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  1. Hmm... it just occured to me as I posted my (much delayed and not really very long, I admit) reply in the game, that what we should have had in this situation is some kind of remote camera/probe or something. Being away from my books (in Edinburgh, actually! ::biggrin ) I can't remember if that's pretty commonplace or not.
  2. "Since you volunteer..." Edmund replies, hefting his own rifle, "...after you." As George proceeds down the stairs, the former VARG pilot follows, covering the angles George leaves to him. He still isn't quite used to going into a sharp situation without a couple of tons of armour, but doesn't seem overly troubled by the lack of Big Guns. "Here's to not looking like tits..." Edmund mutters.
  3. Hey, guys. Sorry for the absence. Been really busy working two jobs the last month or so, and what inspiration and excess writing energy I've had, I've poured into another writing project. For some reason this has made it seem impossible to come online and post now and then. It isn't, of course. Still got a bit more work than I'd like this weekend, but I'll get off my ass and get active again. You have my word as a make-believe officer and gentleman.
  4. I don't think the blame for that is all yours, Knave. I think it's about what expectations we all have of the game, and it shows how important it is to agree on what sort of story we're playing. I know I have a hard time getting motivated when the CSI-element of any story grows out of hand, which is the main reason my posting frequency has been catastrophic lately. I personally think we've deviated too far from the original idea of a grit, horror and xenophobia themed 00-style story, but I'm sure we can make it work. ::smile
  5. In my opinion, the solution to your having to abort actions and do nothing problem is simple: Require less detail in the descriptions before resolution. Say 'I'll hit one of them with my Q-Bolt' or 'I'm attacking', not 'I'll take the guy with the funny hat'. Stay flexible. Yes, there will be times where you're out of options, but that's just the way it goes. In general, though, staying flexible will help combat scenes run more smoothly and let everyone show off their characters well. Action declarations are there to give the ST and the other players a rogh outline of the turn to come, not to constrain and limit the heroes. Personally, I think the multiple action rules are simple and easy to use, but it takes some practice. Maybe doing some simple combat test runs is a good idea? No roleplaying, just testing the system and get used to the mechanics?
  6. Edmund - who's got no objections to George's requesting a psion of their own - hangs back as the Swiss gets back on his feet and starts his examination. He tries to pay attention, but isn't quite capable of following the young doctor's more academic comments. "So this confirms that we are dealing with an actual aberrant, then?" Edmund asks. As he listens to the lecture and tries to make as much sense out of it as he can, Edmund uses the doctor's comments to try and piece together his own image of the person who did this, taking into account such things as comments on build, physical requirements, noteworthy bruises on the bodies and other physical factors, as well as observations on the killer's psyche. He also asks Moneypenny if there are other reports on double strangulation cases - and other odd observations Vogel mentions - mostly to rule it out. [And this is where my own investigative skills draw a blank. Does any of this ring any further bells to Edmund?] ,, "We will deal with the threat, Dr Vogel. You just help us find it." "Speaking of which, since psions' sensing ranges differ. How close do you have to be to spot it, do you think? And if it is in fact an aberrant.. will it be able to sense you as well?"
  7. - - Live feed. Got to do a field test at some point. - - As Edmund subvocalizes the reply to George's question, he out of old habit glances at his wristwatch. The Spatial Awareness Radar Application/Hud springs to life in the corner of his eye, telling him all the basics he needs to know about his immediate vicinity. As they're led to Dr Fraser he lets the agent find the best way to combine his own data with George's video.
  8. Edmund nods and stands up, adjusting the jacket of his suit as he heads for the door. He'll sign whatever paperwork is required to take the swiss out of custody, and in a firm but polite manner asks the sergeant to take them all to inspect the bodies and see Dr Fraser.
  9. Edmund holds the doctor's gaze for a moment - to the extent that his gaze carries any weight at all when compared to Reynalds' shark's grin - but lets the comment slide, for now. "That is what 'we require your assistance' generally means, yes." Edmund replies, letting his own slowly fragmenting patience show for a moment. Edmund gives a brief nod in reply, an attentive but impassive look on his face. A smile breaks the ice on Edmund's features, and he straightens up again. "Now you're cooperating. Very good. Your demands are slightly misplaced and premature, though. I told you from the start that we have no intention of detaining you longer than we have to. The more helpful you are, the sooner you can be rid of our company and on your way home or wherever you would like to go. Is that understood?" "I assume the chance of you recognizing this 'voice' will increase if you are allowed to examine the bodies again?"
