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  1. Kait listened attentively as the strategy was laid out and the group gave their recommendations to alter it. She wholeheartedly approved of Aziz's appointment of Beth as their field commander, and while she was annoyed with Sakurako's theatrics, she agreed with Rena. The diminutive woman had issues to work through and wasn't temperamentally suited to going on field missions, in Kait's opinion. That is seemed Sakurako was taking this as a personal affront enough to quit the company entirely saddened the scientist, but everyone had to make their own decisions in life. And grow up at their own pace. Silently she wished her former coworker well, then focused back again on the task at hand. "Is there any other critical information we need to discuss?" she asked the room. "Again, we're working on a timetable here, and I for one would like to get started as quickly as possible."
  2. Kait put a hand on Beth to keep her from insisting on throwing Sakurako out of the room again when Dr. Carter invited the Smallest Engineer back into the room. "Let her speak," she said softly, pitching her voice to not reach beyond Beth's ears. "The last thing we need is another upset person in the room." She watched Dr. Carter while the woman spoke, feeling that she was speaking a bit tangential to the actual problem but not enough to interrupt her. Kait gave Aziz a look, letting him know that she would be speaking and acting next; she had to suppress a small grin as the man slowly winced, imagining what the sometimes tactless scientist might say. Once Dr. Carter had finished, she stood up, gathering the attention of the room before it could wander off into other bickering. "We have three issues before us that must be addressed in order before we can move to action. And action is needed swiftly for the people of Louisiana's marshlands." Her tone dropped into a lecture mode, even and calm as she outlaid her thoughts. "First, we must establish a chain of command for these field work missions. We are not a military organization, but we are the best people equipped to handle these Zones, and that is dangerous, combat-situation work. While our general positions within Novastorm provide a fine framework for lines of responsibility and authority here, that does not translate to the kind of leadership needed out there. We need to establish field ranks and agree to abide by and respect the authority of those ranks when dealing with field situations - be that actually in the field or here at the office during debriefings." "Secondly," she sighed and turned to her labmate. "Sakurako, you are dealing with psychological stress from Tokyo, and you are not dealing with it well so far. Your attitude has shown that you feel used and abandoned by the rest of us. That breaks necessary bonds of trust, going both ways, that must be addressed and repaired before it will be safe or wise to include you in the field." She glanced at Beth now, knowing her next statement was like to piss her friend off. "However, I personally have no objection to you sitting in on the briefing and providing support from here while the mission is under way. That is my opinion and suggestion, but ultimately it will be up to those of the highest field ranks once we determine that chain of command. And anyone going out in the field at any point will respect the authority of those ranks." Her tone was firm, back by her position as one of the co-founders of Novastorm. Dr. Aziz dealt with the day to day business side of Novastorm and was seen more often in the media representing the company, but Kait had been there since the inception of the organization as well. There was prerogative in that history, and she was invoking it now. "Finally, we have people to go save and alligators to neutralize. People's lives depend on us, so I suggest we resolve the first two issues as quickly as possible and then get back to the debriefing." She finished with a nod to the group, but didn't sit. She intended to direct the conversation through the discussion of ranks to keep on a constructive course and get back to what they had been called together for that much quicker.
  3. I'll be playing Kait again, Is the Expo thread going to remain canon?
  4. Kait returned to her labs and gathered up the practical gear that lived there and spoke with her teams briefly about how things would go while she was gone. They'd all been prepared for her eventual forays into the field, so the briefing went quickly and smoothly. She left messages for her mother and husband about where she was headed, and then her thirty minutes were up. ,, She rejoined the rest of the group in Warehouse Room 1, a little jittery from nerves and ready to get going.
  5. My issue is this: "playfully maligning" is really only playful when you're not the one being maligned. While you may be joking, you're still perpetuating negative social behavior and making it acceptable in general society. I find that the people that make comments such as "well, they/we were only kidding" are generally not a member of a minority group (nearly always in my experience, this statement comes from a straight white male, usually one with a cocooned middle class upbringing). I'm not doubting the sincerity of the person, just the experience. ,, To me, it's the same as a man or woman who has never been pregnant stating "pregnancy isn't that uncomfortable, you're just overreacting". How would they know, having never experienced it? Same with facing a world that subtly and overtly discriminates against people, with such "joking" statements being an element of that bias/prejudice. ,, Hearing "You're such a fag!" from someone in a group of friends, even when said with smiles and giggles, still shows that in their social group, being gay is considered something less than being straight. Otherwise, why would that be (even a joking) insult? ,, My $.02 on the matter.
  6. Kaitlyn found her 'serious face', her mind quickly slipping into the analytic mode. "Have satelite pictures been able to determine what is at the heart of the zone?" ,, A mobile zone? That's just what the world needs. Is it possible that something living is creating it? Or is this the new wave a fuck-us-over weather we can expect in the nova age? She was quickly jotting down notes and random thoughts for review later, but what she needed now was more information, and likely the only way to get it was going to be being in Japan. ,, I hope we can figure it out before we lose another city.
