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  1. Tetsuko sighed, getting to her feet. "I can heal anyone who needs it, but the nanites I can only give one dose to for each person... wait... Shiori!" She glared. She couldn't catch up to her unless she could fly or teleport and that was offline. "SHIORI!" Tetsuko gives herself a healing shot of her repair nanites and tries to keep up. Tying some of Gen's clothes together like a backpack, as a way to keep them with her without having to struggle carrying them. There was still an impulse to stay at the camp... if no one else follows... she might have to abandon Shiori... Status Energy 310/310 Health 490/700 - +50 HP from the healing ability Divine Relationship 4/5
  2. "If only I had access to some tarps or at least something to keep in the heat we're generating..." she said, looking about for some wood to add to the fire to increase the radius and strength of the warmth it provided. "I have to admit, I'm in agreement, Shiori. Squattro is a valuable member of our group. He seems to know quite a lot of what we're encountering." She smacked her head. "Darnit... I should have looked for any distinctive markings on those mecha or those planes we managed to shoot down. It could have been a clue to what we're dealing with. Maybe Dende or my handlers at Capsule Corp would know." "I've been spoiling for a fight with these jerks and I'd like to know who I'm going to be testing the engineering of my hand manipulator knuckles against." She said, cracking her knuckles aggressively. "Maybe Datura or Gen will bring something back. If Datura leaves anything behind." She said, sighing.
  3. Tetsuko arrived at the camp, a slight bit of frost already on her clothes and skin as she collapsed near the fire, Gen's clothes carefully set next to it. "They're off, with... whatever they're about to do transformed. By the sound of that roar I don't think anyone would want to be anywhere near they are." She said, moving closer to the fire. She grabs a dead branch and starts chewing on it... that last fight did more to her than she expected and her personal repair nanites needed raw materials, and to her anything chewible was food for her. "Now, I'm thinking we should keep an eye out. just in case any panicked soldiers decide to run this way... last thing we need is something baiting those two over here." She laid near the fire, eating her branch while leaning her head on Gen's clothing like a pillow. "I just hope we go somewhere warm next... maybe with a beach. My endoskeleton joint lubricants are... not a fan of arctic conditions. At least until I can do a update patch and my internal nanites develop some insulation system for me."
  4. Tetsuko nodded. "Understood. Your clothes will be as you leave them with me." She shot a look askance at Datura. "I will return here once Gen entrusts me with his garments." She said, sighing. Secretly Tetsuko started wondering if there could be a way she could transform to be more dangerous in a fight. Hopefully not involving destroying her clothes. She's already started to develop a budget.
  5. Tetsuko crossed her arms: "Counterpoint. My mission is to ensure Genichiro's success, and bring those responsible for the massacre at the Arena to justice. Nothing more, nothing less. I have not noticed you taking any sort of leadership role, that role has been firmly in Genichiro's grasp. I know my role, Datura. I will assist Genichiro on the parameters he prescribes. What I asked the rest of the group... not ordered... was to come up with a plan while the three of us were away. I gave advice." She actually walks up to the Saiyan. Not yet in her face. "You said I was to follow you two at a short distance during this. Now you take it back by saying I shouldn't be following. That's not the mark of a decisive commander. Is that because of the ribbing that Shiori gave?" She said stroking her chin. "There's a phrase that we on Earth have... Can't you take a joke?" Tetsuko quirked her eyebrow at the irony that she picked up on a joke far faster than a biological. "The irony is delicious." "I will accompany not only to do as you and Gen asked... well Gen asked using you as a proxy, to be accurate... but to ensure we are not flanked. It is likely, and logical to infer, that if we are going out to scout out the enemy, they are doing the same to us after the damage we done to their forces. The group left behind needs to be ready if that happens." "Now, if you have issue with that, Datura, that's how it is. I'm coming along."
