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  1. It doesn't appear as if this is happening. I'm gracefully stepping out of this one.
  2. "Emperor's ass cheeks!" Gavin flew up from his slab and stomped to the particle screen. "Some of us are trying to relax before we're collared and sold back into slavery. But you wouldn't know that because you've never been!" [Persuasion, 20] He looked at the guard. "Stun her. Please? Just shut her the hell up so I can get some rest. So we can all get some damn peace and quiet. Because until you do, she's just going to keep raising hell, I know. I live with her."
  3. Gavin fumed and rolled his eyes while throwing his hands up in the air. "Are you serious lady? Stupid schutta." He shook his head and walked away from the force field, collapsing onto his slab and lying down. "Real smooth, lady. Real smooth. Now we can all just die in here, because they're not going to let you out. This doesn't, like you, doesn't care about anyone but himself and he can fetch a decent price and prestige for a few of us, I'm sure." He rolled over and faced the wall. "Oh, well. We tried."
  4. Frankly the whole stuck in cells with our memories wiped just isn't jiving with me. And since Aurora is deliberately working against us, wake me up when we're done with this prison phase. I've not the time, nor the inclination to play 'escape from prison with no memories of how you got there' before I've even had a chance to get the character's feet wet. Gavin will retire to his slab and just simply wait to either be sold back into slavery, killed, or freed by the others. Personally, if we do get out, we should leave her behind and take the ship for ourselves. I don't see any value to having someone who is just going to sell us down the river the first chance they get. I don't have time to play 10,000 posts of plotting an escape while one character does their best to undo it all. Let me know when we're past this part.
  5. "I was watching our flanks! They hit us from behind." He yelled across the way, then held his head. "Ow. Hurts to argue with you." "Then don't." She said with a stern tone of finality. "Hey." He snapped. "I was trying to help, okay? Geez, no wonder no one likes you're a complete pain, and ungrateful. I can't stop everyone who wants to shoot you in the back, you know. Which you still owe me for, by the way." "Owe you? Owe you? You didn't stop anything, kid." Her head peered around the corner of the archway of the field, looking down at Gavin's cell. "You tripped and fell into an assassin who I already knew was tailing me!" "See?" He shook his head. "Ungrateful."
  6. "Please stop talking. My head feels like I went ten cups of krilliz with the wrong guy on a dare and now I'm waking up to regret it." Unlike most in the galaxy who were sensitive to the ebbs and flows of the Force, Gavin didn't go through his life oblivious to the fact that he was capable a great many things. How he was capable, well, he didn't quite get to that part, yet, but he knew he could hear the pulse of the Force in his mind and his body if he just stopped to feel it... and when you're feeling hungover? That was like... the worst possible thing to be feeling. "Loss." He said softly, still not opening his eyes. "Someone has lost something. It's caused a wound." He looked around, his head swiveling in all manner of directions. "Pride and... ambivalence?" He looked in the direction of the cells. where his words seemed to match his thoughts and direction of his shut-eyed glare. "Useless. None of these people are motivated to leave... we're doomed." "Arcata!" he spoke loudly, despite the guard still present. "Arcata, I heard you, I know you're in here. What have you done now? What have you gotten me into!?" His head turned in the direction of her cell. Slowly he braved the light and his eyes peered at their situation and he visibly groaned as he looked at their situation for the first time. "Oh, seriously? I seem to recall, 'just going for a drink, to get some work, I'll be one minute. What could go wrong?' Gee, Arcata... you tell me. You tell me what could possibly go wrong?" "Think about it. I'll wait."
  7. If there are two to a cell Why are there three people in Gavin's cell? Either someone can't count or someone can't read. Mistakes happen. But please, people, pay attention.
  8. "You don't have five credits." Gavin said flatly. His eye remained closed and tightened on occasion as the pain he was feeling throbbed behind his eyes. "They'll break us, most likely. Use torture and drugs to to break us into pliable, servants of the Empire. Refugees used to talk, on Nal Hutta. We're better of dead."
