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Game Proposal: Jovian Chronicles


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(Below: Jovian Retaliatior Exo-Armor)

large.Retaliator1.jpg.1a6362b5737f75d760  - Jovian Chronicles -

  I am checking to see if there is interest so I am just posting a very basic outline.

  If this moves forward I will post more info and background (most of it is already typed and ready).

  You do not need any books, aside from possibly Mekton Zeta (contact me if you really want a copy.)

  I will post everything needed for character creation though, including the slight tweaks.

  Mekton Zeta is very simple and fast. If you are interested, just post below to let me know.

  And if you have any questions, just ask here, in chat, or PM me.




Game: Jovian Chronicles

GM: Noir (Persephone)

System: Mekton Zeta (with some slight tweaks)

# of players: 2-6 (or so), though if only one person is interested, solo is a possibility

Genre: Sci-fi, mecha, solar system on brink of war 

PCs:  Regardless of origin, all of the PCs will be  Exo-Armor Pilots and a part of, or working with, the Jovian Defense Force. PCs can be Jovian-born or immigrants to Jupiter from another Solar Nation. They could also be part of an exchange program or joint training program with the Martian Free Republic or even Venus or Mercury. Regardless, all the PCs will be working as a squad in/with/for the JDF. (see below)



The year is 2210. Mankind has expanded into space since the beginning of the twenty-first century, establishing colonies on or around the various planets of the solar system and even beginning the terraforming of Venus and Mars..

More than a century ago, the governments of Earth collapsed, plunging the planet in a state of civil war and leaving it unable to care for its off-world colonies. The colonies were forced to become independent over night while absorbing a steady flow of refugees from the war-torn Earth, surviving as best as they could.

The former colonies became individual "Solar Nations" of the solar system and learned to work together and cooperate for their mutual benefit and survival while still maintaining their individual independence and identity while the war on Earth raged on.

Aided by commerce, technological advancement continued among the former colonies, but technologies like recycling, life support, medicine, starship design were clearing priorities for the colonies. Among these advances are Jupiter's development of Exo-Armors and smaller Exo-Suits.

Exo-armors have become the new pinnacle of utility and mechanized warfare with Jupiter leading the way and often selling their older exo-armors to the other Solar Nations (except the CEGA) for national defense and anti-pirate actions.

The civil war war on Earth raged for a century, finally ending with the formation of the Central Earth Government and Administration (CEGA). After finding its footing, the CEGA re-established contact with its former colonies, informing them that Earth was ready to once again welcome them back into the fold. 

Earth's Orbital and Lunar colonies quickly joined the CEGA as members. Some say out of loyalty to their original home while say it was simply a matter of protection. The truth likely lies somewhere in-between. The rest of the 'colonies' though had other ideas.

Though they were happy to see the Earth once again united, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter all politely, yet firmly, refused to join the CEGA. They were willing to engage is trade and establish diplomatic relations, but they all had grown fond of their independence. 

The Mercurian orbital colonies has amassed a massive merchant fleet, conducting much of the interplanetary commerce of the solar system.

Venus, where many of the major corporations that fled Earth relocated, is home of the Venusian Bank, the largest and primary bank of the solar system.

Mars, ripe with mineral resources and even their own orbital elevator, is the only planet not fully unified. Roughly two-thirds of the planet is under the control of the stern Martian Federation who, though retaining their independence, are now quite friendly with the CEGA, while the other one-third of the planet is the home of the freedom-loving people of the Martian Free Republic, who began to fortify relations with Jupiter in response.

Jupiter, being so far from the sun and the inner planets, became a hotbed of research and technological advancement out of necessity to take care of the massive influx of refugees who simply tried to put as much distance between themselves and the war-torn Earth as possible. 

After receiving the responses from the former colonies, the CEGA began a significant military build-up, quickly cobbling together their own Exo-Armors to bolster their fleet of conventional ships and spacefighters. It seemed that the CEGA might not have been asking the colonies, their wayward children, to rejoin them as much as telling them to, and it seemed the CEGA was preparing to discipline their children and remind them of their place.

With Mercurian merchant fleet and the Venusian Bank too vital, the CEGA seems willing to tolerate their independence and neutrality, at least for the moment. This has caused eyes to shift to nearby Mars, where the dual nations are friendly with either the CEGA or the far flung Jovian Confederation. It seems likely that if a war among the Solar Nations were to start, then the Red Planet would likely be its starting point.

You will enter this solar system on the brink of war...



A Brief Summary of the Solar System...

