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Mutants & Masterminds: Divine Intervention - [Divine Intervention] Ain't No Sunshine

Sandman XI

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"Helios and Apollo have not been seen for a week," the voice of Zeus was quite irritated. The other Olympians had some worry about this also. Oh sure, there sun was THERE, Helios was just supposed to be racing it around the world. He was not. Apollo was supposed to be making it shine. He was not. These two had disappeared during whatever revel they were at during the end of the year.

"Father," Athena spoke, "we have been doing all we can to find them. But we have duties."

"We can't do our jobs and play hide-and-go-seek," Ares interrupted.

The rest of the gods quietly agreed on the blunt observation.

"Yes," Zeus said, "I understand. Hermes. Gather me twelve. Not just any twelve though. bring me the brightest souls out there."

A stack of invitations appeared in Hermes's satchel. "On it, Zeus!"

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This was a shock. Well the whole week since New Years has been strange. He was of the opionion at a certain point that his birthday Tomorrow was probably going to be the end of the world... then Hermes showed up. Sly decided to call in today instead of going to school. He wasn't going to until tomorrow, but he figured the way things were going...

Curious he opens his letter...


Cold. All he was wearing was a tshirt and pajama pants...

Then he noticed he was in a seat... a rather nice lounge chair, it even had his name on it...

"Curiouser and curioser..." He thought, feeling the blanket underneath. He takes it and wraps it around him.

Why did the other seats have the names of people he met at Pucks party earlier... like last year though?

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Puck had spent the week playing fearless leader to his employees and working with Xo to try to stem the tide of panic in the area. They meant to get on to trying to figure out what was going, on too, but hadn't had the chance yet. Currently the Kyo Zon headquarters was an oversized campground and Xo was playing cosmic imitator in the area, providing full spectrum light and the illusion of daylight over the campus. It was a short-term fix at best, but it was helping the more panic-prone manage to stay calm, as well as being a refuge for SADS patients and hundreds of others that he'd let onto the ground. The mayor of New York owed him a huge favor now, and Puck liked having that sort of chip to call in.

He was in the depths of the Tower when the God of Travel flashed into existence next to him and Xo's projection. Puck was still blinking in astonishment when Xo took the golden missive and handed it to him. Say thank y-

And then He was gone, just as quick and silently as he'd arrived. Puck swallowed and turned the envelope over his hands. What can the gods want with me? Hermes is Zeus' messenger. Gods, I hope I haven't pissed him off or something. He slipped the card out of the envelope and-

-then he was in green space. He was blind for a minute, going from the bright lights of the labs to the nighttime illuminations of the park. Xo?!?

I'm here. You're in Central Park. Breathe, Puck.

He took a ragged breath and realized, with a touch of dizziness, that he'd been holding his breath since Hermes had appeared. "Uh, hello?" he called out from the incongruously comfy chair he was sitting on in the middle of the park, his eyes still dilating. "Anyone here?"

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Darrik had supposed the gods were sporting. Originally he'd went on as if life had not changed at all. Then he started to get worried by day seven. When Hermes appeared in his bedroom and passed him the missive, Darrik had been stripped down to the waist and lounging about.

He'd only opened his mouth to ask Hermes as he took the letter, and then... Darkness, then Central Park. Not what he'd expected. Then he saw the face. Puck. Damnit. Did they draw you into whatever shenanigans are going on? I hope not.

"Puck?" Darrik said, realizing he was sitting next to his lover-friend, still upper-half scrumptiously naked. "Why are you here?"

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Maia had been at school, specifically At lunch eating with her sister Dinah. They happily been talking to their friends, everyone telling of parties they'd gone too, school had only just come back in session, and there was alot to catch up on. Though The Girls around them had only seen a handsome man walking up where few dared, The two demi-goddesses knew exactly who he was.

The letter delivered, he was gone, and Maia had half a mind to open it later. Much to her dismay, they didn't hold for that demanding to know what it was for. She opened it and vanished, to the shock of everyone.

She sighed, and pulled out her phone "Dinah, it's okay, I think Dad needs me. Tell Mom I may not be home tonight."

A beautiful voice she treasured answered. "Okay, what about school?" "Mom will handle it."

"Okay, I'll handle the girls."

