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  1. With a name like Maia St. Croix, you'd expect said young woman to live a life of luxury, maybe some starlet, or society debutante, none of that is really her life. Maia was an unassuming young woman that came from a small family in the UES, near the outer reaches. What was deemed a low intensity skirmish left her an orphan. The mercenary group "Red Shadow" that had fought there was lead by a woman named Mara St. Croix, and taking pity on her, she brought Maia along with her, taking her into the unit, and unofficially adopting her. She served well, proving to be a solid combatant, if somewhat uninspired, though quite dogged in that she never gave up. She'd been sent along with her unit to a fairly routine extermination mission, but they were ambushed by ten times their number of undead. One by one, she watched her comrades fall in battle, and yet she fought on. Something within drove her, a burning in the pit of her stomach that wouldn't let her simply roll over and die and give up. She heard a voice. "If you had the power, would you make it right?" She didn't even think when she answered. "Of Course!" She felt the fire explode out from her, engulfing her in radiant light, piercing the darkness, and sometime later she stopped fighting, and the blazing corona of golden light had begun to fade, and none of her comrades, or foes, were still moving. She fell back onto the ground, exhausted, and scowled, wondering what she would do now. It was then that She met someone who would change her life, Kamala, who she'd come to know as her Lunar Partner, and technically, mate. Being filled in on the truth of what she'd become, and her place in Creation, she chose to stay with Kamala. The loss of the mercenary unit that raised her served to isolate her from the world, With the help of Kamala, she called a friend of her mothers' Markus Cidan, who agreed to handle the liquidation of the units' assets and set up a secure investment account to provide her income as she dealt with what had happened. Thanking him in person was the last interaction with others she had for some time, as they retreated from the world. The two trained each other, one in the ways of war and battle, the other in the occult mysteries of Creation. No longer an unassuming woman, Maia had become truly stunning after her exaltation, a radiant beauty, but she still only knew mostly of fighting, which meant she was actually abit more socially awkward than Kamala. Still for some time, it was just the two awkward exalts, traveling together. Gradually, Maia overcame the effects of that first battle, and opened up more to others aside Kamala, though she was the only other person she could truly be said to care for. Now they travel Creation searching for new and old knowledge, both in mystic arts, and martial ones. Maia for her part, knows there's something still she must make right, but just what it is, well, neither of them has a real answer for that. Picture
  2. Maia chuckled. "Paperwork is the absolute bane of all occupations." She had listened to Delgath's story of the origin of his mount, and nodded. Her own bike held some of her own power, so that it didn't need fuel in the traditional sense, but there wasn't some grand explanation, just some help from her fiancee.
  3. Maia's morning was a report to the actual Ambassador for the enclave, followed by a generous breakfast. She had gathered everything she planned to take with her on the trip, whereever they were actually headed. It was easy for her to spot Kamala, and She made her way across the square to her. "Good morning." Her smile was genuine and happy. "Are you ready to go?" she looked around not spotting anyone else, and wondered when they'd all be along so they could start their journey to recover the seed.
  4. Quickly the nearly angelic looking dragoness in disguise began to control the flow of people, using her appearance and the firery wings of light on her back to cast the right image, keeping them from crowding Kamala as she worked to heal the hurts and injuries of those brought to her. She spoke calmly with them, and made each of them feel at peace and took away their fears. Kamala would tend them all in turn, and they would all believe in the two. It was a good start for them both, working together to help others.
  5. My mother and siblings told me about the stars before, the shapes, the power they once held. I never saw them, at least not that I remember, so it would be something new for me, which I'm normally pretty game for." She smiled but it seemed somewhat sad. "It's sorta weird though, seeking worship from others, that's not why I do what I do. I get wanting to guide others to a better life, and if they choose that, great, but what about those who don't listen?" She was no stranger to revering a God, Bahamut was thought of as a Dragon Deity after all, and there were others, he was just the one that was most well known, and spoken of. She thought about going home, knowing their would be many who would revere her for her position, but that wasn't the sort of Dragon, or goddess, she wanted to be. She wanted their respect for things she did, the good she did, and to learn from mistakes she made. It made her think, and realize how long the road ahead would be. "Maybe we can keep working together, You love the night and the stars, and me, well, I'm definitely a "Day" person...." She gave Kamala a happy smile. They could help each other, it's what friends did.
  6. Maia smiled, "I really don't have many people here, just the staff at the embassy, and You have to remember, I'm the "Assistant" emissary. I'm the one who does the lifting, while Janelle handles all the actual paperwork." She chuckled, thinking of the bespectacled woman, who unlike her, was actually human, and the official emissary of Dracian here. She was also the only one who knew Maia's secret, as she was one of the older children found by the Dragons after the Incident, and had thus been raised around the other children. "Whatever you need me to do though, I'll help however i can. I actually wanted to talk to you too, about your plans after we find the seed." She smiled, and was glad she could fly, it did let her escape some situations like being in a crowd her in the Arcology, of course, it made her stand out alot...
