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  1. No reason we can't do a different game on this forum...we can do it within this category. I've no objections. ::cool
  2. Cool thread idea! Here's mine. I pretty much play on Protector exclusively though. Protector: The.Stranger - Lvl 24 Martial Arts/Regeneration Scrapper Pale Shadow - Lvl 15 Dark Melee/Regeneration Scrapper Risen. - Lvl 6 Stone/Stone Tanker BlueLine - Lvl 17 Radiation/Radiation Defender Acid Rain - Lvl 14 Weather Manipulation/Electricity Defender
  3. Eyebrow raised slightly as the blondes chatter back and forth, Brandt waits till they're finished and raises a hand. "Um. I don't suppose we know anyone that this Martha was close to? Family members, friends, et cetera? Has someone even verified she's actually been reported missing by any sort of authority, or is this just one huge assumption?" He looks at the host, hands raised defensively. "No offense. I'd rather avoid chasing the proverbial wild goose."
  4. ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 http://img77.exs.cx/img77/2888/catapult1id.gif http://www.fendahleen.com/nerf/catapult.gif
  5. Listening in shock as Samurai is talking to Decay, only his years of practiced reserve stop the big man from shaking his head in disbelief. *He's going to get both of us killed. Decay ain't playin' around, and he knows how badly we're outnumbered.* Making sure to move in as non-threatening a manner as possible, Alloy slowly walks to stand next, and slightly behind Samurai. Looking directly at Decay's mask, he nods ever so slightly. As Guy finishes his speech, Alloy makes his decision. Quickly clamping metal hands around his teammates's shoulders, he spins and hurls Samurai back into the storm raging beyond the time bubble.
  6. Brandt seems confused, then shakes his head ruefully. "No, sorry, I didn't phrase that very well. You're right, when I concentrate on going to a certain place, I definitely get there faster than someone can see me. But what I was talking about was just, well, running. Not really trying to get somewhere, just running for the sake of it. Anyways, I timed myself around the track, and after the calculations it's somewhere around two-hundred thirty to two-hundred forty miles an hour." ::smile Listening, and nodding thoughtfully as the others discuss their own abilities, he's still shocked when Victor slices his arm open. "Holy cra...", he manages to blurt, just as he watches the wound seal itself. He blinks, slowly. "Okay, I thought it was freaky when it happened to me, but that was waaaay worse. Please, don't do that again. I'm sure you're fine, but my stomach isn't that stable anymore." ::shocked
  7. Listening with unveiled interest as Mike describes what he can do, Brandt's eyes widen slightly at the green fiery whip before it disappears. When the winged fetish-guy is done, he lets out a deep breath he didn't realize he'd been holding. "Whew." As the others look at him, he clears his throat and speaks. "Uh, well, I guess you could call me the world's fastest schoolteacher." Suddenly realizing something, he smacks his forehead. "Ah, sorry everyone. My name is Brandt. Brandt Jefferson. Sorry about not introducing myself earlier, just a bit distracted." He drums his fingers on the table. "Well, let's see here. I can get from point A to point B pretty much instantly." The finger drumming stops, and now Brandt's leaning against the wall at the other end of the room. ::teleport "Distance doesn't seem to matter much. The world just blurs as I run, and then I'm there. Uh, I can also heal quickly, like Mike over there." He shrugs. "I haven't really tested to see everything I can do, I'm a bit afraid to find out everything. I did, however, go to our high school track late at night to figure one thing out." He smiles, almost a grin. "I thought to myself that if I can pop back and forth at top speed, how fast could I go without the popping? So I took a few laps around the track to clock myself." The smile is definitely a grin now. "Anyone want to guess?" ::biggrin
