own." he taunted and stopped in front of Arcata's cell. "The Empire does not suffer traitors." he sighed, shaking his head as he looked her over with various unsavory thoughts running through his head. "Such a pity." he said with a shrug he continued walking down the line of cells, looking over his younger captives. "And you whelps. I am sure they will be quite pleased to have you handed over as well." he commented as he rubbed his chin. "You will be made to serve the Empire, or you will perish, I am sure." he added. The man shrugged again and pivoted on a heel to walk back along the line of cells as she spoke to his captives. "You were foolish for ever coming after me, and now that error in judgement will cost you dearly." he said, his voice dripping with smugness and scorn. "I am not totally without mercy though, so I will give you a chance to apologize and beg for your lives." he offers as he backs away from the wall of cells so as to be able to look at any who approach the forcefields. OOC
  8. As written, the disad essentially sounds like you tend to 'choke' under pressure/stress (an important roll), so generally it would not apply to most reflexive rolls. If you have enough time to get in your own head about something, then it might (or I might even halve the penalty or make it apply on a 2 or lower or something).
  9. You know the drill. Just wait for a PM from me for final approval before posting.
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