  7. "Sakurako," Kait said with as much patience as she could muster at the moment. "I want you to do an experiment for me. Try switching places in a conversation in your head and say what you're saying to others to yourself before saying it out loud. I am fairly certain you don't mean to sound as condescending and rude as you do, but it's starting to grate. For example, what you just said comes across as 'MMO's are for people that don't ever want a challenge in a video game. Real gamers play simulators'. ,, "As a different example, earlier this week you informed me that because you're short, you have to design smaller cockpits so you can personally flight-test the aircrafts, but that that sort of complicated engineering talk is 'way over my head'. You basically called me stupid. Or informing Serena that we do 'real science' when she made a light-hearted Girl Genius reference when speaking to us." She held up a hand and added, "Again, I don't think it's intentional, but you really need to think a bit more before you say things or you're going to quickly alienate everyone around you." ,, She nodded to Max as he placed a steaming cup of hot chocolate in front of her and sipped cautiously at it. She didn't know if she'd get through to the pink-haired engineer or not, but at this point she felt that a direct action was needed before Kait or one of the others really bit the young woman's head off with no previous warning. "Also, chocolate donuts a made of win with awesomesauce. And chocolate. Which is marginally more awesome than awesomesauce."
  8. The mention of spam turned the physicist a pale green and she slowly set her donut down, glaring at the now-offending glazed pastry with forlorn longing. "Eh. Spam has no respect for the same reason zits have no respect." She gave a small shudder and pushed the donut farther away from her on the table. She laid her head on the table and muttered to herself, "Great, now any time Spam comes up, I'm be seeing spam-zits in my mind." ,, She scrubbed at her face, obviously still a bit strung out from the previous week. "Max! I need coffee, but decaf, but hot chocolate really!" She grinned at the oceanographer and nodded to Shannon as the shapeshifter took his seat. "Morning. Good. Full of video games and junk food," she said, answering his question.
  9. Kait had been in the process of her own food theft as the others filed in, stealing a chunk of Rena's croissant and replacing it with an equal sized chunk of glazed donut. Rena watched the "stealth" maneuvering with an arched brow and Kait grinned unrepentantly at her friend the entire time. She relaxed back into her seat, ignoring the sniping because it was way too early to care (no matter what the time of day it was, it was too early), and enjoying her bit of warm breakfast. ,, When Beth made a move on the donut box, Kait edged it closer to her, hovering over it protectively while giving Beth a mock glare. She tried to stifle a giggle at the superhero comment, but ended up just snorting and muttering something about supervillains. Knowing Kait - and her relationship with both Beth and Rena - it was probably highly inappropriate. The giggles refused to stop, though, and she ended up curled up in her seat, munching on a donut like a hyperactive squirrel and trying to find where she'd misplaced her 'serious face' to.
  10. The NovaStorm Expo proceeded, as it had for the past four years, with a great deal of wonder and at least a minor crisis or two. The days began to blur together for Kait as the week wore on, mostly because, as was her tradition at this point, she didn't sleep for the duration of the event. The after-party was, as to be expected of any large gathering of the rich and quantum-infuse, epic. Limited to NovaStorm employees and their personal guests, it started just an hour after the last of the Expo-goers were ushered off the property and lasted until the cleaning crews arrived the next day. Kait ensured they were never scheduled in before 2 P.M. ,, The woman herself made an early night of it this year, turning in just a couple minutes past midnight by the simple expedient of falling asleep on one of the plush couches of the computer lab while her husband and coworkers continued to defend the galaxy in a non-stop play-through of the entire Halo franchise around her. ,, End-of-Thread That's it, folks! Everyone can put up one last closing post for their character, if they need to, but no more new/continuing conversations or actions allowed. I hope you all had fun!
  11. Kait had crashed at the lab after the Expo was over, a feat that was quickly becoming a tradition, but after a week of entertaining media and moguls - as well as shepherding a dozen teams of nervous scientists through the public debut of projects that would make or sink their careers - she felt a night of sparkling drinks, left-over buffet food, and falling asleep without the lengthy commute home was worth it. Of course, Daniel was still playing wall-to-wall PvP matches in The Old Republic when her phone woke her up with it's urgent beeping and Calvin's text. She scrounged around for an apple and clean clothes while she sent a reply that she'd be there ASAP. ,, Daniel frowned at her as she altered her Eufiber into a business professional configuration, complete with white lab coat. "Aren't you supposed to have like a week off now?" ,, "Situation's come up that can't wait," she murmured sleepily and hugged him, still trying to wake up completely. ,, Her husband hugged her back, still frowning. "You sure you're up for something big? You look exhausted." ,, "M'hungry. And I dunno. I'll see in the briefing. You gonna be okay here? Or head home? I probably won't be back until late." The apple was already down to its core, and she started rummaging for any stray donuts. ,, "I'll head home in a few hours. Keep me updated, okay?" ,, She nodded, scooped up a half-empty box of glazed donuts she vaguely remembered Daniel running out for in the middle of the night, and made her way to Conference Room Seven.
  12. Yeah, the idea was that what had been made so far was so large, bulky, and inefficient that they best it could do (as a refrigerator-sized item) was half-assed power a bit of eufiber.
  13. *hugs the Long* ,, It's all good! I think people enjoyed a little more time to wrap up their Expo stuff anyways. As soon as I see your opening post, I'll put up the closing post for the thread.
  14. Guys, just a reminder: the Expo thread will close come the start of game. This is in two days, so wrap up any important actions/conversations your character is going to have by then please! Thank you!
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