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  1. There was a pause, as Autumn and Curtis observed the passing of the two. They knew someone had bitten off more than they could chew, and Curtis would put the money on it ultimately being Summer Astovik. Finally, her sister passed him a look that asked how he could put up with the big idiot. "He has a certain charisma." Curtis admitted under her scrutiny. But all the loads of empty-headed naivete. 'They're just people.' That was the whole problem - because it wasn't simply a matter of the intelligence gap. He remembered the bullying, the epithets in his younger years in Nebraska. He knew children, and teens too, whatever their reputed innocence, were cruel, petty, ignorant and willing to pick on the outsider. Even in a school of outsiders by way of super-powers, they would simply use all the other usual criteria for whom to collect with and whom to target. Sebastian was like a puppy, devoid of malice but not someone you could exactly take seriously, Cosima was a slightly more amiable version of Summer Astovik, Rick was rather bland, Qi was a bit distant and austere... honestly, the one true peer he could see was 'Mulan' Autumn, even if her occult leanings and 'magic' needed proper scientific codifying. Or possibly Autumn Astovik too - genetic kin wasn't something you could help, after all.
  2. Even as there was a maelstrom of conflict above, Curtis was going about, with various parts and devices spread about or being soldered together in a DIY session that would not make sense to the average person. Someone with technical expertise in electronics would have a much better idea, but still have unanswered questions. "Princess," Cosima caught the snide words of the genius below, "if you have time to posture, you have time to bring over that SUV." Princess frowned, but seeing the serious look on Curtis' face, had the indicated auto lifted in magenta and dropped perhaps a little too close to Curtis as a non-verbal response. Curtis ignored her and popped the hood.
  3. Curtis had already begun to question in his mind why he'd agreed to come to this party. The increased socialization was one thing, but this was a madhouse. Swarms of people, now cameras, Tatiana had apparently decided to shoot for three-ring circus. Well, he was committed. Tatiana and company were adjusted to Qi's choice of wardrobe when they picked up on the sudden hush from around the gate. It was spreading like a dropping stone spreads ripples in a pond, and the epicenter was Curtis in a red sweater, collar shirt, tie. Curtis couldn't help but grin. Sure, he had considered Carl Sagan, for enlightening the masses. But nobody disrespected Mr. Rogers. "Hello, neighbors."
  4. Well, the ring had put a different complexion on the situation. But Curtis remained calm, had to remain calm. Fear was the mind-killer, if you let it, and Curtis knew that it was worse for him, because he prided his mind more than anything. But with his mind clear and controlled, he realized the situation in one respect was not as bad as it seemed. True, there were more transmitters. Yes, Fear-Master had used the strange yellow ring to enhance them. But that was all. Like before, Fear-Master was content to hang back, a villainous voyeur of twisted terror. Rick was wrong, Curtis reflected as he identified the nearest electronics shop in this safe stretch of the Promenade. He didn't need to block the signals. Just take out the transmitters. A few minutes and he would have the materials to do just that.
  5. The sheer sense of mental emptiness lifted like a thousand pound weight off his chest and Curtis rolled up to a sitting position. He sucked in a breath and took in the situation. "First question, method of delivery? Is this chemical, a transmitted signal, or other?" If it was the former, they were in a very problematic position. The latter would be much easier to handle since Curtis could observe the area, calculate the approximate size of the circle of effect on a mental map, then use basic geometry to determine the radius and work backward to locate the hypothetical transmitter.
  6. Curtis stared into his hands, then up as he saw Rick charging Fear Master. He should do... something? He tried to rise up, but suddenly found his left feet were doubled. And his right feet were the left feet, so all he managed was face planting, again and again. His nose was bleeding. Calm down, he tried to tell himself, repeat: 2+2 = ....5... fish? The closest planet to the Sun was... something. Maybe if he read a book... and they didn't have all those big words. Aware on some level this should not be the case, Curtis was still helpless to do more than roll into a ball and cry.
  7. Curtis looked at the messages - from Sebastian whom was supposedly in the theater with them during all that time. In moments, the various pieces of information were recalled and put together to reach the obvious conclusion. Without turning his head or showing any sign of reaction, he texted a message back. --[If you must break something, break Dale Malory's things.]-- "I suppose I could bring her you, Dale." The teen genius told the shapeshifter in Montanan guise. "Uh?" Rick offered in confusion. "Dale has been impersonating Sebastian at and since the basketball court, all to avoid the Astoviks. Dare I ask what you even did?"
  8. Curtis restrained a wince at hearing of Sebastian's... assignment submission. The worst part was that these two were still more preferable companions than the Astoviks. Even if the brawnier teen really did come across as a Montanan hick stereotype at times. "I think the obvious option are the movies, for one. I don't really care where we eat." Sebastian's mention of Shock's hirelings had him thinking. "That depends on if their authority figures approved of it - or are accepting of failure. Dr. Shock is not likely to be pleased that we reversed his success."
  9. On the comment about Cosima, Curtis gave Sebastian a look that said 'are you taking the piss?' Then his face softened and he relented. "Fine. Burgers. Where did you have in mind? If possible, a place where we won't find ourselves in the middle of a gunfight again? Or worse, Summer Astovik swooping down on her new love-slave."
  10. Curtis let out a miffed noise from the headlock he was trapped in. "Let go." "Answer the question." Sebastian insisted. Curtis sighed. "I promise to answer if you let me go." The easygoing farm boy did so and Curtis checked around his throat for any loss of circulation before picking up the basketball. "I notice," Curtis' eyes judging the angle for a rebound off the far corner of the board, before bending his knees and shooting, "I just don't care." The basketball struck and followed a calculated arc that placed it right through the hoop: swish. "I'm not looking for companionship. Even if I were, the phrase 'it's what's inside that counts' holds a great deal more weight to me. Society puts out an endless wave of cosmetics, diets, surgeries, clothing, and so on, all to make beauty an artificial commodity. None of which guarantees you can stand the recipient for five minutes. Autumn, at least, I intellectually respect. Cosima is a shallow pool. Dive in, if you want, but don't come crying to me when you crack your heads on the floor."
  11. Right now, the only change is spending my PP. I'm considering whether or not to have Curtis concentrate the gadgets into 1 unified battlesuit?
  12. Curtis was busy inspecting the technology around, which was indeed very good. High quality. Not that he couldn't duplicate it all given the appropriate time and resources, but fine craftsmanship deserved acknowledgement. Similarly for Ultramarine's battlesuit. "Would you be willing to share the data?" He inquired of Rook. "The more brains going over this, the better."
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