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Into The Strange - Character/NPC Profiles


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This thread is where Players should post their completed Characters once they are approved. I will also post recurring NPCs here.


Post general Background/Biographies in the open use spoilers for character sheet/xp/and anything your companions probably wouldn't know.


Please provide either a photo or realistic art for your character.


I will be casting actors/actresses in the roles of my NPCs in  most cases. In cases where the NPC is non human i will provide an appropriate art work as well as an actor/actress for reference.

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Lawrence Keaton

Investigations Chief Lawrence Keaton was an senior detective in the NYPD before coming to the Estate.

Look and Personality: He is a big man with short close cropped hair her wears a short well trimmed beard wich is showing some grey in the black. He is skeptical, obstinate, and, when encountered in his office, never without some sort of amber colored liquid in a crystal glass. Despite how much alcohol he seems to drink, his diction is never slurred—quite the opposite, as if he’sconcentrating hard on pronouncing everything exactly right.



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Katherine J. Manners

Lead Operative, a founding member of the Estate, and one of the institution’s most important field agents. She was an associate of Carter Strange back in the day, and is Alexandra Scire's legal guardian and the Trustee of her Estate Trust Fund.

Katherine Manners was a private detective and computer security consultant before she became the Estate’s lead operative.

Look and Personality: Katherine Manners (“Kate” to her friends, but to the PCs, she first introduces herself as Lead Operative Manners) . She presents a calm and collected persona but can be quick with a smile, a humorous quip, or, on rare occasion, a strong obscenity. She’s open-minded to new information but not gullible.



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Name: Curtis Shane

Age: 24
Ethnicity: White
Height: 5'8
Weight: 160 lb.


Curtis is an experienced Estate Agent of four years. To him, The Strange is ultimately explicable in scientific terms, even Magic filled recursions are ultimately a derivation of its quantum-mechanics based rules. Just very complex rules, still being worked out. He is known for being an expert hacker and scientist, and just as well for not being easy to get along with.


Sheet - Curtis Shane


An Intelligent Paradox who...

...Works the System (Earth)

...Processes Information (Ruk)

...Works Miracles (Ardeyn)


Tier: 1



Might: 8

Speed: 10

Intellect: 18 (22 w/ Processes Information)



Might: 0

Speed: 0

Intellect: 1


Effort: 1


Special Abilities

Expert Cypher Use: You can bear three cyphers at a time.


Practiced With Light Weapons: You can use light weapons without penalty. If you wield a medium weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by one step. If you wield a heavy weapon, increase it by two steps.


Translation: You can participate in the process of traveling to another recursion. Each time you do, you can choose to initiate, hasten, or ease a translation. If you choose to hasten or ease the process, someone else in the group must initiate the translation. As a paradox, you are most effective at initiating a translation. This initiation advantage provides you with additional opportunities during the process of translating. In order to translate, you must know that the recursion you are translating to exists. The GM will decide if you have enough information to confirm its existence and determine what level of difficulty is needed to reach the destination. Action to initiate.



  • Remembering and memorizing things experienced directly [Trained]
  • Strange Knowledge [specialized]
  • Physics [specialized]
  • Computer Science [Trained - Specialized w/ Works the System]
  • Geography [Trained w/ Processes Information]
  • Ruk Knowledge [Trained w/ Processes Information]
  • Biology [Trained w/ Processes Information]




[Estate Credit Card, Estate Badge/ID, street clothes, light handgun, encrypted smartphone (with WiFi hacking app), $500.


Transformed-Upgraded Laptop: Level 8 laptop (with WiFi hacking app), grants an automatic step down to an task where this computer is used, It also allows you to spend effort one step higher than you would normally be allowed.]



[Ardeyn clothing, light armor, long knife, an explorer’s pack, a healing kit, 200 crowns.]



Exception (1 Intellect point): You pick one creature within long range. The target is jolted by a confluence of fundamental forces for 4 points of damage. If the target you select is not native to the recursion where you attack it, its senses are overwhelmed. On a successful attack, in addition to taking 4 points of damage, it cannot act on its next turn. Once exposed to this revision, a non-native creature normally can’t be affected by the sense-overwhelming portion of this attack again for several hours. Action.


