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  1. DE LA CROIX RESIDENCE "Certainly." Darrik gallantly and dramatically agreed (to which Dominque stifled a giggle) before he withdrew his phone and tapped out a message to the Regent. Would you be willing to send us the photos you have? Dom can c-ref the grim right now.
  2. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Darrik had to make sure Colby's escorts were behaving, which they did, and then one of the staff had to speak to him about an entertainment-related issue, so Darrik hadn't had the chance to check on Dominique's message. When he did, he gave one last look back at the vampire goons before heading for the back room to join Dominique. A solid knock on the door sounded, for politeness sake before Darrik opened it up and came in. "For the peace, and to prevent the Originals from fearing for their eternal existences. I'd prefer to not see what desperate vampiric demigods will do."
  3. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Lurking in the vicinity, Darrik had to cut off the urge to laugh hysterically when he heard the name. Erica. It was a hybrid (and wasn't that a surprise guess to be true) who'd created all this uncertainty and danger worrying Dominique and him, while waltzing around the bar, covering the wool over his eyes with the job-seeking act. Phenomenal acting, he conceded, but that just left more concerns running down his spine as to why she'd come here in the first place. Marko? To scope out their bar as the known neutral ground? And that left the four vampires in the front whom if Colby was to be believed, answered to Erica and wasn't on their side. Not that Darrik and Dominique couldn't deal with them if need be, but a conflict here would damage Simon Magus' reputation and credibility that it needed to serve as the safe zone for the supernatural community. It might be overlooked if New Orleans collectively joined together against the Originals and Erica Lindstrom, but the prospect of that happening was unclear.
  4. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR So this was the notorious Colby Walker. And in too, Darrik recognized Dan Hawkins entered. The timing did not seem like a coincidence to say the least - did this mean Dan was in possession of some Original-killing bones? If so, did Colby know? The old werewolf coming in with a rather rough looking posse in turn definitely suggested something (and not in the fun way), but he knew the rules. What Darrik wondered, raising a hand and briefly whispering a few words, were Walker's arm muscle just that? Under the circumstances he rather doubted that. Darrik blinked, his heart pounding in surprise and sudden concern. That couldn't be right. But his magic didn't lie. Carefully he withdrew his phone and tapped out a text to Dominique. All 5 are vamps. Even Colby.
  5. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (dressing room) "Oh, it won't cost you a thing." Darrik promised magnanimously, before his smile faded. All the pieces were connected and fears being confirmed now, and the picture it formed was very unpleasant. "Because I have little to offer beyond information on her. She isn't a werewolf, can't be, as there's evidence she's at least four hundred years old. Also she has a distinct vendetta against the Originals." "The original vampires." Darrik clarified at Karen's puzzled expression. "She has killed one of them, albeit with special help." The bones were too sensitive a thing to even mention right now. "And there may be another confrontation to come, the city is in for dark times. As for your immediate plight, even if I was aware of anything powerful enough to work again someone who can easily defeat an entire werewolf pack, there's no way I could prepare anything within the timeframe you request." "My advice," Darrik concluded solemnly, but with a firm edge to his voice, "is to find Colby Walker and shake him until the answers to your plight fall out. He knows about her, far more than anyone else in New Orleans." The part about directly serving her, he left out. There was a basic policy of discretion after all, and while everything so far could be presented as mysterious witch knowledge, the bones and Colby's position edged over the line directly relating to what Cara had told them in confidence.
  6. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (in the office -> out front) Darrik had to excuse himself shortly afterward. He had a lot to think about, and Erica to get back to. Only to first discover that she had left - as his employees informed him - apparently in the company of the ever aggravating Marko. Another one then informed him that Karen was waiting for him. The office was being used for Cara's business, but there were other comfortable spaces to handle this business, just in case. The brunette werewolf picked up the mixed-color witch approaching with a smile and a nod. "Welcome back, Karen. How are you?"
  7. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (in the office) "The Originals." Darrik softly said, more than a little awe-struck at what had been revealed to them. "It was always said there were just four Magnussons, not six, but then, this does explain the discrepancy." So long disappeared into legend and myth, the loss of two might not have even been noticed or remembered. Said to have been un-killable, and yet the magic proved these bones could do otherwise. He knew right away that Dominique would be later tearing through all that Mama Sue left her. If these were an inheritance that had been stolen, well, Darrik would be with her in dealing retribution to the culprits. If not... and they had their own portion of the bones... And that werewolf woman whom had taken the bones in the first place - was she the source of that eerie howl that had doubled and redoubled his and Dominique's workloads? If so, what plans did she have for New Orleans? "I assume Colby's claims have been verified then?"
  8. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (BACK OFFICE) "If you could give a quick start from the beginning, I'd appreciate it." Darrik requested. "Since I entered in the middle of this conversation."