"Thanks sis, I'll make it up to you later."

She switched off the phone and sighed. Only then did she look around, noting Puck and Darrik, as well as Sylvester. "Definitely Dad's handiwork." Darrik's half nakedness brought a flush to her cheeks, and a heat creeping up her neck.. Could have been yours.... Still could be.. The invitation was definitely there. She put that line of thought away with great effort, focusing on other things to calm herself.

They were in Central park and seating had been arranged. She took a seat in the same row as Sylvester. She wore her uniform, and sighed. "So the second time i meet everyone I'm wearing my uniform, Someone's definitely laughing right now." She took her seat and draped the blanket over her bare legs, more to preserve her modesty than the chill wind and air.

"Well, this is probably going to be pretty important."

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Once you're dead a lot of things lose their... attraction. Val was sitting on a large graveyard stone smiling silently to himself. Rufus McAllister, scottish origin, first generation immigrant from waay back when everyone was fleeing the old world trying to make their fortune in the new "America", the promised land. Rufus died rather dramatically, he drowned - a supposed accident but Val knew better. It was his wife who got rid of him for another man. She was buried right next to him. Killed by the same man whom she killed for in an act of bloody murder. Love must be a wonderful thing.

The tall handsome man chuckled to himself and wondered if he'd be freezing by now - with the sun gone and all but as usual he couldn't tell any difference. "Probably", he mumbled to himself when suddenly Hermes appeared out of nowhere and handed him over a rather plain looking envelope.

"I was wondering when you'd show up." he nodded at Zeus Messenger but Hermes was already gone. Val opened the letter and...

... found himself lost...

He was still sitting - well floating actually since the graveyard stone was gone now but he hadn't noticed, yet. There were people which was definitely not what he had planned for tonight.

"Gesundheit.", he said nodding towards Sylvester, somewhat glad that he didnt suffer from these kinds of human... defects. "Does anyone know what this is about?", he asked no one in particular still floating in the air, as if he was sitting on an invisible chair or something.

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".....Believe me if you can

I've finally come back

To the House at Pooh Corner by one

What do you know

There's so much to be done

Count all the bees in the hive

Chase all the clouds from the sky

Back to the days of Christopher Robin

Back to the ways of Christopher Robin

Back to the days of Pooh."

The last strands of the guitar faded into silence and Serenity smiled at Leliana, her guitarist, as the room erupted into cheers from the elementary school students crowding the large gymnasium. Serenity lowered the microphone, pleased that she was able to bring some laughter and comfort to people during this frightening darkness. A few feet away, her brother hovered protectively, but he was smiling a little as well. "Okay," she said to the crowd, "who has a song to sing next?"

Small hands jumped into the air, little arms straining upward in an effort to be chosen by the pretty lady that had come to school today. She had just picked out a little boy towards the back of the crowd when a god appeared next to her. Gasps rippled through the room and Serenity started back. He handed her an envelope, which she took in numb fingers, and the disappeared again. She just stood there for a moment, every inch as shocked as the other mortals in the room. When she mentally resurfaced, she flushed and turned back to the children. "Well, wasn't that exciting? Leliana, could you help pick out the next song, please?"

She handed off the microphone and quickly stepped out of the gym, her brother only a few steps behind. She leaned up against a row of lockers in the hallway and gingerly opened the envelope just as he brother reached out for her.

"Priti, wai-" his voice was cut off as she went from one side of the North American continent to the other in an instant. The rush of cold air over her bare arms sent shivers through her body. A warm blanket on top of her legs was soft and warm, much like the overstuffed leather chair she was now sitting in. She glanced around, letting out a sigh of relief as she felt her brother's hand on her shoulder.

"Wait," he sighed, shaking his head and giving her a rueful grin.

She glanced around and shrugged, "Any idea where we are?"

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Sly blinked. "At least you got warm clothes." He said to Maia. Still huddling in his Blanket.

"I must still not have hit "Divine Puberty" yet... How you guys do it is beyond me."

He just hopes once they are sent on their mission he'll have time to grab his gear. "If we're going to space... I might need a few minutes."

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"I doubt we're going to space."

She looked to the other new arrival, someone she didn't recognize. "I do not know, though I imagine it's big, considering the Messenger."

