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  1. Is everyone waiting for everyone else?
  2. The one issue I see is in many games it's going to be a solution in search of a problem. I.e. many game environments don't have the PCs dealing with codes and code breaking. On the other hand it's come up in some of the standard made-by-WW scenarios. This is clearly a specialty, much more useful for a Directive nova than an Elite. As normal, it's going to depend a lot on the ST and what he wants to do. Hardbody isn't that useful if the ST doesn't like Agg damage.
  3. Whether or not his faction was "sane" is (IMHO) an open question.Teras attracts anarchists and gleeful psychopaths. If the moment as a whole is going to stay sane, it needs to reject those and either deal with them themselves or help others do so. I see no effort, even in theory, by Orzaiz to do so. I'm good with the idea that Novas are a new species. I'm good with the idea that they need special/different laws, that they should have a ton of input on making those laws. But I see no effort, even in theory, by Orzaiz to help pass those laws. I wouldn't mind living next door to Orzaiz... but he accepts the unacceptable, forgives the unforgivable, and facilitates the disintegration of society. These are not small things and they shouldn't be expected to lead to good things. I see Orzaiz as a modern (and nova) member of the far left. In the 60's he would/could have joined a far left commune which functioned "without law". He's civilized (and certainly not evil) himself, and as long as such a group only needs to deal with like minded people, it's possible for society to work. But such societies don't deal well with non-like-minded people, and they especially don't deal well with the existence of evil.
  4. Mental Prodigy: Code Breaker It sounds broad enough. There's a degree of overlap with MP:Computer, Linguistic G, and Investigation G but I think it'd work.
  5. RE: Nature Supreme Yeah, it would probably work for humans (pre-novas). I'm not sure you could do it to all novas because I'm not sure they count as one "species".
  6. Eden doesn't appear to have a magic cure/wand as such... but absent such, and considering Apollo's willingness to kill aberrants because they're aberrants, IMHO it's implied that they kill novas who become too tainted. What "too tainted" means is obviously going to vary from nova to nova, but I suspect that's the underlying concept.
  7. I don't think a few hundred novas is enough over the long haul. Someone will die, he'll have needed skills. Short of genetic engineering I doubt that's enough genes. And... I suspect strongly that if we're going to avoid taint, baselines have to do the bulk of the work. If something happens and you get temp taint, you need to take a month or two off. *That's* the nova lifestyle. It's how you avoid taint over a period of decades/centuries. This implies that your job is such that you can take a vacation for several months... which just isn't the case for most of the novas in 2008.
  8. If you actually have reasonable nova laws, then dealing with baseline interactions isn't a problem. Nova law (as practiced by the Earth) shot itself in the foot right out the door way back before Geryon killed that mayor. I.e. the purpose of law isn't for society to control novas, nor is it to ensure that "things are fair" between baselines and novas. And you pretty much *have* to have baselines in any long term society. There just aren't enough novas to both run things and make a full sized breeding stock.
  9. It'd be interesting to play out, if anyone wants to ST that I'd join. Neo-Venus, in theory, allows nova malcontents to leave the Earth. This kind-of sort-of provides a pressure valve for Terats and the like. Maybe someone could talk Divis into waving a hand and doing the lion's share of the work in 2008 or so. It's grandiose enough that he might go for it. The problem is how we avoid a nova on nova war the moment NV is settled. We've got exactly two examples of stable nova societies. Eden (Greek gods on the mountain with hoards of worshipers) and "Dictator", i.e. one god-level nova powerful enough to lord over *everyone* (Divis after NOLK and The Colony both come to mind). Dealing with taint & Nova laws (i.e. novas passing nova laws for novas) are the big unresolved issues.
  10. Extra-solar worlds require Q6 and a specific build to get to. Venus is somewhat build-able and get-to-able right now, which as PowerStar pointed out is a mixed blessing. (Assuming this is before the war) I have doubts that baselines will be the big problem, the vast number of novas are killed by other novas.
