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Trinity Universe: Dreams of Dragons OOC

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Dr Flesch is the acting Chief Medical Officer, whilst Tom is currently 'to be assigned duties'. Of course, the Captain is well within his rights to alter either or both of those positions if he so wishes. On the same subject, he's also within his rights to assign duties to the few people on board who aren't currently doing anything productive (like a few of the VIPs & Mr Mendez).

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Now that we're unlikely to get any more players for the game, I can add a few more details about the Kai Xing:

Length: 1,200 meters

Beam: 650 meters

Number of Decks: 26

Mass: 320,000 metric tons

Weapons: Four turret mounted heavy laser canons (dorsal port & starboard, ventral port & starboard), & two missile bays (one fore, one aft)

Vehicle Bays: Two fighter bays (each held three Orgotek Locust Fighter Cs, but are currently empty), two shuttle bays (each holds three Banji Falcon hybrids, currently in various states of canibilisation)

Cargo Bays: Total capacity of 180,000 metric tons divided between numerous bays (currently holds the Nippon VARG squard & their support gear, ship provisions, mission-related scientific equipment, three Orgotek Cicada ATVs, a dozen Orgotek Mantis CLs - for moving cargo, three Bisai Assault Skimmers, ten Shendai LightRiders, spare parts - what's left of them, medical supplies, & various miscellaneous stuff)

Standard Crew Compliment: 240 (although a freighter-class vessel can usuallly be run by as little as 10 people, or 30 if three shifts are allowed for, a Leviathan like the Kai Xing has a lot more engineers, security personel, scientists, etc., & medical officers to take care of them all)

Maximum Number of Passengers: 150 (after that things get both uncomfortable, & rather taxing to the biotech life-support)

Current Crew Compliment: 88 (some were left behind when the ship jumped - fighter pilots, Scarab crews & the like, but around 100 were killed in the attack)

Current Passenger Count: 98

Areas of Note

Bridge (crew stations for command, piloting, communications, astrogation, security / tactics, engineering) - the briefing room is off one side of the bridge, the Captain's office if off the other

Engineering (the largest single 'crewed' area of the ship - includes access to the hyper-fusion reactors & other key systems, as well as fully-equiped workshop facilities)

Sick Bay

ARES Chamber


Astrogation lab

Hydroponics bay (suppliments ship's provisions, but mostly for transporting plant specimens)

Science section (a variety of well equiped labs)

Dining hall (with both manual & automated cooking facilities)

Captain's dining room (a smaller dining room for official functions & the like)


Lounge (a general recreation area - yes, it does have a bar...)

Holosim suites (for recreation & training, each is a small chamber with a holosim bodysuit & HUD unit - the individual units can be linked to share sims)

Cabins (ranging from rather luxurious suites for the Captain & top VIPs, down to two or three person occupancy rooms for the general crew)

Current Crew (by rank)

Rank 5

Acting Captain Ran, Ao-Xing (male, usual rank 4) - The Ministry

Rank 4

Acting Navigator Foxley, Sarah (female, usual rank 3) - ISRA

[First & Second Officer positions are currently unfilled - making the Captain's job very difficult indeed]

