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  1. So, as the GM, thought I might poke my head in and mention that, the game has continued, and a lot of stuff has happened. Some highlights: -A "sidequest" involving Rose's friends in MSF leads to Rose and John rescuing some elite warfare watchdogs from a kill team in Africa -The meeting with Sophia Rousseau went. . . well, it went. Leading to a meet up with Dr Worm, that did not go so well. It involved Dr Worm being wrapped in several tons of structural steel and being dragged into the sky above NYC -The party got to meet several of Rose's relatives at the charity banquet. It was not love at first sight ( well, okay, for Senator Charlotte McGowan, it probably was once she got a look at Justinian, ahem ). Her grandfather in particular drew Justinian's carefully calibrated megasocial ire, for being a more or less complete monster. -The biggy: At the party, an agent of their unknown enemy was caught spying on them, and captured. This lead to an exchange of secret messages that started with threats of doom, and ended with pleas of forgiveness. Things got more depressing once they interrogated the prisoner, who seemed a nice enough woman underneath the fanatic dedication and/or absolute indoctrination. She really seems to want to help and reach out to them, there just are some things she can't say or even hint at because those secrets matter more than her life. But hey! They just received what looks to be a secure communications device from their unknown enemy! It seems like he(?) wants to talk more substantially!
  2. Yeah, I think thats more than a tad insane. IMO, a "shred" type power should either be done as a touch range Disintegrate, or as a simple lethal damage effect, depending on whether you want to bypass physical durability or not.
  3. I suspect the real reason was "it required a bigger budget that they were willing to pay for the return." They put crap on the air regularly, yes, but genre shows cost a lot more to make than your typical comedy or drama. Somebody elsewhere suggested that what a super hero TV show really needs is to be an HBO series. High budget, high production values, and good writing, all operating on a different marketing paradigm than network TV. "Phillip Coulson, Agent of SHIELD", anyone?
  4. According to everyone I've heard or read, the 3D isn't worth it anyway. Post production and not very good.
  5. It could have used with maybe a few more or longer battle sequences, but that's about it. Otherwise, it was excellent. Amazing job by nearly every actor involved.
  6. Originally Posted By: OuroborosI hope they get this right. Not because I'm some huge fan of Captain America, but because each time one of Marvel's movies hits it out of the park it brings with it better chances that WB will wake up and do the same with a DC character not named Batman or Superman. I'm really, really doubtful. Marvel has had commercially successful movies for over a decade. And yet, aside from the fluke of Nolan helming the Batman reboot, DC has. . . what, Smallville? Superman Returns? I don't think its a matter of DC not caring about its movies, I think its a problem of DC having a malignancy in their development process that prevents them from copying Marvel's success. I'm not sure what, exactly.
  7. I favor the "you can only buy it once" view. If you want to be able to do ten different things at once, you don't buy multiple body mods. You supplement your Extra Arms with lots of Mega Dex and Mega Wits.
  8. Its not a *totally* impossible alternate scenario, but Q10 Divis Mal is a tad bit beyond even Malfeas in power. Also, I don't really see it being *that* likely that Mal would end up in Malfeas' place, personality wise, but being fair, I subscribe to a brighter view of Mal than the average.
  9. There's also the fact that the Unconquered Sun has an established characterization and origin. And even the version that Holden Shearer is busy ruining forever and turning into a horrible twisted mockery is incompatible with "is really Divis."
  10. I have a very definite least favorite: the Devas. Writer of that material didn't even *pretend* to try and make it fit with all the others. I suspect only editorial oversight kept him from decreeing Brahman the one true creator of the cosmos.
  11. Honestly, I'd drop the Quantum minimum. If you are willing to do a power max to get the extra earlier, that seems fine by me. Especially since you'd basically have to burn most or all your WP pool to do so.
  12. I think as written, that's too weak for level 2. It'd *probably* work as a level 1 power, except I suspect it'd be too abusable in a low level game.
  13. OTOH, the change to how Impervious works is just plain a bad idea. Its now nerfed to the point of uselessness.
  14. I love you guys, but I don't think I can jump start this game. Its not you, its the way I think and GM. Sorry. *looks around* At least the forum transfer succeeded. . .
  15. I think so. Honestly, I've learned a lesson here: I can't GM pbp. The pace kills my ability to maintain creative focus.
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