  6. Tetsuko stood at attention. "Are you sure it would be safe for him to not be wearing anything in this cold?" She sounded concerned. That, and she didn't know of the Saiyan ability to transform at the full moon. "Unless he has some sort of body temperature regulating technique... I'd better follow along in case something goes wrong." She finished patching her suit up so she wouldn't get cold. "We should make our way, then." Tetsuko said nodding to Datura and Genichiro. "Besides, I could learn something observing how Saiyans gather intelligence." She walked over to the two, before turning to the rest in the camp. "Guys, I think you guys should talk to each other to figure out who is in charge of the camp while Gen is gone. Might help in keeping things up and in use... and warm. I think we'll need it once we're done. And have shifts to keep watch while we are away." She nodded to Datura and Gen. "Let's hurry. Nightfall is soon by my reckoning."
  7. "Let's go." Tetsuko said. Tersely. "The aircraft that remained vectored that direction." She said, pointing where the planes went. "We don't have long before it starts getting brutally cold, and I wager they're outside whatever is suppressing our powers." She looked over to Gen. "Do we know where the Dragonball is we're supposed to be searching for? I wager wherever they came from is our answer." She was pretty angry at this point, looking over the rest of the group. Their lack of restraint was starting to weigh on her. "We know these guys attacked the stadium and I don't wanna lose them... not now."
  8. Tetsuko holds her hands out as heat-sinks open up throughout her body, Her overdrive was going offline. The heatsinks vent as a cloud of steam from the melting snow around her showed how much heat she internalizes during the process. She takes a knee on now bare ground as the steam lifts into the cold air, before coming back down as very faint flurries. She starts breathing in the cold air to quickly bring her core temperature under control. "Okay... I'm functional." She said, looking at her suit and jacket. "Only cosmetic damage on my gear, but I'm going to need some time to patch up. But you guys are the priority. Anyone hurt bad?" "Also, what's the status of the one pilot Shiori managed to capture?" She said, walking over to the disabled mech, using her Ki sense to look into the wreck. "This was mighty inconvenient... Hopefully this one can manage to tell us something on the whereabouts of their base." "It is bothering me though, how are they getting aircraft up? They looked like they had unstable geometries, and they'd need complex flight systems like I do just to keep stable... how are they getting things in the air?" She said, scratching her head.
  9. It's all good, I think I've made them Jets check their flight privilege. Time to take care of those mecha then.
  10. Tetsuko should have had more faith in her teammates. When she looked to them, seeing how they were getting slammed and managing to take the fire to buy Tetsuko time to scare the planes off... she knew she owed them big time. "Changing targets!" Tetsuko shouted, her eyes glowing blue, as well as her hair, as circuit-like patterns glowed on her skin. "Consider this my apology for not having faith in you..." She crossed her arms over her chest. "OVERDRIVE! ENGAGE!" She put out her hands, as targeting HUDs in her internal processors placed two crossights each on two of the undamaged mecha. "Here comes the artillery support!" She unleashes her fury, two white-hot orbs of energy screaming at one of the untouched mecha, two heading to another... "Suck on it. Metalheads." Actions 1: Activate Overdrive 2-5: Two blasts on one of the undamaged mecha, Two on another. Attacks (Modifiers Included) Magnetowave Blast - Ranged 5 Weapon 15 - Enervating 150 Damage, 15 Energy Cost, 75 EP Drain on Target 2 on one of the undamaged, 2 on another Active Modifiers (On Turn 1) Overdrive Mode: her weapons gain 5 ranks in power her superstrength gains 2 ranks for 3 turns then lose the same amount for 5 turns Rolls (first two on Mech A, the others on Mech B [Rebecca OOC] 3:15 pm: Okay... here I go! Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 5+5+17: 27 Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 6+1+17: 24 Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 4+6+17: 27 Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 3+6+17: 26 [Rebecca OOC] 3:15 pm: Oh yes, feels good on the skin! Status OVERDRIVE online, turn 1 of 3 Energy 250/310 - One or more attacks hit will recharge Health 440/700 Divine Relationship 4/5
  11. Okay, Maybe a strategy is in order here. Tetsuko has been focusing on getting the planes down. That and keeping the pressure off of everyone else so you guys can take care of the Mecha. Is... there a better strategy here, or you guys think we got this as it sits? Note that when I ask this, I'm genuinely wanting to know if I should keep going with this, or change up on the next turn?