To the only other female, and nodded. "Central Park, waiting I imagine for someone with more pull to hand down a task from upon high."

She nodded. "Something big, if it will take twelve of us." She smiled.

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"I hope not, Maia... I sorta need air and space is... lacking."

He sighed, sitting in his seat he leans back. "Although I could use my stuff in case things get dangerous quick... both for defense and in case someone here needs patching up."

"Well that and if I need to zap something. There's always zapping..."

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At first Moira was worried. That didn't last long. This whole "end of the world" thing gave people ample time to let go of their inhibitions. For every random act of violence there was a random act of awesome. People were generally helpful in these times. In a world where gods roamed the earth, they hd to be acclimatied to this stuff by now.

Moira had been floating from party to party, revel to revel. She had a serious appreciation for Dionysus at the moment. His temples were keeping the spirits high and there was very little hostility going on. That and they kept the sauce flowing. Oh the divine wine was great. As soon as the cup was empty there was someone to fil it.

Moira almost didn't receive her invitation. She was quite busy at the time. A special little after party with her and three other divines; triplets of Zeus's blood. No, they weren't Darrik caliber, but they would suffice at the moment. They had been going at it for a few hours. Damn they were some virile fuckers, but finally they tired out enough.

On her way to freshen up Hermes handed her the envelope. "Who bothers with invitations these days," she mumbled amused. Opening the letter she was transported to her destination. "Oh yeah, I'm dreaming now," Moira said rhetorically and unimpressed. "Darrik," she smiled and giddily hugging and holding on to him, "and Puck too. Also others." She saw Sylvester and buried her face in Darrik's chest, "How did the minor get into my dream?"

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Puck chuckled at Moira's antics. Even in the face of....whatever this was....he just couldn't help it; she was damn cute, cuddling up to Darrik like that. "Um, any idea what's going on, guys? I...this....is not my normal kind of day."

He recognized most of the people here, personally or by reputation, and while he socialized with a number of them this was decidedly not the kind of party he expected to be invited to. He nodded to Sly and added, "Uh, you seem to have some idea what's going on. Has this happened to you before?" He'd only caught scraps of what Sly had been saying, but he was talking about getting equipment and such, so it sounded to Puck like he'd gone through this before. He glanced around, including the others in his last question.

Hopefully someone had an idea of why they were all being brought here.

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After day one of the black sun, Coraline had called up Markus soon as her roomate had gone to bed, not even waiting for a 'hello' before bluntly asking, "Has our Divine Mother said anything to you about turning off the sun?"

"Hello to you, too, Cora. No, she hasn't. Or anything else for that matter," came the barotone response, amused as always. The demi-goddess scowled, practially hearing the gears turn in his head over the phone.

"Well. Thanks anyway," she responded before hanging up, never sure as always if he was lying to her or not and if she had made things worse for her by reaching out to him.

Days two through six of the black sun were more or less routine. Wake up. Go to work. Prevent the odd idiot from making too much trouble in her neighborhood. Go home. Practise the guitar after dinner. Sure, there were more idiots than normal and business was slower at work. But, lack of sun aside, things seemed to... stable. Wait and see for the most part. Mother was probably finding something to amuse Herself, some brush fire conflict or violent deed by darkness to urge on. Hopefully it'd keep Her out of Coraline's hair.

Day seven of the black sun though... Hermes himself paying a visit. An envelope. And her next break later... Well, opening the envelope resulted in her being teleported to Central Park into a comfy chair with a cushion facing other (now confirmed if her summons meant anything) demi-gods. The Scionette of Eris leaned back in her seat, crossed her arms, and smiled grimly. Hair in a ponytail at the back of her head and black clad in boots, jeans, and a tanktop emblazoned with 'Frank's Body Art', she glanced over the group, eyebrow raising.

"Oh good. How interesting. If Hermes invited you all here the same way *I* was, we're either here about fixing a problem or making one," she opened, tone sardonicly dry, "Unless I'm late."

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Darrik made an 'mmmm' sound from Moira's contact, not really bothered at all as he smiled at Serenity and Maia, Hephaestus' son, and the others, uncaring and really really unashamed of his upper bareness. When Puck asked, Darrik thought about it. "I have a feeling this has something to do with our darkness issue. Or not, Apollo may just be hiding under a pile of nymphs."