Rank 3

Security Chief Simon, Randall (male) - The Legions

Acting Chief Engineer Vinge, Sean (male, usual rank 2) - Norça

Rank 2

VARG commander Hiro, Hiromi (female) - Nippon VARG Cavalry

Master Gunner Gamba, Rashid (male) - UAN

Physics specialist Hemangini, Bina (female) - Indian League

Biology specialist Fernandez, Esteban (male) - Brazil

Chemistry specialist Yuan, Hu (male) - China

Quartermaster Baha, Zuber (male) - UAN

Rank 1

Senior Engineer Crenshaw, Lila-Grace (female) - Orgotek

Senior Engineer Choi, Joon-hu (male) - Korea

Senior Engineer Park, Dae-du (male) - Korea

VARG Pilot Fujimoto, Shinji (male) - Nippon VARG Cavalry

VARG Pilot Kato, Takeo (male) - Nippon VARG Cavalry

VARG Pilot Matsumura, Kenji (male) - Nippon VARG Cavalry

VARG Pilot Nakada, Akio (male) - Nippon VARG Cavalry

VARG Pilot Chiba, Akemi (female) - Nippon VARG Cavalry

VARG Tech Endo, Junzo (male) - Nippon VARG Cavalry

VARG Tech Ishida, Yoshio (male) - Nippon VARG Cavalry

VARG Tech Odaka, Masami (male) - Nippon VARG Cavalry

Senior Security Officer Salvadore, Pedro (male) - United Nations

Senior Security Officer Hernandez, Angelina (female) - Argentina

Senior Security Officer Smith, John (male) - United Nations

Senior Security Officer Upanshu, Ashok (male) - Indian League

Lab Tech Ranjana, Nisha (female) - Indian League

Lab Tech Kashore, Dalila (female) - UAN

Lab Tech Wright, Robert (male) - FSA

Senior Crewman Sabir, Mary (female) - UAN

Senior Crewman Tajamali, Kanoro (male) - UAN

Senior Crewman Oba, Fehed (male) - UAN

Senior Crewman Bhagat, Rajan (male) - Indian League

Senior Crewman Domingos, Falco (male) - Brazil

Senior Crewman Fernando, Fia (female) - Argentina

Senior Crewman Li, Yu (male) - China

Senior Crewman Jo, Kum-ja (female) - Korea

Senior Crewman Davison, Gregory (male) - European Commonwealth

Senior Crewman Jackson, Franklin (male) - FSA

Senior Crewman Bester, Adam (male) - European Commonwealth

Senior Crewman Clark, Jack (male) - United Nations

Rank 0

Engineer Moon, Mi-na (female) - Korea

Engineer Moon, Su-dae (female) - Korea

Engineer Kim, Shin-cho (male) - Korea

Engineer Popo, Ezenachu (male) - UAN

Engineer Nalongo, Imara (female) - UAN

Engineer Kamal, Hari (male) - Indian League

Pilot Delroso, Xan (male) - Brazil

Pilot Lamberto, Guido (male) - European Commonwealth

Pilot Paka, Lina (female) - UAN

Gunner Gangesh, Tarak (male) - Indian League

Gunner An, Hyoung-zoo (male) - Korea

Gunner Bullit, Jake (male) - FSA

Gunner Menandro, Enzio (male) - Peru

Gunner Lothlorien, Consuela (female) - Argentina

Gunner Enyonyam, Hala (female) - UAN

Security Officer Chaha, Jafari (male) - UAN

Security Officer Wamwara, Iregi (male) - UAN

Security Officer Mashavu, Jamila (female) - UAN

Security Officer Lakshman, Devesh (male) - Indian League

Security Officer Constanzo, Roberto (male) - United Nations

Security Officer Green, Paul (male) - United Nations

Crewman Batuuli, Abla (female) - UAN

Crewman Chiwa, Gerda (female) - UAN

Crewman Dakarai, Badawi (male) - UAN

Crewman Sarhaan, Haidar (male) - UAN

Crewman Premal, Nalin (male) - Indian League

Crewman Indrani, Bala (female) - Indian League

Crewman Dundee, Clive (male) - Australia

Crewman Koldo, Zolin (male) - Brazil

Crewman Bandini, Jax (male) - United Nations

Crewman Ba, Loo (male) - China

Crewman Chen, Haifeng (male) - China

Crewman Fang, Min (female) - China

Crewman Jiang, Feng (male) - China

Crewman Fogg, David (male) - United Nations

Crewman Kensington, Elizabeth (female) - European Commonwealth

Crewman Black, Kurt (male) - FSA

Crewman Langley, Pauline (female) - United Nations

Crewman Tucker, William (male) - Australia

Crewman Longham, Andrew (male) - Australia

Crewman Booker, Sheri (female) - Australia

Crewman Sung, Ho-jun (male) - Korea

Crewman N'degwa, Abasi (male) - UAN

Crewman Omorose, Tamaa (female) - UAN

Crewman Manjubala, Kamini (female) - Indian League

Crewman Lupo, Kyla (female) - Peru

Crewman Huetzin, Rosetta (female) - United Nations

Crewman Russel, Domina (female) - United Nations

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Prof, that was an awesome post. Knowing the names and basic ranks of everyone aboard is really cool for Chief Simon!

All the ship info is cool too, I had no idea we had holosuites for recreation, that's awesome.

The sad part is how low on security staff the ship is, Randall's going to be busy training temporary replacements. Yikes!

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You know how those little green aliens in Toy Story worship "The Claw"? Well, I bow down before Prof in the same way "oooing" and "awwing" and pointing in awe saying "The Proooofff"

::praying ::prof2 ::prof1 ::praying

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ROFL, yes. We bow in awe.