  12. Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 4+3+17: 24 Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 3+5+17: 25 Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 1+1+17: 19 [Rebecca OOC] 5:42 pm: ... [Rebecca OOC] 5:42 pm: Divine on the critfail. Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 1+6+17: 24 Damage: 80, 100, 80 (-20 armor from piercing) 260 total Tetsuko slid back from the cluster of hits she recieved... these things weren't playing around. But she had to keep focussing on the jets, only one got shot down and there were still two dozen minus one still up in the air. But the mass of mechs on the ground was a high-level threat as well... this ambush was too good. "Guys! I think we gotta have a fighting retreat!!! We're outgunned!" She wasn't gonna fall back just yet, not without everyone else following suit. Maybe her fortunes might turn. She focussed each shot on the jets she managed to plink in the first salvo. Attacks 5 Magnetowave Blast Ranged 5 Weapon 10 - Enervating - 100 Damage, 10 Energy Cost, 50 EP Drain on Target Focussing on the jets I hit first salvo... Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 1+5+17: 23 Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 4+5+17: 26 Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 5+2+17: 24 Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 2+5+17: 24 Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 2+5+17: 24
  13. Tetsuko considered aiming for the engines of the inbound fighter craft, but at this point needlessly showing off seemed more a dangerous proposition, particularly if she didn't get any quality hits in at all. But she knew the aerial advantage needed to be eliminated quickly. "Guys! Draw the attention of the mecha, I'll try to thin out their Air Superiority! And if anyone ejects, capture them if you can, we need intel!!" She grinned as her hands glowed for a moment. "I hope their power systems hold out!" She starts unloading 5 blasts, seemingly looking like she was dancing to each stance like a practiced kata, one shot for each jet in range. Combat Actions and Rolls [Osprey OOC] 2:57 pm: Well, I'll roll initiative at least... Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 3+2+17: 22 [Osprey OOC] 2:58 pm: Not my finest. [Osprey OOC] 2:58 pm: Wait, forgetting AGAIN... [Osprey OOC] 2:59 pm: +21 from my Lightning Reflexes. [Osprey OOC] 2:59 pm: That's 22+21... 43! [Osprey OOC] 2:59 pm: Witness? [Abyss Phantasia] 2:59 pm: HIYO! [Osprey OOC] 3:29 pm: Oh well... [Osprey OOC] 3:30 pm: just 5 shots then. [Osprey OOC] 3:30 pm: 5 Attacks, Magnetowave Blast - Ranged 5 Weapon 10 - Enervating 100 Damage, 10 Energy Cost, 50 EP Drain on Target Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 1+4+17: 22 Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 5+2+17: 24 Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 4+2+17: 23 Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 2+3+17: 22 Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 1+6+17: 24 [Osprey OOC] 3:31 pm: Let the games begin... Initiative: 43 Armor: 100 Health: 700 Energy: 310 - 50 = 260 Let me know if I land at least one blast, as I get my energy back. Divine Relationship Uses: 5 Remaining
  14. Posting my initiative here for future reference when I post. [Osprey OOC] 2:57 pm: Well, I'll roll initiative at least... Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 3+2+17: 22 [Osprey OOC] 2:58 pm: Not my finest. [Osprey OOC] 2:58 pm: Wait, forgetting AGAIN... [Osprey OOC] 2:59 pm: +21 from my Lightning Reflexes. [Osprey OOC] 2:59 pm: That's 22+21... 43! [Osprey OOC] 2:59 pm: Witness? [Abyss Phantasia] 2:59 pm: HIYO!
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