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Sly turned to puck. "Well... with people like us... well... I think we all are... well..."

Now Sly looked like he was reaching for words. "Ah hell... I'll go out and say it. It's obvious someone wants us to save the world. I mean, Hermes just showed up, gave us those teleport invitations, next thing you know bang. Thing is everyone here has the ability to save the world. Well... I would if I had my gear I've been designing for going on some mission I wager I would eventually be called on, but all that is at home."

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Serenity shook her head. "If the sun disappeared every time Apollo went on a bender, we'd be used to this by now."

"Priti," he brother admonished, uncomfortable with the irreverent attitude towards a major Divinity among the group.

"Well," she arched a brow at Sly and shrugged at her brother, "It's true. But unless we're going to lure him back with a song, I'm not sure what help I'm going to be. I know...some of you, or about some of you, but I don't know others." She held her hand out to them, letting whoever was feeling social respond in kind. "I'm Priti Pacurata, Serenity when I'm on stage. By divine parentage, I'm the daughter of Prithvi. Um, Demeter," she amended quickly, blushing at the blank looks she'd gotten with the Indian name.

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"That explains..." Puck motioned around to the group, "I think pretty much everyone except me. I mean, I know a throw an awesome party, but...." He shrugged again, obviously thoroughly confused and not making the connection. A lifetime of divine intervention to keep him from making said connections had done it's work on his mind and the possibility of divine parentage simply did not occur to him.

I hope they're not after you, Xo.

Uh, wouldn't they have...taken me along, then? Or just taken me. Hermes brought the letter to you.

But why?

You're the one who explained to me that the gods were inscrutable, kinda weird, and didn't play by rules that made any sense to the rest of us.

Oh, yeah. Great.

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Darrik sighed, then quietly nudged Moira off of him. "Puck, I can answer that. Let's talk, a little away from here." Puck made a face, and Darrik remembered his dressing. "Well, grab a blanket or two for snuggling." More eager now, Puck snatched up some thick blankets. After they were a short distance away, and wrapped up in both blankets and each other, Darrik closed his eyes and began.

"Your parents, the biological ones? They're Eros and Psyche. For an unknown reason, you were born mortal and have been... until according to the Fates, you're not. The net result, they decided it wouldn't be fair for you to grow up on Olympus, and left you to be raised by the ambassadors. They made it clear that no one could tell you before age eighteen..."

At this point, Darrik stopped. He knew Puck would connect the dots, and this was what had kept him from wanting to reveal to Puck the truth. Puck would hate him, be angry for having been so randy with his nephew. What they were doing right now...

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At noon on Monday, January 07, 2013, after a week without the sun, Praxis's day was just getting started. Lacing his boots up, he wore his classic red, gold and black trunks and one of his t-shirts.

Most of the other wrestlers didn't usually get suited up for another hour or so but Praxis was the best in the business for a reason. Once he got laced up, he was going to be headed out to the ring to double check the ropes to make certain that they would hold. He had a habit of pushing rather hard against them so when he came off them he had more momentum than he normally would.

There was one time that he had done this a few years ago where he had inadvertently pulled the ringposts out of the ground and tumbled to the ground outside the then-collapsing ring. He made it a point to check them himself every time.

His belt was slung over his shoulder, as was the case every Monday. People, fans or not, just expected the champion to have the belt on him on "game day".

He stood , an armband mounted smartphone / MP3 player replaying the basic outline of the promos he was going to be involved in later tonight as well as a general plan of action for tonight's main event. It wasn't anywhere near as scripted as outsiders thought it was, but there were certain spots that had to happen in the interests of pacing.

Opening the door to the locker room into the hallway, he turned and saw what was at this point a fairly familiar face. Usually came around when a certain deity of Love decided she wanted to check in on her daughter and didn't want to come herself.

"Hey Hermes, long time no see?"

"Not the same reason as usual, Calixtus"

Praxis frowned. This usually meant that something was terribly wrong, He took the message from the god before him.

"How big?"



Praxis turned and walked back into the locker room. Tapping a few buttons on his phone, he contacted the man who had taken charge of the mortal side of the DWF.

