1. better sort of

  2. oh boy fever and chills

  3. Normal is an illusion. What's normal to the spider is chaos to the fly.

  4. I feel the need for SPEED!!!!

  5. What is up my droogs?

  6. Best City For Urban Fantasy

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    2. darksol-aeternium


      Chicago. It worked for Dresden it'll work for you!

    3. Aphrodite Pandemos

      Aphrodite Pandemos

      All these cold cities :(

    4. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      Why not? The cold can be an element to a story as warm weather is.

  7. Technocracy or Traditions?

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    2. Nina


      hehe i do tend to agree

    3. Rafaela Rosario

      Rafaela Rosario

      Technoditions. Tradnocracy.

      Peace and love.

    4. Sunstar


      VAdepts 4 Life

  8. i dont think i like cold

  9. yay no more fever

  10. have a cold with fever yay

  11. pew pew reading starwars rpg :)

  12. headaches suck

  13. home for the holidays!

  14. the inquisition! what a show! the inquisition! here we go!

  15. your wouldnt believe me if i told ya

    1. Sunstar


      What happened?

    2. Nina


      the world ended and noone but me noticed