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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Monster Academy - Fics Vs Plot Threads


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Although this is an OOC matter, I'm starting a separate thread for it because I suspect it has the potential to run on for awhile. This way the OOC thread is clear for other out-of-game messages.

I'd like it people would cool down on the number of fics in this (and honestly in others too) game.

Don't get me wrong; I like fics. I think they serve a valuable function in letting people get RP time in without diluting or delaying primary plot threads, especially when that RP only involves one or two PC's. When used in that way, I'm all for fics, and wouldn't mind seeing dozens pop up.

What I'm staring to see however is plot threads masquerading as fics. I give an example: Darrik's fic where he's investigating the mysterious force behind the disappearing items. That's a plot thread! We ALL should be involved in that. That's not one PC's personal quest, it's a major plot development that's now been subverted. If someone wants to get involved now, it's at Darrik's leisure to say yay or nay. Another example: The sudden explosion of fics revolving around Kyohei's background. In genral, I think, if a development is so important that you need three or four fics spread out between different PCs to cover it...it's probably more of a plot thread that should be open to all.

I'm open to discussion on all this, mind. It just seems to me that it's useful to have a distinction between 'fic' (a relatively closed thread for in-character scenes that only involve a very limited number of PC's that would otherwise 'clutter' IC threads) and 'plot thread' (an in-character thread that is open to all PC's and constitutes one or more major plolines of the game's narrative). Thus, I'm skeptical of appeals that "anyone can join fics," because that seems to me to negate the entire premise that gives fics their unique value. Simultaneously, I don't think it's fair for fairly major plot questions to be resolved entirely in a fic, or even pursued in a fic, since by definition a major plot thread is for -everyone-.


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As the ST, I see where you are coming from.

There are alot of Fictions being done. Perhaps the key difference is the PC's enjoy far greater control of things in them, whereas with true plot threads, the control is mostly in the hands of the ST. Yes they players can influence it, I can't tell you how much the players do so in my games, you guys have some great ideas all on your own.

The purpose of the primary plot threads is something that will directly affect all players. There's so much going on in a game like Monster Academy, if I devoted a dedicated plot thread to them all it would be difficult. Case in point. The investigation affects everyone, though Darrik and Aria seemed to be the two PC's most interested in it. Aria seems to use more general methods, while Darrik chose an extremely specific one. This doesn't mean he's the only one to turn something up, just that Darrik's player asked to do so. If someone else came to me and asked to do a similar fiction, I'd say yes, simply because the methods used are going to be different. Resolution of fictions where I am asked to participate in an ST fashion (Where I'm not using Kyohei, but any of the other NPC cast) will matter more to the general story of this game.

Skye and Kuromaru are dealing with their issues, and the plethora of fictions involving Kyohei are there because in part because each of them shows a unique interaction.

So far the Fics are not delaying the plot threads, those I'm leading are generally set around them. Right now the play is the primary plot. Going on in the background we have Kuromaru and Skye, Kyohei and a number of PC's, a half dozen things that haven't made it from idea to post yet (from various players), the investigation, every day life at the school itself, and nearly anything else you guys can come up with. This game was made to be fun, and to give the PC's a lot of leeway in what they did in the regular course of the day. Yes, there's a big overarching plot, and it will touch everyone, but because of that, it also doesn't move at a great speed.

I am trying to get the next part of the big plot out today.

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I'll come clean and admit that the reason my panties are in a bunch is because I don't, as a rule, do fics...and when I do they don't seem to go well...but in this game it seems like all of the actual content is in fics.

And that's not me asking you to hurry. I'm quite sincere in my belief that some of these 'fics' need to be open plot threads.

But of course, since I'm the only one not writing fics, I don't expect a lot of agreement. smile

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It might. Anyway, it seems Long and I are pursuing this matter in PMs now. It may be simply that I was operating on some assumptions about the game that are proving untrue...

In which case, sorry everyone. My bad. smile

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