"Hey, Ric, it's Cal. I know it's last minute but I'm not going to be able to make the show tonight... Yes... Old man... You want to tell him no? Of course you do, stupid question. Alright, I'll be back when I can. Have a great show."

Praxis ended the call. Now was the fun part, guessing where Hermes' letter was going to send him. He opened it and was gone.

A few moments later, he strode down the walk way between rows as if he were making his grand entrance to the ring, belt, boots, shirt, trunks, all of it.

All he needed was his entrance theme, but by this point most anybody who was anybody could all but hear Disturbed's "Indestructible" in their minds.

Praxis Shirt
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Seeing his running-buddy Puck was in disposed he decided to turn his attention back to Maia. She did look cute in her uniform.

Wait... I skipped school today... what was I thinking!

He facepalmed. Not noticing he did so looking at Maia. "Umm... Uh... wasn't in regard to you."

Then he started to feel guilty. The one he loved more than anyone wasn't present... maybe she was prepping something for the mission... maybe she was on some special part of whatever they needed to do...

"Sorry Maia... been a bad week."

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Puck blinked at Darrik, his mind utterly blank for a moment. He licked his lips and tried thinking again. "What?"


Just a minute, Xo.

He'd stopped walking but he hadn't pulled away from Darrik. "My parents are Eros and Psyche," he said slowly. "And they gave me to my, uh, other parents, because I was...not a god." He ran a hand through his hair. "Um....okay. I, uh, that's....well." He let out a breath in a quick huff. "So, I'm- but I'm not. So-"

Puck, you're babbling.

He frowned, cutting himself off. He stared at Darrik, frowning deeply. "Everyone knew? And...and just didn't...."

He said Eros and Psyche told everyone not to. Would you want to make the gods of love and the soul angry?

That's not the point-

That's exactly the point. Cut him some slack.

"Fine," he said aloud, his shoulders set angrily. "Okay. Just....why now? If I'm some divine dud, why involve me at all?"

Puck, Xo cut in again, you're not a 'divine dud'. You made me. The AI managed to even sound a little hurt that his creator hadn't thought of that.

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Henry was seated in his office chair, listening to a copy of his lecture on the history of Apollo and his relationship with mortals. He leaned forward in concentration, focusing on the tone of his lesson/speech. He paused the lecture and started to take some notes on a legal pad he was holding. His notes were in a mish-mash of languages, his mind flowing between them like a river. He heard a cough, and looked up. Upon seeing Hermes standing there he bowed his head slightly, "Well, what brings you here, o messenger?" Hermes gave a wink and handed Henry the invitation. Then he was gone.

Henry opened the invitation and with a flash he was whisked but scant miles away. He looked around at the chairs and the location, before focusing in on the rest of the occupants of the area. He chuckled to himself, Leave it to Hermes to save me on cab fare. Wonder why we're here...

He then noticed the other occupants, and sighed. I guess it has to do with the divines if we're all here. Henry then walked up to Praxis, and spoke to him quietly. "Why do you think we're here? Is it a test of some kind? and why the two sides?"

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Krysti was in the largish storage locker she rented where she kept her scavenged metal and worked on her steel sculptures. She had time to make some progress on a long term project - a full-sized tiger. Half her classes had been cancelled to the the Dark Sun, and while she had a week of training and practice for the DWF, they claimed she wasn't ready yet to appear in the Monday Night Event.

Probably afraid I'd kick everyone's ass on the first day and show them up, Krysti thought with a smirk, thick muscle sliding smoothly beneath her tanned flesh as she shaped pieces of rusted steel with her bare hands. Everyone - even herself - had been impressed with just how strong she was, and Krysti wasn't even sure she had tested her true limits.

The creak of bending metal shivered the air in the unheated storage room, though despite wearing just a pair of tight, faded black jeans and a camo tank-top, Krysti wasn't bothered by the chill, warmed by her immense, steely might. Until now, most of her free time had been taken up by running Pizza deliveries - with the sun inexplicably dark, many were afraid to leave them homes, so food deliveries where way up. Which was good, since she still needed the money. But today, she told Matthew she was taking a day for herself.

