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  1. The loud purr of a three cylinders engine could be heard outside the stables, as Dale's Triumph parked not far from the entrance. A black cat ventured at the entrance of the stables, but advising the horse-sized wolf suddenly staring at him, decided outside would definitely be quieter, its figure disappearing to be replaced by a pleasant human shape, truly a sight for sore eyes, holding her dull black brain bucket, painted on the back with a red mask straight out from horror tales, by the straps. She pulled down her bandana, yellow with black stripes, and pushed her dark glasses above her forehead, greeting everyone with a face brightened by the ride she just had. "Hey guys ! Sorry for being late, fuel station was loaded. What'd I miss ?" They glanced at the newcomer. "Hey, Dale. You didn't miss... much..." Rachel replied, after casting a short and amused gaze at the blond son of Baldur, high as can be, across the table.
  2. Dale felt... agitated. A lot of new faces. She wasn't quite used to Salem yet, only having visited her uncle a couple times before. She glanced at the dark-haired girl who approached the table, from heels to head, her gaze briefly pausing on Nadya's eyes, then a charming smile drew on her features as she greeted her. Her light gray halterneck didn't quite mask her cleavage, almost flirting with the school's dress code, but the black jacket - thick leather - she was wearing made up for it. From under the table one could guess the black motorcycle boots - and its thick treads with two inches heels - partly covered by kevlar jeans. "Hey, Nadya." The smile didn't quite reach her eyes, but one could feel it was genuine. It grew wider with mischief as she asked them both : "So... you talked about a... band ? I assume it's not about music, or else you completely lost me... You guys hunting... los anormal ?" Her features tensed at the last words.
  3. Name Dale Garcia Birth Name Dale Araceli Garcia y Gordon Aliases Dale, Ara, The Chocolate Witch, That Damn Freak Age 16 Legal Status Minor. Multiple citizenships (U.S.A., Jamaica, Mexico). Birthplace Austin, Texas, U.S.A. Ethnic Background Latino, African American Sex Female Occupation High School Student Known Relatives María Elena Garcia (mother), Lloyd Gordon (father, deceased), Roje Garcia (younger brother, 11 y/o) Spoken Languages English (Native), Spanish (Fluent) Handedness Right Height 5’6’’ Weight 135 lbs Eyes Brown Hair Dark Distinguishing Marks A red tattoo on the right side of her lower back - several discreet scars on her left forearm, probably clean cuts caused by a very sharp blade. Appearance and Personality An attractive, well-built teenager of average height and weight, dark skinned with melting chestnut eyes, and dark short curls undertoned chocolate, much as her skin, under the sunlight. An hourglass figure usually pleasant to see and to talk to when in social gatherings, and rather moody when on her own. She constantly gives an impression of animal flexibility, alert and rarely still. Her affable outsides hide an unsuspected vivacity, solid muscles and a cynic character, who has seen or endured her lot of distressing events. Dale is a troublesome teenager, always quick to tease, to one’s amusement or annoyance. She is impressionable to a short extent, always glad to chase the thrill rather than dwell in boredom, drawing positive energy from her rather negative mindset. She appreciates like-minded individuals, whereas purely rational people irritate her. Wherever she goes, you will invariably notice a black cat in her surroundings, with deeply yellow and unsettling eyes, and a strange red mark at the base of its neck, that you may have noticed on Dale’s lower back while admiring the chick’s warmly colored crop tops from behind. If you were watching even lower, the black cat would invariably be watching you. Background Statistics n stuff Experience Log
  4. Acato burst out in loud laughter, the chime of her voice crossing the whole cell array, and hitting the guard's ears as another annoying sound. Hearing him asking for silence, she lowered her voice. She then looked at her cellmate with a large grin, revealing her sharp canines. "Alright, my apologies, Lohkimian. My name is Acato Seros." Somewhat satisfied that she decided not to butcher his surname anymore, Lohkimian crossed his arms. "That's more like it..." The exchange between Jan and the guard caught Acato's attention. The other prisoners' voices began to sound familiar now, but she couldn't quite put a face on them. At Jan's last wry line, her jaw dropped, and she went for another round of pealing laughter.
  5. Acato pinched her lips for a while. "Alright, thank you Pam." How she ended up hunting a bounty, she had no idea, as for now, all her mind was asking was for the headache to stop. But still, it left her perplex. She approached the forcefield, staring at the lone guard for a while, her stomach grumbling. She shaked her head, then raised her voice, calling out to the other prisoners. "Any of you would have an idea of why I'd decide to become a seasoned bounty hunter ? I'm clueless..." The sarcastic emphasis on 'seasoned' sounded weird in the rather jovial tone of her question.
