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  1. Rebecca grinned. "Well I got a weird feelin' my style of movin' will be a bit more... well visual to say the least." She said as she brushed her poncho into place. "Then again I think we got plenty of time to start seeing exactly what we can do. I wouldn't be tryin' to move your atoms until you know you can do it without scatterin' yourself over the countryside." "Might invest in a parachute when I get set up to see when I can fly. Do some flying from high altitude and if I get tired or lose control I can turn off and have some time to get some falling speed to open my chute. Or the spare if necessary." "Might do it over water too to make the landings a bit safer. Might see if I can get my chutes as conicals instead of airfoil. Gotta keep forward speed with those and I'd rather just safely get to the ground like I was trained."
  2. "Meh, I've come into some money, that and the older models don't get phased out for a year or two for updates so I'm ok." They get to the gift shop and they start looking things over. She picks a darn navy blue poncho for Millie before getting a pair of data glasses for herself and some batteries. After getting a couple soft drinks as well as charging up a couple transit cards the pair head off to the underground station to catch a ride to Trafalgar Square. Rebecca rummages for her old military poncho in her carry-on. "Well, we'll be heading to the more common sight first, that is Trafalgar Square. I know of some places on my way to my temporary residence. Want to head to your hotel first to get your arrangements in order and your junk stowed? I doubt you'd want to spend time lugging your kit about London like I'm going to..." She finally gets her poncho on. "That and after your situation is squared away then we can get some actual food. I know of a place..."
  3. Rebecca smiled, seeing her personal belongings. "Actually, James, Millie and I will be taking in the sights in London. I wager things might not be as busy today in town considering the crisis we just survived." She smiles. "We'll be touring around, getting Millie's hotel sorted, then maybe stopping by my place to enjoy some dinner before breaking for the evening." She smiled. "To be honest... I could use someone to talk to and you're gonna be busy in Cardiff with family matters. As for the lawyers, I'll keep you on speed dial to get one in to my rescue. Just not sure now our changes will be looked at legally. You are aware of people developing Psychic talents, right?" She lets that sink in for a moment, looking at her brother with a look that means: You're looking at two of 'em. She sighed. "We can talk about that once we're settled in. I need a few days back on solid ground to start sortin' my life out. Although... is Mum's old position as a test pilot still open after her death? Although at her age I think she was getting close to retirement anyways, but I'm... willing to take her place. I just want to take a few days to sort myself and think of where to go first." She flexed her back. "At least my back feels like it did before I entered the service." She said. She looked actually a little taller now, now that her discs in her back weren't so compressed and her vertebrae weren't damaged anymore. "I got a feelin' if the Royal Navy realizes that pilots like Me are 100% better, they might start writing off our three strikes. Although I think with the political shitstorm around me over that last plane that went down with me as the pilot of record is... a problem." She shook her head, nearing the gift shop. "It's raining outside a bit. I think I'll grab a rain poncho for myself and Millie if she needs one... and get one of those neat little glasses... I'm sure the model those fancy guards had isn't sold here, but I need a new pair of computer glasses after the last pair I had got smashed on a Tarmac a few months ago." "Millie, what's your favorite color? The waterproofs are my treat. I think they sell snacks and caffeinated beverages too here. We're gonna be taking the Underground to get to our first stop, so we might wanna make sure you got a pass for it."
  4. Rebecca smiled as she started to see the Baggage area down the hall. "Heh... don't worry about it. If it wasn't for Chips I probably would have ate the missile. She flew in close and dumped her countermeasures as mine were all malfunctioning. We still get messed up but what she did saved my life..." She said, sighing. "I guess it's for the best to change the subject. Oxford eh? Good school. It'll serve you well. I'll give you a pretty comprehensive tour of london, after we get you sorted out." She walked along her hands behind her head. "That and if we get to my place I can show you the flight suit and kit I own. I did buy my survival vest and flight overalls and a couple other things while I was in the service. I owned everything but my g-leggings and the stuff that attached to my helmet..." "It's odd... the 3 times I ended up riding silk I wasn't wearing my usual gear..." She shook her head. "Gamblers fallacy... it's just probability pissin' down my neck and telling me it's raining." "Speaking of raining, what's your favorite color? It's raining outside and we'll probably have to grab some rain gear from the gift shop. I gotta get a pair of those fancy glasses those bodyguards were wearing if they got them too. My last pair got busted on base." She looked over to Millie. "I wager you don't skydive or are interested in any dangerous hobbies?" She smirked. "Not that I'll ask you to go on a jump with me... was just curious what your hobbies are."
  5. "Oh no... nothing to worry yourself over. It's more of a matter between me and my Brother... it's... not been a good couple of months for the both of us and this crisis has not been a fun one. Even if it ended well for us it most certainly wasn't a non-stressful flight." She said, unconciously stretching. More now reveling in the fact her spine wasn't a disaster area. She started to wonder if the Royal Navy might call her back again, but after remembering the sheer political shitstorm around her she decided not to let that thought back into her mind. "You know... maybe I shouldn't have left you hanging on one thing..." She said, lifting up her dogtags a moment. "These were my wingmate's dogtags... lost her returning to our carrier after a mission against some insurgents on the side of the former regime in Syria. The whole situation there was a complete clustercuss, and my friend... she almost made it home. They say the ejection killed her because of the injuries she already had but... I think she was about done in the cockpit when she punched." "It's what happens when someone gets lucky with a shoulder-launched heat seeker, and a F-18 isn't exactly good at suppressing it's heat. Then again we were taking down air assets. Don't ask me how they had ancient MiGs... that's for intel to figure out from the wreckage we left behind." She smirked slightly. "At least we got our pound of flesh out of it. Wouldn't want to have been killed over nothing."
