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Aberrant RPG - How to do this???


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What if a Nova wants to have REALLY impressive Attunement-better than just ***** in Attunement.

Is there an extra/enhancement or Power for this?

Depends on what you want to do.

Eufiber has it's own attune rules so it doesn't count against your weight limit.

Clone *also* has it's own rules...

And a few powers have "Affects Other Person" which ignores weight limits.

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Re: Boosted Attunement-

Well, in Appendix #1 of the Mega-Physical ebook we've cooked up both a Background Enhancement for the Attunement Background and a new Ability that lets you pull off some neat tricks with it. The first level of the BE does require Quantum 6 as SkyLion says.

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Thanks for the help. I think I'll tinker with a new method: A Merit. The precedence for this is the Eufiber Attunement Merit. Maybe a simple Variable Cost (1-3) Point Merit just like Eufiber Attunement. Each Point of the Merit adds to your Attunement Background. If this raises the Background above ***** , then just use this:

***** * = 400 kg

***** ** = 1600 kg

***** ***= 6400 kg

Each * of Attunement seems to be X 4 of the * before it. Example; Attunement **** = 25 kg, but at ***** Attunement, the mass = 100 kg.

Comparitively simple and cheap. Effective too!

Thank you, PowerStar

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