Premonition (2 Intellect points): Despite appearances, reality is quantum and non-causal, which means a careful observer can discover information leaks. You learn one random fact from a person or location that is pertinent to a topic you designate. Alternatively, you can choose to learn a creature’s level; however, if you do so, you cannot learn anything else about it later with this revision. Action.


Works The System
Minor Effect Suggestion: You learn something completely unexpected but useful.
Major Effect Suggestion: You can immediately take a second action during this turn.


Tier 1: Hack the Impossible (3 Intellect points). You can persuade automatons, machines, and computers to do your bidding. You can discover an encrypted password, break through security on a website, briefly turn off a machine such as a surveillance camera, or disable an automaton with just a moment’s worth of fiddling. Action.

Computer Programming: You are trained in using (and exploiting) computer software, you know one or more computer languages well enough to write basic programs, and you are fluent with Internet protocol. Enabler.

Processes Information (Special Draggable)
Minor Effect Suggestion: You spontaneously regain 1 point to your Intellect Pool.

Major Effect Suggestion: You gain an unexpected bit of information from the All Song about the situation at hand or someone involved.


Tier 1: Knowledge Storehouse. You can choose three different areas of knowledge—history, geography, botany, quantum mechanics, and so on—in which you are trained. Enabler.
Storage Capacity. You gain 4 points to add to your Intellect Pool.

Works Miracles
Minor Effect Suggestion: The target is healed for 1 additional point.
Major Effect Suggestion: The target is healed for 2 additional points.


Tier 1: Healing Touch (1 Intellect point). With a touch, you restore 1d6 points to one stat Pool of any creature. This ability is a difficulty 2 Intellect task. Each time you attempt to heal the same creature, the difficulty increases by one step. The difficulty returns to 2 after that creature rests for ten hours. Action.



XP Log


Background Award: +1 XP

Eschatology Code Session 1: +2 XP

Session 2 Bonus: +2 XP

Intrusion: +1 XP

Special Bonus for Game Pause: +5 XP


Total: 11 XP

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Juno Reyes



A Tough Vector who Looks For Trouble



Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 3/11

Pools and Edge
Might: 16 (2)
Speed: 12 (1)
Intellect: 10 (0)

Trained Skills
Might Defense
Speed Defense (while not wearing armor)

Vector Features
Cypher Use: 2
Practiced with all weapons
Trained at Speed Defense (when not wearing armor)
Trained in
- Running
- Jumping
Translation (good at easing)
- Practiced in Armor
- No Need for Weapons

Descriptor Features – Tough
Initial Link: Stepped in to Defend
+1 armor
+1 to points regained via Recovery Rolls
Trained in Might Defense
Equipment: Gain additional light weapon whenever you translate

Focus Features – Looks for Trouble
+1 damage for melee attacks
Trained in healing

Cash: $355

9mm Handgun

Armor and value:
Leather Jacket


First Aid Kit
Utility knife




A Tough Vector who Abides in Stone



Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 11/11

Pools and Edge
Might: 21/21 (3)
Speed: 12/12 (1)
Intellect: 10/10 (0)

Trained Skills
Might Defense

Vector Features
Cypher Use: 2
Practiced with all weapons
Trained at Speed Defense (when not wearing armor) - NEGATED
Trained in
- Running
- Jumping
Translation (good at easing)
- Practiced in Armor
- No Need for Weapons (unarmed attacks are Medium or Heavy, not light)

Descriptor Features – Tough
Initial Link: Stepped in to Defend
+1 armor
+1 to points regained via Recovery Rolls
Trained in Might Defense
Equipment: Gain additional light weapon whenever you translate

Focus Features – Abides in Stone
- Golem Body
+1 armor
+5 Might pool
+1 Might edge
Does not eat, drink or breathe
Cannot be trained in Speed defense
Unarmed attacks are medium

- Golem Healing
Does not gain 1 action recovery

Cash: 200 crowns

1 of choice
1 light

Armor and value:
Natural, 2





Juno has changed job descriptions a few times now. When she was young, her neighborhood was terrorized by a local gang. When her father fell victim to their violence, she got fed up with waiting for help that wasn't coming and went to join a rival gang...the 'enemy of your enemy' concept. She had to grow up and toughen up fast, and quickly learned that while this path offered revenge, her new allies weren't any better than those she was hunting. In the end she decided to take them all down, but for that she needed help. She went to the police gang unit with a plan to set up the leaders of the two gangs so the police could bust them all. It wasn't easy to get their trust, and even harder to get the gangs to consider talking terms with one another...but in the end it happened.