  8. Kicking back in his chair with a paper plate full of appetizers in front of him, Brandt swallows and drops a stripped chicken wing on a pile of the same. Wiping his lips with a napkin, he finally speaks. "Past month? Nothing really. Went to Mexico, saved some nuns. Got some crazy new powers, nice new and improved body." He grimaces slightly. "Not too much wrong with the old one, don't get me wrong. Least I don't have to wear glasses anymore, so that's good." He stretches languorously, arms reaching above his head, and eyes the bat-winged guy crouching on the chair. "So, going for the vigilante thing? Yeah, imagine that'd piss off a whole bunch of people. Hope that works out for you." He grins suddenly. "I give you credit for being so open about it. And I dig your line about the personal responsibilty. I can appreciate that." "As for physical changes? None with me I can see...other than the toned muscles and all. I do have a problem with watches, though." He frowns down at the expensive looking timepiece on his wrist. "A present from my folks, friggin Omega and no matter what, it's always 2 minutes slow. Only 2 minutes, but constant. The dealer said they'd get me a new one, but this one's engraved already and everything." He sighs. Nibbling on a finger sandwich, the youngish teacher glances over at Hamilton. "Politician, huh? I'll try not to hate you too much.", he says with a smile. "Just kidding man. ::biggrin You seem like a cool guy, damn shame you gotta waste yourself on the Presidency." Swiveling dramatically in his chair, he turns his attention to Matt. "Before the war?" He raises an eyebrow. "Which war would that be? You don't seem the right age...but if you're saying you got switched back to before...", he raises a hand to forestall an answer, "Nevermind, bud. Your business, not mine. Just curious and no offense intended." "And you, Ms. Headshrinker? If you're not a...what are they calling us? Ah, a nova. If you're not a nova, my bet is you were invited to add some legitimacy to the whole shebang. Upper middle class white, female doctor? More specifically, a psychologist that just came from a charity-based Save the World foundation? Yeah, my money's on you being here to lend credence to Mr. Fox's grand plan." He laughs. "Of course, he might have just invited you to watch all of us interact, see if you can pick out the loonies." ::laugh
  9. Pursing his lips thoughtfully, the handsome actor nods. "I see what you mean now. Well, I suppose there are some other incentives I could offer. Walk-ons to movie or tv show sets, front-row tickets to concerts, that kind of thing. Designer clothing, gourmet meals..." he grins at Ms. Cable, "I'm an excellent cook, an amateur chef you might say. Any Elite that hires on would be welcome to enjoy whatever I whip up." John pauses for a second, then looks at Vinnie. "Following the example given, is there anything specific you would like that I haven't thought of?" He chuckles. "I'm not too sure about the Hollywood career, but I could call my agent just in case." ::wink
  10. Frank grins excitedly as he kneels down next to Lynn. "You did it, doc! Good going!"
  11. Looking around, Ulf' tries to find a shadowy spot, perhaps near the end of the wall, where few servants are apt to spot he and Lotus climbing over. Quietly, he motions for Black Lotus to do the same, and indicates with his hands that he'll help boost her over if they can find such an area. It seems obvious to the gunfighter that the Viking himself has no worries about himself clearing the wall.
  12. Still slightly amazed by the remarkable ease Jan displays in these transformations, he barely manages to suppress a grin, his lips tightening slightly in mirth. In his head, an sudden slew of inappropriate thoughts dance about his imagination, spurred by the devil-woman image. With effort, he returns to the business at hand. "Thank you dear. I'll be careful.", he says, eyes twinkling. Turning his attention back to Liz, and partly on Vinnie, he smiles and opens his arms in an expansive gesture. "Aside from publicity and money, you mean? I'm really not sure. Perhaps you could elaborate?"
  13. Thanking Ms. Morgan with a wink as he takes his tea, the big man listens carefully to all the information provided, doing his best to understand. Unfortunately for Roughneck, his own talents are not well suited to academics...or thinking. ::wacko Still, he does at least try to nod at appropriate points. Later, as Park leads them down to the Albatross, Roughneck follows dutifully, but eyes the strange craft warily; uncertain how happy he'll be jaunting about in the thing. Noticing as the Captain takes time to check his revolver, he himself takes a moment to stretch his massive muscles, and asks one of the crew to kindly fetch his thick leather jacket before they leave.
  14. Oops. Okay, I really misunderstood what Zombie was saying then, I thought there was a massive battle at the capital, and that's not the case. Joe is trying to get to where the big battle is and troops are getting murdered. Oh, and timewise, Joe is picking up his 2 passengers right after Andy finishes his "we need a plan" speech. I will edit my post accordingly.
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