For the record, Sean currently has Crenshaw, Choi, Park, and himself on 6-hour shift rotations.

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And I think Flesch should be in the Rank 3 spot as well as Chief Medical Officer. Or is he purposely omitted? (I know my character is out since he's just UN personnel)

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And Flesch isn't part of the crew as such, either. He's acting Chief Medical Officer, without really being an officer at all. And for some reason I have a feeling he doesn't like taking orders... ::rolleyes

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Gunner Jake Bullit has got to rise to herodom at some point... ::tongue

Btw Phoenix, Prof said the hybrids are in various states of cannibalisation, I'm sure you could make one or two (maybe even more) work by taking whatever's missing from the other hybrids.

Has the "burial" ceremony taken place yet? Have we dumped the bodies?

100 out of 300 is quite a lot of dead...I don't think Chief Simon really needs to worry THAT much about security. There aren't that many security officers but then you only have to watch 200 people (until the next abbie strikes... ::unsure )

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I'll get round to listing the non-crew people on board eventually (both mission personnel, like Tom & Flesch, & guests, like Simon & Alex).

In a parallel yet OOC question, Prof, how do those in favor of going planetside plan to do so when all the hybrids have been canniballized? Is it possible for the ship to spare the necessary equipment?

Like Ezekiel says, it should be possible to get a couple of the hybrids working again - with a little time & effort on the part of the engineering staff. Repairing the Kai Xing was a priority, & resulted in anything useful being ripped apart, but now that that's done (more or less), the engineers could further canibilise the hybrids to get enough parts to fix a couple of them. As the bio-ware components of the Levathan are self-healing (to a certain extent), it may also be possible to eventually retrieve hardtech components that were 'jury-rigged' into the ship to bridge gaps in the biotech caused by the damage to the ship.

Also, what's the best bet for gathering information about the planet on a relatively broad scale (such as deciding on a landing spot, looking at native life, etc.)? Are there telescopes on board capable of that, or would Foxley perform better with a simple ARES session?

Normal ship sensors (hardtech) are limited to the speed of light, & include Trinity-era versions of radar, laser-scanning, thermal imaging & the like, as well as the all important LANSA (Light Amplification Nuclear Scanning Array) used to detect variations in the weak & strong nuclear forces (i.e. Taint radiation). The closer the ship gets to the planet, the better the information & greater detail those sensors can pick-up. However, stuff like accurate atmospheric composition requires an actual sample of the atmosphere (although a certain amount can be deduced by other factors).

Psionic sensing transcends the light barrier (due to the particular properties of psions), but detail & range depends on the Psion in question's skills. Using the MARS & ARES Foxley can have a huge Attunement range, but her other senses are still rather limited.

So, the best bet for gathering information about the planet is to go there - either in the Kai Xing, in a Hybrid, or to send a remote probe - & to conduct scans & tests from a closer range.

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In that case, how long will it take for the Kai Xing to get into orbit around the planet assuming the Captain decides not to attempt a jump? Additionally, how long will it take for Engineering to reconstruct a hybrid and make a probe?

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A previous post said "the better part of six weeks". So depending on how much downtime passed I'd say about five weeks.

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Yep, five weeks sounds about right.

As for the hybrid or probe - that all depends on how many people / how much resources are devoted to such a project, & how well that project is led & executed (i.e. the success of any rolls involved). A lot less than five weeks though, in any case. It'd be more like a couple of days, max', to get a single hybrid up & running, or a few days to build a probe - but that also depends on what capabilities you'd want such a probe to possess (how fast it reaches the planet, what sensory capacity it has, what it's SI can do, etc.). Building a probe would require things like Computer rolls to program the SI as well, whereas restoring a hybrid just involves a bit of Engineering skill to replace the bits previously stolen. On the other hand, a probe can (theoretically) be constructed to travel a lot faster than a hybrid, because a) it has less mass, but more importantly B) it's acceleration wouldn't be limited by having easily damaged 'biologicals' on board (Trinity doesn't have 'inertial dampers' or similar technologies after all).

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Chief Simon coughs slightly. "Captain, now that the decision has been made to visit the planet, may I be excused to return to my duties? If we are going to get closer to that planet soon, I'll need to speed up some of the gunner training I've got on the schedule."

You know what that means...training with Gunner Jake Bullit!!