A year later she signed up with the police force, and made her way through the training to become an officer. Her background gave her a lot to live down on the force; a lot of cops assumed she'd be on the take right from the start. Juno had to be twice as straight as anyone else to get half the respect. She wasn't in it because she cared what other people thought of her though. She was in it because she really did want to serve and protect...she was used to seeing the worst of humanity, but she'd grown up surrounded by people who were decent and kind even though everything around them was terrible. That's what she wanted to keep alive.

On a recent case, Juno was assigned to work with two people from some weird scientific thinktank called The Estate. They were doing a private investigation that dovetailed with a police case, and since no one else wanted to deal with them she got the short straw. Her job was easy; she was their watchdog. She made sure they didn't mess up the 'real' investigation, didn't break any laws, and if they got lucky and found something useful out she'd bring it back to the lead investigators.

It didn't really work out that way.

Things quickly got out of control when the 'dead end' they were investigating turned out to masking things Juno would never have believed. Strange creatures, bizarre technology, and superhuman abilities clashing in the shadows where the world at large would never see them. Though the Estate's agents tried to ditch her, she managed to keep up and even help out. In the end the Estate stopped the whozits from finishing their whatzit, thanked Juno and left. The police investigation was solved with the last minute appearance of crucial evidence...that Juno knew must be faked...and the whole thing was passed off as just another case.

But it hadn't been. In the fighting, something had changed. There'd been a man (kind of) wearing some kind of armor, and when he'd rushed her as she reloaded, in desperation she'd punched him to get some distance. He was knocked back, his armor sporting a deep dent. When Juno had tested herself, it wasn't so much that she was super-strong...though she did find that when she pushed herself she could push herself a lot farther...it was just that she hit harder.

Much harder.

About a month later, the Estate came back. This time to her apartment door. The agents' reports suggested that not only was Juno quite competent, but that in being exposed to these strange events, she may have become a little strange herself. They wanted to talk, and Juno was ready to listen.


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Name: Alexandra Scire

Age: 18
Ethnicity: White
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 130 lb.


The only daughter of Sophia Scire, one of the group that disappeared with Carter Strange, Alexa herself also disappeared from the memorial service for her mother and the others that had gone missing and were presumed dead. She reappeared three years later at the same fountain on the college campus her mother worked at; she was quickly picked up by the Estate and eventually placed under Katherine Manners' guardianship. Alexa has been at the Estate ever since, both as a person being studied and as an agent in training. Now that she's reached her majority (even if she still looks sixteen or younger), she's impatiently awaiting her first assignment as a junior agent. 


Strange Paradox that Crafts Unique Items


Might 10,      Edge 0

Speed 10,     Edge 0

Intellect 17,   Edge 1


Effort 1



Strange (Specialized, reduced two steps)

Aderyn Lore

Crafter - Artifact (Glass), Artifact (Metal)

Master Identifier


Practiced with Light Weapons


Seen Something Strange - Can sense if something Strange is active in a situation after studying it for a minute.


Inability: The difficulty of any task involving charm, persuasion, etiquette or deception is increased by one step.


Equipment: Light tools, Oddity: Shirt that when worn shows internal organs, Filtration Straw (Numenera, pg 304), Nightvision Goggles (N, pg 306). 



Closed Mind - +1 INT Armor

Premonition - Costs 2 INT to activate, learn information about creature

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Percival "Percy" Hutchinson


Most people working for the Estate know very little about Percival.  He's been with the Estate for approximately 8 years and it's rumored they brought him on after he helped the organization bring down a monster from another recursion in the early days of the organization.  Just what his actual roll was is the subject of much speculation however Percy remains silent on the matter.


Percival spends the majority of his time out in the field, undercover. with only short periods between assignments spend on the Estate's campus and usually that is in debriefings and training for the next mission.  He is a quiet and reserved man in his early 30's who has an excellent way with people and is highly observant.



