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  1. If normal medicine and/or dentistry cannot fix your teeth, then CU will look into it. Yes, you can turn to them for any type of legal advice when it comes to your superherohood.
  2. Alright, the long and short of it. Apparently I missed that the Antarctic base was not a silly little rib on my game and at least one person took it super serious. I apologize, Rebecca and who else ever bought into that. Celestials United is a privately owned organization that keeps tabs on the superpowered population and gives them help in the medical and legal fields when dealing with their type. Superpowered laws haven't really been codified, so they still operate under normal laws. They make citizens arrests and act in self defense. When Superguy accidentally knocks over a building, CU will probably give him some legal advice if not get him a lawyer if it wasn't his fault. If Megalass gets hurt and no one normal doctor can heal her, CU will seek out someone who can. Celestials United also keeps a running record of superpowered individuals which is in no way complete. They have no secret bases. They have no militarized group of soldiers. They're just background noise to cover super powered folk's bbutt. Anyone else have questions? You are free to make suggestions also. POST SCRIPT! From now on I will ask if I think you are joking. I will tell you when I'm joking. Apologies again!
  3. [salmonMax] 3:22 pm: So Sandman! This supers game you want to run. [salmonMax] 3:22 pm: I am a little fuzzy on the nature of the organization we're part of. Can we talk about it? [sandman XI] 3:24 pm: its an organization that keeps numbers on the superpowered people of the world [sandman XI] 3:25 pm: they keep medical and legal tabs on them [sandman XI] 3:26 pm: they really dont interfere [sandman XI] 3:26 pm: its just a cover my ass part of the setting [salmonMax] 3:27 pm: Hehe [sandman XI] 3:27 pm: superpowered people are no different than any others [salmonMax] 3:27 pm: Okay is it a privately funded group? Do they do things for profit? Are we employees? Or is more like a sort of nonprofit thing? [salmonMax] 3:28 pm: Just trying to work out what kind of background I need to connect with them. [sandman XI] 3:28 pm: They're like Buffy's watchers. they dont do anything but catalogue [sandman XI] 3:29 pm: probably not that active in your life though. unless you need special medical attention or legal help [Rebecca OOC] 3:29 pm: So why are we even signing up with them, when all they do is just sit like a network. [salmonMax] 3:29 pm: The Watchers were more like a secret society.... [Rebecca OOC] 3:29 pm: That Antarctic base isn't a thing anymore? [sandman XI] 3:30 pm: i seriously thought you guys were joing about the antarctic base [salmonMax] 3:30 pm: And the Watchers were also a lot more than just cataloguing things. [sandman XI] 3:30 pm: Celestials United is like superpowered outreach program [salmonMax] 3:30 pm: They kept a stranglehold on information about the supernatural, and claimed sole governance over the Chosen One for centuries. They were a pretty active bunch. [sandman XI] 3:31 pm: they help when they're needed [salmonMax] 3:31 pm: Ah, but who decides when that is? [sandman XI] 3:31 pm: but they're not going to be running your lives [salmonMax] 3:31 pm: I'm not trying to poke holes, but clarify. [Rebecca OOC] 3:31 pm: So we aren't starting as a team either, without a base? [sandman XI] 3:32 pm: medical and legal, Max [salmonMax] 3:32 pm: Because all things flow with the money...let's start with that. What funding sources does Celestials United have? [sandman XI] 3:32 pm: privately owned. worldwide. secret? no. [salmonMax] 3:32 pm: Okay, so basically, they're funded by wealthy individuals? As a charity? [sandman XI] 3:33 pm: if you need the help yes, if not no [salmonMax] 3:34 pm: I feel like I'm not communicating very well. [sandman XI] 3:34 pm: i never meant them to be that active. they're a plot mover [sandman XI] 3:34 pm: max, same here [Rebecca OOC] 3:34 pm: So no base then? [Rebecca OOC] 3:34 pm: no overarching team? [Rebecca OOC] 3:34 pm: Because that is what I thought we were doing just a day or so ago. [salmonMax] 3:35 pm: Yeah, my impression is that we're all members of this organization, and it forms the backbone of why we're working together. [salmonMax] 3:35 pm: If that's not the case, then that's fine... [salmonMax] 3:35 pm: We can come up with something else. [sandman XI] 3:35 pm: yeah, depending on what i get is how i'll bring you all together.