  6. While the appearance of the man in question was fresh in her mind, she records in a note on her smart phone his identity... under Gregory... as in all the important features he has. With everything that has happened so far today, she wanted to make sure that she had everything in order. She wasn't going to be able to remember everything today. As she made her way to their plane, she sighed, turning to Millie. "Well... hopefully we can get our carry-ons easily. James is probably gonna be in a panic with all the texts I was sending while we were in the holding area." "Once I see him off, we can do whatever we want."
  7. Recording my Attunement and Perception roll... Attunement (Psi 4) Rebecca OOC *rolls* 4d10e7: 3,9,2,7. Successes = 2 Perception (Perception 3 + Awareness 2) Rebecca OOC *rolls* 5d10e7: 7,10,2,2,4. Successes = 2
  8. Nina: You would have Ageless too, that keeps you at a certain healthy age. So if you're in daylight you're still a strapping young adult. And once night falls your agelessness kicks in again and erases the time you spent in the sun. Of course anything that would prematurely age you would age you from your -apparent- age. Note: This is Osprey, just forgot... again... to change profiles.
  9. As the release forms arrived she gestured for Millie to follow along. "It... well let's just say someone like me had a pile of bad luck. There's a reason why my callsign was 'Fish' and it wasn't because of something funny." She said, sighing as she began reading the form... "First time cost my instructor's career, and spent some not so comfortable time in the North Sea... thankfully rescue was quick. Second time... I... don't like talking about it." She said, clutching the dogtags she had. "Final time... let's just say there is no love between myself and the F-35." She looked about. "That is all I can say about my third strike, nugget." She said with a smirk. "So... all of London, me as your tour guide... of course after you square your business." She said twirling the pen after finishing her signature. Setting the pen on the Table. "All this and no debrief... pity." She said, taking one of the business cards, she heads out, but she waits somewhat past the threshold for Millie, sending a final text to James. Got my walking papers signed. Meet you at baggage. I have a plus one, offered one of the others in the room a lunch and a small tour of London. Nice girl. - Fish
  10. "Still trying to wrap my head around how you do that." Indeed she was, what she was seeing was something that just violated what she knew of nature. Then again she could sense the psychic energy pulses that happened when the object moved. She resigned herself to the fact that scientists would be better suited to explaining how something could move faster than light... wait was it even moving? Rebecca decided not to follow that thought process further, she was liable to develop a nose bleed. "I'm starting to notice my talents are a bit more physical... and that there is a lot I can do that I can't do here. Well that and that natural GPS now that I got in my head." She said, pointing to her head. "At least I'll never get lost. At least if a landmark's nearby... Seems I gotta work out my brain now just as much as keeping my body in shape." "Luckily where I'm moving to there's lots of open space. Enough to quietly work on what I can do." A thought crossed Rebecca's mind... One more thing, James. I might need something in terms of weights. I think I'm going to start working out. I have a inkling... She sat back in her seat, pulling out of her other pocket a set of dog tags she always kept with her... "Seems Chips was there with me all along..."
  11. Rebecca chuckled. "No need for formalities, Millie. Rebecca is fine." She leaned back in her seat, nibbling on her sandwich. "We can head by your hotel, and let you get that arranged so you don't have any issues with them, then get our meals sorted. I was thinking of walking once we get to Trafalgar Square, but I wager if you got a lot of bags we might wanna drop them off first." She said, scratching her head. "Then we can see a few sights." "I wager with most people staying home today after what happened, things should be... easier in terms of traveling. Lower traffic, lower crowds..." "I just want to swing by the shops here first, and see my Brother off."
  12. Rebecca sighs with relief, hearing the news. This started to worry Rebecca, everyone were individuals and everyone were taking this differently. Rebecca honestly worried that someone like Amanda having power like she did would be a threat to the general public if she was this irrational. But now... She decided to ignore her, it seems she's stood down for now, so she grabs a couple sandwiches and a couple sodas and walks back to her seat tossing a sandwich to Millie. "Here. I'm not all regs and grumpy." She said. "My offer still stands for a actual meal in London though, I don't think these sandwiches are meant for a meal..." She leaned over and whispered. "To be honest, I think we're the only two people that have been talking that are the sane ones... This woman meditating on the floor has the right idea though..."
  13. "If I see my picture posted anywhere online, I will bring you up on Cyberbullying charges. And yes, that is a thing. And yes, I can afford the lawyer. And if you so much as step within 5 feet of me I will show you I am not rusty yet on my CQC training. That's not a threat, child, that's a promise." She glared, looking over Amanda. "Or I'll just shout for security, and while you're in a cage they'll confiscate your phone and delete said unauthorized pictures." "Your call. You want to go off the handle and escalate this further I will stop you for everyone else's good. Now stand down."
  14. Rebecca turned to the returning Amanda. "Lovely, trying to get our minders to pull our Bathroom privileges?" She said as she stood near where the sandwiches and coffee were. She had went over there when Amanda had her little outburst. "They know how long this adjustment process is and they don't know if anyone here can like... make people's minds melt or some crap." "They also know how long it'll take. So calm down before these guys go Martial Law on us... calm... down. The last thing you need to be right now is freaking out. With how unstable we are who knows what'll happen. We're still cooking..." Secretly the sudden up of security was getting Rebecca nervous again. She had to rationalize over and over in her head that what was happening was to ensure their safety as much as the safety of others right now. It wasn't helping that Amanda might push things to a more heavy response.
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