Percival Hutchinson, A Sharp-Eyed Spinner who Operates Undercover


Might: 10, Edge: 0
Speed: 11, Edge: 1
Intellect: 14, Edge: 1


Effort: 1
Cypher Use: 2


Practiced with light and medium weapons
Translating: Most effective at Hastening a translation
Find the Flaw: If an opponent has a straightforward weakness (takes extra damage from fire, can’t see out of his left eye, and so on), the GM will tell you what it is.


Trained in Persuading
Trained in Initiative Actions
Trained in Perception Actions (Skilled with Focus)



Fast Talk
Spin Identity



Investigate: Trained in perception, cryptography, deceiving, and breaking into computers. Enabler.


Street clothes
Disguise kit
Light tools
Duct tape
Medium Pistol
A pen knife
A smartphone

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A Graceful Jack Who Explores Dark Places




Personal Information

Name: Firanis Phlux
Series: Into The Strange

Home Region: Broley, The Beyond
Occupation: Explorer and Numenera Hunter


Physical Traits

Race: Genetically Modified/Mutant Human

Gender: Female
Age: 25

Apparent Age: 16-17
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 169 lbs

Eyes: Vivid Amethyst with a thin inner ring of Gold
Hair: Silvery Blue
Handedness: Left


Appearance: Due to exploring strange and weird ruins in the Beyond and further and being exposed to various substances, radiations and energy, and a variety of numenera, Firanis' appearance has changed many times over the last decade. She has been male, female, mutant and not always human or biological. She has been exposed to Ever Changing Mists, suffered the side-effects of a charlatan's Rejuvenator device, and been affected by two Mystery Boxes (she just can't resist pushing the red button).


Firanis' last major transformation happened about half a year ago when she found what she believed was the Fountain of nahiÓge high up in a cave in the Black Raige. Stepping into the circular field of rippling, prismatic light that fell from the ceiling of the rough-hewn chamber, Firanis found her body completely restructured. She lost her bulky, lumbering, spikey-scaled form she had been wearing for almost two years and now wears one much more to her liking.


Once more female, she was petite, no more than five feet tall with the svelte, sleekly toned - if still curvaceous - figure of a professional dancer. She has delicate, pointed ears, very fine, sculpted, yet mobile facial features, large, entrancing eyes of glittering amethyst with a thin inner ring of gold, and straight, pearly teeth with slightly pronounced upper and lower canines.  She has a smooth and silky ivory complexion and keeps her silvery blue hair shorn short. She appears to be a very beautiful girl-woman in mid-adolescence, perhaps sixteen or seventeen.


Unknown or visitant writing or numerals marks her left cheek. In fact, other than hair style and colour, the colour of her eyes, and the marking on her check, Firanis later realized she had the exact same appearance as the nine other young women in a tiny village in the foothills of the the Black Raige Mountains, the ones who had given her the lead on finding the Fountain of nahiÓge.


Unfortunately, later testing proved she wasn't actually eternally young, nor had her lifespan been extended to any notable degree, the transformation had been superficial only. At least she had a possible means of ridding herself of future harmful or disgusting mutations or physical alterations. About two months ago, Firanis took a Growth Serum, causing her to grow more than a foot taller - a very painful process where she grew half an inch an hour for a full day - mostly in the length of her legs, granting her a set of fantastically long, shapely, and toned legs she is particularly proud of.


Thanks to long training with Camilia and the Cosmicologists and innate ability, Firanis moves with a remarkably fluid and precise grace. She prefers snug clothing and armor for ease of movement, preferably of muted and/or dark colours.


Personality: Firanis is insatiably curious and struck by an intense streak of wanderlust. Very interested in numenera, Firanis is very driven to find some means of eternal youth or extending her lifespan indefinitely - without resorting to turning herself into an automaton or disembodied intelligence - so she can explore and experience everything life has to offer. She's also fond of fishing.


Vivacious and spritely, always moving, she wears her emotions clearly on her face, making it hard for her to lie, but is quite stubborn and self-reliant, rendering her reluctant to offer or accept help whenever possible. Chafes at any sort of confinement, she is also a Cosmicologist, finding a connection with The Ninth World through flowing movement.


