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  1. Kitsu's ability did not sit well with Miren, though he showed no outward sign of it. It was useful and she was a damned soul. There was much worse waiting for her when her soul was finally released to her eternity. He'd worn a mask of hunting this night, one of black and gold like the sun chasing the moon through the night. He spoke softly from behind his sister, reigning in his temper over the sellspell's words long enough to accomplish what could be salvaged of their mission here. "When you stand before Emma-o, you must face Miru-me and Kagu-hana as well. She will know your secrets and he all your misdeeds. Would it not be better to face them with your final act while lingered one of at least some atonement?" His brow lifted and his tone hardened, "Or would you prefer that the Lord of the Dead extend your time within Jigoku because of your stubbornness and poisonous heart? We are offering you your absolute last chance to seek some modicum of honor before Emma-o passes sentence on you."
  2. "Possible, mais pourquoi boire le meme sake? Pourquoi ne pas boire de le sake local?" Possibly, but why drink the same sake? Why not drink the local sake? The thought had been tickling at the back of Miren's mind through most of the conversation. Why create a trail of commonality over alcohol? It was easy enough to acquire, especially in smaller amounts locally, than to make such a single sizeable purchase in one place. In the common tongue, he continued, "Is there anything already known about the sake? Any special property to it or something added after it was purchased?"
  3. "Not with crossed swords," Miren spoke with confidence and the finely honed cadence of a courtier, "but I have fought their influence in court and as my sister stated, she has made a great study of their methods and magic. Usually they are far more circumspect in their movements than to dispatch zombies to a festival. The tactic seemed too bold for their leadership and too clever for their base adherents. It speaks to a fundamental shift in their manners, one I hope does not become disturbingly commonplace in the days to come."
  4. Several minutes later, Shosuro Miren and his sister Kamiko both stepped into the inn. The male twin divested himself of all weapons and approached the table of Jade Magistrates with keen deference and grace. His kamishimo was of the finest cut and bold red and orange cloth, flattering its owner perfectly and lending a courtly air to Miren even in the midst of an inn; the mask he wore was of fine black filigree inlaid with red stones, some opaque carnelian, and others glittery, flashy rubies. The effect drew attention to his unusual blue eyes, but the offset in colors and swirls of metal made the oddity far more beautiful than off-putting. He bowed precisely where and when he should upon approaching the table and said, "Thank you, magistrates, for the honor to work with you to solve this most vexing issue of moon cultists and their unusual cleverness."
  5. "Would you like us to stand with you from the start?" Miren asked with delicate sincerity. Apologies could be tricky; sometimes instead of soothing old wounds it could open festers and lead to new disagreement - or worse. Miren would be quite incensed to lose Ujimitsu-sama, either to the Topaz Champion's anger or to the law for protecting himself. On the other hand, pushing too hard might hurt Ujimitsu's pride or make him too self-concious to apologize for whatever it was that had happened in the past. "Or would you prefer our introduction afterwards?" he finished.
  6. Miren watched his newest adult clanmate with understated appreciation. It was always a happy occurance to add to the strength of the Scorpion, and even sweeter when such a prize was plucked from the blind and unworthy. As his sister attended to Ujimitsu's tea, Miren served the fellow samurai from the platters that had been set out for the twins. His movements were smoothe and almost dance-like; years of training in courting and the beautiful art of the tea ceremony evident in every small gesture. "Clever cultists," Miren spoke mildly. In truth, he was quite alarmed at the prospect of such leadership and thought mixed together with the insanity of the moon cultists. "They planned the zombies as a distraction and were ultimately after the Dragon Globe?" He hoped this was an isolated incident, but he never planned on hope. It was too depressing.
  7. "Making suggestions is fine, Endeavor, and we do need to figure out a group hierarchy. We're being tossed in with only a single team training lesson under our belts. Things'll be rough and we'll handle it until we get working together smoothed out. As for what you should do when we get there....you're going to be the best judge of that, I think." He gave her suit a speculative look. "Y'know, if you've got any flashy weapon systems or even just really bright lights, you might also work well as distraction or bait. If I can't control them, someone able to fly around, make noise and get their attention, then lead them off...." He trailed off, his eyes going back and forth between Endeavor and Helix. "That might actually work a lot better than trying to lure them off with pheromones, if for nothing else than that the two of you can fly way better than I can and are faster. If they won't take the bait just with lights and buzzing around, then Helix could pick me up and I could try the pheromone stuff as an added incentive. It would give me a minute to figure them out, biochemically, beforehand, too."