  11. In theory you could just leave Venus where it is and put up enough mirrors (solar collectors) to cool it down. Venus' big advantage is it has enough gravity to have air.
  12. I think Devices was in A! The Background Enhancements definitely is.
  13. Yes, agreed. When I map out what aberrations Mal has to have I get big numbers. Two minor and One medium aberration per Chrysalis (C=6 each time) adds up. We know he's got green glowing eyes and too perfect looks. He probably also has Anima Banner: Fire. That leaves mental disorders which he partly shields himself from with taint resistance. And I'll second what PowerStar said and add that it opens the door to some *thing* crawling out of the C which is totally different than what went in.
  14. Well, I'm definitely adamant on deeming BW, FP, ABA, and NF canon which trumps the actual feasibility of S-E's plan for various reasons. Well thank you kindly. there is no indication whatsoever that she is right and the plan is factually feasible. It would be far from the first documented occurence of a Pantheon member being in the dead wrong. Yeah, it's a high risk move. The only thing in it's favor is all the other moves are probably worse. The Harvesters are on a path that will lead them into direct conflict with the humanoid non-monsters, and that includes Divis. need I point out how the Apostle's plans and viewpoint are ample proof that he got pretty much everything about Teras wrong ? The Apostle went through the big C twice, he must have gotten a few things right. Of course that one thing might have been "suck up to Scripture". As it concerns the Colony, I think there is ample proof even in published canon that Trinity monstrous sub-aberrants are not true novas, but "cannon fodder" baselines rewarped into pseudo-novas with physical enhancements and quasi-powers. Injecting baselines with taint to give them 3rd rate powers/aberrations? His/her/its theme overlaps a lot with Sineater's. She's the only cannon nova who fits that bill (although I'd still rank her well down the list and part of the problem is this is a high Q power). Personally if I'm playing a Terat I like to name him "The Colony" just because it puts Q8+ in his destiny...
  15. Lots of potential, but for a world I'd think you'd need a group of Q6 types with Elemental Mastery's (or you could just make the project last centuries... or maybe you could say they're just stuck there. I.e. the war broke out or aliens attacked or something and the other side of the warp gate is down).
  16. RE: Teraforming Ya, that's a challenge. From *nothing* you'd probably need that Q10 power. Down from that you'd need to start with more and more. At Q6 you'd probably need specific powers and below that you'd need lots of tech.
  17. You're welcome, and one of the reasons I like this is it both makes sense and it works with some of what we've seen. I.e. Divis stands out as someone who has very few aberrations, but the obvious candidates are Major. If the system lets him *build* these then it explains him and it makes a lot of sense that he'd continue his "evolution" along the same lines.
  18. OK, now I see where you're coming from. SinEater's plan is black letter cannon. While some STs might call the ABA cannon others would call it fan work and want to house rule what the 2nd gen is like.Agreed, if we take the ABA as cannon then Sin Eater is in for a serious surprise if/when she tries this. (On the other hand if she really is the Colony then maybe not.)
  19. Alter Mental Aberrations should state that the new aberration is one of the player's choice. I *really* like the aberration swapping aspect of all this, i.e. 2 low for a medium, etc.
  20. Some of this (I think) is non-cannon fan assumptions (what did the ABA say specifically?). Adam should be viewed as an anomaly. It seems unlikely that the children are full 30 point novas (or 100 points or whatever) at birth. Assume that they're 10-15 and will develop into 100 points... another way of phrasing that is they've got 90 nova points that haven't been spent yet. The situation is unusual enough the ST might handwave the "can't get stuff tainted" rule. Or, assume that my entire line of logic and Sin Eater are *wrong*, and you're 100% correct. This means Sin Eater will *fail* to taint any of the children, and most or all of them will simply die from her attempt. ::devil I guess that's an improvement but it's not much of one.
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