Background (A Cobbled Jumble)

Background (A Cobbled Jumble): Firanis was born and raised in the small Aldeia of Broley, in the foothills of the Black Raige and bordered by the Ba-Adenu forest, at the headwaters of the Welbyway. Her mother, Holeona Phlux, was the local Aeon Priest and a powerful Nano, who developed living Greenwood, which most of buildings in Broley were made of.


Firanis never knew who her father was, though many rumours surrounded his identity, from being a mysterious traveler from a prior Age, to actually being another woman, to Firanis not actually having a father at all and was fashioned by Holeona herself. When Firanis was old enough to ask about her father, Holeona always sidestepped the question with an enigmatic twist of her lips.


Holeona tried to train her child to follow her steps as an Aeon Priest and Nano, but though she had a deep interest in the Numenera, Firanis was never quite able to learn the Scan esotery, despite how much she wanted to learn it, to be able to see more of the world than what most could. Further, she chafed at the pure academic study, always wanting to move and learn about the world and numenera through exploration. Recognizing her child's interests and predilections, Holeona prevailed upon her good friend Camila Beyett to teach and train Firanis the physical arts of the Cosmicologists. Firanis found much of the philosophy to her liking.


Firanis spent most of her youth helping her mother with the numenera, climbing the hills and trees surrounding her village, testing the bounds of how far she could explore on her own, dancing and seeking unity with the self and the world around her with Camila and the Cosmicologists, and fishing in the Welbyway. If her childhood wasn't exactly ideal - little was certain in the Ninth World and even less so in the Beyond - it was for the most part pleasant and enjoyable.


Her youth ended when she was fourteen, with news the Dark Fathom Entropy Zero was rampaging South along the Black Raige Mountains and was heading straight for Broley. Many wanted to abandon the village, but most didn't want to lose all they had built in the Beyond. Holeona herself went to confront the Dark Fathom, at first to make a deal to ask it to go elsewhere, but when it proved unwilling, she challenged it directly.


About a third of the village was destroyed and Holeona lost her life, but the threat of Entropy Zero was ended, permanently, for Broley and the rest of the Ninth World. Firanis grieved the lost of her mother and took much comfort in Camila's obvious caring, but with her major tie to Broley ended, the rest of the Ninth World beckoned. Firanis helped rebuild, but less than a year later, she was on the road, traveling with a caravan through the Garl Nave pass through the Black Raige.


A decade later, Firanis is still thrilled with discovering the Weird, the Wonders, and even the Horrors of the Ninth World. There is so much to see and experience, a hundred lifetimes to merely scratch the surface. Well aware of that, Firanis is driven to find some means of eternal youth, so she has the time to explore and experience all the Ninth World (and beyond) has to offer. With her Cosmicologist leanings, Firanis would prefer some means that wouldn't require her to become an disembodied intelligence or automaton, as flesh and blood and flowing movement are a big part of experiencing life for her and finding a sense of Unity with the world at large.


Most of Firanis explorations have taken her up and down the Black Raige Mountains and the neighboring areas, mostly on the Beyond side, though she has made forays into the Pytharon Empire and Navarene. In the Beyond, she has traveled from Seshar in the South to the Caecilian Jungle in the North. She has visited the Beanstalk and dreams of ascending it, and would love to study at the universities of Hayrest or find the way into the University of Doors, as well as someday travel beyond the Clock of Kala to see what she could learn about numenera and extended life with the Augurs, but she hasn't gone that way yet.


She returns to Broley at sporadic intervals, often having to reintroduce herself to Camila since through luck - good or bad - her appearance has often changed, sometimes drastically, but rarely stays for longer than a week. There is just too much to see, more numenera to be found and tinkered with. Though self-reliant almost to a fault and relatively solitary, Firanis can rarely pass a community in need, if she thinks she can do something to help them that isn't clearly suicidal, thanks to the example set by her mother.


Character Sheet


Camila Beyett - Cosmicologist leader and mother's friend, gave Firanis her mother's artifact, the Time-Maker.



