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  1. I'm a package director now. This means I get to sit on my ass all day and answer the phone. Then again, I gotta listen to everyone complain. Such is life.

    1. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      Is the pay's the same at least? Might make it worth it.

    2. Nina
    3. Sunstar
  2. There is only so much mundane I can take. I really want to be in two different places at once.

  3. Doin normal things. Bein a normal person. Boop.

    1. tOoN


      Boop boop be doop.

      Normal isn't all that. :P

    2. Bombshell


      Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well, or at least better, for you.

  4. Setting one: urban heroic. think Marvel Netflix or DC Arrow/Flash/Legends. Heroes are pragmatic, but things are done with cinematic style. The character I'm thinking for here is a daughter of a mafia boss who secretly fights crime by night. Setting two: high fantasy. non-humans everywhere. magic everywhere (no magic marts though). people looking for help from highly trained persons everywhere. looking at either an elf druid or bard.
  5. I wish to start writing again, but I have such writer's block writing alone. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to make a character and start writing a story. The character I make will be the main character of the story. That said, others can join! My characte may be the main character, but main characters don't live in a vacuum! Other people come and go in their story, influencing their path and outcome. That said, if your character wants to have their own story, I'm not stopping you in anyway. Go write it and maybe our paths will cross again one day. So, what do you think?
  6. Do you ever keep up with your old characters? Like once the game is over, do you think/write about what they could be doing afterwards?

    1. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      There's been times, yes.

    2. Sean Cassidy

      Sean Cassidy

      I think about old characters all the time, which it why I tend to remake a fair few of them on this site. I also sometimes insert them into others games as brief mentions or background characters/NPCs.

  7. December is supposed to be a happy time of year, yeah? <_<

    1. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      I wish I could still think that...

    2. Dawn OOC

      Dawn OOC

      Depends on your year, honestly. This year, it isn't great for me. Last year wasn't either. But I know that it'll be good again, in the future.

    3. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      Yeah, the thing about this is it'll be over and things can get better.

  8. Between now and the beginning of January I will be swamped with work. If I owe you posts, I apologize. Hopefully I'll be able to sit down some time.

  9. Dead. I have died. Too many sick days. Ugh.

    1. The Story Guide

      The Story Guide

      *hugs* I am there with you. Me and Dani both have colds. :wacko:

    2. Nina


      cold here too skipped classes to day

  10. Still not out of the woods yet. But hey, I'm not homeless :)

  11. Next Tuesday will be make or break for me, folks. If I don't return by next weekend, you should prepare a floating pyre ;)

  12. Life continues to swallow me with it's obligations. Work, family, and just about everything else is trying to keep me from sitting down in front of my computer.

    1. Charlotte


      Take your time. We'll still be here when you are ready.

  13. We have four.characters now! darksol will be joining us at the beginning of chapter two, so he has some time to build a character. I hate to admit it, but I don't have as much time as I used to, but I will be working on starting this game either Sunday or Monday.
  14. I think everyone so far is on the up and up mechanically. Unless I'm missing something! I'd like to see a story for Cad, Ace. Doesn't have to be elaborate. you are level one. But enough to make it a character and not a block of numbers
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