And it wasn't like the unexplained dark bothered her all that much. The moon and stars were enough for her to see by and if there were more dicks out taking advantage of the perpetual night, they were just more asses for her to kick, if they got in her way. She just figured the gods were being assholes with the unseen Sun thing.

She already knew the gods were assholes.

Just then, her nostrils flared, catching an incongruous scent in the still are of the storage room. Krysti straightened up to her modest height, flicking her French-braid over her shoulder and folding her arms beneath her breasts as she glared at the man standing on the other side of the piecemeal tiger. She had never seen the man before, but she knew it was a God. Hermes.

"What do you want?" Krysti demanded belligerantly. Hermes was a god, with all the power that suggested, but with how her mother had been treated, she just couldn't make herself back down.

Hermes just smiled, a crooked grin that suggested amusement at her bravado, glossed with a hint of apology and sympathy. It is not what I want child, but what who above me desires. He held up the golden envelope, then with a twist of his wrist, flicked it at her. It landed with unerring accuracy between her breasts, wedged in her firm cleavage.

Krysti scowled as the pulled it out, but when she looked up, Hermes was gone. "Hey! What the-" Krysti began as she ripped open the envelope, when suddenly she was in another place.

"-fuck is going on?! The Hell?!" Krysti yelled in surprise, finding herself sunk deeply in a plush lounge chair.

Looking around, she found herself in the company of other Godbloods, many of whom she had met at Puck's party or knew from TV. And Puck was here too. She tossed the envelope angrily at the ground, as she stood up.

"I didn't sign up for this!" Krysti protested, looking for any guilt in the other demi-gods and finding none, settling for shaking a fist at the sky. "I haven't ever asked anything of the Gods, so I don't owe you nothing! Ask, and I'll decide if I wanna help or not!"

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"Daddy," Moira went to hug Praxis when he appeared. Well after he made his entrance. You never interrupt Praxis's entrance. "Um yeah, about that whole taking time off?" She smiled in a manner of asking for forgiveness. It wasn't long until another face caught her eye; Serenity. "Back in a moment, daddy."

Serenity was one of those once in a life time Divines. Very few could awe Moira and Serenity just happened to do so. Gracefully approaching, she noticed Serenity's brother, Nishavana, with her. Moira flashed a smile to him, "be a dear will you and let us girls talk?" Nishthavana stepped away as he was told to do, but did not go very much farther away. Moira shook her head. "Diligent, isn't he," she laughed. "My name is Moira Eason. I love your music. Though you probably hear that all the time. Then again,"she said with a bit of swagger, "I'm a bit more than your average star struck fan."

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Serenity's eyes widened at Moira's brazeness - and her state of semi-dress. The thought of offering the beautiful wrestler her blanket ran through her mind, but the cold didn't seem to be bothering her. "Um, no, I guess you're night. It's nice to meet you." She spotted her brother trying not to so obviously stare at the half-naked and incredibly beautiful woman talking to his sister. She mentally racked up brownie points for herself by not mentioning the poster of Moira hanging in his bedroom. "Any idea why we're all here? Hermes didn't really tell me anything, just gave me an envelope. And then we were here."

Her brow furrowed. "I hope Leliana is okay with the kids. Having someone disappear on them after all this business with the sun...." She sighed. "We were trying to cheer them up, not cause a panic."

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Valentine made a step in the air as if to sit down on his chair and chuckled at Krysti, "Yelling at them will really really help, sweetheart. Go for it!"

Meanwhile he was trying to figure out on his own what was going on since all of them who got summoned here obviously had no idea. It was making sense in from a distorted point of a view - if you were one of the gods - to do what Maia suggested so he decided to perk up and listen what she had to say. So they were gathered to do some laundry for their parents. Val couldn't remember the last time Hades had wanted anything from him. Their relationship was rather predominated by one word conversations - Me "Sup?", Dad "Nothing", Me "Mom?", Dad "Dead", Me "Figured..."

He still missed the point. All I wanted to know is why she did this. I have no reason to blame anyone but since she didn't even leave a ghost behind I can't talk to her period. He has taken her soul to a place a cannot reach... yet.

"And besides, you're waking the dead, so hush.", he added to Krytsi with a grin on his face.

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"Why do you think we're here? Is it a test of some kind? and why the two sides?"