  8. Puck arched a brow at Endeavor's bossy tone and then having a bag shoved in his face. He laid the bag back at her feet and said carefully, "First off, I said I wanted to try controlling the dinosaurs first, not after apparently being relegated to evacuating civilians. Second, as you pointed out, you can't heal without medical equipment and I can. If you want to bring the bag along, do so yourself or ask someone if they want to carry it for you." He paused for a moment, taking a second to pull the annoyance out of his voice. "Third, while I am not a front line combatant and I don't like violence, I do have other skills beyond 'heal wound' and 'escort civilians'. There are more tactical applications of my skills than shunting me off to the side as soon as we get there. Our primary objective is to neutralize the dinosaurs to prevent further damage and harm. I can help with that, most especially if we do want to capture as many as we can over just slaughtering the bunch." He nodded to Helix and added, "Thanks for the offer, but being airborne isn't really going to help me do what I need to do to see if I can control them, and I don't want to be encumbering you, especially if we are going to need arial support once we get there." He tilted his chin thoughtfully at Erebus. "If I can't control them, I might be able to produce a pheromone they would follow to more open, deserted area." His eyes tracked back to Endeavor and he elaborated, "For my purposes, it'll actually be better if they aren't really that intelligent. I can interact with them on an animalistic level. If they're people-level smart," his lips twitched up into a grin, "then I say we unleash Darrik and Cassidy on them. The rest of us can have a nice afternoon tea and watch the entertainment."
  9. You are going to have to be more specific with your question, Cade, as I have no idea what you're asking about.
  10. Puck stifled his sigh as he eyed Darrik and Not!Puck. Sometimes, life was just unfair. Like when you wanted to make out with your boyfriend (and maybe a little with the quantum-made double of yourself and possibly a teammate or two) and instead you had to fight a horde of rampaging dinosaurs in Chicago. At least there was a chance that they were "animal" enough that he might be able to control some of them so they wouldn't have to kill or hurt all of them. It wasn't their fault their "mother" was batshit crazy and dropped them in the middle of a populated area. And, c'mon, dinosaur. How cool was that? After the team gathered up again to depart, he offered into the group, "Can I get just a moment when we first get there to see if I can influence the dinosaurs at all? If I can, I may be able to get them to leave without a huge fight." He shrugged at some of the arched brows sent his way. "It's not likely, I know, but there's a chance so I'd like to take it."
  11. Puck stuck close to Cassidy and Darrik, the three of them homing in on fake!Darrik with predatory sensuality. He caught glimpse of his own double heading towards the three of them, but fake!Puck hesitated between his opposite and the lovely Cassidy standing so near. Puck sighed and gave Cassidy a worried glance, but stuck to the original plan - fake!Darrik was still far more of threat in his mind than his own dopple. He wound his way through the obstacle course on inhumanly nimble feet, going for the simple expedient of just crashing into fake!Darrik and twisting the quantum around them into a potent narcotic - one that would hopefully render the fake!Darrik unconscious, and barring that, at least make him far too loopy to focus on controlling anyone else with his powers. It wasn't an elegant attack, but it was the best chance he had of taking out his opponent without actually hurting him. Mechanics [Rebecca OOC] 1:43 pm: Why did the target shift to 8? Malachite *rolls* 5d10m3: 5,4,7,9,7. Successes = 1. Megas = 5,8,10. Mega success = 5. Total = 6. The target number was changed to 8. [Malachite] 1:43 pm: Yay! Malachite *rolls* 5d10m3: 2,6,8,7,2. Successes = 1. Megas = 4,2,1. Mega success = 0. Total = 1. The target number was changed to 8. Missed the higher target number on these, but that's easy to correct for. Puck's roll becomes 9 suxx (with the one from Erebus) and NegaPuck is 2. Puck is focused on fake!Darrik, not fake!Puck, so I don't know how you want to handle that. Assisting Cassidy: [Noir] 1:45 pm: IIRC, that is. I will need to check notes Malachite *rolls* 5d10m3t7: 9,4,10,9,8. Successes = 4. Megas = 4,7,4. Mega success = 2. Total = 6. 3 suxx to Cassidy's roll!
