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  1. Will there be a continuation on this? Saw that there was some interest, so I thought I'd ask...
  2. You are right, rats have to wait indeed. If Piper has iniative 13 or more she goes next, else Echo.
  3. Piper and the rats, I think. Echo > Jadzia > Jenny > rats. Not sure where Piper comes in but likely after Jenny, before rats... So I think you are up next, Dave. Then the initiative -10 turn, Echo 12, Jadzia 8, Jenny 7. Echo has a third turn on pass 2, lucky devil.
  4. Anatoly

    Star Wars!

    Will work on the character, but I am not Eldrid...in the car driving to Germany, so limited connectivity.
  5. Anatoly

    Star Wars!

    I would like to play a force-sensitive scoundrel of a sort, focusing on mind tricks and sleight of hand. Thinking about the "Kid" template/concept, Human unless we have primarily Humans then it might be interesting to be something like a Togruta or Zabrak urchin. I have the D6 rules, do we use 1st or 2nd edition?
  6. I am interested, but last edition of Shadowrun I played was 3rd, with some reading of 4th, so I will have some catching up to do. Could be that I'd be coming in later; first ideas would be an Elementalist of sort (concept, not the limited tradition), probably focusing on weather spells and summoned elementals, who specializes in smuggling data and small but valuable contraband. Potential parkour/city runner.
  7. I have the Season 1 set here in the cupboard, but I find myself unable to really play it. Games where you make permanent changes to the board make me feel horrible. It limits replayability and means that once it's done, the game feels like it's ready for the trash. Somewhere it seems to me like it's a ploy by the game companies to go from selling a game once to keep selling the base game in new formats, rather than make addons.
  8. When you describe something or someone whose attraction goes beyond mortal description, you can combine uncomfortable concepts and add adjectives where they do not belong, for example. Consider this: "Skirting the edges between human and classic work of art, this person's appearance both recalls and redefines the old masters' paintings and statuary. Free of blemishes, injury or any sign of having been alive at any point, this person is painfully symmetrical. Like butterflies in your stomach, or at the edge of your mind, you are assaulted by conflicting emotions between lust, hatred and greed. This person's every move causes the world to slow down ever so slightly, as if it sat up and took notice. When this person speaks, the words seem to flow out of reality itself, like an addictive honey. Horrible thoughts spark deep in your gut, as if this person's injury or death would bring forward terrible retribution from the fabric of existence that they move in." Or this: "This person's face is like a blur, a veil drawn across something that is a gash in existence. Seeing it would mean instant death, a heart stopped by just being a witness to a secret no one was meant to know. Even looking from the corner of your eye, little remains in your memory save a hint of something crustacean, ophidean and simian, all at once. Organs functioning like eyes, ears and mouth should be placed upon this molten canvas, and yet whatever holds their place is unlikely to also hold their familiar function. When it opens its mouth to speak, your heart skips a beat, as if steeling yourself against a fear most primordeal." Describing impossibly ugly or beautiful becomes close to absurdist comedy, at some point.
  9. Okay, going back and forth between the various books I think I have a reasonable concept; the stats are still going to be wonky. Do I send it straight to DaveST, or is there a character vetting area? I am considering a Sidereal, Chosen of Endings. Attempting to balance the universe by taking vengeance in the names of others. Through the Dogma flaw, I can see this being a character that is called on to perform acts of divine vengeance, and one way for the character to join the group. I am keeping to low-key charms, mostly Excellences, Ox-Body and Essence replenishment charms. I want to add more firearms and martial arts, but they are super-complicated and I only half-get it, so I am opening that up for character growth. At least I will take holistic bullet methodology (finger-pews!) and Wearing Red to a Wedding (arsenal in broad daylight). I half-understand combos, DV, the action sequence and how the calculations work, so I hope you can be a bit patient with me while I calculate all that stuff. In terms of the points, sidereals get 15 backgrounds rather than 7 - I assume that is superseded by the character creation rules?
  10. Emmm, I haven't even gotten through the 2nd edition base book yet. So I am just thinking of ideas, not how to put them in stats. I am checking SotED, the scroll of errata won't be important until I get to the crunch I think...
  11. I am thinking about someone who's got a criminal background, connected to bigger crime but not exactly part of it. Fringe criminality so to say. I'd like to play around with contacts, guns, planning. Someone dangerously genre-savvy, perhaps. Charms might be a mix of guns, survival, sneaky and social. First thoughts are an older gentleman, easily overlooked, experienced, hidden depths. Given that others seem to have clear caste ideas, I may be a bit behind here, bit I'll get there.. Haven't read the book yet, but as far as I know the kinds of Exalted both govern the fiction and power level. So a Lunar's on the whole less powerful, dragonblooded even less. Does it make sense to go for something other than Solar/Lunar/Abyssal? Or is it a matter of "less points, but not everyone is out for your blood" kind of deal? I saw Nina putting in a witch - is that a magical charms kind of concept, or proper circle sorcery? Apologies if I seem a bit disorganized, I am trying to put fiction first since I don't know the rules very well...
  12. Dotting for interest here. I will take some time, need to learn the rules. It's been decades since I last read Exalted books. Martial Arts and Gunplay sound really great as options for characters. What are you expecting in terms of origin/background/walk of life? Any specific goals or common ground?
  13. I will be on and off available until next wednesday; if there are any posts I might not be able to respond until then - I hope that's not too much of a bother.
  14. "The palace you say?" Benedict offered. "That seems more than a bit inconstitutional. Even if you don't know what they are, did you manage to learn what they do? Things you see them do to people that we'd rather avoid?" The big chef looked around suspiciously. Expendable she may be, but she might as well be a decoy. And aside of being snuck upon by cloaked dangers, he didn't relish the idea of being knocked unconscious with a guiness bottle any more than that.