*Cue theme song*

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Walking briskly, Randall arrives at the gym ahead of Hiro, and runs through a quick series of warmup exercises and stretches before she arrives.

Remind me to never discuss anything with Chief Simon in the gym...

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Boy, I bet there's a certain Brazilian reporter who wouldn't mind getting some vid of Chief Simon and Hiro's upcoming match... ::devilangel

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Hey Xem, welcome aboard...


Just curious, did you ask Prof to join?

Hey there ezekiel. Yes I did ask Prof Potts if I could join and he approved my character, so no worries about me crashing the party. ::biggrin

And hello to everyone else. If you haven't seen my other post I'll be playing Zhao Quan [family name- given name], an Orgotek businessman [hopefully] turned crewmember.


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Hey there ezekiel. Yes I did ask Prof Potts if I could join and he approved my character, so no worries about me crashing the party.


I wasn't that worried..from your post I could see that you had at least read the thread. (instead of just the last few posts) It being your first post I just wondered if you'd thought to contact prof.

Understand though that no matter how good your gunsmanship is, I'll always favor Lt. Jake Bullit... ::wink

The most famous NPC who never had any threadtime...

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Unless Ran has a few more mode dots than I know about, his telepathic conversation is between him & Tom only. It takes 5 dots of Mindshare to link with multiple minds in the core book, & at least 4 dots even when using the Freeform rules. He could use a level 1 effect to allow everyone else to understand him via seemingly meaningless words or gestures, but nothing complex / technical (like the conversation in question), & they still couldn't secretly understand each other - they'd understand Ran & ran would understand them, & that's it.

Even though the Freeform tables all list the whole range of possible effect parameters, a character is still limited by what their specific modes permit them to do. E.g. Ran can't sink 5 successes into the 'subjects' parameter & expect to use Mindshare on 7 people at once if the power doesn't allow linking to multiple minds at the level he possesses.

I know it may be inconvenient, but I afraid the characters can only do what they can do... ::confused

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Couldn't Sean or Crenshaw just deactivate audio pickup in the conference room like in any science fiction movie? 'Course then we need to cover our mouths as we speak 'cause we all know what happens when computers read lips...

"I'm sorry Dave but I'm afraid I can't do that."

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Well, we'd better clear this up 'cause my character is either waiting for the Captain's response or will answer Crenshaw's if audio pickup was disabled...can't post 'til I have one or the other...

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[Er... Don't they? Or was it just the Prof who insisted on having one on this ship?  ]

I don't think your being on board had anything to do with tesser relations...did it? Or was there another ministry agent on board who died?

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IIRC it was more a case of the Chinese government insisting that they had one of their own on-board & in a command position. A political thing really.

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Just thought I'd give a general congratulations to the players in Dreams of Dragons for the excellent character development bits (e.g. the various banter & minicomp' agent scenes) that have been posted - all round impressive & enjoyable stuff. ::thumbsup

Keep up the good work guys. ::biggrin

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::blush Thanks!

I'd also like to echo that for Mephisto.

And Knave said, "Let there be comic relief!"

And there was Mephisto, and Knave saw that the c. r. was good. ::priest ::prof1

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Lol... Course Lila sold her soul to a comic bunny devil... you were expecting something else?!?! ::crazy ::devilangel ::laugh

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Right, just a few words about Psion powers & FreeForm. I know some people don't have access to the TPG (& that I can't just post copies of all the relevant bits without getting sued by WW), & that there are always options & stuff that different STs do differently, so I thought I'd try to give a better impression of what the characters can actually do.

First up, apart from a few minor changes, the relevant effects for the various Mode levels in the core book all work pretty much as written. Two of the bigger 'minor changes' include: Biokinetic effects take several minutes per level if the Psion wants to avoid taking damage from the shift (shifting in a single turn inflicts 1 die of unsoakable Bashing per level of effect), although each dot in Adaptation the character possesses reduced this damage (by 1 die per dot in Adaptation); Vitakinetic effects also take up to two scenes to achieve (but can be speeded via extra successes).

If a power would has a Psi cost listed in the core book for it's particular level, then that 'base cost' is also required to trigger the power in the FreeForm system. E.g. the first dot of the Emapthy Mode doesn't have a base cost to trigger, but the first dot of Iatrosis has a base cost of 1 Psi.

The minimum number of successes (on the Psi roll) for any effect equals the level of the effect attempted.