Cosmetic: Silvery Blue Hair (Inherent), Purple Eyes (Inherent), Pointed Ears (Fountain of nahiÓge), Long Legs (Growth Serum)


Tier: 1


Might Pool [Edge]: 13 [0]

Speed Pool [Edge]: 16 [2]

Intellect Pool [Edge]: 13 [0]


Effort: 1


Tricks of the Trade

Decipher (1 Intellect Point)

Practiced With Armor


Skilled with Defense: Speed


Other Powers

Cypher Use: 2

Practiced with Light and Medium Weapons


Focus Features

Trained Explorer - Trained in Listening, Searching, Balancing, Climbing, and Jumping Tasks



Lockpicking [t]

Numenera [t]

Sabotaging Devices/Objects [t]


Perception [t]




All Movement Type Tasks [t]





Physical Performing Arts [t]


Wilderness Survival [t]


Attack Skills


Defense Skills

-Speed Defense



Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve (Inability with Deception)

Self-Reliant (It takes two people to use the Helping Action on Firanis to have any benefit and when using the Helping or Complementary Actions herself, Firanis at most provides a +1 bonus to the roll)



Truth, Shin-speak, Raigese (Language spoken by many in the Southern Black Raige region and bordering areas)


Shins: 2



Explorer's Pack

-150 feet of rope

- Minor Glowglobe x3

- Days Rations x7

Bag of Light Tools


Grappling Hook



Polarized goggles



Machete (Melee Medium Weapon: 4 Damage)

Bolt-caster: Crank Crossbow (Ranged Medium Weapon: 4 Damage, Long-range)

-12 medium bolts

Whip (Melee Light Weapon: 2 Damage, -1 difficulty to attack)

Knife (Melee Light Weapon: 2 Damage, -1 difficulty to attack)

Razor Ring (Ranged Light Weapon: 2 Damage, -1 Difficulty to attack, Short-range)



Synth Bodysuit (Light Armor: +1 Armor)

Greenwood Buckler (Shield: Asset for Speed Defense)




Disintegration Beam

-short, metallic rod, dull colour


Detonation (Singularity)

Level: 10

Usable: ceramic sphere (thrown, short range)

Effect: Explodes and creates a momentary singularity that tears at the fabric of the universe. Inflicts 20

points of damage to all within short range, drawing them (or their remains) together to immediate range

(if possible). Player characters in the radius move one step down the damage track if they fail a Might

defense roll.



The Time-Maker: A small, filigreed pocket watch worn as a pendant. (+1 action/level of effort [Might or Speed] applied. Enabler)





- A large cube about four inches by four inches. The cube is transparent with a swirling galaxy inside of it. Along the edge of the cube are several little bumps. Pressing the bumps will cause the galaxy to zoom in or out. It can zoom out to show infinite gaxaies or in to show the solar system and all the way in to show earth and where you are (at its highest in zoom it will show a 3d image of you holding the cube). You may or may not understand what it is showing you beyond your self.





XP Log

XP Earned

Background + Solo Thread: +11xp


XP Spent

+1 Speed Edge: -4xp

+4 to Pools: -4xp


Balance: 3xp

Total: 11xp

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Personal Information
Identity: [redacted]
Current Identity: Ian Roth Goldberg
Internet ID: E.N. and variations of that
Occupation: Paranormal Investigator/Alien Abductee
Marital Status: Single
Living Relatives: [redacted]

Physical Traits
Weight: 150 lbs
Height: 5’10”
Apparent age: late twenties
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Handedness: Right


Personality: Ian is a product [redacted] teachings. He’s rude and condescending to women, treating them like baby-makers. He has vague memories of his mother not being like that at all, but he doesn’t really connect her to women at large. He’s upset that his parents left him, thinking that they just took off and abandoned him. His [redacted] leaving was expected to the young man; he was impressed that [redacted] stuck around until he was eighteen. The [redacted] was pretty crazy anyway, and treated others poorly. Because of [redacted], he tends to be dismissive to other men, even in the best of times.

Philosophy: Ian doesn’t believe in the fidelity of people anymore. They can’t be trusted; best to not get attached to them. He’s not attached to [redacted]; they have a business arrangement. Were someone to pierce his veil of indifference, they’d find fiercely loyal friend. He’d also be almost protectively smothering of them, terrified they’d leave him. It would take a lot of work to get to that point, enough that Ian might change for the better.