Praxis had taken up position near one of the outer chairs of his row and was watching the assembled Divines look around at each other, apparently confused about what had just happened. Given the arrangements he would almost suggest that there was some sort of competition about to begin, but two factors worked against that: The first being that it was an idle Monday, with nothing terribly significant about it, and the second Hermes had said it was highly important. Given the fickle nature of the gods the first was more important than the second, but still. He was going to be mildly annoyed if this were all so they could square off against each other in some game.

"I doubt it is a test, at least in any sense that we are familiar with. That said, glancing around the room, we can easily be considered the most powerful of our kind and there are twelve of us so this is either a changing of the guard and we are soon to take the places of the original twelve on Olympus, - not likely - or there is some task of great importance that we have been tapped to perform"

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Darrik wasn't exactly sure whether or not this was the right idea, but with Puck's phrase 'divine dud', he just wanted to banish this negative clouding feelings. So he pulled Puck in close, blanket wrapped around them, a tear actually elegantly traveling down his nose.

"Puck, Ecstasy, love. You're more than that. I suppose we're been closer for less cerebral reasons, but I know you have great intelligence and capacities. The Fates may be the cryptic sort, but I believe they have it planned for you to rise above what you are already. Trust me, you're going to be here because I think, the Olympians really are going to need you, same as with all of us."

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Leilana? Right, her guitar player. Serenity's presence seemed to dwarf other people around her. Moira laid a warm hand on Serenity's cheek, "I'm sure we'll fix this and get you back to your band and kids." Leaning into Serenity's ear, Moira spoke with a warm voice, "If you need anything, I'm here for you." She knew she was here for a reason other than to meet new people, but then it's not every day you get to meet someone like Serenity. The whole save the world thing was not the last thing on her mind, she just had ample distraction.

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Coraline had to laugh and she did so with an edge of snapping tension, sharply amused. It was something else to see the goings on of the her more amorous counterparts on the verge of being called to task, a pleasure she had no intention of masking, eyes crinkling shut.

"Sorry sorry sorry," she added when the fit passed and she could mustered the will to muster more self control, one hand covering her mouth, "I've just been expecting *something* like this for days now. Mother usually arranges for some kind of trouble for me to manage at least a few times a year, and the sun going out is too big for her to not do *anything*... A speed dating circle of the divine was not what I was expecting."

The Scionette of Eris smiled big and broad, gesturing at herself in introduction, "Coraline Boehm, Daughter of Eris. Most of you here know the first, but I forgot to tell the second at Puck's party. My Divine Mother doesn't have the *best* reputation when it comes to celebrations."

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Given your parents, my guess it that's your name.

How many names do I have now?

A lot?

Puck gave a shuddering laugh at his silent conversation and hugged Darrik tightly. It felt like the world was tilting and spinning strangely out of control - pitch black at noon was just making it weirder. He took a deep breath, shivers running through his lean frame. He smiled weakly up at his sometimes-lover. "Well, unless they need a builder-bot or laid, I don't really know how much I can contribute. But, I suppose it's my responsibility to try."

That was his mortal upbringing and parents shining through there. For all his hedonistic ways, Puck did have a strong sense of social welfare and even his own particular brand of piety. He stayed huddled up close to Darrik, for both physical and emotional warmth. "So....everyone back there knows?" he asked, glancing back to the steadily growing group of Divine-blooded.

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Serenity felt her cheeks flushing bright red at Moira's coy flirting and Coraline's comment about a Divine dating circle. Oh, please tell me that's not why we're here! It was legal convention that anything done with a devoted of Aphrodite was, by definition, a sacred act and could not be considered vulgar or improper - well, so long as the devoted agreed beforehand. Still, she'd never gone to a temple to do more than pray and was fairly certain she didn't like girls that way. Then again, when it came to matters of love and lust, a child of Aphrodite generally got to rewrite any rules they found inconvenient.

Her cheeks flushed even deeper red and she seriously contemplated hiding under her blanket. "Um, yes, we...uh....Hermes. I don't think Hermes would be on an official assignment for, uh, matchmaking...in a park." Normally alluring in that 'girl-next-door' way, she was positively adorable when flustered.