  7. Seeing the group break up, at least for now, Maia went after Kamala. She'd formally invite her to see Dracian once they'd gotten the seed, and tell her the truth about herself. As she neared the square she felt the power Kamala'd sent forth into those nearby, and smiled. She drew near to her friend with that almost Divine smile. "One must always be true to their nature..." she chuckled softly. "Or at least that's how I've heard the saying goes." She looked around, and sniffed the air, "It is totally different here than home, but one day, I imagine it may not be quite so."
  8. Maia had of course heard the spiel before from others, and it was pretty awesome, in its way. Still it wasn't home to her. Even after the time she'd spent here. She couldn't help thinking of Dracian, her mother and her siblings, and of course, the one who'd be her husband one day. There was alot to do before that happened, though after this next journey, she decided she would go back home for awhile to catch up, and recharge. She smiled at the thought of bringing Kamala with her, she did promise the healer that she would one day, and so far there just hadn't been the opportunity. "So, we meet back here later and then set out to find this Genesis seed then?"
  9. Maia looked over at Kamala, the only one she'd call "friend" there and really mean it, and then took note of their surroundings, they were at the city gate, and she still had her wings out. They quickly vanished, and She too was bathed in the Power of the Words, anda part of her knew Bahamut had gone through such as this, however long ago it was. She knew she could take it, that she would prove herself worthy on her own, but a teaching that both her mentors drilled into her was that it was not weakness to be among others, That the bonds between others could be a strength unto themself, one that could eclipse even that of others like them, So she knew instinctively that this was something she had to do, that she wanted to do. "Of course." She accepted the Power of the Word with those two syllables, and then stated her own desire. "A Beacon of Hope and Justice." Perhaps it was cliche, but Justice was something important to the people and dragons of Dracian, and Hope, well all life needed Hope. "An inextinguishable light in the darkness of the world." She didn't know what form her words might take, but she knew they were from her heart, a part of herself.
  10. Brialliant wings of light simply came into being from Maia's back, as everyone seemed to be preparing to return to the Arcology. She heard Sota's excited exclamation, which made her pause and head over to where she was. "Is that so surprising in this new age? I mean it is fantastic in its way, and I'd be interested to know anything discovered about it. I am somewhat more concerned with what it said, and how that affects those of us here. Still it's best to be on our way, before they decide it's worth coming back for. Much as it is an unknown, I do feel it would be safer to conduct any studies of it in the safety of the Arcology as opposed to the open field."
  11. Maia noted the gem with a draconic, almost predatory look before someone else took it. Sometimes it was hard to resist that particular aspect of her true self. She could feel power coming from it, but that wasn't why she'd come out here. She was glad the people were safe and the greatly reduced monster horde was retreating. She watched them go and smiled, her gauntlets returning to their normal simple bracer form, and She moved over to the redhead where she questioned the survivors about the gem, eager to hear the tale of how they came to possess it.
  12. For those not enthralled by the chaos and carnage of the battle, or the stunning redhead wielding a flaming blade, They would notice that for a moment there was a second sun in the sky, one that was drawing closer with each moment, until finally in a flash of light, corresponding to the slaying of an ogre who found himself suddenly without a head. A beautiful woman, Golden blonde hair flowing behind her, an aura of sunlight wreathing her, landed on the ground in another part of the battlefield, her wings which seemed to be of feathered sunlight vanishing, but the aura of light which wreathed her didn't, and two large golden armored gauntlets surrounded her forearms and fists. The Lizardmen, they'd never heard of such things, and thought only to slay her, drowning her under waves of numbers, moved toward her. Maia smiled, and drew back her fists, the faint sound of a gun being cocked, missed in the din of battle. Punching forward she sent a blast of magical power crashing into the nearest throng of Lizardmen, blowing off limbs with explosive force, and then another group with the other fist. Blast after blast crushed more foes, before some finally drew close enough to engage her from behind. Dodging spear and clubs and crude blades, she wasn't quite the Avatar of combat as others, but the mighty blows of her fists, feet, and weapons were beyond what a normal mortal could manage. Smashing and crushing all who stood before her. Through it all, Maia smiled. She enjoyed fighting and moved to drive the rest of the Lizardmen away, knowing more from the Arcology were likely enroute. She was quite thankful that she didn't need to take her true form to fight, as she'd been warned to be careful about who knew it.
  13. Age- 25 height-6' weight- not telling Hair-golden blonde Eyes-Indigo level- 1 Exp -0 Divine words- Dragon, Sun, Passion Maia is a happy adventurous young woman with intense curiosity, yet tempered with knowledge that there's a goal and a life she's working towards. Possessed of Iron toughness of mind and body, and a radiant beauty that would have made her among the top models of the old world, She makes friends easily, lives hard and plays hard. Maia is loyal to her word and those she calls friend. She is the assistant emissary from the Dragon/human city of Dracian to the HPV Arcology, and a known problem-solver in the region, being quite adept at slay many of the monsters in the area.