The government is even worse. They’re lying to everyone, covering up all sorts of things, like aliens and cars that get 100 mpg. Ian’s goal is to make them pay for being secretive jerks.

Appearance: Ian is usually unkempt; living out of a car makes things a bit hard for him to maintain his appearance. The occasional odd computer job he picks up has allowed him to make some money for trucker showers, and [redacted] is pretty cool with him imposing on him. Ian doesn’t really care about his appearance all that much. So while he doesn’t smell, he is usually dressed in wrinkled clothes. He tends to dress with clothes found at the Salvation Army. The exception to this is a suit he obtained to use in his Ryan Hart persona; he needs a suit to play a government suit, right?


A Strange Paradox who Solves Mysteries

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 0/0
Pools and Edge
Might: 10 (8) +2
Speed: 12 (8) +1 descriptor, +3
Intellect: 15 (12) +2 descriptor. +1

Might: 0
Speed: 0
Intellect: 1

Trained Skills
Knowledgeable: Computer Science

Strange Knowledge

Paradox Features
Cypher Use
Practiced with Light Weapons
--Closed Mind

Descriptor Features – Strange
Skill: Trained in recognizing and understanding the Strange
Sense Something Strange
Inability: People have a harder time with interaction

Focus Features – Solves Mysteries
Street clothes
Laptop computer
Utility Knife
Cell phone

Hunting knife

Armor and value:
Trench coat (light)

Cash: $300


Focus Features – Wields Two Weapons at Once
Tier 1: Dual Light Wield

Ardeyn clothing
Light armor
Two light weapons
Explorer’s pack
200 crowns

2 Sabres

Armor and value:
Leather Jerkin



Focus Features

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Leslie Eric Scott
36 years old
Right handed
6ft tall
Shortish brown hair, hazel eyes and a short beard.



Originally an investigative reporter on the tech desk, he got creeped out by a biotech company who claimed to be experimenting with an artificial adrenaline gland that would dump it into the system in the case of a heart attack. Market was supposedly the heart disease area, but there were concerns about military applications.. Eventually the clmpny was shut down by the FDA (actually Estate actions against a Karum operation ).

However this gave him the idea of writing a horror/scifi novel using a biotech based world as the setting. This did well and made the best selling list on Amazon at least, enough that he reduced his journalistic work to freelance to concentrate more on writing his novels. It was during da long, intensive session of just trying to imagine what living in that kind of world would be like when he accidentally Translated to Ruk.

probably due to his feeling of vulnerability when he arrived he Translated with the Ficus of Integrates Weaponry. Luckily he was soon spotted by the Quiet Cabal and helped to return to Earth but not before he ran afiuk of some agents if Karum and discovered their desire to destroy Earth.

Since then he was investigated a number of cutting edge companies and doomsday cukts looking for influences from recursions and specifically the work of Karum. This is what has led him to Father Foss, both his doomsday predictions and the odd looking sunglasses (war glasses) seen on some of his followers....


Earth - Sharp eyed Spinner who Solves Mysteries

Might 10 Edge 0
Speed 12 Edge 1
Intellect 12 Edge 1

Effort 1
Cypher Use : 2
Practised with Light and Medium Weapons
Trained in Persuasion

Translation : Hasten

Spin Identity (2+ Intellect )
Understanding (1 Intellect )

Sharp Eyed:
Trained in Initiative actions
Trained in Perception actions

special : Find the flaw

Solves Mysteries :
Investigator : Use points from any pool to apply effort to an Intellect task (Enabler)
Sleuth : Trained in Perception (Enabler)

RUK - Adapts to Any Environment
Defend: +1 Armour against all attacks - Enabler
Heal: +1 to all recovery rolls - Enabler

RUK Equipment
Ruk Clothing
Light Armour
1 weapon
Bag of light tools
an umbilical
a breather
an account with 50 bits

Ardeyn - Embraces of Qephilim Ancestry
Silence Kindred
Trained in Perception, Initiative and Stealth
Qephilim Lore

Ardeyn Equipment
Ardeyn Clothing
Armour of choice
2 weapons of choice or weapon and shield
badge worn by ancient kindred
Explorer's pack
400 Crowns


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