  6. Acato's eyes were getting used to the light, but the headache still remained, making any elaborate thought a hard task. She sighed once more. "What do we have here... You got a name buddy ?" "Buddy? Heh" he chuckled. "My name's Lohkimian Pamut. Most of you aliens are lazy and shorten it to some nonsense. It's not a hill to die on, even figuratively. That will be one of my own choice, thankyouverymuch. So I gave up trying try to fight it decades ago." he responded in his gruff voice and with a shrug. Acato nodded, repeating the name once to make sure she got it right."Lohkimian Pamut. Well, you are a rather discreet one." She pondered, unsure of how to ask her question. "Would you happen to know why I'm here ? I can't remember anything from the last days..." She gave in a short grin. "Oh. Yeah. Well, not really. I guess sorta, maybe?" he shrugged. "I'm not sure on specifics, but I think the lot of you tried to collect the New Republic bounty on Chell Kremanu. Sounds like you were doin' pretty good til his Stormtrooper detail crashed your party and then it all went to hell." he explained as he slipped out from beneath the bench/bed and, with some difficulty, rose to stand as his full 0.8 meter height. "I guess I shouldn't feel so bad then, as I almost had'em myself. 'There's hardly a problem that can't e solved with well placed explosives' is what my dad used to say." the small alien recited, thinking back to his parents for a moment before shrugging. "He was a miner. Anyway, I took that advice to heart and it's served me pretty well throughout the galaxy."
  7. Acato rolled on her couch, stopping right before she would have fallen down to the floor. Her head hurt, and the others talking did not make it better at all. She still had her eyes closed, she was better off not worsening the headache. Imperials, what a luck... At least, they were not Sith, that she could sense. It could've been far worse. Hearing Fetch, she opened her eyes, only to close them with a pained moan. "Imprisoned by Imperials, checked. What the hell are we doing here ?" she softly asked, after a sigh.
  8. Character Name : Acato Seros Type : Gray Jedi Hopeful Gender / Species : Female / Togruta Age : 21 Height : 5’6 Weight : 130 lbs Physical Description : Acato is relatively slim, though athletic in build, with muscles rather long than thick. Her skin hue is a tan red, and white stripes cross in elegant curved patterns around her skin, her cadet blue down-to-ribs length lekku and montrals, the latter being curved first out then in towards the top. Her white face markings begin from her eyebrow, spreading to her upper forehead as two peaks, accompanied by one dot on the central forehead and one on the nose bridge, before falling down, crossing her outer eye corners and linking as a spike on her chin, decorating her cheerful features in a helmet-ish fashion. She sports grey-blue eyes, and a headdress featuring several teeth and pearls from her homeworld. Personality : Acato rather consider the glass as half-full in most of situations. She is attentive and kind, motivated by an urge to avoid loneliness. Born on Shili, she enjoys a good hunt, and the adrenalin fighting provides, much to the disappointment of the Padawan who taught her into the Jedi way. She is curious about a lot of things, and if it wasn't for her lack of skill with ships, she would have explored the whole universe in the blink of an eye. Objectives : Find a new teacher to learn more about the Force and the Jedi way, for her previous one, a Padawan having survived Order 66, was tracked down and killed by Imperials, several years ago, after managing to get her to safety. She did not have enough time to be taught much, but a new path opened before her feet, waiting for her to explore it. Capsule background : Born on Shili, Acato mostly roots her ancestry in Lavati tribes. She learnt how to hunt alongside her parents, and integrated herself pretty well in her tribe. When she was around the age of fourteen, she met a man named Caleb during a hunt, and two of his friends, who had somehow survived the emergency landing of their ship. The hunt party pointed them out the direction of a larger city and went on. Later in the week, Acato met the group again, and said Caleb sensed her attunement to the Force, revealing her he was once a Padawan, before the end of the Clone Wars, and offering her the little knowledge he possessed. Spending the day with him, Acato decided she liked Caleb and his friends, and decided to join their party. She felt like this would include space travel, and was indeed very curious about the Force. Two years later, they were tracked down by Imperials in the Brak Sector, on the planet Orma. Caleb got Acato to hide among some junker friends he had there, while leaving with the Imperials on his trail, never to be seen again. Quotes : "Are you going to eat that ?" "Come on, it's not like the universe is falling apart !" "Eh, one's gotta do its part !" "Need a hand ? I'm sure I can find a way to be of help." "Sometimes, I feel like I want to go home... but then I look up to the sky, and I see all those stars asking to be visited. I can't imagine a way of going home without having a nice story to tell about each one of them !"
  9. Here is my char, will have to set the equipment and credits with Noir later.
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