  9. Everything hurt. Gavin tried to push himself up but he was content to just lie there. He didn't need to open his eyes, he could feel the ebb and flow of life in the galaxy all around him. It was annoying sometimes, to be sure, but there were occasions when his senses extending outward like they did would aid him... now was not one of those times. He knew how many people were here before he opened his eyes. Some were similar, most were not... one in particular, it seemed alive but the energy it gave off was like it was only half a person. Whatever they had hit him with though... it was distracting and making it incredibly difficult to focus on anything but the pain. Like Jan, Gavin had crawled his way onto the slab bed. Then Arcata had to go and be all diplomatic. He sighed and, still without opening his eyes (more out of reflex than intent, they still hurt). He'd been a slave his whole life, knowing he was about to sold back into bondage didn't rest well with him, but it was nicer than a cell. "S-she doesn't mean that, sir... she's cranky when she wakes up... well, she's always cranky, actually. Thank you for having us over." Taunting him was only going to keep him in here and as long as he was in here they couldn't collect their thoughts and work on getting out of here.
  10. With low self-confidence Gavin has a chance to lose 2D from his pools 50% of the time at any task he attempts. The book says 'important tasks' but I'm not quite sure what exactly they mean by that. What I'm assuming though is that low self-confidence doesn't apply to reactionary skills like Dodge and Parry simply because that's not a confidence issue, it's a self-preservation issue. If Jan were punching Gavin in the face, Gavin's brain isn't going to think 'Whelp... nothing to do done here but take it'. People instinctively dodge, block, or just get out of the way when those situation arise, but the book isn't clear, it seems to generalize over the whole spectrum. Punching Jan back, well, that's a whole other matter that does require some self-confidence, but getting pummeled to death isn't really what anyone with low self-confidence would do. So, does it apply to reactionary skills when self-preservation is involved?
  11. Character Name: Gavin Qel-Droma Type: Young Jedi-hopeful Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 19 Height: 5'11” Weight: 165lbs Physical Description: Gavin is a ruggedly handsome boy with dirty blonde hair and a lean, athletic figure from years of malnourishment and heavy labor. His body riddled with a variety of small scars and larger ones across his back and chest making his body a road map of pain over the many years he's been in service to Pibsomo The Hutt. Personality: There's never a bright side to anything. The strong will always rule the weak and that's not really ever going to change. The weak, however, can band together. They can help one another and even though their situation may never change, if someone gives just a little bit, sacrifices just a portion of what and who they are for others... then everything can by made a little easier to deal with. He picked that up from the other slaves throughout the years. Years of abuse have stripped the boy of most of his self-confidence and courage. Capsule: Gavin doesn't understand this strange power that he possesses, after all the Qel-Droma bloodline was stripped of its connection to the Force aeons ago. He knows that if anyone can help him it would be the Jedi, but there are no more of them it would seem and what few there are can not easily be found. He knows that were Pibsomo to discover his power, he would train the boy as a weapon and force him to abuse his gifts. He has never met his father and has only vague memories of his mother, who sold him to Pibsomo on Nal Hutta when he was just two years old. Quote: “That's not fair!”, “That's impossible!”, “I can't.”, “There's no way we win.”
  12. Huuuuurrrrrryyyyy uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup! GAWD!
  13. But, Untutored Youth is no excuse either. There's no free ride on 'I didn't know' when it comes to the light and dark. You take Force Sensitive, and you play the Force's rules.
  14. Not sure how Noir does DSPs but in my experience I've dealt with players who've made Mind Tricksters before who were not Jedi or Sith. Basically using using the Force asa means of manipulation to 'luckily' get their way. There is such a thing as abuse of power when it comes to the Force and too many people think that just because they haven't hurt or killed someone that they haven't done anything wrong. That's a bit of a misnomer in my opinion. Whether you're using it to cheat at sabaac or sneaking by guards, you are, essentially, robbing people of their free will for short time which is a tyrannical act. Used sparingly for the greater good is one thing, but I've watched the 'Mind Trick/Illusionist' template be abused in many a game. Consistent abuse of power and robbing people of conscious choice is a very slippery slope that can lead to the Dark Side quickly.
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