  10. Ok, my turn... Which game do you like the most? Why? Do you like the Power options, the world, the system? Do you like playing someone world shaking, flawed, interesting? Adventure, definitely, with Trinity a close second. I love adventure for its mood, its endless story possibilities, the incredible fun I've had with playing and ST'ing pulp action, but most of all actually because of the system. Inspiration and dramatic editing are easily the most ingenious rules element I've ever seen in a mainstream, commercial rpg. It opens up a world of possibilities for players to affect the story in new ways, and when used right makes the stories fantastically entertaining. It's also the one game of the three that most helps player groups make a conscious decision about what kind of mood and style they want to play. What kind of game do you like the most? Politics? Social? Combat? In Adventure it needs to be action, adventure and mysteries, of course. Politics always play a part in the stories I play, cause it's always a factor in people's lives, blatantly or subtly. In a game that aims for some degree of social realism, politics are more important than in a high suspension of disbelief setting. Action is always important too, but not necessarily direct combat. What's the most interesting character you've played or seen / read played? Why? Tough one. Because my regular play groups are slow in moving on to the Trinity-verse, most of the characters I've both seen and played are here on this site. All the characters I've liked the most, though, are people who have internal conflicts and some kind of growth and development through the story. Thrillseeker forced to take responsibility, mercenary who discovers some things beyond money matter after all. It's of course a paradox that here I've played Aberrant the most, but I've only ever tried it once offline.
  11. Just wanted to apologize for my slowness the last week or so. Was best man in a big-ass wedding this past weekend, and there was a bit of planning, organizing, travelling and drinking involved. Stuff like that tends to get a lot of focus... ::beer30
  12. Edmund leans back and lets George take the lead in the first part of the interview, taking mental notes and focusing on reading Vogel's reactions as best he can. As he senses Vogel's impatience growing he leans forward a bit in his seat, still watching him intently. Edmund raises a slightly offended eyebrow at the good doctor's attitude, clearing his throat as a subtle reminder to the swiss to mind his manners. "I've been to France, Dr Vogel, and other places, and I've seen both taint sources and taint effects at shorter distances than I would have preferred. We're not entirely out of our depths here." Conjuiring up a look of polite, respectful interest from his school days, Edmund smiles at the foreigner. "Doctor, we all know you psions can sense taint and taint sources, and you personally are obviously very well versed in the theoretical field as well. Now, you say that there are different kinds of taint, distinguishable from each other. Does that also mean that you would recognize the taint source that our victims were exposed to if you were in its proximity?"
  13. Good thinking. We might want to join hands and pray for the admins to create a subforum for the story, then. Just to have all our mess in one place..
  14. Edmund calmly follows the sergeant through the station, making a mental note of Reynalds' comment and reminding himself not to jump to conclusions. Assumption is the mother of failure, Ed. Just because you're not dealing with 2-ton aberrants trying to rip your armour to shreds doesn't mean you can afford to slip up. Taking his cue from the veteran agent, Edmund hands over his weapon without any objections, pockets the receipt and heads into the cell. As he notices the four chairs he takes one and pulls it away - placing it against the wall, facing it - leaving no chair for the sergeant if he should plan to join them in the room. If that not so subtle hint fails to keep the home guardsman out of the room, he'll stop the sergeant as he enters, not proceeding with Vogel until the agents are alone with him. That done, he faces the psion, his eyes gliding over the man, appraising him in turn. One corner of Sandways' mouth curves upwards in a hint of a smile as he meets Vogel's eyes. He stands at a comfortable military ease, both hands behind his back. "There is no such thing anymore, Dr Vogel. The Secret Service and all its sibling organizations have been replaced by the Integrated Intelligence Service," he replies, not really answering the question. ::cool After a brief pause, the rookie agent takes a seat and seems to relax a little bit, crossing one leg over the other as he addresses the prisoner. "First of all, let me assure you it is not our intention to keep you here longer than necessary. We require your assistance in an ongoing investigation, and as long as you cooperate, this'll work out just fine. So lets keep this civil, short and to the point, shall we? Good." "Now. We have been told that you claim three bodies brought here for examination were - or are - in fact aberrants. Please elaborate, and go easy on the noetic and æsculapian terminology."
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