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  1. I note to my dismay that they keep inflating the price of attending Gencon Indy, and that it's becoming prohibitively expensive for presenters as well.

    1. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      That's what happens when a corporate trade show becomes popular.

  2. oh boy fever and chills

  3. Normal is an illusion. What's normal to the spider is chaos to the fly.

  4. Best City For Urban Fantasy

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    2. darksol-aeternium


      Chicago. It worked for Dresden it'll work for you!

    3. Aphrodite Pandemos
    4. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      Why not? The cold can be an element to a story as warm weather is.

  5. Technocracy or Traditions?

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    2. Nina


      hehe i do tend to agree

    3. Rafaela Rosario

      Rafaela Rosario

      Technoditions. Tradnocracy.

      Peace and love.

    4. Sunstar
  6. i dont think i like cold

  7. yay no more fever

  8. have a cold with fever yay

  9. pew pew reading starwars rpg :)

  10. home for the holidays!

  11. the inquisition! what a show! the inquisition! here we go!

  12. your wouldnt believe me if i told ya

    1. Sunstar
    2. Nina


      the world ended and noone but me noticed