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Aberrant RPG - Q6+ Mega-Attribute Enhancements


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Mastery provides a convenient method for boosting any and all powers into the truly godlike range. However, no such convenient mechanism exists for enhancements and mega-attributes, so you pretty much have to make new ones. Here are some of my ideas, starting with "improved" variants on Mega Strength ( Lifter ).


Prereqs: Mega Strength 6+, Lifter

Some novas pick up cars. Others pick up buildings. The nova with Megalifter, OTOH, picks up mountains. . . or islands. . . or small continents. . .

System: The nova spends one or more quantum points, up to the limit based on Node. Each point spent increases their lifting capacity by a factor of 10. This effect lasts for the duration of one feat of strength.


Prereqs: Mega Strength 8+, Megalifter

Archimedes said "Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I will move the world." The nova with Planetlifter does not need a lever. Any object they can grasp, can be moved. . . and parts of a larger object can be 'rendered' discrete.

System: Spend 1 quantum point. The nova can grab, lift, and move any discrete solid object, irrespective of mass. The nova still needs to be able to move, and thus must be standing on a surface, or else have Flight or a similar movement ability. Liquids, plasmas, energy, or anything lacking a solid surface to grasp cannot be directly moved ( though such materials on a suitable object will move along with it ). In addition, the nova can break off a smaller portion of a larger object, if desired. Compare the novas mega strength autosux with the soak and durability levels of a cubic meter of the object ( using typical durability in case of large objects like planets ). If his sux are greater, the nova may break off a chunk of the object, 1 kilometer across, x2 diameter for every additional success.

Shaking the Pillars of Heaven

Prereqs: Mega Strength 10, Planetlifter

Everything has a gravity well. 'Lifting' and 'moving' are ultimately important primarily in respect to surrounding gravity wells. A nova with this enhancement transcends the usual definition of physical force, and can now exert effort directly on gravity wells, and everything in them.

System: Spend 1 quantum point. The nova can lift and move one discrete gravity well source, irrespective of mass. This source no longer needs to be solid; gas giants, stars, and black holes can all be moved, even without a solid surface to grab. As with Planetlifter, the rate of movement is dependent on the movement modes available to the nova; those without Flight will need to be standing somewhere. In addition, any equal or smaller mass objects within the gravity well of the object being moved, will be moved as well, retaining their relative position and movement around the central objects. Yes, this means a nova who travelled to the center of the galaxy, could push the entire galaxy at once. . .

So, thoughts?

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Here's some more ideas for Q6+ enhancements. I'm leaving out the fluff for these. Suggestions for appropriate Quantum minima would be appreciated:

Supreme Dodge

The nova can spend one quantum, and gain Mega Dexterity in automatic dodge sux for one turn. 3 quantum applies the effect for the whole scene.

Million Strikes

The nova can spend one quantum to activate this enhancement, for one attack. This attack consists of so many blows, that at a minimum it inflicts Mega Dex in dice of damage. This is negated only if the soak is sufficient to eliminate ping damage entirely from the attack.


The nova gains Mega Stamina in additional health levels, that only apply after the nova is reduced to Dead. As long as damage doesn't exceed these extra health levels, the nova will not die, allowing for regeneration or normal healing. In addition, the nova does not age at all.


The nova may activate this enhancement for a scene for one quantum point. During that scene, all characters attempting to use Appearance or Charisma based effects on him have their attribute reduced by the nova's Mega Wits total, effecting mega attributes first. Enhancements may still be used as normal, with the reduced dice pool, unless their effect is dependent on mega dice only.

Nymph Aura

The nova may activate this enhancement for a single turn for one quantum point, or a full scene for three points. During this time, anyone perceiving the nova must roll Willpower, with a difficulty equal to the nova's Mega Appearance. If they fail, the character in question cannot perceive anything else with that sense, except the nova, for the duration of its effect. This applies to any sense used to perceive the nova, except strictly mental ones.

Addictive Personality

The nova must spend one quantum point to activate this enhancement. Roll Charisma. Everyone interacting with the nova for the rest of the scene must oppose this with a Willpower roll. If the nova achieves net sux equal or greater than the individual's willpower, the individual becomes addicted to the nova's presence. Generally, the individual needs to score more sux on a willpower roll than the nova has Mega Charisma dots in order to willingly leave the nova's presence, though this may be adjusted for circumstances. They do not automatically obey the nova, but the nova gains +3 dice on any further social rolls. The addiction lasts for ( 10 - Willpower ) days, but may be maintained by spending a point of quantum with no further rolls. The nova does not need to be in the presence of the addicted individual, merely perceivable in some way. If this maintenance is repeated a number of times equal to the individual's willpower, or if the willpower resistance roll is botched, the effect is permanent.