Nishthavana wandered back his sister's side, lending his silent support the way he always did. "Hopefully whoever called this meeting will make themselves known soon," he said in a light tenor voice. It wasn't as supernaturally engaging as his sister's, but it showed that not all her singing talent came from Demeter. "It's cold out here and Priti's been singing pretty much non-stop all week."

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If Sly had his stuff here he'd feel like a big damn hero. That was why he was building his gear in the first place. To save lives, fight bad guys, and perhaps look cool doing it. But this... here with nothing but his jammies and t-shirt and this blanket... well The Doctor sometimes had to work with less, but still... everyone here seemed confident... as if they could do the impossible on their own for a hobby.

If only Sly had some time before being sucked over here.

"Well at least the sides are well balanced..."

Sly started looking at the two seat rows. "It would seems at least our side is the more intellectual focussed side of the meeting. The other... seems to focus on physical prowess."

He sits up in his seat. "One would think such specialized teams would be used to do two seperate tasks. I mean, that is the logical reason these seats are arranged as they are."

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Valentine made a step in the air as if to sit down on his chair and chuckled at Krysti, "Yelling at them will really really help, sweetheart. Go for it! And besides, you're waking the dead, so hush," he added to Krytsi with a grin on his face.

Krysti snapped her mouth shut, shooting the grinning, pale-skinned Valentine a cute scowl. Krysti sat back down in her lounge chair, her deceptively compact weight making her sink deep. She considered just leaving, but wanted to find out why they got whisked here in the first place.

"Me yelling is better than me deciding to start throwing things and breaking things," the divinely strong young woman muttered, her hands balled into fists on the arms of the chair. "And if I'm too loud for the dead, they're free to leave."

There was only one dead person Krysti was concerned with and that was her mother. She hoped, when she visited her mother's grave, she could hear her. Her eyes narrowed on the handsome, pale man.

"Who're you, anyway?"

Nerrr-rrrd! Krysti thought wryly as Sylvester conjectured on their reasons for being 'invited' to this... whatever it was. Blah, blah, blah, my mom is - I'm the son of - bah! Why do all GodBloods hafta say who their divine parent is? Who cares! I'd rather know the person, than who his or her parent is.

Despite training to join the DWF, Krysti didn't really feel like she fit in Divine circles - the sense of entitlement irritated the shit out of her. She was even considering wearing a mask so her face wouldn't get widely known as a GodBlood. Then all they'd see was her divine heritage, rather than her.

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"Simple... the team I'm on is probably here to figure out what happened, and the other team is there if force is needed. Also seeing two charmers over there makes me think the charmers speak softly and if needed there are a few big sticks to lean on."

He sits back in his seat. "Otherwise for now... we sit and wait for our briefing."

Sly's sudden confidence was... odd. Maybe a little scary. Then again once Sly felt comfortable in his situation... well he was in his element.

"I think we should at the very least remain calm... The world is in a dire situation and it seems we've been drafted to solve it."

"I'm Sylvester... Sylvester Normanson... and we got a sun to find." He said with a grin.

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Marina is just arriving after a morning run. She stops to enter her apartment when she sees a courier arrive.....except it the ORIGINAL Courier, himself. Without giving a word he gives her a letter. There's no return address. And she does the logical thing and opens it

" Gonna be one of those days, I suppose."

She opens it and whoooosh. She's in a chair with her name on it. She looks at the assembled party and waves a hand

"Hey. How are all you? I'm not late am I? Sly!?"

She smiles recognizing Sylvester among the assembled group"

"It is you! How are you doing?"

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Sly's eyes open wide. "Marina!"

In a matter of moments, Sly was practically in Marina's lap, he was very happy to see his old friend. Well.. the person he owed a life debt to.

"Oh now we're gonna save the world!"

He grinned, standing up with his blanket over his shoulders. "Why is it everyone else was ready and I'm here in my jammies and t-shirt and barefoot as a newborn..."

He scratched his head, ruffling his hair. "Then again if I would have known opening the envelope would have caused whatever sort of supernatural quantum entanglement to appear here, I would have at least changed clothes and packed."

He sighed, sitting back in his chair. "But yeah... Marina's here. Everything is okay."

He did feel safer knowing his angel had arrived.

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