  4. Should it be a uniform thing? I mean the time of empowering/infusing? Time zones are wonky like that. Having them 24 hours apart makes it neat and proper, but then again, divine essence knowing time doesn't really make sense.
  5. I've decided Februrary 14, 2005 was the first. As As of February 19, 2015, there are 3655. The power level fluctuates between individual. Some are powerful, some are just neat tricks. You are on the side of more powerful. I haven't decided if there are more powerful than PL10, but then again, PCs don't see power levels so no one knows
  6. Present day. People started getting power in either February or March 2005.
  7. Celestials United. Coming from the first empowered people taking the name of Celestials. It stuck. the world org took the name in their honor.
  8. Indeed! That will kind of make the herding a bit easier. So, the privileges will be some legal protection, health benefits and probably some other minor perks. It's like Club Divinity (that name is horrible!). the organization does not know the whereabouts of all 3650 (and counting) but they make it their job to find out. Maybe they use some of their members to help. As for the Superhero Initiative, this is not their doing. It all started when there was a call to action. A call to police their own. Selfish superpeople want to be selfish? then responsible folks like yourselves will be responsible. Seeing as this is PL10 it can be worldwide, but I'd like to choose a city or at least a country (default united states, but suggestions for others can be suggested) I'm not going to keep you from traveling world wide but i will try to guide you (and hopefully not railroad)
  9. So, i'm not really feeling the government involvement. Then again, superheroes would be, by law, classified as vigilantes. No matter their methods. And that's not something I want to deal with. People with powers have been around for 10 years. Now they're organizing their own to police their own. While I did say the game was going to be grayish, i really dont want to start the game off near dark and work up (or down!) I want the heroes to decide their own fates. Suggestions/Opinions?
  10. I've been thinking about it. After about 10 years, i think there'd be at least an inkling that it's divine energy. Though the only ones who absolutely know its divinity is the recipients. The reason everyone's getting it, no one knows. Not even the mystics sitting on top of the mountains. Maybe that's something your characters want to find out?
  11. "So, what about the government?" I'm thinking about setting up a nonmandatory superhero registration with laws and bylaws, rights and responsibilities. The government won't hunt you down if you don't join, but you will have perks. You won't be considered a citizen when making an arrest, but that's as far as that goes. The government will want to study your powers, for use of making your life better (and totally not weaponizing your powers ). As I said this is nonmandatory. "Can I work of a law enforcement agency?" Sure, would make the paperwork ten times more easier "What about costumes?" Wear them. Don't. up to you.
  12. Things discussed in chat so far "How is this happening?" The old gods forms have faded, leaving behind their essence. The essence now seeks out new hosts. "Hows the government taking this?" They're helpful, trying to study the new divinely infused. Not that they're going to hunt you down if you don't do so. "Can I be a villain?" No. Good guys only. You don't have to be a paladin, but try to stay away from kicking puppies and eating babies "Are we specific gods?" No, just raw divine essence infusing you to make you powered.
  13. If you can find them. I got this years back on the Atomic Think Tank forum. Back in 2006
  14. Since I can't get my head out of that type of genre, who wants to play? The world would be a grayish area, could be lighter, could be darker. There have been powers for about 10 years now. Long dormant, Divine Energy started infusing people daily. One person a day for the past 3650 days (except on February 29th of all days ). And it never seems to stop. Some have been blessed with magnificent powers, others just get cool effects. No one knows when they will be infused, it picks people at random. The world hasn't changed much in the past 10 years. Maybe a few news stories are different because of the inclusion of superheroes, but everything is the same in spite of a nail. People have just recently kicked into the superhero phase. Putting on costumes and going to save the day. It's not a normal thing, but people of the world are emboldened by it. You also have people who use there powers to great effect for their own gain, but no one has identified as a "supervillain" yet. The PCs are in that superhero phase. They might not wear costumes, but they are dedicated crime fighters. They will eventually band together to take on a massive threat. Then they will probably join a group. I'd like to use Mutants and Masterminds, but if that doesn't get any love, we'll do Aberrant. This will be a great amount of power (and responsibility ) PL10 if Muntants and Masterminds or a nice chunk of Nova Points if Aberrant. Looking for 4-6 players. Any questions? Any suggestions?
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