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Re: Aberrant Compendium-

Well, you can find it in EON's Downloads page; just click on any of the 60+ enhancements (like "Hands of the Maker" or "Leverage") that are listed. You'll find it sooner or later. It's got some Q 6+ enhancements in there that you might want to look at.

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Looking at them:

Dragon's Foot- not bad. Essentially where I would have gone with this idea.

Fist of God- I'm leery of making it aggravated damage, but thats campaign specific issues. OTOH, why is Dragon's Foot a prereq? They don't seem that related.

Rugged- rather ridiculously unbalanced. Quartering damage *before* soak?! You could stand off a Q8 nova with that. The fact that it has five total levels is both unaesthetic and irrelevant for balance, as at the Q6+ level, 25 XP is not a big expenditure. IMO, to fix it, change it to three levels. First level halves bashing damage *after* soak. Second level quarters bashing, halves lethal. Third level quarters both. Ditch the physical damage special protection, and make it a generalized resistance bonus to all types of physiological damage.

Spark of Life- nice. In fact, there's a character in my campaign I can so see having this. OTOH, why can the individual heal agg in others better, but not himself?

Anodyne- similar to my Addictive Personality enhancement, though this is primarily helpful.

Not bad, but a very mixed set.

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Re: Dragon's Foot-

It's just the logical "next level" progression of Shockwave.

Re: Fist of God-

The reason why Dragon's Foot is a prerequisite for this is that it's the logical "next level" progression of the Dragon's Foot effect. This enhancement was specificaly made to givenovas the literal capability of throwing the "world-shattering blows" alluded to on the White Wolf Aeon forums by one Winterheart.

Re: Rugged-

That's not the kind of feedback I got on it when I first posted it - most folks around here thought that it was well-balanced, considering the total nova/experience point costs involved in taking it. Basically, it's a way to depict the levels of superhuman stamina exhibited by the likes of the Incredible Hulk.

Re: Spark of Life-

It's a matter of game balance. The "healing agg. damage via Healing & Biomanipulation as non-agg." only comes into effect if the nova also has dots of Healing or Biomanipulation, along with the required Quantum rating. Healing one's own aggravated damage as non-aggravated would rate an enhancement all on it's own, possibly as an advanced (Q6+?) version of the Regeneration enhancement.

Re: Anodyne-

Well, the addictive facet of Anodyne is a deletrious side-effect that only affects the weak-minded (WP 4 or less), so it doesn't overlap that much. that said, you might the Mega-Appearance aberrations in Aberrant: Forceful Personalities - there's a high-level aberration called "Addictive Visage" that sounds a lot like what you described.

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Re: Anodyne-

Also, theres an enhancement by Reighnhell that is similair.

Narcotic Persona (M-Cha):

Anything thing that is pleasurable is addictive.The Nova with this enhancement engenders a sense of well being so potent that those they interact with can become literally addicted to their presence.

System: To invoke this enhancement, the Nova must spend at least a hours worth of pleasant company with the target. The Nova then spends 1 Quantum and rolls Charisma+Mega-Charisma againt the targets Willpower. If successful, the target becomes addicted to being around the Nova for a number of Days equal to the Nova's total dots in Charisma+Mega-Charisma. A subject so effected loses 1 die from all pools for each day they go without interacting with the Nova for at least a hour. This of course allows the Nova to re-apply their addictive charm. The subject also suffers a +1 difficulty on any action that may endanger their ability to get a "fix".

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Yeah, I remember that. Not sure if he suggested it before or after the release of Forceful Personalities, though. He might've submitted it for that EON fanbook, but it didn't make it in. ::shrug

Ah well. If the good, unused stuff from this thread is ever distilled into another EON fanbook, I'd say that it still has a very good shot for making it in. ::cool

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The problem with Rugged, is that for relatively few points, you can effectively multiply your soak by four. *All* your soak. Yeah, it costs, but assuming a Mega Stamina of 5 going in ( not unreasonable for a Q6 character likely to get it ), it costs you 75 points to buy ( Stamina 6, Mega Sta 6, Rugged x5 ). Thats alot, yes, but it effectively quadruples all your soak, and gives a variety of other incidental benefits to boot.

Compare this to, say, a maxed out Q6 quantum bolt. If its bashing, it would do about 84 bashing. Rugged reduces that to 21 ( and without even needing the full five levels, to boot ). Thats low enough that the only other thing the nova needs to ping it is Resiliency x2 ( cheap at likely, with that much Mega Stamina ).

If its a lethal blast, its 72 lethal. After Rugged ( and again, not needing max ), its 18 lethal. The mega stamina alone reduces that to six dice of lethal with Resiliency x2, easily regeneratable. Thats ignoring Durability and any other defense power.