  12. "He said the nature of the room keeps any damage from being deadly," Puck reminded Endeavor gently. "That would include the damage we can cause. This is a 'to unconciousness' exercise, not a massacre. Also, we are free to pursue any means to subdue the dopplegangers and reach the other end of the course. We decide our actions, with quite a bit more leeway than we'll have in an actual life-and-death combat situation." He switched on his coms, speaking low enough to be heard across the electronics but not very far from him otherwise. "Don't let my dopple touch you. At all," he said with a slight trace of chagrin. There were certain applications of his powers that, while not secret, very few people ever really thought about in a combat setting, and he hardly wanted to embarrass his teammates on their first training exercise. "I would suggest that Cassidy, Darrik, and I go take out the Darrik dopple, my own dopple, and the Cassidy dopple, in that order. We're better suited to stand up to our own powers, but Darrik's dopple could turn some of us against the others, so we don't want to send in major combatants. Knock him out, then knock out my dopple to cripple their combat healing capabilities, then knock out Cassidy's dopple. After that, we rejoin the main team and Darrik can try to control one of the enemy's major combatants to add to our advantage." He wasn't a master tactician, and his thoughts usually strayed towards the 'subdue and capture' than the total warfare, but he knew himself and Darrik pretty well and was fairly sure some of his assumptions about Cassidy were correct. Left to their own devices, the three of them could wreak havoc on an enemy's concentration and troop morale. They might not be able to force enemy soldiers not to fight, but they could make them not want to. Best not to give the dopples time to employ such sapping tactics on his own team.
  13. 1) The main issue with high-powered novas is that they are effectively gods. Most of the characters in QF could have destroyed the world multiple ways if they got into a snit and decided to. How do you make interesting challenges for such characters? I think part of the frustration with the game ended up being "well, it's either all social plots or we blow up the world - maybe even only accidentally - if we actually get into combat". Also, novas as any sort of persecuted minority is just effing laughable at that point, and playing a "future" game becomes a question of "so, how long before novas are the only people that matter because the mega-brains can make a completely need-free civilization through q-tech, the mega-socials can quantum-xanax entire nations into complacency, and the mega-physicals can just threaten to punch your entire continent off the planet if you don't behave." High powered novas make Superman look like chump change, and that makes any sort of realistic Earth-based game an absurd proposition. 2) Really, the only two answers I've ever heard are "do something to lower the effective power of the novas" or "take the game off Earth and don't involve baselines at all because they're not even useable as cannon fodder." 3) This is far too complex of a question to answer generically and usefully. The answer is always going to be "adjust the game to provide the most fun for everyone involved", but how you do that is going to depend on the specific player, PC, and game mix you have going. The problem with high-powered vanilla Abby games is that the system scales up exponentially, has major mechanics holes, and includes powers like make your own universe. It's not a game at that point, it's interactive cooperative writing because the mechanics don't really matter anymore. By removing pretty much all limitations on characters via high Quantum rating, Mastery, and Lvl 4+ powers, you've removed the ability to actually challenge the characters in any meaningful way, and that means you've removed the capability of plot.
  14. Puck gracefully slid out of Darrki's arm as his lover stepped onto the dance floor with the pink-haired Japanese girl. He tasted the emotional currents of the group, smiling as he caught Helix's eyes on Cassidy. His smile widened even further at Aradia's arrival. "Mingling," he said smoothly, "yes, we are to mingle." He managed to pull his attention from Aradia mostly by dint of long association with Darrik's level of nova beauty. To the group he gave a little half-bow. "As Darrik said, I'm Puck. It's nice to meet you all...." He trailed off, leaving room for someone to step into the social place and introduce themselves to both himself and the newly arrived Aradia.
  15. Puck and Darrik had been circulating at the gathering for a while now, drawing eyes and whispers wherever they passed. Well, Darrik got the lion's share of both, but Puck didn't mind. After all, Darrik was his boyfriend, and he liked to share anyways. Puck had a glass of some amber liquid, most likely quite alcoholic, in one hand, and his other arm looped around Darrik's waist. Darrik could feel Puck's excitement that the Paragon's were finally officially starting up, yet he knew that his younger paramour was also easily distracted by a pretty face or charming personality - and it was a party. They'd been, gently, told by Miriam to keep the shenanigans to more private locations during the party - as telling them not to would just be a waste of two words. Darrik knew most of that self-control would, sadly for Miriam and any particularly prudish people about, start with him. Their path took them past the small knot of other newly-minted Paragons, and Puck tugged on Darrik's sleeve, nodding over to them. "Perhaps we should go introduce ourselves?" he murmured quietly. His smile was as mercurial as his nickname when he added, "Give them a chance to recover from you or flirt? Who knows, maybe we'll find a new group to go clubbing with. Or other things."
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