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  1. Hey guys, I've talked to Justin about joining the game, and he's agreed to let me after the current issue so I figured I'd give a heads up on what I am working on. My concept is an ex-cop who obtained powers when his erratic genius of an Uncle (think Doc. Emmet Brown from Back to the Future) "experimented" on his during his recovery from a crippling on the job accident. I'm calling him Dauntless, and he has enhanced physical traits, super senses (enhanced sight, olfactory & hearing, UV vision and X-Ray vision) and the ability to adapt to any environment or attack he is exposed to. He also has cybernetic implants that allow him to teleport the super science gadgets his Uncle creates to him (The Gadget power). That is the really rough concept I'm working on right now.
  2. NIce! These look pretty good Dave. Do you have any other Mass Effect documents for Alternity.. I`d love to see how you handled the unique tech and the tech powers. but really anything you might have would be cool
  3. These are cool Dave, although I really need to re-familiarize myself with Alternity to fully understand the powers. Just a note though, the documents linked above are actually what looks like home-brew biotech for an Aeon/Trinity game... I'd love to see the actual documents you meant to share
  4. Did a quick read through and so far I am interested. Something I'd just like to clarify for my own sake; the maneuvers under each power don't have to be purchased separately correct? meaning that you can attempt any maneuver for the powers you have? Oh, and I don't really get the skill chart. Can you give a little explanation please?
  5. am curious to know if this is still being considered or not. I like the idea and while I'm tentative about the Aberrant system (Even an heavily modified one) I am open-minded and curious. Thinking about "origins of powers", Both DC Universe Online and the inFAMOUS series of games have excellent ideas. In DCUO, Lex Luthor from the future comes to the past and unleashes a bunch of Braniac-created Nanites that give people powers. In inFAMOUS, it's a device called The Ray Sphere (and intimated in the 3rd game that the destruction of the big bad at the end of the 2nd game) created the Conduits. While neither of these examples should be used whole cloth, the idea that someone deliberately engineered the conditions/event that gave humanity acces to super powers is a pretty cool one. inFAMOUS is also a good (if simple) example of how player actions can influence puplic opinion of people with powers...
  6. Charlotte, I'm really sorry I haven't been around or responded. The bugs got really bad and my landlord is calling in a fumigator. Hopefully once this is dealt with I'll be of right enough mind to actually participate.
  7. So I've been reading the Star Wars: Force and Destiny book; the adventure specifically, and in it the narrative reinforces the idea that the Jedi are forgotten, and believed to be a myth or children's fairytale. Yet the Clone War and Order 66 only happened at most 25 years ago. Prior to that, all evidence in the available material suggest that Jedi were a well known phenomenon. So how is it that the Jedi, many of who were Generals in the clone war can be relegated to myth and legend in just a few short years? I am having trouble reconciling these two facts.
  8. Okay so I've voted. A bit of explanation on my part. I clicked on "Other" in both Super Heroes and Modern with Powers because I think something like a mutants/X-men game could easily fit in either category. That goes the same for Aberrant. Abbie, as originally envisioned was never really a "super hero" game but more a "people with powers" game. I also chose "Other" in Sci-Fi because you missed a rather big category ( a couple really) the first is Hard Sci-Fi like what is presented in the Traveller game or in Eclipse Phase or even Alternity. The second is cross time/cross-dinesional games for things like Stargate or Sliders. However overall I have to agree with a lot of what Carver said aboutthe inclusivity of a sandbox game. Going with a supers game I think the best way to look at it would be as more of a comic book company/franchise rather than a specific game. The big two comic companies were very good at creating comics to fit a variety of Genres & sub genres from "cosmic" adventures (Like the Guardians ofthe Galaxy and Legion of the Super Heroes) tostandard 4 color faire, (Avengers and Justice league), to the grim and gritty (certain Batman titles, Punisher etc.) and alternate universe varients that allowed them to explore more "realistic" takes on characters (Marvel's Ultimate universe and the current cinematic universes of both companies) Even horror and supernatural styles have been woven in to the continuities. In short, if you go in to the game world design that anything done in comics should be allowed then you will probably reach maximum saturation for interest. I have other ideas on how to make a sandbox Supers game work as I was discussing that very thing the other week with Matt and others in the chat, but that is fuel for another topic.
  9. If Darksol's character is ready, Why can't he join us for chapter 1 considering we haven't started yet?
  10. Carver, what kind of weaponry would be considered standard. Are we still dealing with bullet weapons? What about lasers/blasters/other sci fi weaponry? Would you allow exotic "Alien" weapons as devices?
  11. Skill-wise, the big things my character is focusing on are Knowledge History, Knowledge Arcana and Use Magic Device. My class is pretty much themed around knowing about history and and artifacts and stuff, but the investigator would be a cool addition to the party
  12. I know. I really don't like alignment systems and it's something I'm still considering (hence the "ish")
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