If its a supercharged q-bolt, the damage is 108 bashing or 96 lethal. With Rugged, thats down to 26 bashing or 24 lethal. Again, with double resiliency, easily soakable.

Compare this with, say, Armor. 5 dots of Armor costs as much as 5 dots of Mega Stamina. Mastering it costs 23 points, and taking the sixth dot costs another 35, for 58 total. Less than the full Rugged, admittedly. . . but only providing 36 soak. Even spending the remaining difference on ordinary mega stamina and enhancements. . . said character is going to get splattered by any of the above. Massively.

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The problem with Rugged, is that for relatively few points, you can effectively multiply your soak by four. *All* your soak. Yeah, it costs, but assuming a Mega Stamina of 5 going in ( not unreasonable for a Q6 character likely to get it ), it costs you 75 points to buy ( Stamina 6, Mega Sta 6, Rugged x5 ). Thats alot, yes, but it effectively quadruples all your soak, and gives a variety of other incidental benefits to boot.

If you feel it warrants it you could always state that each successive level of the enhancement requires a successive increase in mega-stamina.

m-sta 6 for rugged 1

m-sta 7 for rugged 2


You could instead place quantum, or even add node, requirements in the mix.

I personally see nothing wrong in a mega-stamina 10, quantum 9, fifth or sixth instar node nova being as tough as described by rugged 5. Heck, the color text for m-sta 5 starts out "missles practically bounce off your chest", and thats without enhancements!

I know the mechanics, but this is something I could see the Hulk having.

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Re: Rugged-

Well, it is an enhancement reserved strictly for those Quantum 6+, Mega-Stamina 6+ novas who also happen to have 2 levels of the Resilience enhancement. Really now, we are talking about Hulk-caliber novas (and/or aberrants) here people. ::laugh

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Even at Quantum 10, this is horribly broken. A maxed out Q10 quantum bolt does 1200 lethal, or 300 against maxed Rugged. Combine it with even just a couple dots of mastery 3 force field, and you have a character who will bounce even maxed out Q10 firepower.

The problem isn't that this is powerful. The problem is that, as written, it is almost as powerful as a free mastery 1 applied to every defense simultaneously, on top of any other mastery so applied. Raising the Q minimum to max it just ensures that it will be stacked with an even higher mastery level.

Again, example. Divis Mal throws a non-supercharged lethal quantum bolt at Ridiculous Man. 8 dots of mastery 2 qbolt does 220 lethal, or enough to make nukes seem insignificant. However, Ridiculous Man has Rugged, so he divides it by four. Instead of 220 lethal, he takes a 55 lethal hit. Lets say he has 1 dot of mastery 1 force field, and resiliency x2. That gives him a total soak of about. . . 55.

This one ability, with nothing added but pocket change, allows a character 2 Quantum less to ping one of Divis Mal's most powerful attacks. This sounds reasonable?

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I was giving some thought to the whole Rugged debate and here are some of my (admittedly late night) musings.

Rugged seems to be being compared to both Armor and Invunerability, both Q1. Rugged is essentially a Q6 power, so lets take a look at some Q6 versions of Armor and Invulnerability to really see how they stack up.

Armor (Q6 version):

Since the Q1 version provides +3 soak (bashing and lethal) per dot, lets assume that its +3 soak per Q. Therefore our Q6 version would provide +18 soak per dot.

*At 5 dots that is +90 soak.

*I wuld suggest that the Superheavy extra (modified for Q6) would add +1 soak per Q, or +6. This would give us +24 soak per dot, or +120 soak at 5 dots.

*Add the Mastery 1 extra to double the value and you have +240 soak.

*A full (all successes) powermax increases this to +246 soak.


Invunerability (Q6 version):

The Q1 version privides +6 soak, so lets assume that its +6 per Q. This meaing the Q6 version gets you +36 soak per dot.

* At 5 dots that is +180 soak.

*Mastery 1 increases this to +360 soak.

*Powermax would increase this to +366 soak.


Not too shabby soak adds. Now consider that a maxed out Rugged is essentially 5 dots of a Q6 defense power.

I would also like to point out something concerning the whole defense versus really strong Q-Bolt arguement: Q-Bolt is also a Q1 power. IMHO a Q1 power should have a major battle to get through a Q6 defense power, no matter who is using it. The fact that Mal is so ridiculously powerful is the only reason a Q-Bolt would have a chance (his Q8 bringing it up).

Think of it this way.... Fire a BB at tank armor and its just going to bounce off normally. But it is possible to put enough force behind that BB to get through that armor. This is how I see a Q1 attack power against a Q6 defense.