  15. Benedecit looked at Dan - his confidence at being able to carry them both wasn't lost on him. "Sure thing - if I didn't trust you I wouldn't have been going on a mission like this. Better not lose too much time then - just as long as we have the gentleman's agreement that in case of mid-flight turbulence, engine faillure and demonic zombie attacks the old rule of 'chuck the cook first' goes, alright?" He hoped to sound flippant, but he'd been caught blindsided by everything so far. He'd definitely be taking a page from the book of the girls back at the Refuge and get himself some proper armaments...
  16. "Alright little runts, good work. Sorry to hear there's not much of use out there, but those are the dice. Better get to safety, we might have to scamper, if you catch my drift." With a deft scoop Benedict picked up the tiny chefs and hoisted them up, dropping them into his quickly distending maw and gullet. A noise remeniscent of children going down a pool chute ensued, after which Benedict closed his maw again and he seemed to shrink back to his usual, normally large self. The whole scene was a tad unwholesome, or perhaps disturbing, and Benedict seemed to be aware of the fact. "Ready to go...we'd better put some mileage between us and whatever made that cry."
  17. Benedict watched the amazing Megamorph perform her attack - and while it missed he could not help but gasp in awe at the sheer magnitude and power. And Myf's taking flight was no less spectacular. When he tried to move aside for a flanking attack, the wailing echoed across the ceilings and alleyways - and the monsters answered and regrouped! Intelligence, tactics, an order of command! The big chef was flabbergasted - not only cunning and feral, but now with brains as well? This was bad news... "Either big momma's calling back her brood - meaning trouble's coming - or something bigger's coming that scared away these 'little' ones. We'd better find a place to be fortified - we seem to be a tad short on ranged weaponry..."
  18. Benedict hated fighting - with a passion. Probably of all supers - well, maybe not all, he'd probably have the least raw power. But any power he had, he'd use to survive. He didn't have many options or some strong set of ethics or a dream to pull him through, but he'd live to find one some day. As if the tension of the fight to come had its effect, his jaw tightened...and eventually started to come undone at the stitches. He didn't open his mouth yet, but he wanted to be ready for anything.
  19. Benedict was happy to be back in London again, but found himself gripped by the sadness and and loneliness of the silent, grey city. He took off his chef's hat, and held it in front of his chest as he said a quick prayer for all those poor sods who must now be dead or worse. He turned away from the group as the low, undead moan arose nearby, and took the opportunity to use the momentary distraction of the sound and the others' occupation to reach down into his gullet and draw forth two identical but miniature-sized copies of himself - complete with hat and apron. The two looked warped and twisted, something more like would be doing the eating, rather than the cooking, and they stood no higher than a grown man's knee. He slapped a hand on each of the shoulders of the two copies. "All right you little gits - time to earn your keep. I want you to go around in a circle or two and see if you can find someone alive. That's alive, not moaning and zombie-like, okay?" The two little runts rushed off into the shadows. "And make sure you're not seen!" With that, the big chef slapped his hands together. Looking at Varro, he whistled appreciatively between his lips. "That's a mighty fine shapeshift, there!"
  20. Benedict stood there smiling - anger, the most Human reaction, that which made survival possible. He thought of his options. "We can speed things up if you want, establish a shorter line of reconnaissance." He turned to the Supers. "All I'd need would be one or two smaller portals instead of a big one and a clear, concise target to look for. If you can somehow open and close portals rather quick, I should be able to send in some scouts."
  21. Benedict briefly joined up with Dan and Sarah, wringing a towel he used just seconds ago to finish washing up some of the heavy pots. "I'd be happy to help any way I can. I might not be the most combatready of us, but I can get out of trouble just fine - and that's got to count for something." The big cook looked around. "I've no idea either what all of this was about, but if Zeds are after food this might've been an elaborate ploy to gather prey. Think about it, if certain fish lure prey with a dongley bit, why wouldn't a Zed learn to use the image of loved ones to pull prey close enough to kill it." Despite himself he grinned. "Of course that step two is where the difficulty would be. We can only hope it was a solitary trick and not the start of a new bloodline."
  22. A quick rush through the compound led to some obvious conclusions - the immediate danger had passed, it was unlikely people'd be lost and still alive, and able hands were definitely needed. It wasn't long before he confided with Draygo: "I think having Nathan helping people would be the best option for now - I am sure that Myfwany and the medical savvy would welcome more help at this point. Either that or making a short aerial recon and making sure no one fled out the compound and is now in trouble..." He turned to look at Fox, weary but resolute, like the proverbial rock in the river. "Nah, best not to trouble him with things we're smart enough to think up ourselves, ey?" He grinned widely, a wink towards Draygo. In a louder voice he continued: "Best time to get some clean water and some hearty food ready - people're going to be a mite hungry when they wake up." On his way back into the kitchen he readjusted his chef's hat (never minding its torn-up top) and gathered the used cuttlery and crockery.
  23. With the reassuring strength of Draygo behind him, Benedict opened the doors, entering the dining hall where currently a hustle and bustle of activity was going on. It seemed the refuge itself hadn't been a safe haven either, but for some reason order was slowly emerging from the chaos, and reparations were made. With the affirmation that there weren't any ghosts here (for now at least) and people in need of help, Benedict nodded to Draygo. "Look like we're at least in time to help out getting things back on their feet - I will see what help we can offer". Benedict rushed to find where any of the leaders or caretakers were - they would need boiling water, food and cold towels...
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