A character's highest Mode rating indicates his overall power in his Aptitude. A character can use all his Aptitude's Modes to a level equal to his highest Mode, but at a difficulty of +1 per dot he lacks, & +2 extra if he has zero dots in that Mode. E.g. a Biokinetic with three dots in Psychomorphing & no other Modes could attempt to use a level three Transmogrify effect, but would need 3 (base successes needed for a level 3 effect) + 3 (the number of Transmogrify Mode dots he falls short of the needed amount) + 2 ('cos he doesn't have any Transmogrify dots) = 8 successes just to get the minumum needed to trigger the effect.

Extra succeses over & above the minimum required to trigger the effect can be spent on improving it's various parameters (Targets, Duration, Range & Result).

A character can spend extra Psi on an effect (beyond the minimum required to trigger a power) to gain an extra 2 successes per Psi spent. A single Willpower point can also be spent for an extra 2 successes. Technically a character rolls for the effect first, then decides if they need / want to boost it with Psi & / or Willpower afterwards (& after the target has rolled any allowed resistence dice pool to reduce the effect), but to speed things up in an on-line game I suggest that people mention the minimum result they want, & the maximum Psi they're willing to spend on the effect. A failed effect always costs a minimum of 1 Psi in any case.

Effects can be anything covered by the Modes the character can access (but not anything beyond their power, naturally). E.g. Psychomorphing 2 covers internal changes to the Psion's body, so can be used for anything from self-healing to gaining low-light vision, to strengthing bones; it couldn't be used to grow wings (since that's a Transmogrify effect), or to alter someone else's internal biology (since that's a level 5 effect). Some effects require combined Modes (such as combining Telekinesis & Cryokinesis to manipulate & freeze water into an ice sculpture). Combined effects are no more difficult that the effect level they're used at (presuming the character has all the required Mode dots for the effect).

Characters can master specific effects for the cost of 2 XP per effect level (e.g. a specific level 3 effect, like using Electromanipulation 3 to improve one's own Intelligence, would cost 6 XP to master). Mastered effects can be used at -2 difficulty.

Characters can invest Psi in long-term (i.e. constant / permanent) effects. An invested effect costs 1 Psi (beyond the basic cost of the effect) which cannot be regained until the effect is cancelled (i.e. it's being used to power the effect in question). Invested effects can't raise Attributes & Abilities above human maximums, & can provide no more than basic extra-sensory effects. A character can invest in a maximum number of effects at one time equal to her highest Mode score. A character can turn off an invested effect at will (& then regains that point of temporary Psi as per normal). E.g. a Legionnaire could use Telekinesis 3 to form a barrier over a normal-sized doorway, & spend an extra Psi to invest in that effect. The Legionnaire could then leave the area (even travel across the universe), & the barrier would remain until the guy chose to cancel the effect (which he could do even if he was a zillion light years away), or he died. Obviously invested effects seldom need a great deal of successes in the Duration parameter.

Biokinesis powers have their own special little bonus for invested effect - Psi points invested in Biokinesis effects return after three days, even if the effect isn't cancelled. So a Norça could use Psychomorphing 2 to give himself low-light vision, spend the extra Psi to invest the effect, but regain that Psi point after three days whilst still retaining his low-light vision. In effect, Biokinesis allows a character to make permanent changes to their own noetic template. Cool, huh? ::cool

Psions can also use teamwork when attempting effects. Usually this requires all the Psions involved to be using the same effect (like a squad of five Legionnaires using Pyrokinesis 3 to cause an explosion), but different Psi effects directed towards the same end could also benefit from teamwork (like a Vitakinetic & a Biokinetic co-ordinating Iatrosis & Psychomorphing to heal the Biokinetic's wounds). In such a case all the characters' Psi roll successes, spent Psi successes, & spent Willpower successes are added together before being applied to the desired effect's difficulty. I'm guessing this is how the Legionnaires can actually kill aberrants...

::squid ::m60

Bioapps tend to add their bonuses to specific aspects of specific effects (if they don't generate a specific effect in any case).


I hope that's all understandable (& helpful), & that it's not so detailed that I end up getting sued. ::wink

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Jane Bartlett strides purposefully down a corridor.

"Lt, I'd like directions to the quarters of the Aberrant please, listed under Barbera Boon most likely. Interface with the ship if you have to, but keep it quiet."

A few moments pass, and Jane changes direction......

Archer, please tell me those quarters are securely sealed off...?

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