If you want to put a Q6 nova with the Q6 defense of Rugged 5 in his place, use a Q6 attack power.

Just the way I see it....

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Um, huh?

There are no such powers. Your inventing out of thin air.

The Q6 variant of Armor, *is* Armor, except with Mastery 1 tagged on. Likewise for the other defensive powers.

I have no clue where your coming up with that there would be such powers. For starters, they would totally kill game balance even at the Q5< level, and make all the lower quantum versions redundant.

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Q6 Defenses:

Armor (6 dots) (3 soak per dot): 18 soak.

With Mastery: 36 soak.

INV (6 dots) (6 soak per dot): 36 soak

With Mastery: 72 soak.

Forcefield with lots of Mega-Stamina can give something like 20 soak,

With Mastery: 40 soak.

Misc Other issues:

1) A powermax could add +8 soak to Armor (SuperHeavy with Mastery).

2) A powermax could add another BC to INV.

Moving to the Q6 attacks:

Q-Bolt (6 dots, Bashing) does 24[18] or 42 damage.

With Mastery: 48[36] or 84 damage.

Rugged's soak is thus 63 (three quarters of 84) against this attack.

RE: Conclusion

IMHO where Rugged is *seriously* broken is where it interacts with other defenses. A soak of 63 for a Q6 defensive power is fine. Letting it multiply the effects of all your other defenses by 4 is less so. That's basically allowing you to put two extra levels of Mastery on your existing powers, even powers that already have Mastery.

Rugged should apply after defenses, not before.

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There are no such powers. Your inventing out of thin air.

I know I was pulling them out of the air, I did so to illustrate a point. It had nothing to do with a Q6 nova using a Q1 defense power (like Armor). It was to give an example of how a defense power designed for Q6 minimum might look, just using Armor or Invunerability for reference.

The Q6 variant of Armor, *is* Armor, except with Mastery 1 tagged on. Likewise for the other defensive powers.

I disagree. I say a Q6 nova using the extra Mastery 1 on Armor is still using a Q1 power, just supercharged. The mastered Armor is still Q1 minimum, its just raised to effective level 3.

I'm talking about a power designed from at the start to be Q6 minimum. IMHO it would be substantially better at base power than any Q1 power, Rugged is designed to be Q6 minimum from the beginning.

Take a look at Q-Inferno for a moment, its basically a Q10 version of Q-Bolt. We'll use a single dot of each here, and bashing damage.

Q-Bolt (Q1 minimum):

*At Q10 with Mastery 3 (x20 effect) it would cause 680 dice of damage {[(Q10 x 3) + (1 dot x 4)] x 20 (Mastery 3)}

*With >ONLY< Mastery 2 the dice drop to 170, 320 if you used Supercharge. Without any mastery your damage dice fall to 34.

Thats majorly impressive, no doubt.

Q-Inferno (Q10 minimum)

*Now we get 550 dice of damage from just the base power [(Q10 + 1 dot) x 50]. If you added a single application of Mastery you'd have to multiply that by 2, giving you 1100 dice.

Q-Bolt at Q10 and 1 dot gives only 34 dice, Q-Inferno at 1 dot gives 550 dice. Those are base values. My point, again, is that the quantum minimum for a power has a great effect on the base effectiveness of that power, so comparing a Q1 defense power like Armor to a Q6 defense power like Rugged is just not feasible.

Stick a supercharger on a Model-T ford and its still not going to win against a Ferrari.


I think we are just going to end up disagreeing here. BTW: I personally think Q-Inferno is broken, but its Q10 so go figure.

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The problem is, the power system simply doesn't work that way. The differences between the various Q1-5 minimum powers are qualitative, not quantitative. Quantum Bolt, for ex, is Q1 min, whereas Elemental Mastery is Q5 min. Nonetheless, Quantum Bolt does a whole lot more damage than Elemental Mastery. The reason is simple: the higher quantum minimum is about having a broader scope, more versatile or useful power.

Even at Q6 and above, when Mastery becomes available, the new powers are not simply stronger versions of old ones, but powers with entirely new properties. Even ones with rough analogues, like Quantum Inferno, have new properties ( such as damage per area ).

All in all, there really are only four tiers of major quantitative difference in powers: 1-5, 6-7, 8-9, and 10.

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Mastery is the "Q6 min" power.

Compare Q-Inferno to Q-Bolt + Mastery x3, (680 vs 550) the amount of raw damage they do is compariable.

Q-Inferno is by far the more dangerous thing to be throwing around, but in terms of raw damage they are roughly the same.

This implies that a Q6 min version of Armor simply isn't needed. Worse, going from Q1 to Q5 generally increases the amount of versitility you have, not raw soak or damage. This also implies that a Q6 min version of Armor isn't needed.

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