  9. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR (BACK OFFICE) A frown briefly flashed over Darrik's face before he apologized to Erica. "Sorry, there's something I need to take care of." "An excellent idea." Darrik was now standing behind Marko, arms crossed. "Otherwise, the next burlesque performance is going to start in a few minutes, and they are magnificent to see, as always. Which would you prefer?"
  10. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR "Not most days." Darrik told her. "Last night and today were special." Just how special was to be left unsaid. "Now, Dominique is in, and I will introduce you to her shortly. She makes the decisions relating to bar tending, but I wouldn't worry too much. If you're prepared, I imagine she'll approve of you. Any questions?"
  11. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR MORNING  "Hard to say." The signs of tiredness showed in Darrik's eyes as he closed the safe door and the tumblers slid into place as he locked it shut. "Intuition says yeah, not a coincidence. But we don't know more beyond what it sounds like. And that only the supernaturals really picked up on it. Silver lining, we're raking it in." He chuckled, but it was a rather hollow one. That was the thing about neutral ground this past day. The nexus for omens of bad news, but not enough knowledge to be able to do something about it. Darrik decided to pick a topic they could deal with. "The Regent. Her request. Your grimoire, how do you want to play this, Dominique?"
  12. Darrik understood that Dominique needed these outings, it was like she was a cat in that sense, staking her independent spirit out there. He understood and respected that, but would it kill her to at least send some kind of notice? Because after all, today was a day that had left him fearing the possibility something terrible had happened to her. "Office." Darrik softly said, walking past her without meeting her gaze. For the second time this day, Darrik entered with a second person to have a second private chat. Dominique entered, watching Darrik shut the door behind them. It was only now that she noticed the tension or lingering signs of it anyway, that had laced Darrik's form. "In answer to your question today turned out to be... not the worst day... top five - certainly top ten minimum," Darrik's hands flashed the numbers, "for you to pull your disappearing act, Dom." Dominique only permitted 'Dom' to be used by close friends, like Darrik, and even then the understanding was that it was reserved for when it was serious. "How bad?" "Let's see. I come in this morning to open, only to find Joe Jones rudely waiting and demanding I set up a meeting for Lilith and the Regent. Enter timely a pair of elder vampire siblings, the brother of which, one Marko Angelo is an utter asshole. Who also demanded to see the Regent. She arrives then and there as if she planned it. Marco apparently, is some kind of old foe to the Nine Covens who practically threatened war if they didn't help remove this curse placed by one Mother Walters. Which ironically enough, appears to be forcing him to be a good person. And apparently, his appearance is an omen of catastrophe enough for Lilith to decide to violate the rules and attack him on sight. Got her ass kicked, serves her right." Darrik muttered that last comment more darkly before resuming his diatribe of diabolical daily discoveries. "Once people actually start doing something like behaving, we learn the reason Lilith wanted the meeting. Witches, unknowns, kidnapped a relative of the Bayou Pack, were killed by a rescuing werewolf, and the whole thing happened on vampire turf. Oh, and someone had sent people to ambush Psycho-Marko clumsily made to look like Lilith's orders. I oversee the return of the werewolf girl to the bar, making sure she was clean magic-wise and giving the nod for her family to leave with her. The Regent comes back a bit later, and in this office says she wants to see you and was willing to wait for hours before giving up. Marguerite didn't say why until while leaving, asking if I'd seen your grimoire. I said I'd seen it, but I haven't seen it. If I had to guess, it had something to do with those symbols in the photos of the Rosemary's Werewolf scene. No more problems for the rest of the day - except of course my ever-increasing worry that our discord-spreading troublemakers might have jumped you. Any questions?"
  13. "Well," Darrik politely said, "drop off a resume and references tomorrow and I'll get back to you, Erica." This was more Dominique's side of the business - and of course she wasn't here. "Anything else?"
  14. The lump of anger-concern-frustration had piled on layers in Darrik's mind, but one important skill he'd learned in his life, well already by the time of being a Nawlins stripper, was keeping internal concerns from your face and demeanor on the clock. Customers wanted gyrating and hot fantasy and that Darrik was almost theirs for the taking (no touching, after all), not even the slightest inkling of concern about if the landlord was going to get around to having the AC fixed (and if you had to place a curse on the dummy to make it happen). It was a role, an act, same principle with the bartender. It was expected, and the customer was always right. So Darrik moved along to the blond with a smile. "Hi. Do you need anything?"
  15. "No party time." Darrik chimed in. "I don't serve underage drinkers." When asked for things he would need, Darrik shrugged. "I imagine all the things she would need when staying over at someone's house. Change of clothes, toothbrush, the usual. A backpack to keep it in..." At Karen's surprised look, Darrik looked back nonchalantly. "What? I have security covered. Trade secrets and all." He waved his hand and then nodded approvingly. "Melody's clean."
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