  14. Maia sighed as she looked around. She was back in her school uniform, and took note of the time of day. "Well at least I got the call of to Dinah. I hope they're all okay." She looked to Coraline, who had spoken. "Yeah, I saw that too, Fantastic power and responsibility to whoever gathers them, Ressurection, or Ascension.. That sort of thing." ,, Shelooked around at the others and nodded. "We seem to be missing half our number."
  15. The teenage scion of Zeus followed Coraline's gesture, and took off, descending rapidly to the steps, though the blood seemed to come from near the summit of the pyramid, and she began looking in earnest for whoever was that was bleeding and in pain. ,, "I'm not scared of some blood and stone."
  16. Maia could fly, and took to the skies, looking after Coraline, but also making sure they weren't walking into an ambush. The scream bothered her, but she didn't let it show, much the same as the blood-red sunset. "This is bigger than we expected." Part of her was trying to recall what she knew of the South American Versions of the Gods, but all she could really recall was that ritual human sacrifice was a big part of it.
  17. "Because No one else will." "While yes, I admit, I like proving my Father's faith in me is well-founded, It's not just because of that, that I would do something like this." "We were all chosen, and more, we were all grouped Together, by the Gods and I'd wager, the Fates as well. They ALWAYS have a reason for such things, whatever it may be." She shook her head. "Yes it took a week for them to act, do you even stop to consider how hard it can be to be a deity? That's not the best excuse, but we have only a taste of the power they wield and the responsibilities that come with this power. It could have taken so long because they exhausted all their options aside from sending us." "Sometimes, only a Mortal's hands, with all our faults and failings, can turn the wheels of the world. The Gods don't decide everything, sometimes The Fates intervene."
  18. Maia reached out quite uncharacteristically and laid her hand lightly on Valentine's shoulder, or she would have, had it not passed through. "Wait." She managed, before her brain processed exactly what had just happened. "That's new for me..." She nodded. "You were called, same as us. The Gods have a purpose for your being here. I doubt any of us are related to him, save as half siblings and such, and if you can think of somewhere else he could be, then I would at least listen. Right now we're grasping at threads. We all want more information."
  19. "I think we're looking at this logically." "When have things been such when dealing with deities? We all went West, but what about east? That's about the last place people would look with what we know." She shook her head. "We simply need more information, we can't yet make a truly informed decision, and I'd prefer not to act until we're doing so based on abit more fact."
  20. Maia's eyes narrowed. Her father was a known lech, that was no secret, but if for nothing more than the more human ideal of defending the honor of one's parents, she seemed to still herself as she tried not to bridle at the words. Then they were whisked away and clad in classical togas. "Well, that was unexpected." She looked to Val and nodded. "Still think I'm a mole?" She looked at Sylvester and shook her head. "No, I don't, though The international date line might be viable too, if we're gonna go with the edge of the west."
  21. Broad?! The word stuck in the mind of the eighteen year old daughter of Zeus, and she couldn't stifle her chuckle at the use of such an archaic term. "No mole, I've no exact idea why we're all called. I've just been called before." She shook her head. "Though it was always by myself." She focused her cerulean blue eyes on Val and smiled. "That "broad" has a name, Maia, I'd prefer if you simply use that next time."
  22. "The Gods need their children to fix something they don't have time for." Maia answered to Puck's question. "Not the first time for me, but certainly the occasion involving with the most of us called to be tasked."
  23. "I doubt we're going to space." She looked to the other new arrival, someone she didn't recognize. "I do not know, though I imagine it's big, considering the Messenger." To the only other female, and nodded. "Central Park, waiting I imagine for someone with more pull to hand down a task from upon high." She nodded. "Something big, if it will take twelve of us." She smiled.
  24. Maia had been at school, specifically At lunch eating with her sister Dinah. They happily been talking to their friends, everyone telling of parties they'd gone too, school had only just come back in session, and there was alot to catch up on. Though The Girls around them had only seen a handsome man walking up where few dared, The two demi-goddesses knew exactly who he was. The letter delivered, he was gone, and Maia had half a mind to open it later. Much to her dismay, they didn't hold for that demanding to know what it was for. She opened it and vanished, to the shock of everyone. She sighed, and pulled out her phone "Dinah, it's okay, I think Dad needs me. Tell Mom I may not be home tonight." A beautiful voice she treasured answered. "Okay, what about school?" "Mom will handle it." "Okay, I'll handle the girls." "Thanks sis, I'll make it up to you later." She switched off the phone and sighed. Only then did she look around, noting Puck and Darrik, as well as Sylvester. "Definitely Dad's handiwork." Darrik's half nakedness brought a flush to her cheeks, and a heat creeping up her neck.. Could have been yours.... Still could be.. The invitation was definitely there. She put that line of thought away with great effort, focusing on other things to calm herself. They were in Central park and seating had been arranged. She took a seat in the same row as Sylvester. She wore her uniform, and sighed. "So the second time i meet everyone I'm wearing my uniform, Someone's definitely laughing right now." She took her seat and draped the blanket over her bare legs, more to preserve her modesty than the chill wind and air. "Well, this is probably going to be pretty important."
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