Mercury is a rather small settlement, whose main export is high grade miniature electronic components. Their merchant fleet is also impressive. Mercury's population is a strange mix of people. Some were attracted to the rich mineral resources of the planet; others came to escape the elitist Venusian society.

The most notable characteristic of Mercury is that it is the headquarters of the powerful Merchant Guild, a large association of merchant companies which provide most of the transportation throughout the solar system.


Venus was terraformed by a consortium of major corporations to create a safe haven for their organizations The process was surprisingly fast and successful, and Venus is now an habitable planet - although terraforming won't be finished for a couple of centuries yet. In the meantime, the Venusians live in huge polar arcologies, surrounded by luxury.

The best way to describe Venus' inhabitants would be "aristocratic". They are the descendants of a large group of people who left Earth and came to Venus mainly to protect their fortune and influence.


The birthplace of mankind is a planet damaged by centuries of over-population, environmental abuses and civil wars. Only recently has order been restored in the form of the Central Earth Government and Administration (CEGA), a planetary government as ruthless as it is efficent. Terrans as a whole have an arrogant attitude about them and believe the Earth should lead the solar system as befit its position as the cradle of humanity.

The orbital colonies were the salvation of many who fled the Earth during the troubled periods of its recent history. The colonies are huge O'NeiI stations parked at the Lagrange points around the planet. Orbitals, as these colonists are referred to, are hard-working, peaceful people who follow the CEGAs lead as a means of protecting their fragile homes.

The Moon
The Moon is the CEGA's industrial center. Its inhabitants live in huge complexes buried beneath the soil, shielded against solar flares and cosmic radiation. Many of the Earth's heavy industries were moved to the Moon to benefit from the abundant solar power and large mineral deposits found there. The Selenians are disciplined, strong people used to carving their living out of the inhospitable surface of Earth's satellite. They are part of the CEGA but only because it provides them with protection and business opportunities.

Mars is peculiar in that it is divided into two nations: the Martian Free Republic and the Martian Federation. The Republic is populated by freedom minded individuals used to thinking for themselves and rely only on their close relations. The Federation is a much more oppressive place, as the government and the population believe in strict social discipline to help them prosper. Understandably, clashes between the two are frequent.

The Belt
The myriad asteroids which make up the Belt are populated by mobile nomad communities, each a society of its own.Most if not all live in large asteroid stations carved right out of the rock. Belters are independent and distrustful of strangers.

The Belt is also home to pirates, who find a haven in its anarchy. Pirates usually prey on passing merchant ships or nomad communities. Bother Jupiter and Mars are aware of the problem and frequently coordinate patrols to cover more ground.

The Jovian Confederation is home to the thinkers and workers who have fled the troubled Earth of the past centuries. Their enormous space stations, orbiting Jupiter and protected by sturdy screen generators, are a sight to behold. The Confederation developed, and was the first to field, exo-armors.

Jovians are community-oriented, intelligent and reliable people. Their ancestors, having taken refuge from wars and misery, have made the Jovian society a peaceful one, dedicated to the study of science and the betterment of life. Although they get along well with most of the other settlements, they distrust both the CEGA and Venus. It is also rumored that certain factions within the Agora (the Jovian government) are starting to get ambitious.


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mulling it over.

I really like the setting  cause its hard sci (for the most part) and even has a bit of an Expanse feel, but i'm not really into the mecha thing so thats making me hesitant.

Dont want to jump in just to turn around and do what i did in star wars cause im not feeling it.

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Well, the system is super simple. Atts and Skills range 1-10. Dice rolls are Att + Skill + 1d10. That's pretty much it. Heh.

The game is relatively hard sci (especially for anime) and not an uber anime game. People are not going chibi, there are no huge sweatdrops and people not making 20' leaps up to the cockpit. Heh.

As far as the mecha thing, there is not much difference between a mech and a fighter. The main differences are that a mech will let you punch, kick and pick stuff up.

And technically they are just really big powersuits.

It is a relatively 'military' game, so that removing or replacing PCs is not difficult if you want to try it out.

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Hm, I think I'm going to try adding another game, but the Scion game speaks to me more.

Given my posting situation, it's likely to be unwise for me to try to add TWO games at the same time.

I will therefore take a raincheck on this game. It sounds cool, but I have to pace myself here.

If I feel like I can handle it, I will join. It will take some time for me to make that determination.

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No problem Max. You are welcome to join later if you like. It is pretty easy to ass PCs to a game like this. Heh.

The game is still open if anybody else has interest.

At the moment we have a Jovian, a former CEGA pilot, a Belter/Jovian and a MFR Ranger Hardcase.

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